Use Knight of Veda Resurrection: ASTRA Knights of Veda Tips

How to use Knight of Veda Resurrection? DotGG is here to help you to complete the "Cross the sea of stars, and stand up!" achievement.

How to complete Cross the sea of stars, and stand up?

Stuck on the cryptic "Cross the Sea of Stars, and Stand Up" achievement in ASTRA: Knights of Veda? You're not alone! The hint, "Use Knight of Veda Resurrection," left many players scratching their heads. Here's how to unlock this achievement.

Make sure all your Veda Knights are KO'ed

The key lies in a strategic team wipeout. Let your entire party fall in battle. Then, focus on building enough Veda Energy with your main character to unleash their signature skill. This might seem hard at first, as the main character is pretty weak.

The trick is to find a stage with manageable enemies where you can safely "farm" them to fill your Veda gauge. Once your character's signature skill is ready, unleash it and complete the stage. The achievement to 'Use Knight of Veda Resurrection' will be yours! In the example below, the party that was used consists of two squishy characters with no healers or tanks:

Extra Tip

Now that you know how the main character's signature skill works (or maybe you just learned that the main character actually has a Signature Skill), maybe this knowledge can be useful? While incredibly powerful in PvE battles (to be honest, having your team wiped-out is not advisable), the fast-paced nature of the PvP Arena might make it difficult to pull-off this skill before you get hammered by a spinning Orlik.

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