Last Epoch Leveling Guide

Last Epoch Leveling Guide – Fast Campaign and Side Quest Route and Speedrun Walkthrough

Last Epoch 1.0 is officially launching on February 21, 2024! Some players may have tried the main story campaign and its associated side quests already during the game's 5-year long Early Access status. If you want to get some tips and find out the optimal route to speedrun your first new character in the new Cycle (season), we have two guides sourced for you.

Remember, the story remains unfinished with the release of version 1.0 and is planned to be completed over several major patches. Some details may change with the release of 1.0.

The first one is a guide by DrExpress based on the video by Zizaran (featuring Terek)! It takes you through all available nine chapters of the campaign and is recommended for new players.

The second one is by Bina from their Master Spreadsheet (which also has an alternative classic run that goes into more of the campaign), which skips a chunk of the campaign and aims to unlock Passives, Idols, Attributes and Faction as soon as possible.

Chapter 1 - Divine Era

  • Go to The Storerooms and do Storeroom Saboteurs
  • Go to The Summit

Chapter 2 - Ruined Era

  • Do Evacuation in Last Refuge Outskirts
  • Do Erza's Ledger in Erza's Library -
  • Go to Pannion's Study
  • Turn in Erza's Ledger
  • Elder Ezra gives Elemental Leech/Damage/Resitance Gloves (recommended) | Artem the Gambler gives Cycling Crit Chance Amulet
  • Go to The Precipice to fight Miniboss
  • Go to The Armoury fight Miniboss
  • Go to The Lower District Pick Mastery

Chapter 3 - Ruined Era

  • Port to Council Chamber and go to Cultist Camp
  • Go to Welryn Undercity
  • Go to Welryn Docks
  • Go to The Shattered Valley Dont click on Timerift
  • Go to The Sanctum Bastille fight Boss

Chapter 4 - Imperial Era

  • Go to Risen Lake and click Time Rift after Waypoint
  • Do The Corrupted Lake by killing Miniboss

Chapter 5 - Imperial Era

  • Go to Maj'Elka Do Main Quest
  • Go to Oracle's Abode
  • Port to The Shining Cove and take Time Rift - Ruined Era
  • Kill Miniboss
  • Go to the Temporal Sanctum
  • (Optional for ultimate speed to skip straight to Chapter 9)
  • Farm a Temporal Sanctum Key in Monoliths
  • Do Temporal Dungeon

Chapter 6 - Imperial Era

  • Talk to 1 NPC un Yula's Heaven

Chapter 7 - Divine Era

  • Do Liberating the Nomads in Wengari Fortress by clicking on a NPC
  • Go back to Heobera and move on to The Temple of Heorot
  • Go to The Tomb of Morditas and kill Boss

Chapter 8 - Divine Era

  • Go to The Burnin Pier
  • Kill Liath in Liath's Road
  • Go to Thetima
  • Do Liath's Tower at Liath's Tower
  • Do the Lagon's Isle
  • Go to Moonlit Shrine and then go left and right for the Moon Fragments
  • Kill Lagoon

Chapter 9 - Divine Era

  • Do Desert Treasure in Radiant Dunes (bottom right of the area)
  • Go to Maj'Elka Sums and go to the top right basement for mainquest and left of that for the sidequest
  • Go to the Chamber of Vessel to fight Maj'Essa


This leveling route is recommended for Last Epoch veterans and/or speedrunners - not for new players! It aims to skip as much campaign as possible to unlock all Passives, Idols, Attributes and Faction as quickly as possible.

  1. Burning Forest - Rescue Grael. He will help you fight the mini Boss of this area.
  2. The Northern Road - Talk to the NPC and go back to Town (The Keepers Camp)
  3. The Keepers Camp - Talk to NPC Keeper Leena for a Passive Point Reward
  4. The Summit - Fight Haruspex Orian. You should be at least Level 6. Then, talk to the NPC and go back to Town (The Keepers Camp)
  5. The Keepers Camp - Talk to NPC Keeper Leena and Keeper Balthas. You will be automatically Teleported to the Void Era
  6. Last Refuge Outskirts - Talk to NPC Guardsman Dolus. Find the 3 NPCs for the Side Quest.
  7. Council Chambers - Talk to NPC Captain Leora (+1 Passive) and Elder Gaspar (Idol Slots)
  8. The Last Archive - Enter the first Area (Erza's Library) you encounter to complete a Side Quest.
  9. Erza's Library - Grab the ledger then continue the Main Quest in The Last Archive. (Passive and Unique Item when you turn it in)
  10. Pannion's Study - Kill Pannion's Students and go back to Town (Council Chambers). You should be around Level 9.
  11. Council Chambers - Talk to either NPC Artem The Gambler (Unique Amulet Gambler's Fallacy) or NPC Elder Erza (Unique Gloves Avarice). +1 Passive
  12. Council Chambers - Talk to Elder Gaspar. +1 Passive
  13. Ancient Cavern - Go through the Time Rift.
  14. The Precipice - Go East.
  15. The Lower District - Kill The Husk of Elder Panion
  16. The End of Time - Talk to NPC Elder Gaspar to unlock your Mastery. Talk to him again and continue through the Portal. +1 Passive
  17. Council Chambers - Talk to NPC Elder Gaspar. Continue to the right after dispelling the barrier.
  18. Cultist Camp - Go South first to the Welryn Docks.
  19. Welryn Docks - Interact with the Side Quest, Kill the Void Centipede and then return to Town (Cultist Camp)
  20. Cultist Camp - Go North to Ruins of Welryn.
  21. Ruins of Welryn - Travel to Welryn Undercity.
  22. Welryn Undercity - Talk the the NPC The Last Imperial. Destroy the 3 Soul Repositories. Return to the NPC. Go back to Town (Cultist Camp)
  23. Cultist Camp - Talk to the NPC Remaining Cultist and proceed to the right. Keep following the Main Story Quest.
  24. The Dreadnought's Deck - Kill Admiral Harton Boss and talk to NPC Alric to the left. Exit the ship to the North.
  25. Maj'Elka - Keep walking South East. Complete the first Quest Objective by rescuing Alric. Keep going East and complete the Side Quest for a Passive. Go North and rescue Alric again. Move East then North to Sapphire Quarter.
  26. The Sapphire Quarter - Rescue Alric again. Move North and kill the Immortal Eye. Enter the room in the back and talk to Alric. Go through the portal.
  27. Maj'elka - Go East to the Oracle's Abode.
  28. Oracle's Abode - Talk to NPC Shrine Maiden. Talk to NPC The Oracle. +1 Pasive
  29. Sidequest - Go back to The Shattered Valley in Ruined Era. Move North to The Abandoned Tunnel. Move to The Lost Refuge. Interact with Old Tome. +2 Passives
  30. Sidequest - Go back to The Shattered Valley in Ruined Era. Go South and enter The Ancient Forest. Kill the Primeval Dragon. Turn in at The Council Chambers at NPC Chronomancer Lerinne. +2 Idol Slots.
  31. Sidequest - Go back to The Risen Lake in Imperial Era. Enter The Corrupted Lake. Kill Prophet of Ruin and Idol of Loathing. +1 Passive +3 Idol Slots
  32. Sidequest - Go back to The Shining Cove in Imperial Era. Enter The Ruined Coast. Kill Ortra'ek The Survivor. Grab the Sapphire Tablet. Enter The Temporal Sanctum to the right and grab the Waypoint. Go back to the Oracle's Abode Town and talk to NPC Shrine Maiden. +1 Passive +2 Idol Slots
  33. Monlith of Fate - Complete the right side Timelines then the 3 Level 90 Timelines. Around Level 55+, if you have a Temporal Sanctum key already, right click it and go to the Temporal Sanctum. To improve your odds of finding a key, open all Lost Caches in Echoes. They often contain Keys.
  34. Temporal Sanctum - Kill Chronomancer Julra. She always drops a Unique with Legendary Potential and an Exalted to go with it. Craft a Legendary. Exit the Dungeon in the back to end up in Chapter 9.
  35. Radiant Dunes - Go South. Kill the Scalebane Swarmkeeper. Talk to NPC Zerrick.
  36. Maj'elka Upper District - Don't talk to any NPCs. Enter Maj'elka Lower District. (Faction Unlock here?)
  37. Maj'elka Lower District - Go West. Kill Ruby Captain Arjani. Continue East, talk to NPC Scalebane Bodyguard. Enter Maj'elka Slums.
  38. Maj'elka Slums - Go to the North East Quest marker. Talk to NPC Scalebane Fence. Select "Be my Guest" then "Accept 5000". +1 Passive +2 Idol Slots
  39. Maj'elka Slums - Continue to the Quest marker just South. Kill the Scalebane Guild Leader. Go back to Town (Maj'elka Upper District)
  40. Maj'elka Upper District - Talk to Zerrick. +2 Idol Slots. Enter The Oasis on the Left.
  41. The Oasis - Complete the side quest objective to kill Spine Hunter Alpha. Talk to NPC Mahraan Zabat
  42. Crytal Mines - Kill the Crystal Lotus to the North West.
  43. The Aerie - Continue to the end of the area, kill the monsters and speak to NPC Zerrick right next to you. Continue until The Upper Temple.
  44. The Upper Temple - Kill the Diamond Matron. Continue to The Lower Temple.
  45. The Chamber of Vessels - Kill Majasa. Talk to NPC Apophis. +1 Passive +1 All Attributes
  46. The Oasis - Go back to The Oasis, turn in the quest to NPC Mahraan Zabat. Teleport to town (Maj'Elka Upper District) +3 Idol Slots
  47. Maj'Elka Upper District - Talk to Ritolo The Trader NPC +1 Passive.