Black Sun Xanthia: ASTRA Knights of Veda Character Guide #1

Unleash devastation with Black Sun Xanthia, a powerful Darkness DMG dealing attacker. Master her hit-and-run tactics to dominate enemies!


Right after our review for the game, we kick off with DotGG's first character guide for ASTRA Knights of Veda - Black Sun Xanthia.

Black Sun Xanthia, the woman who stands alone under the night sky, whispering to herself, is a source of fear and awe among the Mages of the Tower of Sages. Engaging in conversations with the stars, her enigmatic expression never reveals her true thoughts. Her feat of venturing into uncharted realms that no one else has reached amazed everyone. Some regard her as a prodigy blessed with incredible talents.

Basic Information

Height 135 cm
Weight 28 kg
Date of Birth October 25th
Birthplace Titans Empire
Affiliation Tower of Sages
Power of the Stars Darkness

Stats at Level 90

HP 24,079
ATK 4,000
DEF 2,000
Veda Energy 240
Raw stats at Lvl. 90 disregarding weapon, accessories or relics

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelDarkness DMG BonusEffect
1 6.75%Increases the AoE of [Law of Gravity] ATK and knocks down enemies on the first hit for 1 second
2 9.00%Increases the AoE of [Event Horizon] ATK and its duration from 10 - 15 seconds 
3 11.25%"Event Horizon" skill level +3
4 13.50%For each DMG taken by the enemy from "Law of Gravity," your DMG is increased by 10% (max 10 stacks)
5 15.75% "Law of Gravity" skill level +3
6 18.00% "Event Horizon" has increased pull effect and deals DMG that ignores 15% of the enemy's DEF
Note: Fate levels can be increased by pulling character dupes.

Skill Set [at MAX stats]

Normal Attack: Dark Sphere

Shoots off 3 bursts of Darkness magic, dealing [Darkness] Elemental Damage.

  • 1st hit DMG: 48.16 [Darkness]
  • 2nd hit DMG: 62.4% [Darkness]
  • 3rd hit DMG: 113.52% [Darkness]

Strong Attack: Condensed Darkness

Creates an aura of darkness on the ground that deals [Darkness] Element Damage over time [32.3%]. Enemies hit are afflicted with the [Dark Stardust].

  • [Dark Stardust]
  • Max stacks: 5
  • Resuce Darkness RES: 7%
  • Duration: 5 seconds

Dash Attack: Falling Meteors

Leaps at an enemy in front of her and swings her staff to attack, dealing [Darkness] Element Damage [101.96%]. If the attack is successful, Xanthia teleports to the rear.

Normal Skill: Law of Gravity

Creates a gravity zone on the ground that deals [Darkness] Element Damage over time [12.92%] to enemies entering it [Cooldown: 12 seconds].

Meteors of the Night Sky

  • Movement SPD Reduction: 15%
  • Reduces repulsion: 15%
  • Duration: 3 seconds

Signature Skill: Event Horizon

Superlative dark magic created by the ancient sage Lotho. Summons a Event Horizon, drawing enemies into its center and dealing [Darkness] Element Damage [46.65%]. Enemies within range are afflicted with the [Meteors of the Night Sky] effect.

  • Required Veda Energy: 240
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Meteors of the Night Sky

  • Movement SPD Reduction: 10%
  • Reduces repulsion: 10%
  • Duration: 3 seconds

Dodge Skill: Teleport

Dodges an enemy 's attack with a teleport. Jumps over enemies and obstacles.

Character Review

Xanthia is a unique attacker in ASTRA Knights of Veda who excels at dealing continuous damage over time (DoT) through strategically placed area-of-effect (AoE) attacks. Her playstyle revolves around setting up these damaging zones, then quickly swapping out with another character before reappearing when the AoE dissipates. This hit-and-run tactic allows Xanthia to rack up impressive damage while mitigating her own vulnerability.

Furthermore, Xanthia's skills boast an enemy attraction effect, synergizing perfectly with other AoE-focused characters like Atterisee. Imagine luring enemies into a poisonous field laid down by Atterisee, then following up with Xanthia's AoE pull to maximize damage dealt.

Recommended Build

The ideal weapon for Xanthia is the Planetary Tuner. This weapon enhances her critical rate while lowering enemy resistance, maximizing her damage output. However, if the Planetary Tuner isn't readily available, the 4-star Sunlight of Noon offers a compelling alternative. This weapon boasts a cooldown reduction effect when attacking slowed enemies, a perfect fit for Xanthia's own slowing abilities.

The Silent Slave Knight relic set is Xanthia's go-to choice for an offensive build. This set significantly boosts the power of all her skills, turning her into a DPS powerhouse.

WeaponPlanetary Tuner
Sunlight of Noon
Accessory [Ring]Ring of Remaining Thoughts
Accessory [Necklace]Pristine Diamond
Relic SetSilent Slave Knight Set
Assassin of Tranquility
Acclaimed Sinner


Xanthia demands more than just button mashing. Her hit-and-run tactics with AoE DoT fields require strategic timing and team synergy. Mastering the swap mechanic and maximizing her damage potential through equipment and relics like the Silent Slave Knight set unlocks Xanthia's true power as a DoT dominator. If you enjoy a more tactical approach to combat, Xanthia is a rewarding addition to your ASTRA Knights of Veda roster.

Additionally, we want to thank you for joining us for's first character guide for Black Sun Xanthia! Stay tuned for more in-depth analyses as we explore the rest of the roster. Don't forget to bookmark our website for the latest updates!

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