Thus Spoke the Border Collie

Thus Spoke the Border Collie Banner Guide – Should You Pull?

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup Pick-up Banner for rate-up characters Pickles (6★), Diggers (5★), and Baby Blue (5★)!

Pickles, new character preview and breakdown for Version 1.1: The Theft of The Rimet Cup!

The time has finally come for Pickles to get a new character banner “Thus Spoke the Border Collie” for Version 1.1 of Reverse: 1999! It features a rate-up for characters Pickles (6★), Diggers (5★), and Baby Blue (5★) from November 23 until December 7.

Character Breakdowns

Since we have done a breakdown for both Pickles and Diggers previously, we’ll be focusing about whether or not you should be pulling for him. Nevertheless, we also want to give our readers a different angle while looking at Pickles, so with a collaboration with @SteamedBunXGacha here is another video breakdown of Pickles for our readers:

Should You Pull for Pickles in Reverse: 1999?

Pickles is a powerful and versatile character in Reverse: 1999, but is he worth pulling for? Here's a breakdown of his pros and cons to help you decide.


  • High damage output: Pickles deals respectable damage on his own, making him a valuable asset to any team.
  • Team-wide damage boost: Pickles' Ultimate ability, “Thus Spoke Pickles” provides a significant damage boost to the entire team, making him an excellent support character.
  • AP-positive in his team: Pickles' passive ability, "Preposition," allows him to gain stacks of "Clarified Topic" by skipping every other turn, making it easy to activate his damage boost.
  • Versatile: Pickles can be used as a damage dealer, buffer, or even a debuffer, making him a valuable asset in a variety of team compositions.


  • Heavily relying on [Clarified Topic] to do more damage or give a longer buff duration
  • His buff overlaps with Charlie’s buff and won’t be a good teammate for Charlie if you’re planning to make them work together in a team


Pickles' Lore

Overall, Pickles is a strong and versatile character who can be a valuable asset to any team. However, his reliance on Clarified Topic and his limited utility compared to other support characters may make him a less appealing choice for some players.

Pickles Stats, Passive, Skills and Ultimate

Pickles is a powerful support character in Reverse: 1999 who is known for his ability to deal damage, dispel enemy buffs, and boost the team's damage.

  • Pickles' passive ability allows him to accumulate stacks of "Clarified Topic," which enhances his skills and Ultimate.
  • His Ultimate, "Thus Spoke Pickles," provides a 30% team-wide damage boost.
  • Pickles' best team compositions include pairing him with a regular DPS or being a sub-DPS himself.
  • For free-to-play players, it is advisable to save resources for other dispellers, such as Tooth Fairy or Changeling.
  • For spenders who have the means, Pickles can be an excellent addition to their roster.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to pull for Pickles depends on your individual needs and playstyle. I hope this helps! Don’t forget to visit @SteamedBunXGacha’s YouTube Channel as he has been a great help giving us a different angle to see how Pickles work.

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