Leilani Character Guide

Learn the ins and outs of Leilani, the helpful game 3-star Beast-type character that joins our crew early on in Reverse: 1999!

Leilani is a 3-star Beast character that does Reality damage to her enemies. She is a very useful DPS unit for the early game because you’ll be able to invest your resources on her without worrying ‘wasting’ them since the Return of Growth mini event in-game will reimburse all the materials you have spent developing Leilani.

Details of Return of Growth event
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Skills Breakdown

Note: You can look at the damage details of the character’s skill and also details on Leilani’s Inheritance from Insight lvl.1 – lvl.3 at our database >>here<<

Leilani casting her ultimate: Hawaiian Archery

Arcane Skill 1 – A Greeting

  • Single target attack skill
  • Deals Reality Damage
  • Deals extra damage when target has debuff statuses like [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control]

Arcane Skill 2 – Check Carefully

  • Single target attack skill
  • Deals Reality Damage`
  • Deals extra damage when target is below 50% HP

Ultimate – Hawaiian Archery

  • AoE Reality damage attack [300%]
  • Gives +1 Moxie to all other allies

Character Role: Main DPS with +Moxie utility for the team

Free-to-play players in Reverse: 1999 will love this character because earlier on because she just fits naturally within the team at the beginning of the game. She’ll be the main DPS of the team (until you get someone stronger built up to replace her eventually) being supported by Sonetto and also APPLe earlier on.

Her passive skill “Born Social” gives her some damage buff and also like her ultimate some extra Moxie points for her friends in the beginning at the battle. Leilani’s design is a good introduction to players to get used to meeting certain requirements for character skills to do more damage with them and also, her damage is decent to clear early game content generally.


Earlier in the game, if you’re using the team that consists of Leilani, Sonetto and APPLe, the gameplay with this team should be straightforward:

  1. Setup Sonetto’s AoE team buff
  2. Use Leilani’s “A Greeting” skill and APPLe’s skills to chip away enemy’s HP
  3. Leilani should use “Check Carefully” to finish of enemies

In long battles, before using Leilani’s ultimate you should be mindful to use it to ensure other allies get the additional Moxie and not wasting the utility from her. You would want to give +1 Moxie to allies when they have 4 Moxie stack to get to 5 and not giving them Moxie when allies have already attained maxed Moxie stack. Her kit is quite simple and straightforward: Chip away enemy’s HP, use “Check Carefully” and use ultimate to help other allies to get their ultimate sooner.

Leilani’s Tier

C-Tier - View Tier List

Her natural overall damage as a 3-star unit can’t match the natural 6-star Beast-type main DPS units at the end of the day. Beast characters like Centurion even at Portray lvl.0 will surely surpass her easily in your play through in mid-game and end-game contents.

Nevertheless, as a free-to-play player like myself, I enjoy her introduction into my crew early in the game and she does fine fitting in with her other allies. Eventually, I will replace her with a 6-star DPS unit I got from the beginner’s banner and will reminiscence my time with her during launch day. There’s no downside building her up, you’ll get back your resources anyway.

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