Golden Lion Albert Rebhardt: ASTRA Knights of Veda Character Guide #10

ASTRA: Knights of Veda - Tank Golden Lion Albert Rebhardt disrupts enemies & protects allies with a lion spirit. Earth shield, high defense!


Golden Lion Albert Rebhardt is an Earth-attribute tank who wields a mace and shield. With his high defense and disruption abilities, he can withstand anything his enemies can throw at him. His normal skill, [Sacred Hammer] throws his hammer at enemies, stunning enemies and reducing their attack power. His signature skill, [The Roar of the Golden Lion] summons a Lion spirit effigy, that taunts enemies and shares damage received by allies, providing them with protection. Using [Leap of the Golden Lion] allows you to restore hit points to the effigy.

“In the name of this holy land where Veda descended!”

People frequently claim that he was destined to be a Holy Knight from the moment he was born. With his prestigious lineage, remarkable talent, and an unwavering commitment to principles, Albert truly personifies the essence of a true knight. Nevertheless, whenever this is brought up, Albert adamantly asserts that he does not possess the thread of destiny within his own grasp

Official Character Introduction

Basic Information

Height 148 cm
Weight 43 kg
Date of Birth April, 5th
Birthplace Holy City Lloyd
Affiliation Salvation Knights
Power of the Stars Earth

Stats at Level 90

HP 37,631
ATK 2,250
DEF 6,875
Veda Energy 300 

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelDEF (%) BonusEffect
1 19.44%Increases the skill count of [Sacred Hammer] by 1. ATK reduction effect is increased, and it can stack up to 2 times.
2 20.88% Increases [The Road of the Golden Lion] DMG and 50% of the summoned lion statue's HP. Increases the DMG taken by the lion statue on your behalf.
3 22.32% [The Roar of the Golden Lion] skill level +3
4 23.76% [Sacred Hammer] reduces the target's All Elemental RES by 25% and increases your All Elemental RES by 25% (max 2 stacks).
5 25.20% [Sacred Hammer] skill level +3
6 26.64% Increases [Lion's Blessing] effect granted by the lion statue [The Roar of the Golden Lion] and DMG Reflection effect from 100% to 200%.


Normal Attack: Power of Earth

Attacks with 3 swings of the club, dealing [Earth] DMG.

Strong Attack: Earth's Protection

Raises the shield to block an enemy attack. The [Shield of Discipline] effect is granted while blocking. Ceasing to block will lead to counter ATK dealing [Earth] DMG to the enemies. Immediately upon blocking an enemy’s attack, unleashes an Enhanced Counter ATK to deal [Earth] DMG. The enhanced counter ATK will stun enemies hit.

Dash Attack: On Duty

Pushes the enemy in front with a shield for [Earth] Damage. If the attack is successful, charges forward again, dealing several additional rounds of [Earth] damage and stunning the enemy.

Golden Lion Albert Rebhardt Skills Description

Normal Skill: Sacred Hammer

Throws a weapon imbued with the power of the Earth at an enemy, dealing [Earth] DMG. The weapon deals additional [Earth] DMG when it hits the ground. Grants the [Wrath of the Earth] effect to enemies hit by AoE DMG.

Signature Skill: The Roar of the Golden Lion

Summons the gigantic [Lion Statue], crafted by the power of the Earth to deal [Earth] DMG while granting the [Lion Spirit] effect to enemies. When summoned, [Lion Statue] grants Albert the [Guard] effect and also grants the [Lion's Blessing] effect to all allies in the area of [Lion Statue] over time.

Signature Extend Skill: Leap of the Golden Lion

Teleports to the Lion Statue by virtue of the power of the Earth and [Regeneration] the statue. The statue associates with Albert in dealing [Earth] DMG and granting the [Lion's Spirit] effect to enemies within the area.

Dodge Skill: Rolling

Dodges the enemy's ATK by rolling. The [Deflect] effect applies

Character Review

Golden Lion Albert Rebhardt, an earth-attribute tank in ASTRA Knights of Veda, excels at protecting your team with his high defense and potent disruption abilities. His signature skill, "The Roar of the Golden Lion," summons a mighty lion statue that draws enemy attacks and reduces damage dealt to your on-field character. This tanky guardian not only mitigates damage but also reflects it back at attackers, making it invaluable in boss fights. Albert's normal skill, "Sacred Hammer," further bolsters his defensive prowess by increasing all elemental resistances, allowing him to weather attacks of any type.

This combination of defensive buffs and a powerful, damage-absorbing companion makes Albert a perfect choice for players who prefer a more defensive playstyle. He provides a much-needed breathing room for managing fast hitting mobs, especially in challenging stages in Adv Level 7. While his taunt may be less effective in PvP due to manual control, Albert remains a cornerstone for conquering tougher endgame content.

Recommended Build

Best Weapon Golden Lion's Fist
Symbol of Curse (Poison Comp)
The Conqueror's Wings
Devoted Wish
Best Relic Set Sculptor of Despair (for more DEF)
Swift Messenger (for more utility)
Loyal Noble (to spam his Signature Skill)
DotGG's Relic Guide

Relic Main-stats and Sub-stats to aim for

Relic PartMain-stats and Sub-stats
Knight’s MemoriesMain: Flat ATK (fixed)
Sub: DEF%, DEF, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Veda Energy Regeneration %
Core BeliefsMain: Stamina (fixed)
Sub: DEF%, DEF, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Veda Energy Regeneration %
Last BreathMain: DEF%
Sub: DEF%, DEF, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Veda Energy Regeneration %
Blood DeterminationMain: Earth DMG Bonus%
Sub: DEF%, DEF, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Veda Energy Regeneration %
Tears of SadnessMain: CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG % (DPS)
Main: Cooldown Reduction % or Guard Rate % (Tank/Support)
Sub: DEF%, DEF, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Veda Energy Regeneration %
DotGG's Relic Guide


In conclusion, Golden Lion Albert Rebhardt stands as a stalwart defender in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. With his strong defensive skills and the damage-absorbing lion companion, he lets you focus on strategic offense.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, Albert provides a user-friendly, defensive playstyle that excels in PvE content. Thanks to the Reddit Community's Feedback, we will be placing this character in S-Tier for our upcoming Tier List update soon. Thank you for choosing DotGG for your ASTRA Knights of Veda guides!

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