Should You Pull For Melania’s Banner in Version 1.1?

Melania banner, new character preview and breakdown for Version 1.1: The Theft of The Rimet Cup!

Our first-ever New Character Banner for the game will be arriving in a few days, featuring Melania, a 6-star Beast character who deals Mental DMG. We are aware that some of our readers will be wondering whether or not they should try summoning for her, and we are here to assist you in answering that question. First, we will break down what each character in the banner can do, and then we will offer our thoughts on this banner.

Melania’s New Character Banner for the CN server a few months ago

Characters that will feature in the Version 1.1 New Character Banner:

Make sure to check out our updated Tier List ratings:

Character Breakdown & Summary

Melania (Main DPS Carry)

  • Melania serves as the team's primary damage dealer.
  • Her skillset revolves around stealing Moxie from enemies to gain more Moxie herself, enabling her to unleash her ultimate skill quickly.
  • Melania hoards AP and requires a team that allows her to act freely without relying on others to take actions every turn.
  • Her passive skill makes her a valuable asset in extended battles, as her ultimate grows stronger every time she uses her ultimate
  • Melania's skills and ultimate focus on dealing massive single-target damage, making her ideal for taking down bosses vulnerable to Mental DMG.

Sweetheart (Secondary Damage Dealer & Debuffer)

  • Serves effectively as a secondary damage dealer while applying debuffs to weaken enemies.
  • Skillset enables her to inflict additional damage on debuffed enemies, amplifying her offensive capabilities.
  • Enhances her own survivability through the [Enchanted] buff granted by her passive skill (Insight lvl.1 & lvl.3).
  • Integrates well into teams that utilize a combination of Reality and Mental DMG.

Balloon Party (Healer, Counter Gimmick and DEF Buffer)

  • A versatile support unit that provides a variety of buffs to the team.
  • Party Balloon: Grants a buff to Balloon Party and her allies, triggering a counterattack that deals damage to the enemy whenever they are hit.
  • Balloon of Innocence: Grants a defensive buff to Balloon Party and her allies, reducing the damage they take from enemy attacks.
  • Provides AoE healing for the team, keeping them in the fight and prolonging their effectiveness.
  • Reaches her peak potential at Portray lvl.5, transforming into an exceptional support healer that is indispensable to any team composition.

Should you pull for this upcoming banner?

Pull for this banner if:

  • You need a strong main DPS carry for your account.
  • Your crew lacks a decent main carry that deals Mental DMG overall.
  • Melania is a very strong boss killer that excels in boss fights and taking down single target enemies effectively while stealing their Moxie.
  • You don't mind getting extra copies for Sweetheart and Balloon Party on your quest to get Melania to join your crew.
  • You're aiming to get a decent healer which is Balloon Party to join your team and getting more copies of her to upgrade her Portray lvl for whatever reason.
  • Balloon Party is a great upgrade from APPLe and also can be swapped in place of Dikke as a more defensive supporter in your team.

Skip this banner if:

  • You already have a one or two strong main DPS carries like Centurion, Regulus, Lilya, Eternity and so on.
  • Your crew lacks support characters that are AP generous like An-an Lee since Melania really needs those AP during fights like Centurion.
  • You're saving up Unilogs to pull for Changeling that will enable a META poison team when Version 1.2 in the future.
  • You're saving up for the New Character Banner featuring Pickles that will be a great support damage dealer that is more flexible to be included in any team.


The upcoming banner is a decent option, and Melania is predicted to be an A-Tier character. Since she deals Mental DMG, she can be included in a team facing enemies weak against Mental DMG, replacing Centurion, who deals Reality DMG. It's important to avoid bringing Centurion into battles where enemies are immune to Reality DMG (this would be disastrous).

With global server players having access to information about future characters, skipping this banner could alright, as the next banner featuring Pickles is generally considered to be stronger. In the next few guides, we'll look into detailed character guides for Melania, Pickles, and Diggers to further assist our readers in making informed decisions about their gaming accounts in Reverse: 1999 (We don’t want you blaming us if Melania actually becomes an S Tier unit in the future).

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