Gifted Doctor Veleno: ASTRA Knights of Veda Character Guide #4

Gifted Doctor Veleno has arrived! Best builds for max poison damage, and how to control the battlefield with her movement and skills.


The Gifted Doctor Veleno is a ranged Poison DPS who wields a small bow, and releases multiple arrows with concentrated poison at her enemies. With her Normal Skill "Great Doctor's Poison Fog," Veleno swiftly evades backwards while releasing an area attack that deals poison damage to enemies. Veleno's Signature Skill, "Metastases of Poisoning" inflicts "Lethal Poison" to enemies pierced by her arrows, metastasizing poison to all foes nearby. All her attacks for a certain period will inflict poisoning, maximizing damage.

Born with the qualities of a great doctor, she is willing to make personal sacrifices to aid others. Even in the face of the events of the Day of the Tragedy, Veleno holds a belief that she falls short because she has not yet found a cure for the undead. She will tirelessly delve into the study of poisons, subjecting herself to constant anguish, until she discovers a means to heal the wandering souls in Darkness...

Official Character Introduction

Basic Information

Height 167cm
Weight 49kg
Date of Birth August, 28th
Birthplace Principality of Koren
Affiliation Principality of Koren
Power of the Stars Poison

Stats at Level 90

HP 25,652
ATK 4,000
DEF 2,125
Veda Energy 200

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelPoison DMG BonusEffect
1 6.75%Increases DMG of the "Poison" effect granted by Veleno by 50%
2 9.00%Increases the AoE of "Great Doctor's Poison Fog" and inflicts the Poison effect
3 11.25%"Metastases of Poisoning" skill level +3
4 13.50%Reduces Veda Energy cost required for "Metastases of Porsoning" from 200 to 134
5 15.75%"Great Doctor's Poison Fog" skill level +3
6 18.00%Reduces poison transfer interval of "Metastases of Poisoning" from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds

Skill Sets

Gifted Doctor Veleno Official Character Preview

Disclaimer: We're working on a WIKI for all the characters for our readers to refer to the DMG % done for each skill and thus, I will not include such details in guides hereinafter. Nevertheless, we'll still be showing all skills description for easy reference.

Normal Attack: Venomous Arrow

Attacks with 3 arrow, dealing [Poison] DMG. Enemies hit by the last arrow are afflicted with the [Poisonous Spike] effect.

  • Poisonous Spike: Poisoned for 7 seconds

Strong Attack: Poisoning

Gathers chi and fires poisonous arrows at the enemies. You can move while collecting chi, and the [Poison's Weight] effect is granted during the process. The arrow deals "Poison" DMG, granting the [Poisonous Spike] effect to the enemies hit. The number of arrows increases depending on the level of chi collection. The fired arrow will pierce 1 enemy and has a tracking ability.

  • Poison's Weight: Movement SPD Reduction for 50%
  • Poisonous Spike: Poisoned for 7 seconds

Dash Attack: Poisonous Rapids

Charges an enemy in front and performs a sliding attack. If the attack is successful, slides behind the target and shoots an arrow at their neck.

Normal Skill: Great Doctor's Poison Fog

Quickly dodges the enemy's ATK, moving to the rear. A [Poisonous Scent] rises from the location, dealing "Poison" DMG to enemies who inhale posion. The poison fog follows nearby enemies.

  • Poisonous Scent: 25% Movement SPD Reduction for 2 seconds

Signature Skill: Metastases of Poisoning

Veleno's poison arrows strike enemies 3 times, dealing "Poison" DMG. Fired projectiles have a weak tracking effect. Enemies hit by the poison arrows are afflicted with the [Lethal Poison] effect. Veleno additionally gains the [Loaded Poison Arrows] effect.

  • Lethal Poison: 12 seconds DoT poisoning DMG
  • Loaded Poison Arrows: Normal and Dash ATK upgraded for 12 seconds

Dodge Skill: Strategic Withdrawal

Quickly moves back and dodges the enemy's ATK. The [Strategic Withdrawal] effect applies.

  • Strategic Withdrawal: 100% movement speed increase for 1.75 seconds.

Character Review

Gifted Doctor Veleno is the latest addition in ASTRA: Knights of Veda and she's a decent addition despite the drama surrounding the game upon her release recently. Overall, she has the tools to enter and exit battlefields quickly while avoiding getting herself damaged.

Ranged Damage Dealer with Decent Dodge Utility

Veleno excels at maintaining distance from her enemies. Her "Great Doctor's Poison Fog" normal skill allows her to quickly dodge enemy attacks while leaving behind a lingering cloud of poisonous gas that damages and slows pursuers. Furthermore, her dash attack, "Poisonous Rapids," lets her zip behind enemies, creating a perfect opportunity to unleash a venomous sneak attack. For extra agility, her "Strategic Withdrawal" dodge skill grants a significant movement speed boost, allowing her to reposition quickly and avoid enemy blows.

Should you pull for Veleno?

She's relatively easy to use and has the ability to get out from sticky situations with her dodge and continue to deal damage from a safe distance with her attacks and so on - totally recommended pull/reroll for new players or those who doesn't have a decent DPS unit.

Skill Levelling Priority

To maximize Veleno's effectiveness, prioritize levelling up both her signature skill, "Metastases of Poisoning," alongside her auto-attack skills (normal/strong/dash). Her main source of damage are from those two skills.

Recommended Build

Best Weapons

Veleno's recommended weapon is the 5-star weapon "Bow of Self-Sacrifice". Just by equipping it, your attack power will increase significantly, and the duration of the debuff effect on the target will also increase when attacking. If you don't have this weapon, "The Beginning of Tragedy" is also a good 5-star choice where the weapon will reduce the enemy's DEF to further increase Veleno's damage output.

You don't have a 5-star bow? A recommended free-to-play friendly bow would be "Bow of the Band". Other bows can be used freely as a place holder until you are able to get this weapon.

Best Relics

The Vanished Master Thief: This relic stands as the premier choice for Veleno. It offers a universal boost to the power of all her skills, maximizing her damage output and utility. Aim to acquire "The Vanished Master Thief" as soon as possible, ideally at adventure level 6.

Eccentric Magician (Alternative): If you possess strong relic stats for the "Eccentric Magician," it can serve as a viable alternative until you obtain "The Vanished Master Thief."

Lonely Assassin (Early Game Option): For players at adventure level 5 or below, the "Lonely Assassin" relic provides a solid temporary solution. However, it's recommended to prioritize acquiring "The Vanished Master Thief" for optimal performance.


The Gifted Doctor Veleno has great capabilities in both PvE and PvP content. Her poison skill kits proves to be a strategic advantage, dealing damage over time and keeping enemies at bay. Her evasive maneuvers allow her to dodge attacks and reposition herself effectively.

Should you pull for the "Journey in Memory" banner?

If you're thinking of getting her, all I can say is:

  • She is a solid unit who can be a valuable asset to any team
  • Not necessarily a must-have
  • Her unique skillset and strategic prowess make her a top contender
  • She is great for players who enjoy ranged attackers with high mobility

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