Charlie Character Guide

Learn the ins and outs of Charlie, a viable 5-star DPS character until endgame content in Reverse: 1999!

Charlie is available on the first day of global launch in Reverse: 1999 and had an increase rate up in the earliest Pick-up banner “One Gram of Curiosity”. She’s a very strong 5-star main DPS (Star) character if you’re able to get a few copies of her during your summon. Since she’s a 5-star character AND has the possibility to be pulled in your summons as you play the game, getting her to max portrayal is possible if you’re playing as free-to-play player.

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Skills Breakdown

Note: You can look at the damage details of the character’s skill and also details on Charlie’s Inheritance from Insight lvl.1 – lvl.3 at our database >>here<<

Arcane Skill 1 – Thunder to Thee!

  • Single target attack skill
  • Deals Mental Damage
  • Deals additional damages if Charlie has [Stats Up] or [Pos Status] statuses

Arcane Skill 2 – Tempest to Thee!

  • Single target attack skill
  • Deals Mental Damage
  • Deals more damage if Charlie’s HP is below 50% (more on this later)
Can I join you at your farm when the time comes Charlie?

Ultimate – I Stand Alone on the Stage

  • AoE Mental damage attack [300%]
  • Dispels all [Stats Up], [Pos Status], and [Counter] statuses from all enemies

Character Role: Main DPS (or Secondary DPS)

Charlie is a Star main DPS character that doesn’t have a critical dependant skills and ultimate (most Star characters depends on critical to land to deal massive damage based on their kit). At Portray lvl.3, Charlie’s damage potential increases exponentially compared to lvl.0 – lvl.2. We would like to advice to get her to Portray lvl.3 before investing heavily on her, if you don’t have Charlie Portray lvl.3, it’s best to use other main DPS units.

Because Charlie’s “Tempest to Thee!” has a requirement to have her HP to be below 50% or 80% (at Portray lvl.3), she can consistently deal high damage to enemies in long battles where surely she’s be somewhat damaged throughout battles which then satisfies the skill’s requirement to give extra damage to a single target enemy.

In other words, Charlie is a great boss killer.


Charlie exercising her “I Stand Alone on the Stage”

Since Charlie’s kit is mainly dealing damage to enemies, she’s not giving any utility to other team members unlike Sonetto. Being a rather ‘selfish’ DPS character with a skill that doesn’t want to be at full HP (100%), Charlie requires supportive characters to get behind her to either provide [Shield] like Tennant to ensure her HP is below the required % to deal more damage and a debuffer like Twin Sleep that debuff enemy’s defence from Mental damages.

Since Charlie’s Inheritance give her buffs, it’s not recommended to bring buffers to the team with Charlie in it because buff effects would overlap with each other. Additionally, when build to reach her Troupe Owner III, she will then get additional 20% damage output when her HP is above 50%. Thus, players need to manage her HP to be between 50% – 80% to get the best damage out of her.

Charlie’s Tier

S-Tier (When you get her to Portray lvl.3 and above) - View Tier List

Her overall damage output can be higher than 6-star characters (which are harder to get copies as you play the game). In addition to her damage potential, her ultimate that dispels enemies [Stats Up], [Pos Status], and [Counter] statuses can be proven invaluable against an enemy boss that has buffs and a [Counter] mechanic ready in any given round.

Does greater damage than most 6-star units? Check.

Dispels enemy buffs? Check.

Cheaper to build compared to building a 6-star character? Check.

Definite S-tier unit!

See you in the next character guide write-up!

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