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Unleash a great utility character! This in-depth guide looks into Horropedia's chilling arsenal in Reverse: 1999. Master his dispel magic, strategic damage buffs, and fear-inducing ultimate to debuff enemies and dominate the battlefield. Discover hidden synergies, advanced strategies, and some advice about team compositions to make Horropedia your most potent weapon. Silence the buffs, amplify the fear, conquer your foes!


It’s that time again where DotGG will have to step up into the limelight again and try our best to explain to our readers how on earth does a specific character’s kit works. Today is Horropedia’s turn and we would like to try our very best to make it as clear to you all about how his skills, ultimate and passive functions in Reverse: 1999.

Horropedia’s Skill, Ultimate & Passive

Skill 1 (Attack): Logic Dictates

His first skill is named "Logic Dictates," featuring three escalating levels of impact. Starting with a 200% Mental Damage (DMG) 1-target attack, it evolves to a 250% Mental DMG, also dispelling [Status Up] and [Pos. Status] effects. At level-3, this skill reaches a formidable 450% Mental DMG while purging all [Status Up] and [Pos. Status] enhancements from the target. "Logic Dictates" showcases the character's ability to fill the roll of a dispeller and can be used as a niche skill to be effective against enemies that buffs themselves during battles.

Skill 2 (Attack): Sideshow

Horrorpedia’s second skill is "Sideshow," a versatile 1-target attack with the typical three escalating power levels. Starting at 160% Mental Damage (DMG), it adds 60% more damage if the target lacks [Stats Up] or [Pos. Status]. The second tier hits at 240% Mental DMG, with an additional 90% under the same condition. At its peak, the third tier dishes out a whopping 400% Mental DMG, plus an extra 150% if the target is untouched by [Stats Up] or [Pos. Status]. "Sideshow" combines well with his first skill where the idea is to dispel the enemy and then target it with “Sideshow” to get those sweet extra damage.

Ultimate: Twin's Play

His ultimate skill, "TWIN'S PLAY," stands as a powerful mass attack. It delivers a decent damage, dealing 300% Mental Damage (DMG) to all enemies and instilling 1 stack of [Fear] on each target. The [Fear] status, despite its cliché nature, can prove to be consistently effective, amplifying Mental Damage taken by 25% with each activation (-1 stack post-trigger).

"Twin's Play" not only highlights the character's offensive prowess but sets up a situation where other team members that deals Mental DMG can also deal extra damage thus boosting the team’s overall damage.

Passive (Insight lvl.1 – lvl.3): Jump Scare

The character's passive skill, "Jump Scare," a multifaceted ability that adds depth to their strategic toolkit.

Insight I

When unleashing the power of Rank 2 [Logic Dictates] or beyond, "Jump Scare" not only inflicts mental damage but also strategically dispels [Counter] from all targets. This tactical maneuver ensures the character's offensive actions remain unhindered.

Insight II

The character's resilience shines through with a noteworthy 8% reduction in damage taken whenever they enter battle. "Jump Scare" fortifies their defenses, allowing for increased survivability during combat.

Insight III

Unleashing higher-tier incantations proves to be even more formidable with "Jump Scare." When casting a Rank 2 spell or beyond, the character experiences a surge in offensive prowess, dealing 20% more damage. This synergizes seamlessly with their arsenal, turning each high-level incantation into a more potent and impactful force.

Best Resonate Build


Horrorpedia is a versatile strategist, blending dispel mechanics and strategic damage buff for himself and his team with finesse. Armed with skills like "Logic Dictates" that escalate in power and dispel enemy buffs, "Sideshow" offering varied damage based on enemy statuses, and the ultimate "Twin's Play" inducing [Fear] for mass AoE debuff against Mental DMG, this character excels both offensively and defensively.

The passive skill "Jump Scare" further solidifies their tactical prowess, dispelling [Counter], reducing damage taken for himself, and amplifying damage dealt upon reaching Insight III. The character's theme revolves around calculated disruption, leaving adversaries in a state of disarray while maintaining a resilient and adaptable stance on the battlefield. Use him in battles where the enemies are always buffing themselves with various statuses and in situation like these, Horrorpedia can show his strength.

Team Synergies

If you have looked into our Reverse: 1999 Character Tier List, Horropedia will probably be classified in the B, C or Niche tier when we update the tier list soon. The reason being is that this character fills the role of a supporter with a niche skill kit. Meaning, if the enemy doesn’t rely on buffing themselves with any kind of statuses, Horropedia doesn’t have a solid function to be included in a team and he can be easily replaceable with other more solid options like Soneto, Pickles, An-an Lee or any other 5-star character that is more useful.

Nevertheless, you’re free to reference our Team Building Guide and probably post your theory crafted team in the comments below. I personally believe that it’s a waste of resource to build Horropedia unless you have an abundance of materials lying around in the first place. After a few months since launch and playing the game every day, it’s becoming more evident that we can’t max out every character towards an acceptable level and that goes with team building as well. In short, just use Soneto if you want a supportive Mineral Afflatus character.


In conclusion, Horrorpedia is more effective as a secondary damage dealer that also fills the role of a supporter in a given team; he's a versatile strategist who orchestrates chaos on the battlefield. His ability to dispel enemy buffs, amplify his own damage, and inflict [Fear] through his ultimate makes him a valuable asset to any team composition.

By understanding his synergies with other characters and mastering his multifaceted skillset, you can unleash his true potential and dominate your opponents. Remember, Horrorpedia thrives on calculated disruption, it a rather niche role to fill in but Horrorpedia fills the role very very well. We hope that this Horropedia character guide has helped you out & please visit DotGG again in the future for more guides like this.

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