Brave New World - Psychube

Best Psychubes for Every Character

Wondering what Psychubes to equip on your Reverse: 1999 characters? Check out our guide!

Psychubes are the equivalent of weapons in Reverse: 1999. Each character can equip one, and will provide a boost to their stats. They can also be upgraded to further boost their power. This guide will help you with choosing the most appropriate Psychube to equip for each character.

This guide will also aim to help players pick a suitable 6-star Psychube of their choice from the Carrierwave Carrier, obtained as a day 5 reward of the 8 Daily Letters login event.

You may also want to consider using the chosen Psychube on a future character.

Characters and Recommended Psychubes

Note: Any 4-star Psychube can be used as a placeholder before replacing it with a stronger 5 or 6-star Phychube below.

A KnightHis Bounden DutyThe Footloose
aliEn THer Second LifeA Free Heart
An-an LeeBrave New WorldThe Footloose
APPLeHer Second LifeLaughter and Laughter
Baby BlueHer Second LifeA Free Heart
Balloon PartyThat Inquisitive DearLaughter and Laughter
BetteBrave New WorldA Free Heart
BkornblumeBrave New WorldThe Footloose
BlonneyHis Bounden DutyYearning Desire
Bunny BunnyHis Bounden DutyYearning Desire
CenturionHopscotchThe Footloose
ChangelingBlasphemer of NightYearning Desire
CharlieThunderous ApplauseThe Footloose
ClickHis Bounden DutyA Free Heart
CristalloHer Second LifeA Free Heart
Darley ClatterHer Second LifeA Free Heart
DiggersHis Bounden DutyThe Footloose
DikkeBrave New WorldLaughter and Laughter
DoorNoneA Free Heart
Druvis IIIBlasphemer of NightYearning Desire
EagleThunderous ApplauseTomorrow Also
ErickThunderous ApplauseTomorrow Also
EternityHopscotchYearning Desire
John TitorHis Bounden DutyDecode
La SourceThat Inquisitive DearLaughter and Laughter
LeilaniBrave New WorldYearning Desire
LilyaThunderous ApplauseAn Afternoon Nap
MatildaThunderous ApplauseAn Afternoon Nap
Medicine PocketThat Inquisitive DearLaughter and Laughter
MelaniaLuxurious LeisureThe Footloose
Mesmer Jr.Her Second LifeThe Footloose
MondlichtBrave New WorldThe Footloose
Ms. MoissanHis Bounden DutyThe Footloose
Ms. NewbabelThunderous ApplauseA Free Heart
Ms. RadioNoneThe Footloose
NecrologistThat Inquisitive DearLaughter and Laughter
Nick BottomThat Inquisitive DearA Free Heart
Oliver FogHis Bounden DutyA Free Heart
ONiONBrave New WorldYearning Desire
PaviaHopscotchThe Footloose
PicklesLuxurious LeisureThe Footloose
PoltergeistBlasphemer of NightYearning Desire
RabiesBrave New WorldYearning Desire
RegulusBrave New WorldAn Afternoon Nap
SatsukiHis Bounden DutyYearning Desire
SonettoBrave New WorldThe Footloose
SothebyHer Second LifeLaughter and Laughter
SputnikHis Bounden DutyA Free Heart
SweetheartBlasphemer of NightYearning Desire
TennantThunderous ApplauseThe Footloose
The FoolHis Bounden DutyA Free Heart
Tooth FairyThat Inquisitive DearLaughter and Laughter
TTTHer Second LifeThe Footloose
Twins SleepBlasphemer of NightYearning Desire
VoyagerHis Bounden DutyYearning Desire
XHis Bounden DutyThe Footloose
зимаHis Bounden DutyThe Footloose
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