Week 1 Review of Reverse: 1999 as a Free-to-Play (F2P) Player #7

Week 1 Review of Reverse: 1999 as a Free-to-Play (F2P) Player

Deleting enemies with my Lilya while enjoying every moment of it!
Time flies, I didn’t realize it’s been 7 days already!

I’ve been an avid gacha game enjoyer since the time when Summoners War: Sky Arena just came out and people were using a giant 2-star polar bear in that game to clear contents with ease. After that, I’ve been playing so many gacha games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Dragalia Lost, Sdorica, Kingdom Hearts Union X, Last Cloudia, Final Fantasy Tactics WoTV, Princess Connect! Re:Dive and many more!

All of these games, I’ve been a light spender and have no regrets doing so. But for Reverse: 1999, I was curious if I can effectively tackle all the game’s content without spending a dime to understand more about the F2P player experience as a whole. This is week 1 of my journey.

The 6-Star Character I Got From the 'Beginner's Banner'

I got Lilya - no reroll and just went with it

I got Lilya from the The First Drop of Rain beginner's banner although I was praying for Eternity. But, thinking that Lilya will be super strong anyway after I build her to get higher Insights and provide her with a good Psychube, I decided to run with her.

My team consisted of Lilya, Sonetto and APPLe. Even though Lilya doesn’t land her critical hit as often as I would like her too, I’m pretty happy with her as a main DPS carry for my team. She does hit like a truck without getting a critical hit and her basic arcanist skills that can do both AoE damage and single target damage effectively makes her flexible DPS character.

I have no complaints about her performance as the main carry for my team, she does her job well and with Sonetto supporting behind her. For the whole week, this team has no problems beating those big baddies in front of them.

3 Things Like About the Game

Warning - story spoilers ahead!

Number 1: The Story

The story has been a roller coaster ride for me and it’s been a hell of a ride since day 1 of playing this game. The world setting where time has been disrupted by a mysterious event known as the Storm is very intriguing as the plot continues.

The story plot doesn’t copy paste the boring notion of good-versus-evil but centres around Vertin who is immune to the effects of the Storm and trying to find the truth behind the phenomena.

I was really enjoying the “who is actually the main villain in this game?” moment when I went through Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, it felt original and the twists throughout the game kept me hooked (I’m trying not to spoil the story too much here).

The story has its moments of giving me major depression and sometimes giving me a little bit of joy with some funny moments and one-liners. Overall, I look forward how the story will develop in future chapter releases.

Number 2: The Character Designs

All the character designs are refreshing and unique. The characters in Reverse: 1999 are a mix of human characters and more unusual characters like a talking flying mirror, 3 TV sets stacked on each other and a UFO abducting a cow. I really like the variety of characters, and I think they all look really cool.

Number 3: The Combat System

The combat system in Reverse: 1999 is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has become increasingly stale. It's a turn-based card game, but it's not the same old "draw a card, play a card" that we've seen a million times before. For one thing, the ability to fuse cards together is a great way to create custom combos and strategies.

It adds a layer of depth to the game that is sorely lacking in many other turn-based card games. Another thing that sets Reverse: 1999 apart is its tuning skills. These special skills can be used to modify the battlefield or the player's cards, giving them a significant advantage in battle.

My Thoughts on the English Translation

I’ve noticed some players have been commenting the game’s English translation on Reddit and also on X (previously Twitter). I do agree that there were moments of awkward phrases in some moments during the story cut scenes. However, I don't think that the translation is so bad that it ruins the game.

To be honest, I'm able to understand the story and follow the dialogue without too much difficulty. I also enjoy the little crumbs of humour being dropped here and there by the developers for us to encounter and have a little laugh.

In short, I think the English usage in the game is good.

What's Next for My F2P Account?

  • Continue playing
  • Beat the future Limbo content
  • Get Lilya to do insane damage
  • Skip Melania banner
  • Skip the doggo (Pickles) banner
  • Save up my pulls to get Tooth Fairy
  • Make another review for you guys
Note: I have around 81 pulls now (I like to convert my currency to Unilogs) I think it’s possible to get Tooth Fairy when1.2 drops LIVE in the global server

Thanks visiting us at DotGG, stay tuned for the update of my F2P account gameplay when harder contents drops in the future!

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