Genshin Impact 4.7 Special Program Livestream Overview

There are many Travelers who miss the X.X live stream because they’ve been busy with real life, but don’t worry. This post will include all the information shared in the recent livestream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

Wish Banner

Phase 1 (2 Banners)

➥ There are 2 Event Wish in Phase 1:
1. Clorinde + Sethos
2. Alhaitham + Sethos

Phase 2 (2 Banners)

➥ There are 2 Event Wish in Phase 2:
1. Sigewinne
2. Furine

New Characters

1. Clorinde

Rarity: 5-Star
Vision: Electro
Weapon: Sword

Normal Attack: Her Normal Attack deals Physical DMG by performing up to five consecutive strikes. During her Charged Attack, Clorinde uses her pistolet to target enemies in a V-shape in front of her.
Elemental Skill: Unleashing Clorinde's Elemental Skill will cause her to enter the "Night Vigil" state.
During this state, Clorinde can unleash two different types of special attacks:
Her Normal Attacks will be converted into "Swift Hunt" pistolet attacks
And her Elemental Skill will be converted into a lunging attack, "Impale the Night"
Those "Swift Hunt" pistolet attacks increase Clorinde's Bond of Life and her lunging attack, "Impale the Night," will clear the Bond of Life.

Clorinde's special attacks have different effects depending on the value of her Bond of Life. When her Bond of Life is like, relatively low, her "Swift Hunt" pistolet attacks have a piercing effect and they deal greater DMG. But when her Bond of Life is relatively high, her lunging attack, "Impale the Night," has a greater AoE and deals higher DMG.

Elemental Burst: Her Burst deals AoE Electro DMG and grants her a Bond of Life based on her Max HP
Talent: When a nearby party member triggers an Electro-related reaction, the Electro DMG dealt by her Normal Attack and her Elemental Burst will increase based on her ATK value.
Talent 2: If her Bond of Life is greater than or equal to a certain percentage, then a change in her Bond of Life value will increase her CRIT Rate.
Exploration Talent: Clorinde can reveal the locations of Fontaine regional resources on the mini-map.

2. Sigewinne

Rarity: 5-Star
Vision: Hydro
Weapon: Bow

Normal Attack: Her Normal Attack unleashes up to three consecutive attacks. During the second and third attack, Sigewinne takes out a pill and tosses it at her opponent.
She can make Aimed Shots using her Charged Attack. Once the shot is held and fully charged, Sigewinne's bow will fire slow-moving "Mini-Stration Bubbles," dealing Hydro DMG to her target
Elemental Skill: Fire a giant Bolstering Bubblebalm during her Elemental Skill "Rebound Hydrotherapy." The projectile bounces between nearby opponents dealing Hydro DMG to anyone it touches and restoring HP to all nearby party members except for Sigewinne herself.

The longer you hold her Elemental Skill, the larger the bubble grows. Once the projectile is released, it will gradually decrease in size as it bounces around. The bigger the bubble, the greater the DMG and healing effect. And if a large bubble hits a weaker enemy, they'll be trapped inside.

Her Elemental Skill creates Sourcewater Droplets and Sigewinne can give herself a Bond of Life by absorbing them. When that Bond of Life is cleared, Sigewinne can regain some Elemental Energy based on the value of the Bond of Life.

Elemental Burst: After using her Elemental Burst and absorbing nearby Sourcewater Droplets, Sigewinne will use a syringe to spray enemies in front of her. This attack deals continuous Hydro DMG.
Talent: Sigewinne's healing will be increased based on the total Bond of Life values across all the characters in her party
Talent 2: Unleashing her Elemental Skill will also trigger the "Semi-Strict Bedrest" effect. This effect will grant her a Hydro DMG Bonus and several stacks of "Convalescence." When non-active characters deal DMG with their off-field Elemental Skills. Sigewinne can consume a stack of "Convalescence" to increase that Elemental Skill DMG.
Exploration Talent: She can use her "Emergency Dose" Talent to continuously restore HP to her party member for a period of time.

3. Sethos

Rarity: 4-Star
Vision: Electro
Weapon: Bow

Normal Attack: Sethos's Aimed Shot has a special variant when charged to Level 2, he can't move when his attack is charged to its second level. But it allows him to fire a powerful Shadowpiercing Shot that can pierce enemies, dealing Electro DMG to targets in its path.
Elemental Skill: Deals AoE Electro DMG and restores Elemental Energy whenever a hit on an enemy triggers an Overloaded, Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Electro-Swirl, Quicken, Aggravate, or Hyperbloom reaction
Elemental Burst: He will enter the "Twilight Meditation" state, converting his Normal Attacks to enemy-piercing Dusk Bolts that deal increased DMG based on his Elemental Mastery.
Talent: Decrease the charging time of his Aimed Shot by consuming Elemental Energy. Some Elemental Energy will also be consumed after releasing the shot.
Talent 2: increase the DMG dealt by his Shadowpiercing Shot for a period of time based on his Elemental Mastery.
Exploration Talent: He'll reveal the location of Sumeru regional specialties on the mini-map

New Weapons

1) Absolution

2) Silvershower Heartstrings

3) Cloudforged

New Quests

1) Archon Quest

    2) Clorinde Story Quest

    3) Sigewinne Story Quest

    New Events

    1) Imaginarium Theater (Permanent ENDGAME)

    "Imaginarium Theater" contains a series of combat challenges with different battle conditions. Now, only characters who wield specific Elemental Types will be allowed to participate so Travelers will have to select characters who meet the requirements of the challenge.
    Each month, "Imaginarium Theater" will alternate updates with the "Spiral Abyss."
    In addition, the total rewards that can be gained from the "Spiral Abyss" have been increased from 600 Primogems to 800 Primogems!

    First off, six characters will be designated as the initial lineup for each challenge. Trial characters will be provided for Travelers who are missing any of those characters. They can also select their friends' supporting characters to join their own team.

    During the current challenge period, those six designated characters who make the initial lineup will gain "Fantastical Blessings." This will grant them buffs that remain potent even outside of the "Imaginarium Theater" challenge.

    Characters will consume "Vigor" while participating in "Imaginarium Theater" combat challenges. So when a character's "Vigor" is fully depleted, they will no longer be able to fight and you will have to replace them with a new character.

    Not all selected characters will immediately appear in your team. Some characters can only be gathered by progressing through the story. They can formally be added to your team at the end of an "Imaginarium Theater" battle or when you encounter certain special events.

    2) Mutual Security Enhancing Simulation

    Travelers won't be engaging monsters directly. Instead, they'll be able to command monsters to fight in a cooperative simulation. You can play two different kinds of scenarios in the event: Assault Scenarios and Defense Scenarios

    In Assault Scenarios, you only need to select your combat units and deploy them within your staging area. So, once the scenario begins, the unit will automatically start attacking your opponents.
    In Defense Scenarios, you need to deploy units to effectively counter enemies who are attacking from multiple directions.

    3) Spino Doubleblaster

    Travelers will need to allocate energy to the cannon and choose the correct firing mode to destroy as many target balls as possible within the time limit.

    4) Endless Forms Most Martial

    Travelers will have to defeat enemies according to the special rules of each stage. For example, some challenges may require Travelers to defeat enemies affected by the Electro-Charged condition and that is the only way to accumulate progress towards the challenge goal.

    5) Record of Reflective Writing

    6) Ley Line Overflow

    TCG Addition

    1) New Cards

    • Wriothesley
    • Furina
    • Xinyan
    • Yun Jin
    • Kaveh
    • All-Devouring Narwhal
    • Consecrated Scorpion
    • Consecrated Flying Serpent
    • Guardian of Apep's Oasis

    New Adjustments

    1) Encounter Point system

    The Encounter Point system for collecting Daily Commission Rewards will now be unlocked at Adventure Rank 24.

    2) Max Resin will be increased from 160 to 200

    3) More Artifact Adjustment


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