Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora: ASTRA Knights of Veda Character Guide #6

Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora is here! This guide explores her kit, skills, and potential in the game. Is she the right fit for your team?


Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora is a Light-type Ranged DPS with a Large Bow. By dealing CRIT DMG to an enemy with her Normal ATKs, she gains the [Retribution] effect to amplify the DMG she deals. Her Normal Skill, [Arrow Festival], allows her to dodge backward while firing bolts of light to keep incoming enemies at bay. Her Signature Skill, [Light-Speed Kicks], deals AoE DMG around her, and dealing CRIT DMG for a period of time grants her the "Extermination" effect, allowing her to finish off enemies with even more power.

Every time the moonlight appears, Aurora vanishes suddenly, her true intentions known to none. She roams the world in search of the Book, concealing her innermost thoughts, leaving her true motives wrapped in mystery.

Official Character Introduction

Aurora 'Lightning-fast Arrow' Basic Information

Height 170cm
Weight 52kg
Date of Birth December, 13th
Birthplace Titans Empire
Affiliation Salvation Knights
Power of the Stars Light

Stats at Level 90

HP 25,652
ATK 4,000
DEF 2,125
Veda Energy 200

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelLight DMG BonusEffect
1 6.75%Increases the duration of the [Retribution] effect from 6 to 10 seconds and max stacks from 5 to 8. Also increases CRIT Chance.
2 9.00%Enchance Normal ATK decreases Veda Energy cost by 30%
3 11.25%[Light-Speed Kicks] skill level +3
4 13.50%Casting [Arrow Festival] increases CRIT DMG by 40% and increases the penetration count of Normal and Strong ATKs from 1 to 2.
5 15.75%[Arrow Festival] skill level +3
6 18.00%While [Magnificent Flash] is active, general attack DMG Reduction increases by 20% to 30%, Fires 1 additional projectile.


Normal Attack: Heavenly Beam!

Fires 3 bolts of light, dealing [Light] DMG. Gains the [Retribution] effect when dealing CRIT DMG.

Strong Attack: Strike with Light

Gather the energy and fire an arrow containing the power of light at the enemy, inflicting [Light] attribute damage. You can move while collecting energy. and the [Weight of Radiance] effect is given while collecting energy. Depending on the stage of collecting energy, it causes stronger damage and increases the number of penetrations by one, and the fatal damage increases.

Dash Attack: Let Me Wag

With Foxy wrapped around her foot, she throws spinning back kicks at enemies in front of her, dealing [Light] DMG. Sends enemies hit backwards.

Aurora's Skills Description

Normal Skill: Arrow Festival

Aurora hurls herself and flies backward, avoiding enemy attacks. During that backflip, arrows are fired downwards, causing [Light] attribute damage to enemies that was hit, and the number of penetrations of her attacks increases by 1 time through the [Flashing Steps] effect and the [Light Penetration] effect.

Signature Skill: Light-Speed Kicks

Unleashes a burst of light with Foxy, dealing [Light] DMG and gaining the [Magnificent Flash] effect. Gaining the [Magnificent Flash] effect increases the max stack of [Retribution] by 2 while instantly gaining max stacks. While Normal ATK DMG is reduced, 1 more arrow is fired. Gains the [Extermination] effect when dealing CRIT DMG while [Magnificent Flash] is active.

Dodge Skill: Strategic Withdrawal

Quickly moves back and dosges the enemy's ATK. The [Strategic Withdrawal] effect applies.

Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora Review

This is another five-star bow unit introduced in the game after Veleno, another bow user as well (I have no idea why the devs decided to do a back-to-back archer banner). Paired with Lucian, she exhibits exceptional synergy, maximizing light damage output (Lucian buffs light damages). Her kit boasts impressive features, including the [Retribution] effect, providing substantial buffs to attack, critical damages, and stamina regen.

Retribution effect details

Additionally, her strong attack charges swiftly, unleashing a flurry of arrows with immense hit output. This makes her a formidable DPS option, particularly when compared to other archers like Sarka. Aurora's versatility allows for diverse playstyles, emphasizing freedom in unit customization.

Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora Build

Light-speed Bow comes with an innate CRIT Chance % and ATK Speed % stat. It's just too good.
Best Weapon Light-speed Bow (Best 5-star weapon)
Boundary of Blue Waves (has Ignore DEF)
Bow of Fullness (Placeholder)
Best Relic Set Saving Saint (Best set)
Silent Slave Knight (Community take)Note
Assassin of Tranquility (Alternative set)
Lone Assassin (Placeholder)
Note: Credit to Reddit user Monster-1337

Relic Main-stats and Sub-stats to aim for

Relic PartMain-stats and Sub-stats
Knight’s MemoriesMain: Flat ATK (fixed)
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Core BeliefsMain: Stamina (fixed)
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Last BreathMain: ATK %
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Ignore DEF Rate %
Blood DeterminationMain: Light DMG Bonus%
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Tears of SadnessMain: CRIT Chance %
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Ignore DEF Rate %
DotGG's Relic Guide


As for pulling for these Aurora's event banner, it ultimately depends on your roster needs. If you lack a reliable main DPS unit, Aurora could be a valuable addition. However, if you've already invested in similar units like Sarka, Veleno or even Eliyar, it may be more prudent to conserve resources.

Overall, Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora is a solid choice as a DPS unit but doesn't automatically replaces the other existing bow users. Let's recap:

  • This is a new five-star character
  • She can work well with Lucian because he buffs light damage (but it's always best to build a rainbow team)
  • Her normal attack seems good, and her strong attack has a fast charge and high hit output
  • Her Signature Skill [Light-Speed Kicks] makes her a strong DPS character that's fits the role as a boss-killer

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