Stage 3-12 Puzzle

Story Mode Trail Puzzle Answers

Stuck on the puzzles given to you between the story stages of Reverse: 1999? Here are all the solutions to them.

Stage 1-7: Incredible Unicorn

Stage 1-15: How Many Older Sisters Does Schneider Have?

Question: What is the thing with one horn hung high above her hall that always gazes at people?

Answer: Quiet Ravenheart

Stage 1-10: Matilda's School Report

Question: this sheet is a school report and the signature block says "Matilda Bouanich." The score has been blackened on purpose, and you can only see a jotting: "The number of points I need to reach marks is the exactly the number implied by h-h-her name. Why? Why?!" What is Matilda’s score?

Answer: 86

Stage 1-15: How Many Older Sisters Does Schneider Have?

Question: Schneider's parents are still alive and have raised many daughters. How many older sisters does she have?

Answer: 12

Stage 2-4

Stage 2-4 Puzzle

Stage 3-7

Stage 3-7 Puzzle

Note: Answers must be capitalized exactly as listed below!

Question: Where are the fish and chips?

Answer: Basket

Question: Where is the peas puree?

Answer: Cabinet

Stage 3-12

Stage 3-12 Puzzle

Stage 3-15: Unexpected Audience

Stage 3-15: Unexpected Audience

Question: George the Oak is already 700 years old. Which animals in the tree hole listened to that song with you?

Answer: Red squirrels and woodpeckers

Stage 4-6: Projector Relay Control

Stage 4-6: Projector Relay Control Puzzle

Stage 4-10: Divination Beginner

Stage 4-10: Divination Beginner Puzzle

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