Reverse: 1999 Tier List Update – December 2023: Revamp and Version 1.2 Characters

The Reverse: 1999 Tier List for December 2023 has major rating updates for all characters and ones that will be available throughout Version 1.2!

Welcome to the Reverse: 1999 updated Tier List for December 2023! We hope that our character tier list will help new players to plan ahead on how they will use their resources to build their teams efficiently. Unless you don’t mind about the META and just want to invest in a character however you want to, this tier list will help you to know what characters to build from the early stages towards the end game content of Reverse: 1999.

New Explanation of Our Tier List Ratings

Just to clarify once again about how the team at DotGG classifies each character in our tier list, here is our break down classifications:

Character tier list are separated into 6 newly-defined categories:

  • S Tier - Meta-Defining Characters:
    • Investing in these characters is a top priority. They provide exceptional performance across various game modes, including story mode, general content, and endgame challenges. Their strengths are undeniable, making them invaluable assets for any team composition.
    • Using these characters can greatly help your progression in both Limbo and UTTU Event contents
  • A Tier - Reliable and Versatile Picks:
    • These characters offer a balance of strength, versatility, and ease of use. While they may not reach the peak performance of S-tier characters, they consistently deliver solid results and can be effectively integrated into various team compositions.
    • Characters in this list can still be used to clear both Limbo and UTTU Events comfortably with the right team composition
  • B Tier - Situational Crew Members:
    • Characters in this tier possess unique strengths that can shine brightly under specific circumstances or when paired with the right team composition. They offer strategic value and can be potent additions to specialized teams.
  • C Tier - Decent Characters:
    • These characters cater to specific roles or situations and may require additional investment or carefully curated team setups to maximize their effectiveness. Their value is somewhat limited compared to higher-tier characters, but they can still be useful in certain contexts.
    • Unless you don’t mind repeating the same stages in both Limbo and UTTU continuously until you get the win, it’s better to build higher tier characters to help you go through the end game contents.
  • D Tier - Limited Utility:
    • Characters in this tier may struggle to keep up with the demands of higher-level content. Their strengths may be overshadowed by other characters, or their utility may not be as impactful as their counterparts. While they can still be used in casual play, investing resources in them should be carefully considered.
  • Niche Tier - Niche and Situational:
    • These characters offer unique abilities or skills that can provide a tactical advantage in specific situations. However, their overall effectiveness is limited due to their reliance on specific conditions or team compositions. They can still be valuable additions to specialized teams, but their use is less generalizable.

Special notes:

  • These are the characters that will be available upon the game's global release.
  • Charlie is a very strong carry, but she may need Portray 3 to be comparable to 6-star carries.
  • We will be doing character guides as time progresses to see together why our team believes the tier classification for each character and help our readers how to manage their character and build teams more efficiently.

Why We Revamped Our Tier List?

After a month of playing Reverse: 1999, my colleagues at DotGG and I have a clear understanding of the current state of the global server. With each of us upgrading different main DPS carries, support characters, and healers, we realized the need to revise our previous tier list, as it contained several inaccuracies. We want to make amends with this updated list.

We acknowledge that tier lists are subjective and that opinions vary regarding the strength of certain characters. However, our goal at DotGG is to assist both new and experienced players in identifying the most worthwhile characters to invest in. For players who have been playing for a month, it's becoming apparent that upgrading every single character to MAX Insight, MAX Resonate, and MAX level is impossible unless you’re a whale or a leviathan in the ocean. Therefore, we're here to help players make informed decisions about which characters are worth investing in for long-term viability.

We've also introduced a new tier: "Niche." Characters placed in this tier are primarily used in specific situations. Here are some examples:

Examples of Niche Tier Characters:

  • Necrologist: The only character that can provide resurrection, but her skill is largely ineffective if no allies fall in battle.
  • Twin Sleep: Provides potent Mental DEF debuffs for Mental DMG-focused teams, but her low survivability makes her a liability.

We were inspired to use “Niche” classification after one of use watched one of Jakazin’s video. These characters are not inherently bad, but their niche skillset limits their overall usefulness. For instance, X is primarily used to dispel enemy buffs and Moxie, which can be crucial in certain battles but not all.

Similarly, La Source's ultimate can be a lifesaver, providing -4 Moxie to enemies and some healing to allies but she is so squishy she always dies first whenever I use her in higher level of UTTU or Limbo (If you realized on my previous post, I did build her to Insight level 2, level 50).

Let's now delve into the justifications behind our tier list changes.

Justification of Tier List Changes

CharactersNew Tier List Compared to November 2023Justifications
aliEn TNicheNiche use to boost the team’s defensive capabilities
APPLeDBetter DPS or Healer options
Balloon PartyBCurrently the META is designing a team revolving a certain DPS carry. 1 healer in a team is enough.
BetteDBad. Don’t invest in this character.
BlonneyCEarly placing. Will look into her more upon global release.
Bunny BunnyNicheAoE purify is nice. [Nasty Wounds] is a situational skill.
ChangelingSPoison META is here everyone. Enjoy.
CharlieAMelania and Centurion is better in terms of investment.
ClickCSigh… I built him and he is underwhelming in both utility and damage output.
CristalloDBetter defensive/supportive options out there
DikkeCBallon Party and Medicine Pocket gives better defensive options and utility. When weighing damage output, Medicine Pocket has greater potential.
DoorNicheNecologist – Door combo is niche. Let’s be honest.
EagleCWhen reaching end game contents, Eagle becomes very squishy and dies pretty quickly if you’re not careful.
EternityACenturion can solo better than her.
La SourceNicheExplained earlier.
LeilaniNicheProvides +Moxie which is useful in some situations.
LilyaACan’t outperform Centurion or Melania generally.
MatildaDBetter DPS options out there.
MelaniaSWe were wrong about her. Sorry everyone, she is definitely an S-tier unit that was supposed to be pulled when her rate-up banner was available.
Mesmer Jr.DBetter options out there. Don’t waste your resources on her.
MondlichtDWorse than Eagle.
NecrologistNicheExplained earlier.
Nick BottomDThe idea of the game is to destroy the enemy as fast as you can since there is a turn limit not to see how long you can survive in a battle. If it was about survival, Nick Bottom would be an S tier unit. Unfortunately, a team consisting of Centurion – Bkronblume – Medicine Pocket doesn’t need a Nick Bottom to defeat stage 30 UTTU.
Oliver FogDSame as Nick Bottom.
PicklesAGood supportive damage dealer. But definitely not S tier.
PoltergeistNiche[Concealment] is very niche but very strong in certain situations. She can be very bad or very good depending on enemy match-up.
RabiesDChangeling has arrived.
RegulusAHer Resonate can be built to be a supportive damage dealer behind Centurion or Melania.
SonettoBAs much as I like Sonetto, we can’t see why she would be in A Tier with Pickles arriving and replacing her as a supportive damage dealer.
SputnikNicheBoth [Disarm] & [Silent] are niche and heavily depends on certain enemy match-ups
TennantCDecent shield provider but not great.
The FoolNicheWe know people have used him to clear Limbo content. But… you don’t want to retry the same stages again and again just to flex your “The Fool” highlight clip. It’s better to use Melania and steam roll through the last UTTU boss fight in 10 minutes and not spend the next 9 hours using this character to clear stages.
Tooth FairySFuture proof character. Must pull.
Twins SleepNicheExplained earlier.
XNicheExplained earlier.


Remember, we do not advocate everyone to gamble away their money in order to become a whale and get any S tier character as soon as their banners are available. We just hope our revamped tier list serves as a valuable guide for players navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Reverse: 1999.

While tier lists can never be entirely comprehensive, they offer a starting point for informed decision-making, especially for new players. We are well aware that this tier list will anger certain people but we are always ready to defend it in the comments section below.

Remember, the effectiveness of each character depends on various factors, including team composition, individual playstyle, and the specific game mode. Embrace experimenting team compositions, adapt your strategies while challenging UTTU event stages or December’s Limbo stages, and most importantly, enjoy the game.

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