Best 6-Star Characters to Build

6-star characters trumps 4 and 5-star characters easily and I’m too tired to pretend that's not the case!

At the moment, you might be in a situation where you have pulled for another 6-star unit after getting one from the beginner’s banner featuring Regulus, Eternity and Lilya. Today, we’ll be talking about who’s the best 6-star to build for your account or at least give you an idea who to prioritize building first (if you have plenty of 6-star characters).

Firstly, we’ll be taking a look at a series of skill-set summaries for all the 6-star characters available in global launch week and then discuss on our top 6-star picks among all of them. Previously, we have already covered Regulus, Lilya and also Eternity in our “Top 5 Tips for Beginners” article and also talked about A Knight in a character guide for him. Thus, we’ll look at the remaining 6-star characters that has not been covered yet in DotGG first.

Here are the 6-star characters we'll be discussing (alphabetical order):

  1. An-an Lee
  2. Centurion
  3. Druvis III
  4. Medicine Pocket
  5. Ms Newbabel
  6. Sotheby
  7. Voyager

You can also click on the character name to see them in more detail, or for an overview of their ratings, check out our Reverse: 1999 Tier List!

An-an Lee

  • Can increase the team’s overall DMG output massively
  • Supports the main carry with minimal AP usage (she can auto upgrade her own skills)
  • Can support the team defensively as well with her buffs
  • Great to use with teammates who hoards AP
  • A definite upgrade from Sonetto in a team


  • The higher has current moxie is, the higher damage she does to enemies
  • Arguably the best DPS main carry in the game because of her consistency doing damage even from the early gameplay to end-game contents
  • With “Hot Sauce Expert III” (Insight lvl.3), Centurion can self-heal and be a self-sustaining main carry that heals herself every time she casts her ultimate
  • An overall amazing and reliable carry but needs to hoard on AP earlier on to get to max Moxie in the beginning of battle

Druvis III

  • A rather flexible character to be placed as a main DPS carry or a secondary supporting damage dealer in the team
  • One of her skill and her ultimate can inflict [Petrify] that makes her enemies “Can’t Act” (dispelled after taking Reality DMG)
  • [Petrify] is super useful to control the flow of the battle but against enemies that are immune to petrification, bringing Druvis III becomes rather pointless and other main DPS characters can substitute her with no problems
  • Works well with other ‘Plant’ character when making a mono-plant-team
  • Loves nature

Medicine Pocket

  • Can give an AoE defensive buff that reduce incoming damage received for the whole team
  • Great amount of AoE healing output (due to his stats as a 6-star character)
  • Works well with main carries that are glass-cannons (low HP and dies easily but have high damage output) like Centurion, Lilya and so on
  • One of the best full support/healer in the game right now for global server

Ms Newbabel

  • One of the rare characters to have the [Taunt] ability
  • Situational usage because she is great against Reality DMG enemies but not as good against Mental DMG opponents
  • Need higher Portray levels to do more damage with her ultimate with [Fanged Partner]
  • Great [Shield] provider and might be one of the best at it in-game right now
  • Probably will have the opportunity to shine in future contents that has a strong Reality DMG enemy boss to fight against (but, there is also Click that’s cheaper to build)


  • Flexible to be slotted into a team as a secondary damage dealer (and debuffer) or a defensive debuffer/healer
  • Having said that, an attacking play style with Sotheby aims to quickly stack up [poison] on enemies and do a burst damage with her ultimate
  • An attacking play style with Sotheby eats up hoards AP from the whole team (not suitable to pair up with AP-needy main carries like Centurion in this case)
  • A defensive play style with Sotheby is like playing any other typical healer – Just do healing when it’s needed and let the main carry do his/her thing with all the AP available
  • Becomes a healing machine when equipped with the “That Inquisitive Dear” phychube


  • Her “Stellar Symphony” is very useful in Critical Themed teams to ensure critical hits are landing more often
  • “Galactic on Strings” ships out a good amount of damage and control against enemies
  • “Mending Sonata” helps team’s survivability by giving –DMG Taken buffs
  • Overall, Voyager is a great supportive character that helps both in increasing the team’s damage output and also helping the team to be more “sturdy” to say the least

The Best 6-star Character Right Now: Centurion

Based on our team’s play testing with her, Centurion can basically solo some stages because of her skill-set that can be flexible to clear a single-target enemy or multiple-target mobs easily. On top of that, she can self sustain at Insight lvl.3 and it can be argued that she can self-sustain better than Eternity (fun fact: Eternity can also solo stages). Most of us agrees that even though Lilya can dish out a bigger damage output than her, Centurion has the skill-sets that enables her to consistently do an extra 30% damage when she has a full Moxie stack unlike characters who depends on critical-DMG to land to do extra damage.

When equipped with “His Bounden Duty”, Centurion then enters ‘cheat-code-mode’ where she she’ll just solo contents for you. Spamming her ultimate, getting healed by her psychube, her skill-set can do both single-target and AoE damage and her high damage makes her a reliable boss killer. New players can opt to just build this single unit and actually clear contents in the game while disregarding building other characters (I wished I rerolled for her…) and we’re not even joking. This is also one of the reason she is S-tier in our tier list.


As mentioned in our previous guides, you can still clear the game with Matilda, Sonetto and Dikke, a team of 5-star characters without having a 6-star character like Centurion. This game is totally free-to-play friendly and getting those juicy 6-star characters is not required to beat the game’s main story and harder contents.

Nevertheless, it’s also a great thing if you have a number of 6-star characters in your collection and have many options to tackle the stages in the game with more freedom. We hope our summary for each 6-star characters helped you in some way and hopefully we’ll meet again in the next article here at DotGG.

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