Genshin Impact: Version 4.6 Tier List (May 2024)

Remember that Genshin Impact is a game where you need to take account of weapons, artifacts, constellations, and team building. Each of them can affect the outcome of your team, whether it's good or not. The tier list below tries to take the optimal setup into account, but a lot of characters can work well - even those ranked lower - if you invest in them.
Disagreeing with the tier list is normal as we have our own opinions, calculations, and biases toward certain characters. But if you want to prove your point, write it in a respectful manner.

Tier List Explanation

SS-Tier: Cream of the crop. Put them in any suitable team and they could demolish the difficult content quite easily (not limited to speedrun). Each character has its own best points that can shine greatly in the end-game once invested.

S-Tier: Strong characters who excel in their specific roles. Some can also easily become core party members with the correct investment in artifacts or constellations. Can enter the SS Tier with a small nudge.

A-Tier: Requires higher investment either into getting the specific artifacts/weapons/team members to achieve performance akin to other characters in the upper tiers. If not, they may deal decent damage/support only instead of a wow-worthy number.

B-Tier: Characters that are great in their role. But, they shine the most only when they are equipped in certain team configurations, but not as well by themselves. In other words, they are dependent (a lot) on other characters in the upper tier.

C-Tier: They can do their jobs, but can easily be replaced with other characters in the upper tier because of their lack of certain skills, stats, or other attributes. In addition, they may need buffs or specific strategies to be effective in combat.

D-Tier: Have a limited role and can only shine when they are highly invested. Even so, can't compete with other characters (and often overshadowed) in the upper tier that only require small to mid-investment. Highly recommend replacing them with better characters once you have them.

TierMain DPSSub-DPSSupport
SS TierNeuvillette
• Alhaitham
• Hu Tao
• Raiden Shogun
• Nahida
• Yelan
Kaedehara Kazuha
• Zhongli
• Baizhu
• Sangonomiya Kokomi
S TierLyney
Kamisato Ayaka
• Tartaglia
• Wriothesley
• Tighnari
• Diluc
• Ganyu
• Fischl
Yae Miko
• Nilou
• Kuki Shinobu
• Mona
• Shenhe
• Jean
A Tier• Kamisato Ayato
• Wanderer
Arataki Itto
• Cyno
• Keqing
• Eula
• Venti
• Beidou
• Collei
• Albedo
• Diona
Yun Jin
Kujou Sara
• Charlotte
B TierYanfei
• Shikanoin Heizou
• Klee
• Kaveh
• Thoma
• Kirara
• Dendro Traveler
• Kaeya
• Dehya
• Lisa
• Mika
• Sayu
• Layla
C Tier• Razor• Chongyun
• Qiqi
• Electro Traveler
D Tier• Aloy• Geo Traveler
• Anemo Traveler
• Amber
• Hydro Traveler
The list in each tier is not in any particular order.

SS Tier

Main DPS

One of the best Hydro characters in the game. His Charged ATK (main damage output) dish out so much damage it's not even funny. A one-man army, but with the downside of easily being interrupted by enemies. Don't fret though as his C1 can remove said (major) weakness.

The self-proclaimed feeble scholar hides his strong ability behind his kit. Since both his Elemental Skill and Burst scale to Elemental Mastery, his reaction damage and even normal damage are very powerful. Alhaitham can deal with both single and multi-target DMG, making him suitable for fighting mobs or bosses (Although it depends on the Chisel-Mirror Stacks).

Hu Tao
Powerful and consistent damage through Elemental Skill that buffs her Charged Attack, and high multipliers that go even higher when she has below 50% HP. Her Elemental Burst deals considerable damage (better with buffs and reactions) and heals herself, making her a safer pick for a no-healer team.
But it's challenging to use her at C0 because you need to use animation canceling to get her optimal damage number. However, this can be solved by bringing Xianyun as support or getting her C1.

Raiden Shogun
A ridiculously overpowered character even with a forgable 4-star weapon "The Catch." Elemental Skill provides free-field damage, Electro applicant, increased Burst damage, and Energy particles.
While her Elemental Burst is extremely strong with almost 100% uptime, especially when she is built fully Energy Recharge. Her most famous team would be the National Team - where all of the members (excluding her) are 4-star characters with superb supporting skills.
If you're willing to spend some $, go for her C2 as she will gain DEF ignore which is extremely powerful.

That one Geo character who is different than the others as she wants as many different elements as possible in her team (very flexible in different teams). She shines the most with Crystallize and her Elemental Skill can deal buckshot of damage from small mob to bosses.

Arlecchino single-handedly broke the Pyro tier with her raw Pyro damage even without any reactions like Vaporize or Overload. Her playstyle is almost similar to Hu Tao where both of them need to spam their Normal ATK after activating their Skill.
However, Arlecchino's Normal Attacks are faster, have a wide AoE, and simply higher damage than Hu Tao.
On the downside, her playstyle is much more complex than Hu Tao because of the Blood-Debt Directive and Blood-Debt Directive mechanics. New players may have a hard time understanding the mechanism behind Arlecchino's huge damage. But once they learn how to use this Harbinger, it's extremely worth it.


True to her position as a Dendro Archon, Nahida is a diamond in every Dendro team. Similar to Raiden Shogun, if you're willing to spend $ on her, go for Nahida's C2 as it can provide massive Crit Rate and Crit DMG for the Burning, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon team while decreasing enemies' DEF for Quicken, Aggravate and Spread team.
Her Elemental Skill has great off-field damage and can apply Dendro multiple times. The duration of Elemental Skill is extremely long, with an extremely short cooldown. Elemental Burst has a wide AoE with a low Burst cost, providing a huge Elemental Mastery bonus to characters within.

The other half of 'one of the best Hydro characters' in the game. Her Elemental Skill basically has an infinite duration as her cooldown is much shorter than her skill duration. Not only that, her (Ousia) damage is no joke as the Salon Members is akin to having 3 main DPS on the field. But the downside is their attacks are not as fast as the Hydro application of Xingqiu or Yelan, which is still acceptable.

A precious 4-star character with superb off-field supporting skills. In a nutshell, his Elemental Skill deals decent damage and tons of particles, in addition to generate Rain Swords that reduce the amount of damage taken and increase the character's resistance to reduction. Minor healing from when a Rain Sword is shattered or when its duration expires. Elemental Burst is his greatest skill, dealing Hydro damage off-field and allowing active character to trigger elemental reactions.

5-Star Xingqiu. Powerful and consistent off-field Hydro application from her fairly high-cost Elemental Burst, in addition to providing bonus damage to active character. Elemental Skill can take care of the energy gathering, especially when equipped with an ER bow, also while dealing high damage to enemies. Easy to build as most her skills are scaled off her HP.
Bonus: Her Elemental Skill is extremely useful in exploration as it does not consume stamina.

This small chef has an average Elemental Skill, but a devastating Elemental Burst damage that can be utilized in most elemental reaction teams. Elemental Skill summon Guoba to deal off-field Pyro damage and generate energy for her high Burst energy cost. Elemental Burst (can be snapshotted) then comes in surrounding the active character with Pyronado that deals continuous Pyro damage to enemies.
Unfortunately, she's very energy-hungry so it's best if she is paired with another Pyro character (Bennett).

Kaedehara Kazuha
Top-tier Anemo support (arguably the best) with easy access to activate the Viridescent Venerer artifact. Elemental Skill can group enemies and Elemental Burst can change type when coming in contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro which will make elemental reactions easier. Every time he triggers Swirl, all party members gain an Elemental Damage bonus.


If Kazuha is the best 5-star support, then Bennett is the best 4-star support. His Elemental Skill has a short cooldown (if you use Charge Level 1, which is the recommended level), providing lots of Particles with the help of his Energy Recharge ascension stat. Elemental Burst is the main attraction, allowing him to buff ATK and heal teammates inside the AoE while also dealing decent damage.

Old but gold. Ultimate defense unit. Elemental Skill will create a formidable shield and Stone Seele that deals AoE Geo damage and can be chained with other Geo constructs to largen the AoE. Furthermore, characters protected by the shield will decrease opponents' Elemental RES and Physical RES. Elemental Burst will deal solid damage in an AoE and petrifies enemies in place for a few seconds, in addition to having a low Burst cost.

A healer that is often overlooked but is actually a diamond in a rough. He provides high healing and buffing Dendro reactions. Although his shield is paper-thin, it has a decent resistance to interruption that is beneficial for certain DPS. Baizhu is not suitable as a DPS because of his extremely short-range attacks, where he needs to be really close to the enemy for his attacks to properly hit them.

Sangonomiya Kokomi
If you're a veteran player, I'm sure you're aware of the drama when Kokomi was first released. But once the Dendro element is added to the game, it pushes her from the bottom to the top of the tier list, specifically in the Bloom and Hyperbloom teams.
Her Elemental Skill can heal party members, apply Hydro, and stay on the field even after switching characters. Her Elemental Burst will heal the whole team. But if she is not in any Dendro-related team, her skill is rather mediocre as her raw damage is low and her E is stationary.

Main DPS

Unlike Navia, this magician prefers to be in a team full of only his element. But thankfully, his passive talents save his mono-Pyro team. His Charged ATK can deal high damage while also making his Grin-Malkin Hat (one summoned while doing Charge Level 2) taunt enemies. Since he is easily interrupted, taunting enemies with his Grin-Malkin Hat is really time and self-saving. Once he gets sufficient Prop Surplus stacks, his Elemental Skill deals tons of damage.
This is where you can find the problem as Charged ATK decreased his HP and he can only gain a stack when his HP is above 60%. So you're gonna need a healer (Bennett) to help Lyney get his HP back.

Kamisato Ayaka
One of the most powerful and consistent DPS units as her Cryo infusion is tied to her sprinting, which is nearly permanent. While her Normal Attacks are basic, it's reliable. Short Elemental Skill cooldown and high-scale Elemental Burst with the downside of high Energy cost. In addition, she requires high investment not only for herself but also for her whole team (usually comprised of all 5-star characters).

One may say he is a 4-star Xiao as his main damage output also depends on Plunging Attack. For a low-rarity unit, he has such high base scalings that it allows him to stand alongside 5-star DPS (A hidden 5-star if you have C6 Gaming).
Gaming is self-sufficient enough as he can heal himself from both his Elemental Skill and Burst, which lets him utilize Marechaussee Hunter even without Furina.

High raw damage but is quite difficult to learn and play optimally. Elemental Skill can swap between ranged stance and melee stance, but high cooldown the longer it's used. Elemental Burst also depends on the two stances, with the melee stance bringing out the best of him. He is great at a group of enemies rather than a single target.

His true potential is locked behind C1. If you have C1 Wrio, then he has the potential to stand in SS rank (only when he's facing a single-target enemy). For a catalyst-user, the Duke depends on close combat and no other options. In addition, he's suitable only when fighting single-target and will really struggle against spread-out mobs.

Some may think Tighnari is not that much of a great character since he's in the standard banner, and they cannot be more wrong. This veteran Forest Ranger is almost as good as Lyney (and similar too) with his main damage output coming from Charge Level 2 Charged Attack and Elemental Burst with an extremely low Energy cost. His team is a bit limited to Spread team to ensure he deals consistent big damage, but it's worth it.

The Darknight Hero would be almost forgotten if not for the meta-changing character Xianyun. Diluc having the highest Plunging Attack ratio synergizes too well with the Xianyun that he rises up the rank like the phoenix he is.
Because he can trigger the reaction for each plunge, his strongest team comps can significantly outperform average Vaporize teams. Diluc at C0 can shine even better compared to C0 Gaming, but will get overshadowed if Gaming is at C6.

Another bow-user who favors using Charged ATK. Her best trait is Charged ATK which deals huge damage and is a safer option that can be used far from enemies. Ganyu relies quite a lot on a shielder because she is easy to get interrupted if enemies manage to get close. Her Elemental Skill is a handy taunt and Elemental Burst deals continuous Cryo damage in an extremely huge AoE, making her a great sub-DPS to apply Cryo off-field. Her Aimed Shot also helps hunt animals from afar when exploring.


Performs well as Main DPS (Physical) but even better as Sub-DPS because her Elemental Skill stays on the field even after being switched, allowing the team to trigger reactions easily. Elemental Burst is not particularly powerful, but it is mainly used to reset Elemental Skill. Gets even better with higher constellation, but still does her job even at C0.

Yae Miko
Great off-field Electro DPS. Elemental Skill has an extremely low cooldown and can also be used to dodge enemies. The summoned Sesshou Sakura has quite a wide targeting area, but the downside is it is quite a lengthy setup. She needs a LOT of energy (the highest Energy cost character in Genshin Impact alongside Raiden Shogun) so there should definitely be a second Electro character as a battery if you are planning to use her Elemental Burst. It is worth it in the end as her Burst deals huge tons of AoE Electro damage.

Exclusively limited to the Dendro Bloom team to maximize her damage output, in addition to the need for a healer because of the Dendro Core explosion. But once she is in her element, she can proc extremely huge bombastic powerful Bloom reaction from both Elemental Skill and Burst, with a great passive skill that increases party members' Elemental Mastery.

Kuki Shinobu
If you're trying to create a Hyperbloom team, look no further as Kuki is the best character to be invited. She is simply awesome when being utilized as Electro support in a Dendro-related team. Her Elemental Skill provides consistent off-field Electro applicant, while also healing teammates which is perfect for the Hyperbloom team. Elemental Burst also has a low cost so she can easily trigger once the cooldown ends, dealing respectable Electro damage in an AoE.


Elemental Skill creates Phantom of Fate, taunting enemies nearby and continuously dealing Hydro damage, even after being switched out. Elemental Burst creates an Illusory Bubble that deals Hydro damage, traps opponents, makes them take more damage, all the while hits extremely hard on its own. Her Alternate Sprint also allows her to move swiftly and dodge most attacks, while also applying Wet status to nearby opponents when reappear.

An Adeptus that can turn everyone into Xiao. Jokes aside (not really), she can open a gate to a new meta where you depend on your main DPS' Plunging Attack. Aside from providing buffs for plunges, she can also heal the whole party, which synergizes really well with Furina and her Elemental Burst. The best part is she's quite easy to build as you can focus on her ATK.

Premiere support for the Cryo team exclusively. Elemental Skill provides huge support for party members, from Elemental Skill and Burst damage boost, to Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack boost. Elemental Burst decreases opponents' Cryo RES and Physical RES at the cost of high energy requirements.

A bit of a rare character that can cleanse debuff with Elemental Burst, in addition to healing party members and inflicting continuous Anemo damage to enemies within AoE. Elemental Skill can gather enemies and send smaller ones to experience heavy fall damage. Fall behind other Anemo supports in terms of crowd control, but has powerful constellations that make her even better.

If you don't have enough Anemo characters to abuse the VV set with, you can use the snack-loving character with her powerful Electro and Pyro RES Shred debuff. Other than that, she can also buff ATK and healing even with C0. She got massively better with C6 and can completely replace an Anemo character in the Overload team. But only in the Overload team though.

Great 4-star Anemo support with Crowd-Control and Elemental Mastery bonuses for the team. Both Elemental Skill and Burst can gather enemies, directly triggering the Viridescent Venerer artifact to shred resistance from enemies. Although her Burst requires high energy cost, her Elemental Skill can cover it up, especially with the help of C1 and Sacrificial Fragment.

Can only be utilized as Anemo support with her rare Anemo damage buff and Anemo RES shred. Her gathering from Elemental Skill (Pressurized Collapse) is pretty weak and can only pull small and lightweight enemies. The downside is she has massive ER problems because of the high Energy Cost for Elemental Burst and is extremely dependent on her Constellation (especially C6) to fix the problems.

Main DPS

Kamisato Ayato
Great DPS that utilizes Elemental Skill to convert his Normal Attack to AoE Hydro damage, hitting single and multi-target enemies. Although his damage couldn't compete against other DPS (cough Neuvillette cough), he is still powerful in various teams. Has a minor support skill that increases the Normal Attack damage of characters within his Elemental Burst AoE.

An Adeptus that is not so rare (in terms of Plunging DPS with the arrival of Xianyun that can make everyone a Plunging DPS) anymore but still deals tons of powerful and consistent AoE damage through Burst alone without any help of elemental reactions.
Quite depended on another Anemo character in the team to help him generate energy for Elemental Burst which his Skill lacks. Another reason he falls into A Tier and not above is because this little birdie requires support for offensive and healing to perform optimally.

A complete DPS without any supporting skills. Since he's a catalyst, every attack can provide consistent Anemo damage and Swirl. Elemental Skill has a short cooldown and dramatically increases his damage. However, he is quite dependent on a shield because once hovering, he's very vulnerable to interruption and can be staggered easily once hit. Elemental Burst is not that big of a deal but has decent Energy Cost and can be spammed IF you have another Anemo character to generate more particles. Similar to Xiao, our Hat Guy also wants dedicated support to perform well at lower constellations.

Arataki Itto
Solid Geo DPS that centers around the Mono-Geo team and is easy to build as most skills are scaled off his defense. Elemental Skill packs a punch and also taunts enemies. His Elemental Burst has a high cost but makes it up with devastating Geo damage by her Charged Attack and stacks of Superlative Superstrength. Requires high investment and is dependent on certain team comps to deal top-tier damage.
Bonus: The only character with exploration skill that gave additional logs of wood when farming woods (if you're still playing with the Serenitea Pot, that is).

In a way, Yoimiya performs similarly to Hu Tao, but her performance is still below said director of a funeral parlor. Suffers from targeting issues, is prone to interruption, and lacks AoE damage. But once she got some of those problems covered with a shielder and other off-field element applicants, she can melt enemies in a single target situation. Her only support skill is increasing party members' Attack after using her Elemental Burst, also dealing AoE Pyro damage when other characters hit the marked enemy, which is rarely utilized.

Hyper carry DPS that only know how to be a weapon. Activating Elemental Burst allows him to deal high damage for up to 18 seconds, and you need teammates that can keep up with providing buff for those seconds like Nahida or Baizhu. Dendro can amplify his damage even further with Aggravate reaction due to his fast attacks, EM bonus, and low-cooldown Elemental Skill.

A starter character who would struggle in the tier list if not for the existence of the Dendro element, which bumps her position to the higher tier. Elemental Skill can hit weak points and has a low cooldown. Using it twice in a row will infuse her attack to Electro, making it easier for her to trigger an elemental reaction. Her Elemental Burst has a low energy cost, but also a low damage multiplier that places her very low in the DPS tier. Her damage can be maximized with Quicken/Aggravate reactions that will increase her Electro damage.

Another starting character but still holds her grounds in the upper-tier list despite being a 4-star character. This lovely maid can be utilized as a DPS, shielder, and healer all at once, depending on the build. Her Elemental Skill creates a sturdy shield that scales off her Defense and has a chance to heal allies (the chance will be guaranteed if you have her constellations). Elemental Burst has 100% uptime with a decent energy cost, but you will need a battery to sustain her energy.

Arguably the best Physical DPS in the game. Her Elemental Skill decreases enemies' Physical RES and Cryo RES, and can further be maximized by bringing Electro to trigger Superconduct. Elemental Burst has a huge AoE Burst damage but requires timing as it has a chance to miss upon exploding against agile enemies. That is #1 reason why Eula missed her spot to be in an even upper tier.


Many would compare Chiori and Albedo because of their similarities, and they're right about that. To put it simply, Chiori is the better smoother version of Albedo. Her Tamoto is more sturdy and indestructible than Albedo's Solar Isotoma, she has higher scaling and better Elemental Burst damage. Despite all that, she is in the same tier as Albedo simply because as Geo users, they lack the ability to synergize with most elements.

The only Archon that is not in the SS Tier. The reason is because while he is useful in end-game content like Spiral Abyss even until now with his Elemental Skill and Burst, he is outperformed by Kazuha and Sucrose who can do the same while also providing a buff to the team.
On the bright side, with a low energy cost for Elemental Burst that can easily be acquired from Skill, he can spam black hole that gather enemies together for tons of AoE damage while causing Swirl reactions. Another downside is we are getting many new enemies that are heavier and can't be sucked into the hole.

Many missed out on using Beidou thinking her parry kit might ruin the tempo of a team rotation. But honestly, she's best being utilized as a Sub-DPS in the Taser team. Her Elemental Burst deals constant Electro damage to enemies around the active character. In the meantime, the Main DPS will dish out other elemental to proc reactions. Unfortunately, miss captain has a huge Energy cost so you better pair her up with another Electro character on the team.

An angry nun who excels in several areas either as DPS or support. Her Elemental Skill, while simple, can generate a decent amount of particles, charging her powerful Elemental Burst. And it's not the damage that was paid attention to for her Burst, but instead the continuous Cryo application and bonus Crit Rate for the whole party members which makes her a great option for any Freeze or Melt team.

A decent Dendro support and off-field applicator. Elemental Skill and Burst deal little to no damage, but consistent Dendro applicant to trigger other reactions. Her Burst's AoE is small though so enemies can easily get out from the AoE.

A decent Sub-DPS and off-field Geo damage. Can fit onto some teams, giving out an Elemental Mastery bonus. The downside that can't be fixed is when Solar Isotoma (his Elemental Skill) is placed on the field, it may disrupt melee character's movement by lifting said character to a certain height.


An exclusive Geo support and works exceptionally well in the Mono-Geo team. But that's what ranks him in A Tier, his team option is extremely limited. Personal damage from Elemental Skill and Burst is incredibly low, but obviously, because he's a support and his job is to make sure the main DPS is in tip-top condition and can deal out damage in his stead. He can get better with higher constellations.

Fully support kits that scale off HP, which makes her easy to build. Her Elemental Skill can generate lots of Particles, a strong shield, increase movement speed, and decrease stamina consumption. Equipped with Sacrificial Bow, she can be a great battery to Cryo DPS. Elemental Burst creates an AoE to heal teammates and deal continuous Cryo damage on opponents inside it. With C6, the cute bartender can even buff the team's Elemental Mastery with a loose condition.

Yun Jin
A Geo unit that works well even with a party that has various Elemental Types. While Elemental Skill does not provide any support, it allows her to recharge Elemental Burst where her true potential lies. Her Burst will boost party members' Normal Attack Damage based on her current Defense. The bonus is further increased when the party contains at most 4 different Elemental Types. If you get her C6, she can even boost Normal ATK SPD, which is exceptional for Normal ATK DPS like Yoimiya, Kazuha, Wanderer, etc.

Kujou Sara
Designed as an Electro support rather than a DPS, and requires a lot of energy for her Elemental Burst (on the bright side, her Burst also deals tons of damage). She is dependent on her constellations, but once at C6, an extremely great support for Electro DPS like Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko. Both Elemental Skill and Burst will provide an Attack bonus to the party members.

In a way, budget Nahida plus healing. Her Elemental Skill deals off-field Dendro damage or healing the active character that has below 70% HP. However, Yuegui sometimes have a bad aim and the White Jade Radishes won't hit the enemies and just stay on the floor.
On the other hand, her Elemental Burst provides even more healing but at the cost of Yaoyao needs to be on the field for 5 seconds to fully take advantage of the Burst, but this will result in a DPS loss. One thing that people often miss, her Burst heals the whole party, not the active character only.

For a healer, she has a consistent Cryo application from her Elemental Skill - which helps in creating reactions. Honestly, she can be a Sub-DPS or a support unit depending on how you build her, she's versatile like that. Another universal healing like Yaoyao, but also has a small AoE so enemies have a high chance to get out from the AoE.

Main DPS

Consistent and strong Pyro damage with high base attack for a 4-star character, but low enough to be in the B Tier. As a catalyst, she can trigger elemental reaction easily, which helps in damage output. Normal and Charged Attacks are long-ranged and can lock on targets but Elemental Skill and Burst are short-ranged for enemies near her only. Since her main output is from Charged ATK, she consumes lots of stamina. But things would get easier if you get her C1.

Shikanoin Heizou
One of the rare Anemo characters that focuses on dealing damage rather than supporting the team. Normal Attack can rapidly apply Anemo to trigger elemental reactions. Elemental Skill can be charged to unleash burst-level damage, while Elemental Burst does ranged damage and light grouping. Not suitable as support because lack of a support kit and the gathering from Elemental Burst is lacking compared to Sucrose, another 4-star Anemo.

Elemental Skill and Burst can deal huge damage on enemies, especially with her high base attack, extra Pyro ascension stat, and catalyst-user that can inflict continuous Pyro element. But it can all go down to drain if she is not in range of her enemies, and that is fairly a tricky task to do considering she has a small build and consumes more stamina when sprinting.

In a way, budget Nilou with self-heal ability. His best team is Bloom-related team comps, although it is possible to insert him outside of Bloom teams so his Elemental Skill can instantly make the Dendro Cores explode (not really recommended). When in any Bloom team, he is definitely the DPS as his kit does not have any support ability. Although he has self-healing to tank Bloom Core explosion damage, that doesn't mean he doesn't need a healer.

Elemental Skill creates a Jade Screen that blocks active characters from ranged attacks. Characters that pass through the Jade Screen will gain a Geo damage bonus. While her Normal Attack is slow, she makes it up with a powerful damage multiplier from Star Jade/Charged Attack, in addition to the mini meteor shower from her Elemental Burst. Oh yes, her Auto-Target Normal Attacks are not great against multiple enemies.

He can utilize Frozen, Shatter, and Superconduct depending on what builds you gave him. Even better, he can deal with both Physical and Cryo DMG simultaneously. That is also his downside as there is currently no support that could help with the pseudo-element.


Less synergy with other teams except Mono-Pyro and Burgeon. Elemental Skill deals Pyro damage and creates a decent shield, while Elemental Burst will deal AoE damage periodically which is perfect for Burgeon. But it comes with a cost of high energy cost and needs the help of artifacts and weapon to take care of it.
Bonus: Exploration skill grants him a chance of scoring a double catch.

Her Shield only lasts for a while but can be reinforced if a new one is created. Overall, she's decent with low constellations. But once she gains C4 or C6, Kirara gains more utility and gives bonuses that are beneficial for a lot of characters.
Bonus: Her exploration (Hold Elemental Skill to turn into Urgent Neko Parcel state) to scale cliffs easily.

Dendro Traveler
The best element for our Traveler since it has the better kits out of every other element. Great off-field Dendro applicant. Elemental Skill deals decent damage and energy, especially with a low cooldown. Elemental Burst needs lots of energy but is worth the price with the long-lasting off-field Dendro application.

Not too shabby but not that great either. You can expect how mediocre she is for a free character. Like normal Anemo support, she provides support from Swirl reactions, mainly from her Elemental Burst that can stay on the field even when she's switched out.

Decent Physical DPS for the early game, but even better as Cryo sub-DPS in the end game as his Elemental Skill has short cooldowns, deals respectable damage, and generates Particles. Elemental Burst also stays on the field after being switched, allowing active characters to trigger elemental reactions easily.

Most controversial character (?) in Genshin Impact. One of Dehya's main strengths is her ability to provide consistent off-field Pyro DMG that can be repositioned, in addition to her high base HP, making her a decent Pyro support. However, her DPS and Elemental Particle generation are below-average (especially with low investment). Even with high investment, she's not recommended to be the main DPS because of the below-average damage without buffs, especially with low constellations.

Elemental Burst has a large AoE, long duration, decreases Defense resistance on enemies, and inflicts Electro to enemies even when switching characters, but requires a lot of energy. Elemental Skill took too long to charge, making her vulnerable to attacks. The damage is also relatively small unless highly invested in talents, artifacts, and weapons.


Mika is explicitly for the Physical Team since his whole kit only provides support for said attacks. He can increase Movement SPD and Physical DMG Buff, at the cost of high Elemental Burst cost and long Elemental Skill cooldown. His kits are not very effective with low constellations, and his best stats are during C4 or C6. C4 grants him more Energy while C6 increases 60% Physical Crit DMG for the active character.

Although the little ninja is an Anemo character, her kit is more of a healer than a crowd-control. Her Elemental Skill will let her roll in the area dealing Anemo damage and can be converted to other elements that she comes into contact with. Elemental Burst has a high cost but decent skills: either healing characters or attacking nearby opponents with Anemo damage.

Amazing uptime for both Elemental Skill and Burst, in addition to having a decent particle and low energy cost. Both skill and burst are scaled off her HP, making her easy to build. It is also capable of applying consistent Cryo when she's off-field while activating various support artifacts.

Main DPS

Specialized in Physical team with the help of Cryo character to proc Superconduct. His Elemental Skill helps in generating particles for his high energy cost Elemental Burst, which is his main damage output. Elemental Burst converts his Normal Attack to Electro damage, increasing Attack Speed and resistance to interruption, but lacking in AoE damage for a group of enemies.


Honestly, the little exorcist can be played as both Main DPS or Sub-DPS depending on your build. But he has a really slow Normal Attack even for a Claymore character. That's why he's in the Sub-DPS in the tier list.
As a sub-DPS, he shines in either the Freeze or Melt team. Not a bad character, but needs great teammates to support him or vice versa. He has a low Elemental Burst energy cost for quick swap Burst.

Elemental Skill provides a decent shield that gets better the more enemies she hits, and scales off her Defense which clashes with her ascension stats that provide Attack. Elemental Burst deals both Physical and Pyro damage, but the damage itself is mediocre.

The only character that provides Hydro infusion to Normal Damage for teammates after using Elemental Burst. But very little DPS can utilize the said skill.


Our beloved zombie's Elemental Skill heals a great deal of HP to active characters while inflicting Cryo on nearby enemies even when switching characters. But the downside is it doesn't generate any Particle and has a long cooldown, which makes her less favorable than other Cryo characters. Elemental Burst also requires a lot of energy, even if it does not provide additional damage.

A great support that provides a lot of healing and applying Hydro on enemies with her Elemental Skill, even when she's off-field. It comes with a cost of her providing nothing else other than healing and Hydro applications, in addition to constant Wet status on an active character that may be dangerous at times if enemies manage to proc elemental reactions. Her C6 is worth glancing over as she can revive downed teammates to 100% health; which is perfect for Spiral Abyss.

Electro Traveler
Both Elemental Skill and Burst are average, providing a decent amount of energy for teammates but dealing low damage to enemies. One great passive talent comes from C2 (which everyone can get) that decreases enemies' Electro RES after being hit by Falling Thunder.

Elemental Skill deals meager Electro damage but with considerably decent Particle with the support build. Elemental Burst heals teammates, continuously regenerates Energy, and affects enemies with Electro but only if the opponents are between the Jinni and active character which is a liability.

Main DPS

As a welfare unit, she behaves like one where her overall kit is too average. Elemental Skill has a long duration, but her Burst does a respectable amount of damage if built properly.


Geo Traveler
Decent and spammable Elemental Skill and Burst. The former creates a Geo construct that is often used to block enemies' movement or attacks. Elemental Burst deals AoE Geo damage and Geo Construct that's better than Skill in terms of blocking attacks. Passive skill from C1 increases party members' Crit Rate within the radius of Geo Construct AoE from Elemental Burst.

Anemo Traveler
Useful for new players, but any other Anemo characters will surpass them. Elemental Skill deals decent Anemo damage and Swirl, but won't be able to move and be vulnerable when casting. Elemental Burst groups smaller enemies but pushes them far away, while ignoring the larger enemies.

Elemental Skill has a long cooldown and takes too long to explode, in addition to low damage output for both Skill and Burst. Triggering the explosion manually from Baron Bunny is not worth it either.

Hydro Traveler
The element that Traveler can't get hang to use so they can only release 2 dollars Neuvillette's Charged Attacks. Jokes aside, there's really nothing to use from Hydro Traveler's kits unless you're challenging yourself.