ASTRA: Knights of Veda Tier List – Best Characters

ASTRA: Knights of Veda tier list! Optimize your team and dominate with the best characters for PvE and PvP. Stay tuned for future updates!

Tier List Introduction

This tier list is designed to help you optimize your team in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. Upgrading characters takes time and resources, so this list can help you focus on the ones who will bring value to your team! Whether you're just starting out or looking to survive the late game, this guide will help you:

  1. Make Smart Investments: By prioritizing strong characters, you'll avoid wasting resources on weaker ones that might hold you back later.
  2. Dominate the Early Game: A strong starting team will help you breeze through early battles and get you on the right track.
  3. Know Who to Recruit: If you are a new player and opt to do rerolls at the beginning of the game, this list will tell you which ones are worth aiming for.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda PvE Tier List

Updated PvE Tier List [May 2024]
SS-TierArcher of Antlers Eliyar
Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora
Prayer of Life Saeya
White Molar Sansar
S-TierEyes of Truth Sarka
Sword of Waves Ellen
Lady of Dark Night Arin
Black Prince Edward
Black Sun Xanthia
Thunderblade Marthel
Magnificence of Light Lucian
A-TierGolden Lion Albert
Gifted Doctor Veleno
Spoiled Princess Atterisee
Walrus Messenger Nayan
Black Wolf Liam
Rock Knight Orlik
B-TierStrong Conviction Leon
Girl at Noon Rani
Noxious Gas Capecchi
Electric Butcher Elias
Arrows of Storm Ardor
C-TierRed Duke Andrei
Mechanic Yanko

Quick SS-Tier Rank Character Review

SS-Tier: These are the absolute best characters in the game. They excel in all areas and can single-handedly carry your team to victory (in PvE stages at least). You can't go wrong upgrading these characters since they will be relevant throughout your gameplay.

Archer of Antlers Eliyar

  • Can inflict bleeding and cripples the enemy movement with strong attacks
  • Normal skill can inflict bleeding and immobilize the enemy
  • Empowers both normal and strong attacks with her signature skill
  • Very effective towards the end-game contents

Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora

  • Gets stronger with successful CRIT hits
  • Strong attacks have great penetration
  • Her normal skill acts as an “extra dodge” while damaging the enemy
  • Has Innate ability to buff her own CRIT rate
  • Able to enhance her own auto-attacks

Prayer of Life Saeya

  • Able to reduce incoming damage
  • A very potent healer
  • Saeya’s natural high HP makes her a decent tank
  • Her signature skill debuffs the enemy’s RES
  • Inflicted debuffs on enemies enables continuous healing for the team

White Molar Sansar

  • Can dish out good damage when on-field
  • Brings good boi wolf and swap out
  • Her wolf (Narni) reduces enemy’s resistance
  • Increases the team’s overall damage output
  • Not a selfish character

Quick S-Tier Rank Character Review

S-Tier: Top-tier characters who are powerful and versatile. You can't go wrong adding them to your team. But it's hard to justify not using SS-tier characters that works better than them in their respective role/position.

Eyes of Truth Sarka

  • Normal skill deals continuous AoE lightning damage
  • Very high natural base attack stat
  • His signature skill requires low Veda Energy at 160
  • Great burst damage potential

Sword of Waves Ellen

  • Reliable on-field damage dealing character
  • Acquires [Wave] buffs that increases his own damage by 0.5% per stack (10 stacks max)
  • Normal skill does good AoE damage to finish off small mobs
  • Signature skill does a great burst damage
  • Doesn’t have any utility to help the team – selfish character but strong DPS

Lady of Dark Night Arin

  • Her signature skill inflicts Ignore DEF debuff
  • Normal skill debuff enemy’s defence against Darkness DMG
  • Successfully pulled enemies (via normal skill) are somewhat ‘stunned’
  • Great secondary damage dealer in any team – as a bruiser

Black Prince Edward

  • Enemies inflicted by burns goes brrrrr
  • Insane damage potential once [Harbinger of Flames] is activated
  • Normal skill has knock-back effect on top of inflicting burns
  • Arguably the best melee DPS character in the game

Black Sun Xanthia

  • Decent AoE damage output via her normal skill
  • Able to slow enemies’ movement SPD
  • Her dodge skills allow moving through obstacles
  • Strong Attack inflicts [Dark Stardust] that reduces Darkness RES

Thunderblade Marthel

  • His Signature Skill blesses the team with [Lightning Mission]
  • [Lightning Mission] reduces ALL incoming DMG and increases ATK SPD
  • Great support utility from both his Normal and Signature Skills
  • Helps an on-field damage dealer melt enemies even faster

Magnificence of Light Lucian

  • Not as good as Saeya but better than Nayan
  • Provides both burst healing and intermittent healing
  • Recommend to build for long term investment – becomes a beast at Fate Level 6
  • Normal Skill summons flying swords that does follow-up attacks

Quick A-Tier Rank Character Review

A-Tier: Solid characters who perform well in most situations. They may have some weaknesses, but they're still valuable assets.

Golden Lion Albert

  • Great on paper but just about mid in PvE
  • Awesome ATK debuff with [Wrath of Earth] effect
  • His signature skill summons a lion statue while providing various buffs and taunts too
  • Competes with offensive support characters for slot in the team

Gifted Doctor Veleno

  • Inflicts DoT effects on enemies
  • Normal and Signature Skills tracks enemies
  • Has decent dodge mechanics to keep her distance from enemies
  • Buffs her own auto-attacks after casting her Signature Skill decently

Spoiled Princess Atterisee

  • Very good offensive support character
  • Not that really great on her own or being an on-field DPS
  • Her dodge skill teleports her pass enemies and/or obstacles
  • Generally, boosts the team’s overall damage output

Walrus Messenger Nayan

  • Normal Skill needs to connect before being able to heal (and it’s a melee attack)
  • Signature Skill is decent whereby causes movement SPD reduction and heals too
  • An okayish support character that provides healing
  • Doesn’t provide any other offensive utility unlike Lucian or Marthel

Black Wolf Liam

  • Strong Attack does a combo for a good damage
  • Enters Super Saiyan mode with his Signature Skill – upgrades Normal Skill and auto-attacks
  • Probably the best 4-star DPS character
  • Unless you have dupes for him, loses out to 5-star characters towards the end-game content

Rock Knight Orlik

  • A beast in PvP but not PvE
  • Spin-to-win Strong Attack is fun and strong
  • PvE META doesn’t favour tanks at the moment
  • His Normal Skill [Rock Armor] is decent at best

Quick B-Tier Rank Character Review

B-Tier: Average characters who can be useful in certain situations, but they might require more support or specific team compositions to shine. Some of the characters here fills a niche role such as Rani who specializes in AoE damages but gets outclassed easily by other higher tiered characters.

Strong Conviction Leon

  • Strong tank but…
  • PvE META doesn’t favour tanks at the moment
  • Able to setup other combos with his blocks – But Marthel can do it too
  • It was fun combining Lucian’s Normal Skill and Leon’s Normal Skill in the 1st week of launch

Girl at Noon Rani

  • A niche AoE damage dealer – and is very good in said niche
  • Overshadowed by other light attribute characters
  • Needs a tank to go along with her since she is very squishy
  • RIP Rani

Noxious Gas Capecchi

  • Deals continuous poison damage with his Signature Skill
  • Strong Attack reduces movement SPD of the enemy
  • Other higher tiered damage dealers replace him easily
  • It’s just better to use Atterisee or Veleno (if possible)

Electric Butcher Elias

  • Does AoE damage with his Normal Skill
  • Strong Attack has a 50% to inflict ‘shock’
  • Knocks down the enemy unit with his Signature Skill
  • Would be the best 4-star DPS unit if Liam didn’t exist

Arrows of Storm Ardor

  • Deals AoE damage with his Normal Skill
  • Signature Skill further strengthens his normal attacks
  • Good in PvP but meh in PvE
  • There are other better options for a range DPS unit

Quick C-Tier Rank Character Review

C-Tier: Relies heavily on a specific setup. For example, Andrei works absolutely well with Edward or Eliyar but lacks the flexibility inserting him in other team comps. Plus, in this game, you would want to do a rainbow team anyway.

Red Duke Andrei

  • Able to inflict burning effects
  • AoE Fire damage with his Signature Skill
  • Increases Fire attribute damage
  • Best friends with Edward and Eliyar only

Mechanic Yanko

  • Summons a bow-gun that doesn’t move
  • Strong in PvP (1v1) but not PvE
  • Summoned crossbow doesn’t do any other utility other than dealing damage
  • Good F2P character but there is also Rani

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Arena PvP Tier List

For ASTRA: Knights of Veda, creating a tier list of individual characters for PvP Arena mode is quite difficult. Since you'll be bringing four characters to a 1v1 battle, a tier list based on singular characters isn't very relevant or logical.

Instead, we recommend checking out for their suggested team compositions. This will give you a better idea of which teams work well in PvP Arena. Here, individual character strengths are secondary to how well the team composition functions as a whole, or how well the characters work together.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Arena PvP Tips

Here are some quick pointers for conquering the Arena in ASTRA: Knights of Veda:

Dominate with Ranged Champions

One crucial difference you'll find between the PvE and PvP tier lists is the dominance of ranged units in 2v2 and 3v3 battles. (Disclaimer: While we're not PvP masters, this much is clear!) Their ability to dish out massive damage from the backline while a strong melee unit holds the front proves to be a highly effective strategy.

1v1 Strategies

Prioritize a sturdy unit initially to deal with close-quarters encounters. Once you've established some distance, switch tactics and unleash a barrage of ranged attacks to secure victory. For example, you can use Orlik as your sturdy unit and Sarka or Ardor as your range DPS. The other two character slots can be 1 offensive support character and 1 defensive support character.


Remember, tier lists are always evolving as players discover new strategies and the game releases new content. We plan to revisit and update this list as we spend more hours with ASTRA: Knights of Veda, so stay tuned for future revisions!

We at DotGG are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information on ASTRA: Knights of Veda. If you find this tier list valuable, let us know in the comments below! We appreciate your feedback and will use it to determine the need for future updates.

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