Basic Relic Guide: ASTRA Knights of Veda Equipment Tutorial #1

Basic Relic Guide - ASTRA: Knights of Veda with DotGG! Master Main Stats, Substats and Set Effects to empower your Knights!


Welcome to DotGG's basic relic guide for ASTRA: Knights of Veda! This guide will cover the basics about the relic system of the game and show you guys some of the available relics in-game (as of April 2024). Without further delay, let's get this tutorial started:

What are Relics?

For veterans of Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail, ASTRA: Knights of Veda's relic system will feel familiar. These games all utilize an equipment system where characters gain power through collected artifacts or relics. Though the system is the same, the set effects, types of relics and their in-game impacts towards your characters are unique and still worth to venture about. Relics in this game furthers tune your characters to further abuse their potential or natural traits. For example, you can setup your relics for Sansar to focus on HP and ATK to further boost your summoned Nami.

Where can you get Relics?

  • You can get Relics after beating the first chapter of Adventure Mode.
  • The main way to get Relics is through Veda's Nightmare dungeon.
  • You can earn Relic Tickets from the Tower of Trials (random or pick specific ones).
  • You can buy some Relic sets from the Wandering Merchant in Adventure Zones.
  • Strong Remnants of Relics

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Relic System Explained

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Basically, there are 5 available slots to equip relics for your characters namely:

  • Knight’s Memories
  • Core Beliefs
  • Last Breath
  • Blood Determination
  • Tears of Sadness

In ASTRA: Knights of Veda, Relic Main Stats depend on the relic slot, as shown in the table below. Each slot offers a specific stat bonus to your character. Unlike other relic stats, which are randomized upon acquisition, the "Knight's Memories" and "Core Beliefs" slots always grant specific main stats.

Relic SlotRelic Main Stats
Knight’s MemoriesFlat 'ATK' (Not percentage)
Core BeliefsStamina
Last BreathATK%
Veda Energy%
Blood DeterminationBlood DMG Bonus%
Light DMG Bonus%
Darkness DMG Bonus%
Fire DMG Bonus%
Earth DMG Bonus%
Electric DMG Bonus%
Water DMG Bonus%
Poison DMG Bonus%
Veda Energy Regeneration (%)
Reduced Veda Energy Consumption (%)
Tears of SadnessCRIT Chance %
Lifesteal Chance %
Lifesteal Rate %
Cooldown Reduction %
Heal %
Guard Rate %

Enhancing Your Relics

Leveling up your relics strengthens them in two ways:

  • Boosts Main Stat: The primary stat of the relic is significantly enhanced as you invest resources.
  • Unlocks Substats: Relics gain additional substats at specific levels (4, 8, 12, 16, and 20), with a maximum of 4 substats on Gold grade relics. After reaching level 20 with 4 substats, further upgrades will improve existing substats (due to RNG, a level 20 relic might have less than 4 substats).
  • More on substats later on.

Basic Relic Guide: Materials and Costs

Upgrading relics requires:

  • Other Relics/Materials: Use specific materials like Powder/Fragments/Crystal of Memories or even other relics as fodder.
  • Gold: A small amount of gold is needed to cover the enhancement cost.
Fragments and Crystal of Memories

Tier Limits

Each relic tier has a maximum level it can reach:

  • Gray: Level 4
  • Green: Level 8
  • Blue: Level 12
  • Purple: Level 16
  • Gold: Level 20

Understanding More About Substats Acquisition

As explained earlier, Relics gain additional substats upgrades at specific levels: 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. These substats offer bonus stats that can be tailored to your Knight's specific role, such as increased attack for damage dealers or enhanced defense for tanks.

Substats come from two distinct pools, each containing a fixed set of stat options. The tables below provide a more detailed breakdown of how these substats are allocated during relic upgrades.

Relic Rarity1st Substat Upgrade2nd Substat Upgrade3rd Substat Upgrade4th Substat Upgrade
1⭐ [Gray]Pool 1---
2⭐ [Green]Pool 1---
3⭐ [Purple]Pool 1Pool 2--
4⭐ [Purple]Pool 1Pool 2Pool 1
5⭐ [Gold]Pool 1Pool 2Pool 1Pool 2
Pool 1 SubstatsPool 2 Substats
Veda Energy
HP %
Stamina %
Veda Energy %
CRIT Chance %
Lifesteal Chance %
Lifesteal Rate %
Ignore DEF Rate %
Tenacity %
Guard Rate %
Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %
Veda Energy Regeneration %
Elemental Overload Charging %
Basic Relic Guide: Substat Pools.

Complete ASTRA: Knights of Veda's Relic Set Effects

Now that you understand Relic Main Stats and Substats, it's time to explore Relic Set Effects! These special bonuses activate when you equip a specific number of relics from the same set. Currently (as of April 2024), ASTRA: Knights of Veda offers a variety of relic sets, each with unique effects to enhance your Knights' abilities.

While future updates might introduce even more powerful sets, the current offerings provide a diverse range of strategic options. With a variety of relic types available, focus on those that best complement your current team composition and strategy.

Relic Set Name2 Set Effect4 Set Effect
Silent Slave KnightDarkness DMG Bonus 9.00%Upon using a Signature Skill, for 12 seconds, increases CRIT Chance by 20% and CRIT DMG of Nowmal and Strong ATKs by 40%. This effect will trigger once every 15 seconds.
Eternal GraveyardCRIT DMG 7.20%For 4 seconds after using a Normal Skill, increases the DMG of Normal and Strong ATKs by 15%. This effect will trigger once every 8 seconds.
Saving SaintLight DMG Bonus 9.00%For 15 seconds after Normal Skill cast, all DMGs increase 20%. This effect activates every 20 seconds.
Blessed CurserStamina 12Increases Stamina Cost by 10% but also increases DMG dealt by a Strong ATK by 35%.
Earth Approved SageEarth DMG Bonus 9.00%Increases DMG dealt by 10% when HP is 50% or above and reduces incoming DMG by 10% when HP is below 50%.
Ruthless IntruderVeda Energy 7.20%All Knights of Veda in the party gain 13 Veda Energy when a Signature Skill ends
Loyal NobleVeda Energy Regeneration 3.60%Has 50% chance of Normal Skill CD reset upon using a Signature Skill
Eccentric MagicianElectric DMG Bonus 9.00%Upon using a Normal Skill, for 8 seconds, increases your Knight of Veda's ATK SPD by 10% and the DMG of Normal and Strong ATKs by 15%. This effect will trigger once every 12 seconds.
Guardian of FaithDEF 7.20%Reduces Stamina Cost for blocking an ATK by 50%
Last Royal of StormholdFire DMG Bonus 9.00%Increases Tenacity for 12 seconds after using a Signature Skill by 840 and increases the DMG of Normal and Strong ATKs by 15%. This effect will trigger once every 15 seconds.
Assassin of TranquilityCRIT Chance 3.60%Increases DMG dealt to enemies with less than 50% HP by 25%.
The Vanished Master ThiefPoison DMG Bonus 9.00%Increases Poison DMG by 3% for 8 seconds when hitting a debuffed enemy (max 10 stacks).
Hellfire ExecutionerVeda Energy Regeneration 3.60%Increases all DMGs dealt by 20% when Overflowing Power of the Stars is activated.
Wanderer of RepentanceBlood DMG Bonus 9.00%For 4 seconds after using a Signature Skill, increases all DMG by 10% and reduces Veda Energy cost by 100%. This effect is triggered once every 8 seconds.
Lonely AssassinATK 5.40%Has a 35% chance of increased Normal ATK's DMG by 30% when using a Normal ATK.
Acclaimed SinnerCRIT DMG 12.00%If you have more than 60 Veda Energy remaining after using your Normal Skill, you immediately lose 60 Veda Energy. Afterward, all attacks deal 35% increased DMG for 10 seconds. This effect will trigger once every 15 seconds.
Honorable FighterHP 5.40%Increases Normal Skill's DMG by 35% when HP is less than 50%.
Traveler on a JourneyCRIT Chance 6.00%Increases DMG dealt by a Signature Skill by 10% and increases the amount of Elemental Overload Gauge Gain with a Signature Skill by 50%.
Legendary OceanographerWater DMG Bonus 9.00%Enemies hit by the Signature Skill will have all elemental RES reduced by 30% for 8 seconds. The effect activates every 12 seconds.
Swift MessengerStamina 12.00%Upon Signature Skill cast, increases the ATK of all Knights of Veda in your party by 100% of the caster's maximum Stamina. This effect will trigger once every 12 seconds.
Favored DivinerStamina 7.20%Increases Veda Energy Regeneration by 40% when Stamina is 70% and above.
Sculptor of DespairDEF 12.00%Reduces Stamina Cost for blocking an ATK by 40% and bounces off 120% of incoming DMG.
Wandering StorytellerDEF 46Restores 450 HP when Overflowing Power of the Stars is activated. (Applies only to the Knight of Veda currently on the field)
Lamenting VagabondATK 9.00%A knight of Veda equipped with this Relic Set deals 25% more Normal Skill DMG when using a "Melee Weapon" and 20% more Strong ATK DMG when using a "Ranged Weapon".
Dazzlingly Beautiful DancerATK 9.00%A Knight of Veda equipped with this Relic Set deals 25% more Signature Skill DMG when using a "Melee Weapon" and 20% more Normal ATK DMG when using a "Ranged Weapon".
Watchful WatcherHP 147Restores 280 HP when defeating 4 enemies. (Applies only to the Knight of Veda currently on the field).
DotGG's Basic Relic Guide: Set Effects


Congratulations, Knights of Veda commanders you've reached the end of this long guide! Hopefully I didn't bore you with these information. My wish is this Basic Relic Guide has helped you understand the Relic System more, gained some knowledge about Relic Main Stats, Substats, and make use of the list of Relic Set Effects. We hope these information will assist you in some way while further upgrading your Knights of Veda.

Here's a quick recap:

  • Upgrade relics to significantly boost your Knights' main stats and unlock valuable substats.
  • Strategically choose substats to optimize your Knights' roles within your team.
  • Equip relic sets to unlock powerful bonuses that synergize with your overall strategy.

Thank you for joining us at DotGG! We appreciate your support and encourage you to share this guide with fellow players. Sharing knowledge strengthens the entire Knights of Veda community, and every share means the world to us.

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