Beginner’s Weapon Instructions: ASTRA Knights of Veda Equipment Tutorial #2

Beginner's Weapon Instructions: This guide covers equipping, enhancing, crafting, and ascending your gear to dominate the battlefield.


Welcome to another ASTRA: Knights of Veda Equipment Tutorial entitled: Beginner's Weapon Instructions! Here, you'll be understanding some useful basic knowledge about how to do weapon upgrades, weapon or trinkets (ring/necklace) ascension, socket gems into them, get free-to-play weapons and so on. We will not be discussing anything about relics here because that's been done in ASTRA Knights of Veda Equipment Tutorial #1.

Additionally, this is NOT a full-on WIKI about ALL weapons, rings and necklaces in the game but acts like a beginner's guide about them. We don't want to do a 5000 word article for you to read and study all those 5-star weapons you don't have. If you're a Genshin Impact veteran, this guide will be familiar to you except the gem socketing part.

Equipping for Success

Head to the Book menu and select a Knight. From there, choose the Equipment tab on the right. You'll see slots for a Weapon, Ring, and Necklace. Click a slot to browse your inventory and equip the desired item. Alternatively, use the Quick Equip function to automatically equip available gear.

Remember to check the stat bonuses each item provides. Matching the right weapon to a Knight's strengths can significantly boost their performance. Rings and necklaces offer additional stats, enhancing survivability or offensive power.

Enhancing Your Arsenal

Beyond leveling your Knights, you can strengthen their equipment through enhancement. Weapons, rings, and necklaces can all be enhanced to unlock their full potential, granting valuable stat boosts.

Refining for Power

To refine equipment, you'll need a duplicate of that item. Refining weapons increases their base damage by a percentage. While it doesn't raise the level cap, it provides a significant power boost.

Accessory refinement follows the same principle. Using a duplicate accessory enhances its core stats. Always check the information window before refining to understand the specific stat increases.

Reaching New Heights: Ascension

Once you hit the maximum enhancement level, ascension allows you to break through the barrier. Special materials, found throughout Planis or purchased from the Todburg weapon vendor, are required for ascension. Each equipment type has its own ascension materials, so plan your hunts accordingly.

Weapon ascension increases the maximum enhancement level and boosts base stats. Accessory ascension not only improves base stats but also enhances the effectiveness of existing bonus stats (on specific grades).

Enchanting for an Extra Edge

Piel in Todburg offers enchanting services, adding random substats to your gear for an extra advantage. You'll need Alnus's Enchantment Scroll and Gold to unlock this feature, accessible after reaching a specific story point.

Weapons typically gain offensive and survival substats (like attack boosts or HP), while accessories focus on defensive stats (such as resistances). The Gold cost for enchanting increases with each subsequent enchantment on an item.

Unlocking the Power of Gems (Chapter 4, Stage 7 Onwards)

Our Beginner's Weapon Instructions would not go into deep detail about gems but we will touch the surface about this subject. Vito Fontaine in Todburg can add gem sockets to your equipment once you reach Chapter 4, Stage 7. Preserved Small Sawtooth creates weapon sockets, while Kelber's Small Fang crafts accessory sockets. Both require a small Gold fee.

There are three random gem socket shapes:

  • Survival (Square): Accepts defensive gems.
  • Element (Circle): Augments elemental damage.
  • Attack (Pentagon): Houses offensive gems.

Socket creation guarantees at least one socket, with a chance for two.

Crafting Powerful Gems

Elita Fontaine in Todburg assists with gem creation. With the required materials (available after reaching Adventure Level 2), you can craft gems of your choice. Recipes and materials vary depending on the gem's attribute and grade.

Unwanted gems can be fused for potentially better ones. Fusing three gems of the same rank creates a new gem of the same or higher quality.

Building Your Arsenal: Weapon Crafting

Gundir in Todburg offers weapon crafting. Select "Use the Anvil" to open the crafting menu. Specific components, earned from later Adventure Zones, Veda's Nightmare, Tower of Trials, and other areas, are required for each weapon.

Once you have the materials, select "Craft" and choose a Knight to assist. Certain Knights provide crafting bonuses, so consider your options wisely. Crafting takes 10 minutes and requires a small Gold fee.


Basically, it's a grinding fiesta when it comes to gem socketing and also min-maxing relic sub-stats. That's why it's advisable to first level up your adventure level and your characters first. At the same time, level up their skills and enhance and refine weapons. Hunting for those perfect gems and relic sub-stats should be done laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. Thanks for reading our simple Beginner's Weapon Instructions and we hope new players will get some useful information out of this guide.

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