UTTU Flash Gathering - Trophy of the Past Glory

UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory Event Guide

Tips and tricks on how to clear the UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory event of The Theft of the Rimet Cup.

UTTU Flash Gathering is the next "endgame content" alongside Limbo and is quite challenging! We got some help from content creator @iamrivenous yet again as we discuss the Version 1.1 UTTU content that’s currently ongoing.

What is UTTU?

UTTU (a reading salon held regularly by UTTU Magazine) is a permanent endgame mode with seasonal challenges. It features at total of 20 regular stages and 10 Weekly Special Stages, which are considerably harder than the regular ones. There is an additional 5 stages the ‘special week’ which makes a total of 35 stages altogether.

Today, we’ll be looking at some tips and tricks to efficiently get the most out of this content and avoid some common mistakes as well as inefficient shopping at the UTTU market.

Here is an introductory video about UTTU in 5 minutes before we get into the tips and tricks:

Event Details

  • Requirement: Clear story [3RD-16]
  • Start: November 23, 2023 at 5:00 AM (UTC-5)
  • End: December 7, 2023 at 4:59 AM (UTC-5)
  • Rewards: APPLe garment [Echoing to Woodstock], Limited Portrait, Crystal Caskets, and progression materials.
UTTU event main user interface

Enemies and Rewards

Chapter 1 to 20

StagesEnemy LevelShopping Receipts
1i2, Lv.52400
2i2, Lv.102400
3i2, Lv.252400
4i2, Lv.252400
5i2, Lv.252700
6i2, Lv352700
7i2, Lv352400
8i2, Lv352700
9i2, Lv402700
10i2, Lv403000
11i2, Lv403000
12i2, Lv453000
13i2, Lv453000
14i2, Lv453000
15i2, Lv503200
16i2, Lv503200
17i2, Lv503200
18i2, Lv503200
19i2, Lv503200
20i2, Lv503500
TOTAL 57300

10 Weekly Special Stages

StagesEnemy LevelShopping Receipts
1i3, Lv.11200
2i3, Lv.11200
3i3, Lv.11200
4i3, Lv.11200
5i3, Lv.11200
6i3, Lv.11500
7i3, Lv.11500
8i3, Lv.11500
9i3, Lv.11500
10i3, Lv.11500
TOTAL 13500

5 Special Week Stages

StagesEnemy LevelShopping Receipts
1i2, Lv501500
2i2, Lv501500
3i2, Lv501500
4i2, Lv501500
5i2, Lv501500
TOTAL 7500

Achievement Rewards

AchievementShopping Receipts
Complete all1500
Progress to C15-
Progress to C25-
Progress 10 Readings in Retail500
Progress 20 Readings in Retail500
Progress 25 Readings in Retail500
Collect 1 green card300
Collect 10 blue cards400
Collect 10 gold cards500
Collect 10 orange cards800
Complete 4 Chapters of Special Week800
C12: Defeat within 8 rounds500
C15: Only use attacks, healing and ults500
C20: After Fanatical Fans appear, finish in 3 rounds500
C16++: Only use offensive spells and ults800
C16++: Defeat 2 or more enemies in the same turn800

Credit to @iamrivenous for his spreadsheet >>HERE<<

The total shopping receipts that can be possibly obtained is 87,200 in total but realistically, since the content is harder than Limbo, not everyone will be able to 100% complete UTTU and therefore should be careful selecting and purchasing items from the market in order not to miss out on more important items (further explained below).

Tips and Tricks to Beat 1.1 UTTU

Focus the Main Stage first

To kick things off, let's start with the main stage. As you progress through the stages, you'll encounter tickets that increase in difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the greater the drop rate for valuable rewards.

It's recommended to 'rush' through the main stages, particularly the early ones, to quickly accumulate U rewards and essential materials. Additionally, certain stages provide tickets to unlock higher difficulties, boosting your chances of acquiring better cards and selectors.

Maximizing Daily Tickets

Make the most of your five daily tickets. Delaying their use for more than two days may result in wasted tickets. Therefore, use them promptly to avoid reaching the 10-ticket limit. This strategy aligns with the importance of acquiring higher rarity cards early on, enabling you to maximize your efficiency in stage progression.

Understanding UTTU Stage Conditions

Before diving into the UTU stages, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the stage conditions. Certain stages impose unique buffs or debuffs, such as reduced leech-rate. Carefully reviewing these conditions is crucial for tailoring your team composition effectively. If you encounter difficulties, comprehending the stage conditions can be the key to overcoming these challenges.

For example, you don’t want to use a Solo Eternity team when you see that the leech rate is greatly reduced in a stage. Seeing this kind of limitation, you will then need to make adjustments to your team before tackling stages.

Selectors and Card Drops: Prioritize and Strategize

When acquiring selectors or cards with specific conditions, carefully review the stage conditions before proceeding. Understanding these conditions is essential for securing additional drops and obtaining the desired cards. Selecting the appropriate stage to farm is equally important, ensuring you prioritize the cards you need most.

Exercise patience when it comes to utilizing selectors. Instead of immediately opening them, continue with the standard process of acquiring cards through tickets. Only use selectors when you have a clear understanding of the cards you need, avoiding hasty decisions that might hinder your progress.

Merge System for Duplicate Cards

If you acquire multiple copies of the same card, utilize the merge system. This allows you to combine three cards of the same tier, potentially obtaining a higher-tier card. Keep in mind that Fame cards cannot be merged, emphasizing the importance of strategic use of Fame selectors.

Experimentation for Optimal Combos

Encourage experimentation with different card combinations to discover optimal strategies. While it's natural to stick to a familiar set of cards, retrying stages is free, providing an opportunity to explore new possibilities and potentially find more effective combos.

Diversify Your Team

Maintain a diverse team composition with various affinities, roles, and damage types. This versatility allows you to adapt to different stage conditions and challenges. Having a well-rounded team ensures flexibility in overcoming obstacles and progressing efficiently. Here is an example of a team you might be interested to use to beat UTTU stage 20.

1.1 UTTU Stage 20 gameplay by @devibul using a free-to-play account.

Strategic Shop Purchases

Be mindful of your currency in the UTTU shop, as it may not be as abundant as you think. Prioritize essential items like the Crystal Casket before cosmetic purchases, as the latter may hinder your progress if not timed correctly.


Careful planning ensures you make the most of limited resources. This is important to know as a free-to-play player that might not be able to complete UTTU 100% and get all the shopping receipts. If anything, you must get the casket above all else and then purchase other things as you see fit for your account.


These tips aim to guide you through the UTU event, helping you start strong, avoid common mistakes, and optimize your progression. Feel free to share any additional tips or insights you may have in the comment section for this article.

If you need further assistance, we also got the permission from a well-known content creator within the Reverse: 1999 community to embed his future UTTU run that he will be doing today! Check @SteamedBunXGacha’s gameplay below:

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