White Molar Sansar: ASTRA Knights of Veda Character Guide #2

White Molar Sansar dominates battles with normal attacks and summons a powerful wolf ally, Nami! Check out for builds, reviews and more!


According to rumors, White Molar Sansar is believed to be the sole survivor of Vulcan. Vulcan held both her aspirations and her future. After losing everything she cherished, all that remained for her was an insatiable thirst for the truth. Her anger will never subside, and her rage will drive her to uncover the truth about Vulcan

[Sansar] is a light-attribute melee supporter that weilds a large sword that not only gives her long reach and powerful attacks, but also allows her to harness her abilities to utilize summons. Her normal skill, [The Sun's Anger], blinds enemies and grants allies an increase in attack power. Her signature skill, [The Wolf of Light] summons Narni, one of the Vulcan guardians to the field, which lowers resistance and amplifies the damage they receive. This allows Sansar and her allies to shine brightly.

Official Veda Knights Introduction

Basic Information

Height 168 cm
Weight 48 kg
Date of Birth August, 7th
Birthplace Vulcan Kingdom
Affiliation Batar
Power of the Stars Light

Stats at Level 90

HP 37,631
ATK 3,125
DEF 3.625
Veda Energy 240

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelCRIT ChanceEffect
1 4.50%Increases the duration of "Wrath of the Sun" from 15-20 seconds
2 6.00%When "Dash ATK" of "Nami" hits an enemy, the DMG debuff bonus on enemies increases from 15%-30%
3 7.50%"The Wolf of Light" skill level +3
4 9.00% Casting "Now!" increases ATK SPD by 10%
5 10.50% "Wrath of the Sun" skill level +3
6 12.00% Ordering "Nami" to "Dash ATK" increases the debuff effect on enemies from 30%-60% and increases Nami's ATK by 50%

Skill Set [at MAX stats]

Normal Attack: Sword of Light

Swings the greatsword 3 times for [Light] DMG

  • 1st hit DMG: 51.6% [Light]
  • 2nd hit DMG: 85.14% [Light]
  • 3rd hit DMG: 132.06% [Light]

Strong Attack: Pouring Light

Gathers chi to unleash Batar's ferocious slashing attack, dealing [Light] DMG. You can move while gathering chi. Deals more DMG depending on the level of chi collection, and makes 2 strikes and knocks down the enemy hit when full of chi.

  • Level 1 DMG: 208.12% [Light]
  • Level 2 DMG: 311.99% [Light]
  • Level 3 DMG: 416.05% [Light]
  • Level 4 1st hit DMG: 253.89% [Light]
  • Level 4 2nd hit DMG: 275.01% [Light]

Dash Attack: Stabbing the Sun

Stabs an enemy in front with a sword, dealing [Light] Damage. Enemies struck are sent flying backwards.

  • Dash ATK DMG: 99.95% [Light]

Normal Skill: Wrath of the Sun

Infuses the weapon with the power of the sun, which is passed on the Batar, to the [Mark of the Sun] and [Blessings of the Sun] effects. At the same time, a powerful stabbing ATK deals [Light] DMG. While under the Sword of Light effect, a Normal or Strong ATK hit has a chance to blind the target.

  • Skill DMG: 118.49% [Light]
  • Cooldown: 24 seconds

Mark of the Sun

  • Upgrades the following skills: Normal/ Strong/ Dash ATK
  • Upgrade duration: 15 seconds

Blessings of the Sun

  • ATK Bonus: 2.9% (HP-Based)
  • CRIT Rate: 19%
  • Duration: 15 seconds

Signature Skill: The Wolf of Light

White Molar Sansar summons one of the Vulcan Guardians, the Wolf of Light [Nami] onto the battlefield. With the Sunlight Protection, Nami inflicts [Light] DMG upon ATK. Enemies attacked by [Nami] are afflicted with the [Beast's Roar] and [Beast's Fury] effects.

  • Signature Skill DMG: 226.18% [Light]
  • Required Veda energy: 240
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Nami's Stats

  • Nami's HP is 123.2% of Sansar's HP
  • Nami's ATK is 27.2% of Sansar's ATK

Beast's Roar Debuff Effect

  • Reduce All RES (Biting): 80

Beast's Fury Effect

  • Reduce All RES (Rolling ATK)

Signature Skill Extend: Now!

Commands Nami to make a Dash ATK against targets, dealing [Light] DMG. Enemies hit are inflicted with [Fury of Light] effect.

  • Required Veda Energy: 96
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds

Fury of Light

  • Increase incoming DMG: 15%
  • Duration: 5 sconds

Dodge Skill: Rolling

Dodges the enemy's ATK by rolling [DMG: 31% (Light)]

Character Review

A Top-Tier Support: White Molar Sansar has exceptional support capabilities have earned her a coveted spot on our tier list. The most important skill Sansar brings to the table is summoning Nami. The unique advantage? Nami remains on the field even after switching to your main damage dealer, extending her support throughout the fight. This versatility allows for incredible team compositions, as Nami's inflicted debuffs reduces enemy resistance, amplifying the damage output of any DPS character.

Beyond Support: A Tanking Option: Sansar's impressive HP pool offers an unexpected advantage. In situations where your primary damage dealer requires healing, Sansar can temporarily take point, utilizing her high HP to absorb enemy attacks while your team recovers. This tactical flexibility adds another layer of utility to Sansar's already impressive support toolkit.

Recommended Build

When it comes to relics, Sansar thrives with two key options: Saving Saint and Lonely Assassin.

Saving Saint is the current meta choice for Sansar, offering a direct boost to all of her skill damage by amplifying Light attribute damage. This relic truly shines once acquired at Adventure Level 6.

For players below Adventure Level 6, Lonely Assassin serves as a solid placeholder until you unlock Saving Saint.

Building a Hybrid Support Sansar: If your goal is to leverage Sansar's support capabilities, consider focusing on relics and stat upgrades that enhance both her HP and ATK. This creates a well-rounded Sansar who empowers the summoned Nami. Remember, Nami's HP and ATK are directly linked to Sansar's own stats, maximizing your impact on the battlefield when you switch to your main DPS character.

WeaponBatar Solar Sword
The Great Sword of Hagen
Accessory [Ring]Ring of the Faithful
Accessory [Necklace]Flexible
Relic SetSaving Saint
Lonely Assassin

When it comes to equipping weapons for White Molar Sansar, two weapons can be considered: the signature Batar Solar Sword and the Great Sword of Hagen.

The Batar Solar Sword empowers Sansar by boosting aura gained from normal attacks. This translates to increased Veda Energy acquisition whenever Nami is summoned and actively fighting alongside Sansar. Additionally, you have the option to further enhance Sansar's HP, which in turn bolsters Nami's durability.

For players who lack Sansar's signature weapon, the Great Sword of Hagen presents a compelling alternative. This versatile weapon not only strengthens both Sansar and Nami's HP but also grants a significant 30% damage boost against enemies. However, wielding this blade comes at a cost – you'll also see a 10% increase in incoming damage.


In conclusion, Sansar is a versatile supporter, excelling in both damage and support. From unleashing devastating normal attacks to summoning the game-changing wolf companion, Nami, Sansar offers a unique and valuable asset to any team composition. Whether maximizing raw damage output or providing crucial support for your main DPS, Sansar's adaptability and strength make her a top contender in any stages.

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