Top Grossing Gacha Games January 2024: Genshin Impact Still King?

Top Grossing Gacha Games: who struck it rich in 2024's first month? Top earners dethroned? New king crowned? Data reveals all!


Welcome to DotGG's Top Grossing Gacha Games for January 2024 analysis and breakdown! It's that time of the month again when we look into the diverse world of gacha games currently in the market. Did industry titan Genshin Impact retain its dominance, or did a new challenger emerge? Our focus is on scrutinizing their revenues for the month of January 2024 in comparison to December 2023. We previously did the analysis for the month of November 2023 - December 2023.

A special shoutout to Reddit user numberlockbs for their hard work in providing this data for us to analyze and discuss with you today. We're kicking things off by spotlighting the top 10 earners and giving a nod to the underdogs in the lowest 10 earners category. Following that, we'll look at the biggest gainers and losers; the games that experienced the most significant revenue increases and decreases before concluding this article. Let's dive in!

Special Note

Please note: The data presented in this analysis excludes revenue from PC players and players on the CN server. While not comprehensive, this information still offers valuable insights into the mobile gacha game market.

Top 10 Grossing Gacha Games

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The battle for mobile gacha supremacy continues, with familiar champions reigning and intriguing challengers rising. Genshin Impact remains the undisputed king, its revenue soaring even higher to a staggering $35 million. Global juggernaut NIKKE saw impressive growth, jumping to $27 million, while Fate/Grand Order maintains its steady $27 million stronghold.

Honkai: Star Rail experienced a slight dip but remains a force to be reckoned with alongside other top grossing gacha games. Meanwhile, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby displayed resilience, bouncing back from a December slump. Industry veterans like DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE and Puzzle & Dragons held their ground, while ONE PIECE Bounty Rush and DRAGON BALL LEGENDS navigated market fluctuations. Lastly, Blue Archive rounded out the top 10, solidifying its presence in the arena.

Lowest 10 Gacha Games Earners

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While titans battle at the top, the bottom of the Gacha scene tells a different story. In January 2024, some games grappled with challenging landscapes, while others displayed surprising resilience.

OUTERPLANE, despite being near the bottom, demonstrated admirable fortitude, its earnings dipping slightly from $500,000 to $280,000. Similarly, Higan: Eruthyll held steady, moving from $26,000 to $25,000, showcasing potential stability in an unpredictable market.

Aster Tatariqus experienced a 33% decrease, moving from $300,000 to $200,000, highlighting the ever-present fluctuations. Counter:Side and Alchemy Stars shared a similar fate, both dropping from $300,000 to $190,000. Nevertheless, these numbers has been quite stable if seen in a bigger picture.

Girl's Frontline saw a modest $10,000 drop, from $170,000 to $160,000, showcasing the delicate equilibrium certain games face. Neural Cloud, however, exhibited a steeper decline, plummeting 36% from $180,000 to $115,000, underscoring the crucial need for adaptation and innovation in this competitive arena.

Takt op. Symphony faced a significant 62% decrease, falling from $260,000 to $100,000, highlighting the challenges some games encounter in retaining player engagement and revenue. Artery Gear's decline was even more drastic, with earnings dropping a staggering 22% from $50,000 to a mere $39,000, showcasing the volatile nature of the Gacha landscape. Meanwhile, Archeland's 63% dip, from $40,000 to $15,000; If Archeland doesn't do something to turn the tables, it's probably going to face EoS.

Black Clover M's Magical Slump: A 70.46% Revenue Drop in January 2024

Black Clover M, the mobile gacha game based on the popular anime and manga series, experienced a significant financial blow for its January Gacha Game Revenue. Its revenue plummeted from a staggering $17.4 million to a mere $5.14 million, marking a 70.46% decrease compared to December 2023. This dramatic decline positions Black Clover M as the game with the biggest revenue drop among the analyzed titles.

While the exact reasons behind this drop remain unknown, here are some possible contributing factors:

  • Content fatigue: Players might be feeling a lack of fresh content or updates, leading to decreased engagement and spending.
  • Competition: The Gacha market is fiercely competitive, and new or established titles with strong marketing campaigns could be attracting players away from Black Clover M.
  • Shifting player preferences: Player preferences and spending habits can evolve over time. Perhaps Black Clover M's monetization strategies or gameplay mechanics are no longer resonating as strongly with its target audience.
  • Seasonality: December is often a peak month for mobile game revenue due to holiday spending. A natural dip in January could be amplified by the other factors mentioned above.

Arknights' Soaring Success: A 169.70% Revenue Surge in January 2024

While Black Clover M faced a dramatic decline, another game defied gravity in January 2024. Arknights, the strategic RPG gacha title, experienced a phenomenal 169.70% increase in revenue, skyrocketing from $3.3 million to a staggering $8.9 million. This meteoric rise positions Arknights as the game with the biggest revenue increase among the analyzed titles.

Arknight's Twitter Post Regarding 4th Anniversary

This impressive growth can be attributed to several factors, most notably:

4th Anniversary Celebration: January marked Arknights' 4th anniversary, and the developers pulled out all the stops with enticing rewards, special events, and limited-time banners. This likely attracted both returning players and new ones eager to participate in the festivities.

Strong Community Engagement: Arknights boasts a dedicated and enthusiastic community that actively interacts with the developers and promotes the game. This positive word-of-mouth likely contributes to attracting new players and retaining existing ones.

While Arknights' 4th anniversary undoubtedly played a significant role in its January surge, the game's consistent quality and positive community engagement suggest that this success may not be solely temporary.


The January 2024 revenue analysis paints a vivid picture of a dynamic and competitive Gacha landscape. While Black Clover M's 70.46% decline highlights the challenges some games face, Arknights' 169.70% surge demonstrates the potential for explosive growth. These contrasting stories remind us that the Gacha market is a constant battleground, where adaptation, innovation, and community engagement play crucial roles in success.

However, amidst this ever-shifting landscape, one thing remains constant: Genshin Impact's reign as the revenue king and still number one among other top grossing gacha games. Despite recent dramas surrounding the CN Server, the game continues to dominate, solidifying its position at the top with a staggering $35 million in January Gacha Game Revenue. This achievement speaks volumes about the game's enduring appeal, strong community, and consistent content updates.

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