Genshin Impact Losing CN Followers: The Great Exodus

Genshin Impact Losing CN Followers! Players express discontent by unfollowing official accounts. DotGG reports.


Genshin Impact, the globe-trotting gacha RPG, is facing a firestorm of backlash from its Chinese players. The culprit? Disappointing Lunar New Year rewards, which have ignited a massive "strike" across Chinese social media. Genshin Impact Losing CN Followers, on Douyin, Genshin's official account shed a staggering 1 million followers in just 24 hours, plummeting from 11 million to a rapidly shrinking 8.9 million. This sentiment tsunami has swept across other platforms as well, with players voicing their displeasure by unfollowing Genshin's official presences in droves.

Why Are Players Revolting?

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This stark contrast to the calm seas of the global server paints a worrying picture. Chinese players feel ignored and underappreciated, their disappointment boiling over into a mass exodus. This incident throws a spotlight on the tightrope walk developers face when catering to diverse audiences with distinct cultural expectations.

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As Genshin Impact grapples with the fallout of this CN server unrest, addressing player concerns and reevaluating its approach to rewards and engagement within the Chinese market will be crucial to restoring harmony.

Genshin Impact Players Debates

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Genshin Impact's Chinese servers are embroiled in a fiery debate sparked by underwhelming Lunar New Year rewards. While some players lament over "overreacting" critics, others passionately defend the disgruntled player base, citing long-simmering frustrations with developer HoYoVerse.

Twitter's #GenshinImpact is Trending

Twitter user @Impact_mouse also confirms the exodus: Douyin hemorrhage saw a million followers vanish in 24 hours, plummeting from 9.6 million to 8.5 million. The reason? Dissatisfaction with perceived meager rewards and alleged global favoritism fueled the social media firestorm. Boycotts, unfollows, and scathing reviews on Douyin, Weibo, and Bilibili became battle cries for an aggrieved community.

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HoYoVerse Responds

HoYoVerse, facing the heat, issued an apology and pledged to strengthen communication and feedback channels. New Year reward adjustments and compensation arrived, but will they be enough to quell the storm? The wait-and-see game continues, with hope and disappointment battling for dominance among players. Genshin's Chinese future hinges on HoYoVerse's crisis management and the players' verdict.

Some were quick to poke fun


Genshin Impact's Chinese servers remain in turmoil, with discontent over Lunar New Year rewards sparking a divisive debate. While some defend the game and advocate for patience, others point to long-standing grievances and cite alleged favoritism toward the global market. This sentiment echoes across social media, fueled by boycotts, unfollows, and negative reviews.

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Adding fuel to the fire, comparisons to HoYoVerse's other title, Honkai: Star Rail, have surfaced. Star Rail's seemingly more generous reward system has ignited feelings of unfairness, further fueling the Genshin Impact Losing CN Followers.

YouTube content creator Biimow also confirms the dissatisfaction of players for Genshin's 4.4 update

HoYoVerse has offered apologies and promised improvements, but will it be enough to restore faith and mend fences with its Chinese fanbase? Only time will tell if the developer's actions can quell the storm brewing in its own backyard. Will Wuthering Waves takes an advantage of this situation and become the next Genshin Impact Killer?

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