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A Knight Character Guide

Learn the ins and outs of A Knight, the 6-star spirit knight character without a body in Reverse: 1999!

A Knight is a 6-star Spirit character that does Reality damage to his enemies. This character is mainly used as a DPS carry of the team that becomes stronger as the enemies becomes weaker and he is able to get the final blow to them securing kills to create a snowball effect of spamming his ultimate again and again and again. He got his own pick-up banner on launch day with the banner “Clang of Sword & Armor”.

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Skills Breakdown

A Knight casting Glory

Note: You can look at the damage details of the character’s skill and also details on Knights’s Inheritance from Insight lvl.1 – lvl.3 at our database >>here<<

Arcane Skill 1 – Justice

  • Single target attack skill
  • Deals Reality Damage
  • Gives +3 Moxie to A Knight if target is defeated/killed

Arcane Skill 2 – Glory

  • Damages 2 enemies
  • Deals Reality Damage
  • Gives +2 Moxie to A Knight

Ultimate – After AD 778

  • AoE Reality damage attack [400%]
  • When any target is defeated/killed, gives all allies 1 stack of [Rousing Morale] buff

Character Role: Main DPS with AoE Buff Utility

A Knight thrives on getting the last hit on enemies to become a powerhouse for the team. His passive ability, Mercy, at max level will make him more likely to secure those final hits when enemies' HP is low. He will then gain bonus damage and penetration rate depending on how much HP the enemy has lost. Securing kills with his ultimate, After AD 778, will buff the entire team's damage. With his skills, which give him Moxie, getting his ultimate will not be a problem.

In short, use Justice + Glory > After AD 778 and repeat. Stonk.


To secure kills with A Knight, hoard his cards for last-hitting enemies whose HP has been chipped away by other team members. This makes A Knight a valuable team member who doesn't need to use up your AP every round, and you can just shift cards around for other team members while combining his cards at the same time. Then, BOOM! A Knight uses a fully upgraded Justice or Glory card to sweep the enemies, gaining his ultimate to then deal more damage and buff your whole team. I like his design because he is a team player and not really a selfish main DPS character.

Sotheby is a good team member for A Knight too

Good team members for A Knight include characters who can buff his attacks, a reliable secondary DPS character who can reduce the enemy's HP, and characters who can debuff the enemy's defense against Reality-type damage, such as Bkornblume, Sonetto and Dikke (to name a few). Dikke is a good choice for a team member because she can also dish out some damage, which suits A Knight's playstyle.

A Knight’s Tier

S-Tier - View Tier List

Our team places A Knight in S-tier because of his ability to get his ultimate quickly with his skills, and also because he is a team player whose ultimate buffs the entire team to increase overall damage output. Because of this, A Knight is a powerful and versatile character who can be a valuable asset to any team (very flexible and be slotted in to most teams).

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