Black Prince Edward: ASTRA Knights of Veda Character Guide #3

Black Prince Edward Guide with weapon & relic recommendations! This fiery SS-Tier melee prince dominates with self-buffs & crowd control.


Black Prince Edward ignites the battlefield in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. This two-handed sword maestro wields his weapon with exceptional reach, allowing him to devastate enemies from afar while controlling the crowd with his wide-sweeping attacks. Edward's true power lies in his signature skill, Time for Punishment. When activated, it unlocks a potent arsenal – Flame Storm and Wound of Flames. These fiery abilities not only enhance his attacks but also engulf foes in flames, leaving them burning for additional damage.

"I'm Edward, the Liberator of Planis"

Edward, the commander of the Knights of Tumeln who united the Aria Continent and a Hero on a mission to avenge his father's madness, is revered as the savior of this era. With unwavering resolve, Edward sets his sights on Gigantfall, vowing to free this world enveloped in darkness. No matter the challenges that lie ahead, his fervent spirit will remain steadfast like an unyielding flame.

Official Veda Knights Introduction

Basic Information

Height 189 cm
Weight 98 kg
Date of Birth October 13th
Birthplace Kingdom of Neejarem
Affiliation Knights of Tumeln
Power of the Stars Fire

Stats at Level 90

HP 31,823
ATK 3,250
DEF 3,250
Veda Energy 240

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelFire DMG BonusEffect
1 6.75%Increases the DMG of "Fury Strike" and gains additional Veda Energy upon a hit.
2 9.00%Increases the DMG of "Time for Punishment" and reduce the Veda Energy cost by 30% for all ATKs after it is used.
3 11.25%"Time for Punishment" skill level +3
4 13.50% For the duration of the Signature Skill Edward's path is marked with a fire floor effect that deals DMG to enemies.
5 15.75% "Fury Strike" skill level +3
6 18.00% Increase the duration for [Time for Punishment]

Skill Set [at MAX stats]

Normal Attack: Flame Blade

Swings the sword 3 times, to deal [Fire] DMG.

  • 1st hit DMG: 55.04% [Fire]
  • 2nd hit DMG: 60.58% [Fire]
  • 3rd hit DMG: 103.2% [Fire]

Strong Attack: Flame Reach

Gathers chi and takes a step forward, slashing sideways for [Fire] DMG. You can move while collecting chi, and the [Steps to Purification] effect is granted during the process. Enemies hit are aflicted with the [Flames of Judgement] effect.

  • Level 1 DMG: 146.2% [Fire]
  • Level 2 DMG: 205.07% [Fire]
  • Level 3 DMG: 354.13% [Fire]
  • Level 4 DMG: 458.19% [Fire]

Steps of Purification

Movement SPD Reduction: 50%

Flames of Judgement

Burn Duration: 3 seconds

Dash Attack: Strong Sense of Duty

Stabs an enemy in front with a sword, dealing [Fire] Element Damage. Enemies struck are sent into the air [DMG: 83.23% (Fire)].

Normal Skill: Fury Strike & Flame Storm (extend)

Swings a sword in all directions, dealing [Fire] DMG. Enemies hit are afflicted with the [Flames of Judgement] effect and knocked back

Extend: Swing a fire-energized sword in all directions dealing [Fire] Element Damage. Enemies hit are afflicted with the [Flames of Judgement] effect and knocked back.

  • DMG dealt: 70.9%
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • [Flames of Judgement] - Burn duration = 3 seconds

Signature Skill: Time for Punishment & Wound of Flames (extend)

To punish Magnus, infuses the sword and body with fire, dealing [Fire] Element Damage and gaining the [Harbinger of Flames] effect.

  • DMG dealt: 50.04% [Fire]
  • Required Veda Energy: 160
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Harbinger of Flames

  • Upgrade attacks: Normal/Strong/Dash ATK
  • Upgrade skills: Normal and Signature skill
  • ATK Bonus 40%
  • Duration: 15 seconds

Extend: Sends a blade-like blast of fire forward, dealing [Fire] Element Damage. The fire leaves the [Flames of Judgement] effect where it passes

  • DMG dealt: 121.3% [Fire]
  • Required Veda Energy: 80
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds

Dodge Skill: Rolling

Dodges the enemy's ATK by rolling

Character Review

Black Prince Edward is a a powerful fire-based melee attacker, his sweeping attacks can handle multiple enemies at once, making him a crowd-control menace. Edward truly shines as a main damage dealer (DPS) thanks to his potent self-buffing skills that significantly elevate his own damage output. This fiery prince is a valuable asset on the path to conquering bosses.


Edward's ultimate skill ignites his sword and body in flames, unleashing fiery devastation on his foes. This fiery assault deals high Fire damage and grants him the Harbinger of Flames effect. Harbinger of Flames is a two-fold buff, enhancing both his normal, strong, and dash attacks, while also boosting the damage of his normal and signature skills by a significant 40% Attack bonus. This fiery empowerment lasts for 15 seconds, allowing Edward to dominate the battlefield.

Extending the Inferno: Signature Skill Synergy

Edward's signature skill extends the fiery fury even further. This skill launches a blade-shaped projectile that deals Fire damage and leaves behind a trail of Flames of Judgement. Enemies unfortunate enough to come into contact with these flames suffer from a burning status effect, dealing additional damage over time for 3 seconds.

Red Duke Andrei is actually good with him

To maximize Edward's scorching potential, consider pairing him with characters who can further amplify his fire-based onslaught. Red Duke Andrei is a prime example. Andrei's signature skill, Blazing Pillar, weakens enemy defenses against Fire attacks, making them even more susceptible to Edward's fiery wrath. This strategic team composition allows Edward to unleash his full potential as a devastating force.

Recommended Build

Best Weapon for Black Prince Edward

To maximize Edward's fiery output, equip him with the ideal weapon. The 5-star weapon, Discipline of Conflagration, is a perfect choice. This weapon synergizes beautifully with Edward's Harbinger of Flames effect. After using a unique skill, both Attack Power and Attack Speed increase, allowing you to capitalize on the enhanced damage from Flame Harbinger.

If the 5-star weapon is out of reach, the 4-star Baphomera is an excellent alternative. Baphomera offers a defensive advantage by enabling you to deploy a shield when hit, improving your survivability without relying solely on tank characters. This weapon is also ideal for free-to-play players, as it can be obtained through event reward selection tickets.

The Perfect Relic for Edward

The ideal relic for Edward is the "Last Royal of Stormhold" set. This relic set significantly enhances Edward's fire damage, boosting both his skills and normal/strong attacks. However, acquiring this relic requires reaching Adventure Level 6. For players at Adventure Level 5 or below, the "Hellfire Executioner" relic serves as a suitable alternative.


Black Prince Edward is a scorching force to be reckoned with in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. With his fiery attacks, potent self-buffs, and flexible team compositions, Edward melts through enemies with ease. Equipping him with the recommended weapon and relic further enhances his devastating potential. Based on our comprehensive tier list, Black Prince Edward undeniably deserves to be an SS-tier character! Think about it... He can clear out small fries fast, he's a reliable main damage dealer and he makes Andrei cool.

Thank you for choosing DotGG for your ASTRA Knights of Veda guides. We hope this information on Black Prince Edward helps you burn more zombies in the game!

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