Top 5 Tips for Beginners

Top 5 tips to help you get ahead in the game when it releases!

Welcome! This guide will help you get started on the right foot and build a strong team to progress through the game. Here are our top five (5) beginner’s tips for you!

1. Build your first DPS character

Sonetto is an early F2P charater you will be receiving in the game
This character can support your main DPS which you can get from the 'Beginner's Banner'

When you first start the game, you will be given a 5-star character named Sonetto. She is a good damage dealer and can carry you through the early stages of the game. However, if you decide to summon other characters from the beginner banner early on, we recommend doing so for the guaranteed 6-star character within 30 summons.

The First Drop of Rain Banner - The typical gacha game's "Beginner's Banner"

The guaranteed 6-star characters on the banner are Regulus, Eternity, and Lilia. They are all strong characters who can help you clear content more easily.

Regulus: Your typical DPS character in any other gacha game. Her kit is tuned to be a straightforward damage dealer and her ultimate provides an evasion buff called “Riot and Roll” for the whole team (1 round).

Eternity: Fills a hybrid debuffer & attacker role for your team. Both her debuff skill and her attacking skill dishes out decent damage and you are able to be flexible between interchanging between the two during battle depending on the flow of battle. It should be noted that Eternity’s ultimate ‘Odd Story in Exeter’ has a “heal” [Leech Rate +50%] attached to it because her debuff skill takes away 10% of her health for every cast. The debuff skill is powerful [200% Reality Damage] and applies ‘Nasty Wound’ so the downside is alright considering her ultimate.

Lilia: Has the highest potential damage output of the three featured 6-star characters. Her ultimate skill, "A Small Trick," deals 700% Reality damage and has a bonus effect when it crits. In the early game, it can be challenging to build Lilia since she relies heavily on scoring critical hits. However, as you progress through the game, you will obtain Phychubes that can help her score critical hits more often. Lilia scales well into the end game and is a good character to obtain due to her long-term value.

2. Get a healer & complete 8 daily letters

8 daily letters - the earliest event for all players upon starting the game

A healer is essential for any team in Reverse: 1999. You will need to keep your team alive in order to clear stages, and a healer can help you do that. There are many different healers available in the game, but Dikke is a good option for beginners. She is a free 5-star healer who can be obtained by logging in for eight days.

Although Dikke is not the best healer in the game, her skill "Justice" provides the team with an AoE heal, and her ultimate skill, "Maverick Judge," provides a self-cleanse that purifies all [Stats Down], [Neg Status], and [Control] effects. This is important because you don't want a healer to be unable to act due to a negative status effect when you need an AoE heal immediately.

3. Unlock the Wilderness A.S.A.P.

Sharpodonty is the fancy name for the game’s “gold” currency

The Wilderness is an idle resource miner that provides you with EXP and sharpodonty. It is a valuable resource that can help you upgrade your characters more quickly. To unlock the Wilderness, you must complete Chapter 1 of the story.

Tip: In the wilderness, you’ll be able to max your character’s “Trust” too

After progressing through the game, you will obtain materials to upgrade your Wilderness. The main thing you should aim for are the functions that allow you to turn a few common materials into one rare material. This is basically a combining function that will speed up the process of upgrading your characters. Therefore, unlocking your Wilderness should be a priority as soon as you complete Chapter 1.

4. Battle Tips & Tricks

Let's go over the basics of gameplay first. In this game, you perform skills to attack, debuff, and so on. The main gimmick is that combining two identical cards will create a two-star card. As you upgrade your cards during battle, they may gain special effects in addition to increased damage. This means you should try to combine cards as often as possible.

You can remove an odd card from the middle to make other cards combine automatically

In the tutorial, you learn to combine cards by dragging them together. However, this wastes one of your actions. Instead of moving your cards around too much, try to remove the odd card out of the way. If two identical cards are next to each other, they will automatically combine.

As you progress through the story, the stages will get tougher, so you'll need to play smart if you want to three-star clear them. You can tell what the enemies will be doing by looking at the cards on their heads. Make sure to buff your allies and debuff the enemies with the most dangerous cards on their heads.

5. Upgrade your characters to AT LEAST INSIGHT LVL.1

If you are a beginner, focus on leveling up your characters to the first maximum limit. This will already suffice during the early stage of gameplay. Once you hit the max level, you can perform an Insight, which increases your level limit and unlocks special upgrades for your skills.

Simply put, focus on getting your characters to as high a level as possible. As you start playing this game, I suggest getting your first team to at least insight level one (1). As you play through the story, you will unlock more and more ways to upgrade your characters like ‘Resonate’, but this is a bit in the future.

Another way to upgrade your characters is by giving them Phychubes, which are basically gear that gives you more stats and special effects. They are available in the shop and you can farm the currencies needed to purchase them.

Thankfully, the duplicate system in this game only increases the multipliers of your skills, so they don't really drastically change how your characters perform. So don't sweat too much about not obtaining duplicates from the early stage of gameplay.

Thank you for reading our new player guide a.k.a. beginner's guide for Reverse: 1999, we'll be covering more basics and guides as we move closer to the global launch date of this game. See you in the next write-up!

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