Character 6

New Arcanist Character 6 Announced for Version 1.4

6 is the latest character to be introduced to the CN server of Reverse: 1999 in Version 1.4. We can expect this character for the global server within the next 6 months. In the meantime, let's check out the character in a bit more detail, as revealed on Bilibili!

Translations are provided by etocomehere on reddit, may not be accurate and final product may be different.


A lonely ruler, the manager of the island, belong to the Araon school, originally from Pythagoreans who mainly study on the math. When finding irrational numbers, everything changed, their world was being destroyed.

A support character that may replace Tooth Fairy.


Law and Commandments

Group attack, will do the mental damage to the two enemies, randomly will give the target some debuff from the "debuff gathered" (which means in this one, there are kinds of debuffs, I will explain it later), if the number of "inspirations" is lower than 4, the number of "inspirations" will increase

Position and Responsibility

Single buff, which means he can choose one character of team, clean its all debuff (normally all of this), and will give the target some buff from the "buff gathered", when the number of "inspirations" is more than 5, will spend 5 of them, give the target a buff "spell strengthening i", normally the damage of character's actions will increase.

Eternal Revelation

Single target attack, will make mental damage, when the number of inspirations is higher than 6, based on the kinds of debuff the target, will give the target the additional damage.


i: the upper limit of inspiration will add 1, after end of turn, any one character in our team have buff, the number of inspirations will increase, when attack the target who have debuff, the damage will increase

ii: when in the fight, the damage increase\

iii: When realse the ultimate, randomly give all of enenmy kinds of debuff from "debuff gathered", and when every turn start, randomly give everyone in our team kinds of buff from "buff gathered".


"debuff gathered" : critical hit defense decreased, real hit defense decreased, and so do the mental,"blind", "inaccurate" ("inaccurate" looks like reduce the opponents' hit rate), ''Laceration'' ("laceration" officially said that when be attacked, additionally will beared more Genesis DMG based on the attack power from user) (the Genesis DMG I copy from MS newbabel )

"buff gathered": Increased penetration rate, [heaL i] when the turn start, based of max hp to heal the HP, [quake back], when be attacked, give back the Genesis DMG based on the attack power of user


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