Black Dwarf Bait? Should You Pull for Eternity Before She Arrives?

Calling all Reverse: 1999 enthusiasts! Prepare for a strategic curveball with the surprise release of the Eternity Banner, just a few hours ago. This unexpected addition throws the planned CN Banner schedule out the window and presents a tempting alternative to the ongoing Jessica Banner. But is Eternity worth your precious pulls, or should you hold out for the highly anticipated Black Dwarf? Let's dissect the Banner, analyze Charlie's surprise appearance, and strategize your next move!


The Eternity Banner has arrived, yet it shares the stage with the Jessica Banner which will be coming in a few more days. While Jessica remains the focal point for many, discerning spenders or those veering away from Jessica's allure may find the Eternity Banner a compelling alternative. But, considering that Black Dwarf is also coming in 30-days, we from DotGG sees this banner a "bait" banner to get impatient players to get a mineral afflatus character to be their main damage dealer.

Introducing Charlie, the Surprise Package

The Eternity Banner throws a curveball with Charlie, replacing "Baby Blue" as seen from the CN Server's "The-Ever-Flowing" banner above, appearing earlier than anticipated. This strategic move could be a test banner, tempting players awaiting Black Dwarf with an alternative while offering a potent mineral DPS option. Charlie shines at P3, surpassing even Lilya in certain aspects. Her additional mental damage and portrait effects make her a late-game powerhouse.

Strategic Choices, Rewarding Results

The Eternity Banner is all about making informed decisions. If Black Dwarf is your ultimate goal, patience might be your best weapon. You can just skip this banner and also Jessica's banner altogether because Black Dwarf's banner is coming in 30-days from now. However, for those seeking a powerful mineral DPS Eternity is a solid pull. Additionally, Charlie offers intriguing value for your account when you couldn't get her to Portray Level 3 when the game just launched back in October.

Click: The Unconventional Tank

Rounding out the banner is Click, the tank with a twist. His spirit attribute might raise eyebrows, but his Moxie removal and damage mitigation capabilities make him a valuable asset for soaking up reality damage. Click offers unique utility for those seeking a defender who goes beyond brute force.

Should I pull for Eternity's Reverse: 1999 Banner?

  • Yes, IF you don't plan to get Black Dwarf who will be coming in 30-days from the time this article is posted
  • Yes, IF you lack a solid mineral afflatus main damage dealer AND you do not want to use Sonetto as a main damage dealer (some F2P players use Sonetto as a main DPS in their team while dealing with Limbo stages)
  • Yes, IF you need to get Charlie to P3: Charlie without her Portrays does not reach the much needed damage to compete with other 6-star DPS characters
  • No, IF you already have Eternity in your crew. Save up for future banners and focus on piling up your clear drops to hit those sweet pity counts
  • No, IF you do not plan to use Charlie or Click in your teams
  • No, IF you are aiming for Jessica to get a solid plant afflatus main damage dealer


The Eternity Banner threw us a curveball, and now we're all buzzing with excitement and options! Whether you're aiming for Eternity, giving Charlie a shot, or sticking to your long-term plan, share your thoughts and plans in the comments below while letting us know about the characters available in your crew. DotGG will be happy to help you out to decide whether you should pull for this banner or not.

Thank you for joining us, and until next time, happy gaming Timekeepers!

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