Reverse: 1999 Tier List Update – November 2023: Version 1.1 Characters

Introducing the new Version 1.1 characters into our Reverse: 1999 Tier List!

Launch week has concluded smoothly, and we're now entering the "post-main-story" phase of the game. Our team at DotGG, who are actively playing the game, have exchanged thoughts on certain characters and compiled an updated tier list for our readers this month.

As mentioned previously, we will periodically update this tier list to ensure that our readers are well-informed about the current META (most effective tactics available) of the game. This will help players make wise investments in specific characters for midgame and endgame content while playing Reverse: 1999.

New Version 1.1 characters entering the tier list:

Note: Official translations for their skill sets are not yet available, so our current explanations are based on direct translations. Once the official translations are released, we will update our character profiles accordingly.

Melania – Entering the Tier List at A Tier


  • Melania's skill set focuses on dealing damage to single-target enemies.
  • She is a solid Beast & Mental DMG main carry DPS unit.
  • Centurion is currently the best 6-star Beast main carry, but Melania deals Mental DMG, while Centurion deals Reality DMG.
  • This will make Melania viable against enemies weaker to Mental DMG.
  • Her kit is based on her skill [既定计划] or [Established Plan].
  • In long battles, Melania's ultimate will gain multiple stacks and hit stronger and stronger as the battle drags on.
  • We predict that she will be able to enter S Tier as more new psychubes enter the game.
  • On paper, Centurion is still the best 6-star Beast character, and we will place Melania in A Tier for now until our team tests her out even more when Version 1.1 comes out.

Pickles – Entering the Tier List at S Tier


  • Looking at this good boi’s Skill Set, it’s a no brainer
  • AP positive team member where his skills upgrades automatically while the team’s main carry hoards all the AP and get their ultimate moves first
  • Will work well with Centurion, A Knight, Melania and so on who needs those AP actions to deal damage to the enemies
  • Can buff the whole team’s DMG output, Dispel the enemy and also act as a secondary damage dealer in the team
  • Direct upgrade to Sonetto if you’re considering pulling on the best doggo in the game and want to upgrade your current F2P account
  • If you already have An-an Lee or Bkornblume you can consider skipping his banner later and opt for a different character to pull for in the near future
  • Worth to pull for and also worth for every single investment dump unto him

Diggers – Entering the Tier List at B Tier


  • A supporter that inflicts various debuff statuses towards the enemy
  • Controls enemy with –Moxie and [Nightmare] (enemy cannot act)
  • Debuffs both the enemy’s Reality DEF and Mental DEF by 15%
  • Jack of all trades but his Reality and Mental DEF debuffs are easily trumped by other debuffers who inflict specific DEF debuffs
  • Would be pointless to bring into battle against enemies who are immune to debuffs


We eagerly anticipate the arrival of Version 1.1 in the coming weeks and will be updating our tier list once our team has thoroughly tested the new characters. Based on their skill sets and the current in-game META, their inclusion in the tier list appears to be warranted.

So, should you summon for the upcoming New Character Banner featuring Melania? Stay tuned for our next article to find out.

A. P. Raphael
A. P. Raphael

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