Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Character Guide

The best healer in Reverse: 1999 will be arriving to the global server with Version 1.2: A Nightmare at Green Lake! Learn how to play Tooth Fairy in this guide.

Gear up, Timekeeper, because the dazzling Tooth Fairy is gracing us with her presence in the time-limited summon event, "The Fairies at Shining Night". Inspired by the epitome of 1990s uptown chic, Tooth Fairy isn't just about fashion sense; she's an S-tier Arcanist who can turn your team into an unstoppable force. Don't let her charming looks fool you – this guide will unlock the secrets to maximizing Tooth Fairy's power and making her an indispensable asset to your team.

Character Details
6* / Star / Mental DMG

Skills and Ultimate Guide

Skill 1 (Debuff): Empty Gums

Single-target attack that deals Mental DMG and inflicts [Confusion] to the enemy, reducing their Critical Resist Rate. This skill is useful in a team where landing critical hits are essential to defeat the enemy.

Skill 2 (AoE Healing): Lullaby

Provides AoE healing to the whole team based on Tooth Fairy’s ATK. Additionally, this skill has an increased Critical Rate %. This skill is one of the best healing skills in the game upon her release and will be one of the top healers for some time.

Ultimate: Song for the Bad Tooth

Single-target attack that deals Mental DMG to the enemy. Her ultimate has a Critical Rate bonus that comes along with it and when her ultimate lands a critical hit, she provides mass purification for the whole team from [Stats Down], [Negative Status] and [Control] statuses.

Passive (Insight lvl.1 – lvl.3): Baby Tooth Collector

  • Passively reduces all enemies Critical Resist Rate and Critical DEF
  • Increases her Healing Rate
  • Passively heals all her allies [based on lost HP percentage]

Best Resonate Build


Tooth Fairy's primary role revolves around healing, with the potential to excel as a debuffer in specific team compositions. She exhibits flexibility but thrives in teams where other characters rely on critical hits. To optimize Tooth Fairy's performance, prioritize full crit resonance to ensure reliable critical strikes, maximizing her healing and debuffing capabilities. Consider using Thunderous Applause for an additional 14-16% critical hit rate bonus.

But, if you’re aiming to build Tooth Fairy as a dedicated healer in your team, we recommend players to use That Inquisitive Dear for that sweet healing bonus provided by that Psychube.  For Portrait Recommendations, P2 is recommended for extending the duration of the debuff effect. P5 enhances the debuff effect, but acquiring it may pose a challenge for free-to-play players. Tooth Fairy is a bit on the squishy side, so try not to let her get too banged up before she uses her healing power. You can mess around with her Resonate build to add some extra HP-boosting stuff in the 'brain area' to help her stay alive longer.

Team Recommendations

Lilya Hyper Carry Team

  • Making sure Lilya gets buffed, healed and purified
  • Lilya – Main Damage Dealer
  • Bkornblume – Further increases Lilya’s Reality DMG
  • Tooth Fairy – Ensures Lilya hits those Critical Hits more often while providing great utility for the team

Mono Star Team

  • Great for Limbo stages that has mineral afflatus enemies
  • Regulus – Main Damage Dealer
  • Voyager – Provides both offensive and defensive utility for the team
  • Tooth Fairy – Her skill kit compliment’s both Voyager and Regulus playstyle and takes the role of a dedicated healer in the team


Tooth Fairy is a real gem for any team, thanks to her powerful debuffs, steady healing, and ability to clear pesky debuffs. She's especially awesome when teamed up with crit-loving Arcanists like Lilya and Regulus. While she's a bit on the fragile side and her cleansing might not always be 100% reliable, her strengths definitely make up for these weaknesses.

DotGG will always be here to help get reliable guides for various Arcanists in Reverse: 1999 as the game's META changes. Keep checking back for more in-depth guides, team compositions, and strategies to make your gameplay experience even better.

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