Reverse: 1999 Month 1 Review: Is It a F2P-Friendly Game?

A review of the game after 1 month of playing as a free-to-play player!

In my previous post, I provided a review of the game after playing it for one week. In today's article, we'll examine the progression of my account, which I've been playing as a completely free-to-play (F2P) player for one month. I haven't spent any money in the in-game shop, nor have I purchased the game's battle pass. I've been saving up my pulls, with the intention of obtaining Tooth Fairy when the 1.2 Version update is releases.

Here's proof of my account. Feel free to add me as your in-game friend.

Up to this point, I've been playing the game every day, with the exception of one. At times I would only be able to log into the game once per day which has “burned away” my ‘activity points’ in the game.

I regret missing Ms. NewBabel's birthday on November 16th due to not logging into the game. I hope to make it up to her in the future.

Account Progression

As a casual F2P player, I was able to build two main DPS carry units namely Lilya and Sonetto. I had to build Sonetto as a main DPS carry because currently I don’t have any other 5-star or 6-star characters that can be built as a dedicated damage dealer like Melania or Centurion.

My current two teams for Limbo are as follows:

  • Lilya or Sonetto - Main damage dealer
  • Click or Twin Sleep - Support
  • Dikke or La Source - Healer

In the future, I plan to build the following characters to enhance my account and further facilitate my progress in Limbo:

  • Diggers
  • Necrologist
  • Melania
  • Tooth Fairy

I must admit that my account is not the most optimal as I opted against rerolling at the beginning of my gameplay to experience a casual free-to-play playthrough.

Endgame Content Progression

The lack of main damage dealers with Insight level 3 makes defeating Limbo Stage V a bit challenging given the limited character options I have at my disposal. Despite this challenge, I am adamant to clear Limbo before the new Limbo arrives in the next few days.

As a free-to-play player, I am satisfied with my progression thus far and am confident that as the weeks or months unfold, I will be able to develop more characters, expanding my team selection options for future end game content.

I managed to reach stage 28 in the 1.1 UTTU event and will attempt to conquer stage 30 in the coming days. Given that the recommended Insight level for characters at stages 28-30 is III, I felt like I was overachieving in stage 28. Nevertheless, I’ve cleared all the UTTU shop items except for APPLE’s afro skin.

Other Content Progression

I've invested a significant portion of my Stamina in maximizing my Wilderness potential. As you can see in the top right corner of the first image, I've accumulated around 1800 Vigor points from all the Wilderness islands and buildings.

My decision to prioritize Wilderness development stems from my belief in the long-term benefits of acquiring passive Dusts and Sharpodonty from the Paleohall, which I consider valuable assets for a free-to-play account like mine.

I breezed through all the other minor events and effortlessly cleared the Crisis stage of Melania's character story quest. I appreciate the developers' inclusion of these light-hearted events that give players opportunities to enjoy the game and earn valuable rewards that contribute to character progression. It's a thoughtful gesture from the developers.


Reverse: 1999 is undoubtedly a free-to-play (F2P) friendly game. I've been able to clear Limbo up to Stage V and UTTU up to stage 28, earning valuable in-game rewards along the way. This is particularly impressive considering that I've prioritized Wilderness content, which has delayed the development of my main damage dealers to Insight level III. Despite this focus, I've still managed to progress through the endgame content to a certain extent.

As shown in the image above, I've accumulated around 125 summons, which will ensure I obtain Tooth Fairy upon the release of Version 1.2. I previously lost the 50/50 coin flip for the Pickles banner and acquired Ms. NewBabel instead. This guarantees that I'll obtain Tooth Fairy within the next 70 pulls, leaving me with some additional currency to pursue Portray level 1 for Tooth Fairy.

It was enjoyable providing you with an update on my free-to-play account. I intend to continue sharing updates about my account in the future, along with my comments, thoughts, critiques, and suggestions for Reverse: 1999. Stay tuned for more!

A. P. Raphael
A. P. Raphael

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