Spoiled Princess Atterisee: ASTRA Knights of Veda Character Guide #7

ASTRA Knights of Veda's Spoiled Princess Atterisee isn't your average support. Weaken enemies with debuffs & boosts team's damage output!


Spoiled Princess Atterisee is a ranged support who creates a large area of poison that deals damage and various buffs to enemies to aid in combat. Her normal skill [Roll, roll, roll!] throws an animated teddy bear poison vial at enemies for damage, and her signature skill [Research pays off!] drops a poison vial that weakens enemies with one of three random buffs: reduced attack power, reduced elemental resistance, or reduced recovery

Atterisee was somewhat the face of Astra: Knights of Veda during the lead-up of the Global Launch

If there is something she desires, she will stubbornly persist until her conscience is appeased, making her seem like an uncompromising 9-year-old. However, beneath that innocence, her shattered heart is anything but endearing. Perhaps the reason lies in the day she developed a loathing for the very power of fire she once cherished.

Official Character Introduction

Basic Information

Height 122 cm
Weight 21 kg
Date of Birth May 14th
Birthplace Principality of Koren
Affiliation Principality of Koren
Power of the Stars Poison

Stats at Level 90

HP 27,104
ATK 3,750
DEF 2,375
Veda Energy 240

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelATKEffect
1 14.58%After [Roll, Roll, Roll!] is cast, Jelly explodes at the target location creating a Poisonous floor that last for 4 seconds
2 15.66%Reduces the CD of [Roll, Roll, Roll!] by from 10% to 20% seconds and increases the max skill count by 1
3 16.74%[Research Pays Off!] skill level +3
4 17.82%When [Research Pays Off!]'s flask explodes, a small puddle is created at a random location when the range of the exploded flask
5 18.90%[Roll, Roll, Roll!] skill level +3
6 19.98%The random debuff effect of [Research Pays Off!] is strengthen and applied at the same time


Normal Attack: Special Potion

Throws a special potion of the caster's own creation and attacks for [Poison] Element Damage.

Strong Attack: Venomous Explosion

Gathers chi to drop a giant poison on an enemy for [Poison] Element Damage. Depending on the level of chi collection, the poison deals more damage over a larger area.

Dash Attack: Thump!

Charges towards the enemy in front of her and swings her staff to attack, dealing [Poison] Element Damage. If the attack is successful, Atterisee quickly moves to the rear.

Spoiled Princess Atterisee Skills Description

Normal Skill: Roll, Roll, Roll!

With great magical power, transforms a glass flask into a favorite animated bear. The poison-filled flask jumps forward, dealing [Poison] DMG, followed by an explosive [Poison] DMG. Enemies hit by the explosion are afflicted with the [Paralyzing Poison] effect.

Signature Skill: Research Pays Off!

Atterisee smashes a flask of unknown poison into an enemy for [Poison] Element Damage. Enemies hit are afflicted with the [Master of Potion] effect.

Dodge Skill: Teleport

Dodges an enemy's ATK with a teleport. Jumps over enemies and obstacles.

Character Review

Atterisee specializes in weakening enemies through a potent combination of debuffs. Her signature skills, [Roll, Roll, Roll!] and [Research Pays Off!] apply a debilitating debuff effects of [Paralyzing Poison] and [Master of Potion] respectively. These skills and debuffs not only deal continuous damage over time but also significantly cripple enemy offense and defense by reducing their ATK SPD, movement SPD, ATK power, DEF stat and also ALL RES. Additionally, Atterisee possesses evasion skills that allow her to weave through obstacles on the battlefield, enhancing her survivability (which is kind of nice when playing Arena).

Her skill set complements and heavily relies on on-field damage dealers to complete stages. Luring enemies into the poisonous area not only chips away at their health but also primes them for further punishment. By strategically swapping in damage dealers like Arin, Aurora, or Xanthia (and so on, you get the idea) after deploying Atterisee's debuffs, making this character a very good supportive character who's main role is to help DPS characters dispatch mobs or bosses faster.

Recommended Build

Atterisee shines with a few key weapon options. The Staff with Iron Splint reigns supreme, offering not only best-in-slot damage but also a strategic perk. Swapping out Atterisee with this weapon buffs your allies, making it a fantastic team play option. Additionally, its Veda Energy Regeneration bonuses ensures she can unleash a constant barrage of debuffs, keeping enemies on their toes.

Another alternative, the Bud of Grudge provides essential Energy Regen to keep her Signature Skill, [Research Pays Off!] flowing. Finally, for a budget friendly weapon, the Sunlight at Noon caters to a faster playstyle, accelerating her skill rotation for quicker debuff application.

Best WeaponStaff with Iron Splint
Bud of Grudge
Sunlight at Noon
Best Relic SetLoyal Noble
Ruthless Intruder
The Vanished Master Thief Note

For Spoiled Princess Atterisee, two 4-star Relic Set options stand out: Loyal Noble and Ruthless Intruder. Both sets prioritize maximizing her debuff capabilities. They achieve this by boosting Veda Energy Regeneration, allowing her to unleash her powerful Signature Skill, [Research Pays Off!] more frequently. This synergy aligns perfectly with Atterisee's supportive role, as these Relic Sets were designed to empower characters who excel at aiding their teammates.

Note: Discord user @nemuisleepy_93284 also was kind enough to chat with me over the official server and commented:

Her DoT doesn't scale with Poison%. So unless u want her to throw normal atks, the stat is practically useless.

Thus, The Vanished Master Thief would not be the best Relic Set for this character for that reason if you're planning to build her a pure support.

Relic Main-stats and Sub-stats to aim for

Relic PartMain-stats and Sub-stats
Knight’s MemoriesMain: Flat ATK (fixed)
Sub: Veda Energy, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %,
Veda Energy Regeneration %
Core BeliefsMain: Stamina (fixed)
Sub: Veda Energy, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %,
Veda Energy Regeneration %
Last BreathMain: ATK% or Veda Energy%
Sub: Veda Energy, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %,
Veda Energy Regeneration %
Blood DeterminationMain: Poison DMG Bonus%
Sub: Veda Energy, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %,
Veda Energy Regeneration %
Tears of SadnessMain: Cooldown Reduction %
Sub: Veda Energy, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %,
Veda Energy Regeneration %


Spoiled Princess Atterisee is a versatile support character who transcends the "offensive support" label. Atterisee's potent debuffs not only cripple enemies but also significantly amplify your team's damage output. While high-tier damage dealers are coveted to clear stages smoothly, Atterisee can empower any 4-star damage dealer to shred through challenging stages much the same. Don't underestimate the power of debuffs – Atterisee really can be a powerhouse if you can get those Veda Energy stats for her Relics. For more ASTRA: Knights of Veda guides, visit DotGG regularly!

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