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Sonetto Character Guide

Learn the ins and outs of Sonetto, the best early game 5-star character given to you in Reverse: 1999!

Sonetto is the earliest character given to you and is the most reliable character in your team during your account’s early days. We would like to start our series of character guides to our readers with the face of Reverse: 1999.

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Skills Breakdown

Arcane Skill 1 – Commandment V

  • Single target attack skill
  • Deals Reality Damage
  • Inflicts “Disarm” on the enemy
  • Successful “Disarm” acts like a ‘stun’ or rather disrupts enemy’s incantations

Arcane Skill 2 – Exhortation IX

  • AoE buff for the whole team
  • The buff increases the team’s damage output and decreases the incoming damages
  • Also increases Sonetto’s Penetration Rate (self buff in addition to the team buff)

Ultimate – Unrestricted Chant

  • AoE Reality damage attack [300%]
  • This attack can further be strengthen (Penetration Rate +8% & damage +100%) if Sonetto is currently having [Stats Up] or [Pos Status] buffs/statuses

Character Role: Flexible

Early in the game, Sonetto can be used as your main DPS and carry the early free-to-play team as a buffer. You’ll be buffing Eagle’s and/or Leilani’s damage as you use Exhortation IX throughout the battle consistently.

Her [Disarms] from her first skill is invaluable when you’re up against big baddies where you could increase the team’s survivability by controlling the battle. With both skills, Sonetto is flexible to be a secondary DPS within a team as well as a support buffer with CC (crowd-control) ability. During the late game, her ultimate will continue to hit like a truck because of her self-buff abilities.


When you get your first 6-star unit from the “beginner’s banner” (as mentioned in our beginner’s guide), Sonetto will still be indispensable in your team as she can now act as a secondary DPS for Regulus/ Eternity/Lilya and also buff their damage as well as protecting them with reducing incoming damages as well as inflicting [Disarm] during clutch moments.

  • Exhortation IX can be used in a flexible way where before using your main DPS to attack, buff them first – Increasing the overall team’s damage output
  • If an enemy is about to do a devastating attack, buff your team’s defensive capabilities with it instead – Increasing the team’s defence and reducing incoming damage
  • Note: Always self-buff Sonetto before using her ultimate (Skill 2 è Ultimate)

Sonetto’s Tier

A-Tier! (To be honest, it’s borderline S-Tier for F2P players…) - View Tier List

You’ll be given resources for Sonetto to upgrade her in a very economic way where you’ll get back your resources after spending it on her initially. Thank goodness the developers are generous enough to give us such a strong unit earlier on and providing us with the materials to upgrade her for free – She could very well be placed as an S-tier character for ‘early game content’ when you begin your journey with her when global release goes LIVE.

We would advise you to build Sonetto earlier on even if you have done some summons and draw some other stronger units initially. Her applied buffs (offensively and defensively), CC and also her damage output is nothing to look down upon and any BETA testers as well as experience CN server players will tell you likewise. Because of her kit that can carry you through the main story till the late game contents, placing her at A-tier is a no brainer. If she had the stats of a natural 6-star character, it would be less of a debate to place her as an S-tier character.

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