Is Resonate Level 15 Worth It?

In Reverse: 1999, the debate surrounding Resonate level is discussed among the community members, with players divided on whether to pursue Resonance level 10 or venture beyond. At the heart of this discussion lies the delicate balance between character strength and resource allocation.

On one hand, proponents of Resonance level 10 advocate for its accessibility and noticeable impact on damage output. The jump from Resonance level 9 to 10 yields a significant damage boost, ranging from 16% to 32%, as demonstrated by @iamrivenous' meticulous analysis. This substantial increase in power translates into smoother progression through challenging content namely UTTU and Limbo respectively.

However, proponents of higher Resonance levels argue that the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment. While Resonance level 10 offers a notable damage boost, further progression to Resonance levels 11 and 12 unlocks even greater power gains. These incremental improvements can mean the difference between success and failure in high-end content in later versions of the game reported by CN server players in Version 1.3, Version 1.4 and beyond.

The crux of the debate hinges on resource optimization. Achieving Resonance level 15 requires a considerable amount of resources, including Resonance materials, activity points, and time. For free-to-play or low-spending players, these resources are precious commodities, and the question of whether to allocate them towards Resonance level 10 or invest in other areas, such as character enhancement or gear upgrades, becomes a matter of careful consideration.

Let's dive into some calculations before discussing the findings and concluding the study.

Calculating the Total 'Stamina' Required to Get to Resonate Level 13

Levelling up from Resonate Level 9 to Level 10

Character Resonate RareTIME OR MONEY LIMITED
6x Biting Box383.66
6x Holy Silver272.8
in days (180/day)3.65
in days (240/day)2.74
in days (180/day) + candies2.79
in days (240/day) + candies2.08

Levelling up from Resonate Level 10 to Level 11

Character Resonate RareTIME OR MONEY LIMITED
4x Platinum Ouija1183.18
120k Sharpodonty333.33
in days (180/day)8.43
in days (240/day)6.32
in days (180/day) + candies6.45
in days (240/day) + candies4.81

Levelling up from Resonate Level 11 to Level 12

Character Resonate RareTIME OR MONEY LIMITED
4x Wyrmling Skeleton1157.09
5x Mandrake263.77
in days (180/day)7.89
in days (240/day)5.92
in days (180/day) + candies6.05
in days (240/day) + candies4.51

Levelling up from Resonate Level 12 to Level 13

Character Resonate RareTIME OR MONEY LIMITED
5x Silver Bullet1214.76
6x Biting Box383.66
in days (180/day)8.88
in days (240/day)6.66
in days (180/day) + candies6.8
in days (240/day) + candies5.07


From the video above, we learned that upgrading the resonate level from 9 to 10 provides a significant damage increase, ranging from 16% to 32%, as discovered by @iamrivenous. However, it was also found that the damage increase depends on the Resonate layout and the DPS character being used. If you're looking for a raw damage boost, Resonate level 10 is a good option.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • The damage increase you get from upgrading your resonate level will depend on your character's Resonate layout and the DPS character you are using.
  • If you are tight on materials, you may want to consider upgrading your resonate level gradually, focusing on one character at a time priority to your DPS character.
  • Upgrading your resonate level is just one way to improve your character's damage output. You should also focus on upgrading your Psychubes and character's Insight level.


Essentially, if you're a whale who invests money into the game to progress faster, we have no objections, as you're contributing to the game's ongoing development and server maintenance. However, if you're a free-to-play or low-spending player, here are some helpful conclusions for you:

  • The approximate damage increase from Resonate level 10 to 11 is around ~15%.
  • Nevertheless, reaching Resonate level 11 to 13 requires an investment of time, resources, and activity points that may not be worth the effort.
  • A better approach is to focus on building other characters.
  • The sweet spot for most characters is Insight 3, level 30, and Resonate level 10.

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