Eyes of Truth Sarka: ASTRA Knights of Veda Character Guide #9

Steamroll ASTRA Knights of Veda PvE mode with Eyes of Truth Sarka! High attack, continuous area lightning damage, and a mobile character.


Eyes of Truth Sarka is a lightning attribute, long-range damage dealer who utilizes a large bow. Unleashing rains of arrows, he can inflict immense damage from safety. When Sarka unleashes his normal skill, [Thunder Strike], he launches towards his enemies and delivers an electrifying blow, granting him the [Thunderstorm Arrow] effect, allowing him to strike down lightning at his enemies from afar. His signature skill, [Thunderbolt Strike] pushes away nearby enemies, delivering potent damage in a straight line, annhiliating foes.

“Never forget! The Arrow of Truth even hits hidden targets!”

He was once a respected warrior of the Batar, but now his whereabouts are known to only a few. This is due to an unfortunate incident that led his father, Shikh, to banish him from the Vulcan Kingdom. Sarka, who journeyed the world in search of the true nature behind his power, hears the devastating news that his homeland, Vulcan, has been destroyed and his younger sister and father are missing.

Official Character Introduction

Basic Information

Height177 cm
Weight75 kg
Date of BirthJune, 30th
Birthplace Vulcan Kingdom
Affiliation Batar
Power of the Stars Electric

Stats at Level 90

HP 25,652
ATK 4,000
DEF 2,375
Veda Energy 160

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelElectric DMG BonusEffect
1 14.58%Upon using [Thunder Strike], strikes lightning in front of and behind Sarka, dealing additional DMG
2 15.66%Increases the DMG of [Thunderbolt Strike]. Leaves a scar where the arrow passes, inflicting a persistent shock effect on enemies
3 16.74%[Thunderbolt Strike] skill level +3
4 17.82%The DMG of [Thunderbolt Strike] ignores 50% of the enemy's DEF
5 18.90% [Thunder Strike] skill level +3
6 19.98% While [Thunder Strike] buff is active, lightning strikes a random nearby enemy once per second dealing additional DMG


Normal Attack: Lightning of Truth

Attacks with 3 arrows, dealing [Electric] DMG

Strong Attack: Lightning Penetration

Gathers chi and shoots an arrow infused with lightning bolts at an enemy, dealing [Electric] Element Damage. A bolt of lightning extends from the struck enemy, attacking another enemy for [Electric] Element Damage. Depending on the level of chi collection, deals more damage and extends more bolts of lightning

Dash Attack: Lightning Bolt

Slides towards an enemy in front of her, dealing [Electric] Element Damage. If the hit is successful, Sarka kicks the enemy into the air and fires an arrow that deals [Electric] Element Damage

Eyes of Truth Sarka Skills Description

Normal Skill: Thunder Strike

Rises high with an arrow, channels lightning energy into it and slams it into the ground, dealing [Electric] Element Damage and gaining the [Thunderstorm Bolts] effect

Signature Skill: Thunderbolt Strike

Gathers energy into an arrow and fires Thunderbolt Strike at an enemy. While charging the arrow, deals [Electric] Element Damage to nearby enemies. When fully charged, fires a powerful arrow that deals [Electric] Element Damage

Dodge Skill: Strategic Withdrawal

Quickly moves back and dodges the enemy's ATK. The [Strategic Withdrawal] effect applies

Character Review

Blessed with a high base attack stat and continuous area-of-effect lightning damage from his normal skill [Thunder Strike], Sarka shreds through enemies with ease. His signature move, [Thunderbolt Strike], is a testament of offensive capabilities. This low-cost (160 Veda Energy) ability delivers a devastating one-two punch: it first knocks back nearby foes and creates a lingering electric field, followed by a powerful linear attack. It's a great move if you find yourself in a pinch and need to make some room for yourself to recuperate.

If you're able to use his dodge skill, [Strategic Withdrawal] properly, Sarka will not only evades attacks but also gains a movement speed buff. This mobility allows him to maintain a safe distance from bosses while peppering them with ranged attacks. Sarka excels in diverse combat scenarios, effectively clearing waves of weaker enemies with his area attacks and inflicting significant damage on enemy bosses.

Recommended Build

Best WeaponTrue Mission
Salvation of Apecatina
Avelin's Bow
Best Relic SetEccentric Magician
Dazzlingly Beautiful Dancer
Acclaimed Sinner
Lonely Assassin (Placeholder)
DotGG's Relic Guide

Relic Main-stats and Sub-stats to aim for

Knight’s MemoriesMain: Flat ATK (fixed)
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Core BeliefsMain: Stamina (fixed)
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Last BreathMain: ATK %
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Ignore DEF Rate %
Blood DeterminationMain: Electric DMG Bonus %
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Tears of SadnessMain: CRIT Chance %
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Ignore DEF Rate %
DotGG's Relic Guide


Whether you're facing down a single powerful enemy or a swarm of lesser foes, Eyes of Truth Sarka is a valuable asset in ASTRA Knights of Veda. His potent offense, defensive mobility, and area-of-effect capabilities make him a versatile powerhouse - He's very good in PvE modes for these reasons (That's why we place him in S-Tier in our tier list).

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