Diggers Character Guide

The coolest bubble master in Reverse: 1999 has arrived in Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup! Here's everything you need to know about Diggers to see if you need him in your team.

Diggers, an upcoming new character, will be introduced in Version 1.1 of the game. His design draws inspiration from the hippie "Make Love Not War" era, which I personally find quite appealing. In this guide, we'll explore how to effectively utilize this character to overwhelm enemies with the power of love and bubbles.

Diggers Character Details

Character Details

  • 5-star / Plant
  • Does Mental DMG
Diggers casting Peace First

Arcane Skill 1 – Peace First

  • Single target attack (Mental DMG)
  • Inflicts 1-stack of [Weakness] which makes enemies get a -25% DMG Bonus debuff
Bubbleism being casted

Arcane Skill 2 – Bubbleism

  • AoE debuff to all enemies
  • Inflicts a -15% debuff to both Reality DEF and Mental DEF that lasts 2 rounds
  • Inflicts [Terror] that makes the targets to lose -1 Moxie each round
Diggers doing bubble combos with his ultimate move

Ultimate – Close your eyes, sweet dreams are coming

  • Single target attack (Mental DMG)
  • Inflicts [Nightmare] which makes the enemy cannot act
  • [Nightmare] effect lasts 2 rounds if the enemy has [Stats Down], [Negative Status] and/or [Control] statuses prior of being attacked

Passive (Bubble Parade): Insight lvl.1 – lvl.3

  • Provides a shield for the team (lasts 3 rounds)
  • Increases his DMG Dealt by +8%

Abilities, Skills and Ultimate Summary

Diggers is a versatile character that can be used in both offensive and defensive roles. His ability to debuff enemies' Reality DEF and Mental DEF makes him a valuable addition to any team. He can also be used to inflict [Weakness] and [Nightmare] statuses on enemies.

However, other characters that specialize in specific areas, such as generating shields (Tennant), Reality DEF debuff (Bkornblume) or Mental DEF debuffs (Twin Sleep), may have an edge over him in those specific areas. Despite this, Diggers is a jack of all trades who can be a valuable asset to any team. His skills and ultimate animations are also very cool and stylish.


Diggers plays a crucial role as a debuff support character, providing valuable assistance to the main DPS carry. His ability to deal decent damage can also contribute to the team's overall offensive output. Before other team members execute their actions, utilize Diggers' "Bubbleism" move to effectively reduce enemies' DEF, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

When facing a formidable opponent, his "Peace First" skill can be employed defensively, significantly reducing the overall damage received by the team. The combination of "Peace First" and his passive skill makes Diggers a viable choice as a defensive unit in a control-themed team.

Team Examples Featuring Diggers

Fun Mono Plant Team Featuring the Druvis III & Satsuki Combo


The addition of Diggers to this team grants both Druvis III and Satsuki the advantage of an early shield cast at the start of combat. This allows Druvis and Satsuki to initiate their petrify tactics before the enemy can significantly deplete their HP.

With Diggers's [Weakness] and [Nightmare] abilities to control the battle's flow, this team composition proves to be quite effective. Of course, Sotheby can be used in place of Diggers, but this is just one example of a viable team strategy.

Charlie Team


  • Charlie (main damage dealer, doesn’t want supports that provides DMG buffs)
  • Diggers (Charlie loves his DEF debuff skill)
  • Healers – Any (as long as they don’t do DMG buffs)

Charlie's Insight lvl.3 already grants her a buff that doesn't stack with a less powerful buff. Therefore, Diggers fits seamlessly into a team featuring Charlie since he doesn't provide a DMG buff but instead reduces the enemy's DEF, allowing Charlie to deal more damage for the team.

You can incorporate any healer into this team, such as La Source (budget team), Dikke (Good AoE heal, secondary damage dealer and self-cleanse) Balloon Party (if you have her), Bunny Bunny (just kidding), and so on.

Best Phychubes for Diggers

While Diggers may not excel at inflicting Reality DEF or Mental DEF debuffs, he possesses other valuable assets that make him a versatile choice for your team. His skill set complements any main damage dealer, and he can effectively occupy the fourth position in any team composition. Upon entering the battle, he automatically shields his allies, providing damage mitigation.


We hope this guide has been informative for our readers. Next, we'll delve into Pickles and Melania as Version 1.1 approaches.

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