Last Epoch Version 1.0 Patch Notes

Last Epoch Version 1.0 Patch Notes – Release Date and Countdown

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Last Epoch, the hack and slash action role-playing game developed by Eleventh Hour Games, has been on Steam Early Access since April 30, 2019. It's been almost 5 years, but the game is finally being officially launched with version 1.0 - with a huge patch that has mountains of improvements! Full class reworks, visual improvements, and bug fixes hopes to reinvigorate the game completely.

Maintenance starts Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 9:00 AM PST and is expected to last 24 hours:





Server opens Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 9:00 AM PST:





The action RPG community is highly anticipating Last Epoch's release after the mixed reception of Diablo 4 and as they await the new Path of Exile 2 sometime next year. The game has had its share of controversies throughout its Early Access phase, namely releasing a microtransaction cosmetic shop prior to this release. Another key thing to note about this version is that the campaign is not complete at 9 acts.

As has been the theme for new game releases so far in 2024, the expectation is that there will be a ton of new players and the servers are unlikely to be stable at least for a few days. What's good is that 1.0 will come with a full offline mode, and while the characters won't be able to be transferred to the online servers, you can enjoy that should the game be unplayable during the first few days of the patch release.

Without further ado, enjoy the full patch notes - it's big!

Patch Overview

Last Epoch 1.0 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler

Last Epoch is Releasing Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 9:00 AM PST!

Welcome everyone to the Patch Notes for Last Epoch 1.0! It’s been an amazing road to this point, and it’s unreal to be writing patch notes without using the term “Beta Patch”. With this patch Last Epoch will officially be leaving Early Access. We couldn’t have made it to this point without all of you, our amazing community driving the world of Eterra alongside us. We can not say it enough, Thank you.

We also want to mention again here that to prepare the servers for our release on February 21st, we will be shutting down our servers 24 hours before the patch, starting: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 9:00 AM PST.

While the servers are down, authentication will not be possible. If you are already playing in offline mode before we take down the servers, you should be able to continue your play session, however offline will not be able to authenticate to log in once the servers are down. This is also a good point to note that one of the features being added with 1.0 is a true offline mode, which will prevent this kind of interference with offline mode in the future.

With that aside, lets get to the patch notes! In just two days, patch 1.0 will be marking the release of Last Epoch, introducing Item Factions, the Warlock Mastery, Falconer Mastery, Gathering Storm, a reworked Tempest Strike, Healing Hands’ Skill tree, balance changes, bug fixes, new music, sounds, animations, models, and more. Once again we’ve provided a Table of Contents below to help you navigate the Patch Notes.

New Masteries

Rogue Mastery: Falconer

Falconer_CharacterSheet (1)

Added the third Rogue class mastery: Falconer

The falconer is a master tactician who utilizes traps and their fearsome Falcon companion to prey on their enemies.

Falconry | Mastery Skill

Passive: Summons a Falcon that fights with you. The falcon cannot be targeted or take damage.

Active: Falcon Strikes: The Falcon rapidly hits many enemies in the target area

Explosive Trap | 5 Point Skill (available to all Rogue masteries)

Throws a trap that explodes when triggered, dealing throwing fire damage. Traps take 0.4 seconds to arm and explode when enemies walk over them or after 30s. You can have a maximum of 6 active traps at a time.

Net | 15 Point Skill (available to all Rogue masteries)

Leaps backwards and throws a net which snares enemies and deals physical damage. Netted bosses and rare enemies have 35% less movement speed, and other enemies are immobilized.

Aerial Assault | 30 Point Skill

You leap towards the target and your Falcon dives to catch you and momentarily carry you further, before it flies up and unleashes a Wing Burst at the target location.

Dive Bomb | 35 Point Skill

Your Falcon ascends high into the sky then dive bombs the target location at high speed, dealing a high amount of physical damage to enemies in the area.

Acolyte Mastery: Warlock

Warlock_CharacterSheet (1)

Added the third Acolyte class mastery: Warlock

The Warlock is a master of forbidden magic who utilizes curses as well as necrotic and fire magic to ruin their enemies.

Chthonic Fissure | Mastery Skill

Opens an infernal fissure in the ground, dealing fire damage over time to enemies on top of it, as well as releasing Spirits from the fissure that seek nearby enemies. These spirits inflict a Curse that slows and deals necrotic damage over time. Max 1 active fissure.

Chaos Bolts | 5 Point Skill (available to all Acolyte masteries)

A barrage of chaotic projectiles which land in an area around the target. The explosions deal necrotic and fire damage in a small area

Ghostflame | 15 Point Skill (available to all Acolyte masteries)

Channel to release a continuous jet of horrid flames in front of you dealing fire and necrotic damage over time. You have no mana regen while channeling.

Soul Feast | 30 Point Skill

Soul Feast has been moved from the Lich Passive Tree to the Warlock Passive Tree

Feasts on the souls of Cursed enemies, dealing necrotic damage to them, and drawing fragments of their souls back to you. The soul fragments each grant 3 ward when they reach you. Feasts on up to 13 enemies, prioritizing those closest to you.

Profane Veil | 35 Point Skill

Channel to conceal yourself within a Profane Veil that deals necrotic damage over time to enemies around you. While concealed you dodge every Hit, but you can still take damage from damage over time effects, such as ailments, and you move more slowly.

Lasts for up to 2 seconds (also ends when you release the key). Cooldown does not recover during use.

Item Factions


Key Details

You can find an in depth overview of Item Factions here alongside a detailed video 228 with an explanation of the system.

Your first opportunity to join either The Merchant’s Guild or Circle of Fortune comes with your arrival to the Upper District of the great mercantile city, Maj’Elka. Each faction will allow players to make a meaningful and rewarding choice in how they want to empower their loot hunt in Eterra. You will rise through the Ranks of your selected faction and gain Reputation by defeating enemies and completing quests while aligned with that faction. This means that just by going about your adventure, you will passively build Reputation with your current faction.

You can join and leave factions at any time, AND your reputation with a faction is never lost or spent and is also shared across your account in that game mode. This means if you rank up one character to Circle of Fortune Rank 7 on Hardcore Cycle, any of your Hardcore Cycle characters upon joining Circle of Fortune will both share and contribute to that same Rank progression. Characters in a different game mode, such as Solo Challenge, or Normal Cycle, do have their reputation separated in the same way the player Item Stash is. Once one of your characters within a given game mode has joined an Item Faction, subsequent characters in that game mode are able to join a faction at Keeper’s Camp in Chapter 1.

Items you gain through the bonuses of your chosen faction will not be tradable, but can be gifted. Joining a faction will NOT prevent you from playing with ANY other player and you will still be able to gift items to other players regardless of their selected faction.

Overall we have reduced the base item drop rate, especially in end-game because the item factions will significantly boost your ability to not only find more items overall, but also to find higher quality items. Within the first few ranks in CoF this is balanced out, even without Prophecies.

Below you will find a high level overview of each faction, but you can still find all the details in the post here. We can’t wait to see what faction you align with and watch you climb to the top of the ranks!

Circle of Fortune


Joining the Circle of Fortune will grant you boosts to items you find yourself through Prophecies, and passive bonuses. These bonuses will not only improve the rarity of the items you find, but will also increase the quantity and the quality of your loot.

Remember, items you acquire with these bonuses will be tagged as a Circle of Fortune Faction Item which will not be tradable. Additionally, items found in level 60+ zones by characters who have left the Circle of Fortune and are not aligned with any factions will not be tradable. Players who want to find tradable items after leaving Circle of Fortune need to align with Merchant’s Guild.

By choosing to align with the Circle of Fortune you will be directed to visit the Observatory, located in northern Maj’Elka in the Divine Era. The Observatory serves as the Circle of Fortune’s primary hub.

Prophecies and Lenses

Prophecies are pseudo-items which can be purchased in the Observatory that cause certain item drops, or increase the odds of higher tier affixes being generated on an item when you complete the requirements listed on the Prophecy. The Prophecy Event will outline what particular event needs to occur in order for the Prophecy to trigger. Some example events are “Death of Chronomancer Julra”, “Death of an Arena Champion”, “Death of X number of rare enemies”, or “Death of X number of siege golems”.

In the Observatory you can acquire Prophecies by spending Favor through one of the four Telescopes. Each telescope offers Prophecies for specific item types: Armor, Weapons, Idols and Crafting materials, and Accessories.

You will also be able to modify your Telescopes using Lenses to change the type or value of rewards from Prophecies or to change the requirements of the Prophecy Events. Lenses offer a lot of power to customize the ‘randomness’ of prophecies and focus them on the types of items you want, as well as the activities you want to do. There’s also room for more types of Lenses to add in the future, though these will be the four types available with 1.0.

You can find a full breakdown of the Circle of Fortune here.

Merchants Guild


Joining the Merchant’s Guild gives you the ability to trade items with other players through the Bazaar and directly player to player. The Bazaar will be a new town you can find just north of Maj’Elka in the Divine Era. Your Rank with the Merchant’s Guild will determine what kind of trades you’ll be entrusted with. Meaning with more Reputation comes the opportunity to both obtain more powerful and sought-after items.

Buying Items

In the Bazaar you will find numerous stalls with an icon representing what type of item you can find at that stall. At the stall you will be able to purchase the specific item type from Players all across the world who are participating in the same game mode, such as “Hardcore Cycle.”

With the Bazaar, we wanted to make sure players have all the power they need to find what they’re looking for, so in the Bazaar UI you’ll find options here you won’t find in the Loot Filter and the ability to refine your searches to find whatever you need.

If you want to purchase an item directly from another player, you will both need to be in the Merchant’s Guild AND in the same Town. You will be able to initiate player to player trade by simply right clicking on the player when you are nearby.

Regardless of how you buy an item from another player, you’ll first need to make sure you have what you need to purchase the item, including Faction Rank, Favor Cost, and the amount of Gold the seller is asking for. You will not be able to buy or sell Faction Tagged items.

Selling Items

To sell items through the Merchant’s Guild, you’ll want to start by visiting your personal stall. This can be accessed through any vendor in the Bazaar or by speaking to Kubra, a Merchant’s Guild NPC.

In the “My Stall” UI you will be able to easily list an item and the Merchant’s Guild will automatically assign a Favor cost to list the item based on the item quality, list the required rank, and provide you an input box to enter your asking price for the item. Trading directly with a player will work the same, but still requires you to be in the same Town and both be in the Merchant’s Guild.

You will be able to sell any item regardless of rank in the Merchant’s Guild as long as it is not a Factions Tagged Item or an item otherwise marked as “Cannot be Traded.” However, selling an item will still cost 1/4th the Favor required to purchase the item.

You can find a full breakdown of the Merchant’s Guild here.

New Features

New Skills

Primalist: Gathering Storm

  • Added new Base Primalist Class Skill: Gathering Storm
  • The Ice Thorns skill has been removed, and replaced by Gathering Storm
  • Unlocked at Level 2 as a Primalist
  • Strike at your enemy with a mighty lightning powered storm. When you use Gathering Storm and hit at least one enemy, you gain a Storm Stack. Every second you expend a Storm Stack to cause a Storm Bolt to strike a nearby enemy. This interval is reduced by 2% for every stack you currently have.

Blog Post: Gathering Storm and Tempest Strike Rework | Coming to Last Epoch, Feb 21st 165

Primalist: Tempest Strike

  • Revised Base Primalist Class Skill: Tempest Strike
  • Unlocked at Level 10 as a Primalist
  • A melee combo attack that cycles through a cold strike, a physical strike, and a lightning strike that trigger elemental Tempest spells of the same damage type if the strikes hit at least one enemy.
    • Cold strike: Triggers a Frigid Tempest, which is a cold projectile that pierces through enemies.
    • Physical strike: Triggers a Wind Tempest, which is a small twister that lasts a short duration dealing physical damage over time.
    • Lightning strike: Triggers a Thunder Tempest, which is an expanding storm of lightning bolts.

Blog Post: Gathering Storm and Tempest Strike Rework | Coming to Last Epoch, Feb 21st

Sentinel: Healing Hands

  • Added skill tree for Paladin Mastery Skill: Healing Hands
  • Unlocked after spending 5 points in the Paladin passive tree.
  • Heals all allies in a target area for 100 health and applies a lingering warmth which heals 80 health over the next 3 seconds. The lingering warmth cannot stack on the same target.

Blog Post: Healing Hands Skill Tree | Coming to Last Epoch February 21st 321



Normally, players can Gift an item to another player only if they were present when the item was found.

Resonances are special items that expand Item Gifting, allowing players to Gift specific items to players they have played with frequently, when the players weren’t together when it was found. Resonances are specific to an individual player and in order to be found, players must play together for extended periods of time.

Progress towards a Resonance drop only happens when defeating enemies that grant experience and is saved between sessions. This means that sometimes a Resonance might drop very shortly after playing together again with the same player.

Once found, the Resonance’s tooltip displays the username it resonates with and after being stored by pressing the “Transfer Materials” button in the inventory, it can be used to allow Gifting of an otherwise ineligible item to that player.

There are two types of Resonances. Golden Resonance is the more common one and allows the gifting of Normal, Magic, Rare, Set, Unique items with no Legendary Potential, and Idols. Obsidian Resonance, which is much rarer, needs to be used when attempting to Gift Exalted, Uniques with Legendary Potential and Legendary items.

Resonances do not change any item use requirements such as Faction Rank requirements.


We recommend players to create Cycle characters.

Cycles are Last Epoch’s “Seasons” which will start with each major game update, such as 1.0 or 1.1. With the start of each Cycle, all Players will have the option to create new characters in an environment where nobody has prior progression, making it a fresh start for everyone. Only Cycle characters are able to compete in the current Cycle’s leaderboards.

Once a Cycle ends, Leaderboard placements are locked in and stored, making it impossible to submit new placements for that Cycle. Those placements will be viewable from the Leaderboards page (opened by pressing L by default). All characters and items will transfer over to Legacy, where also all pre-1.0 characters and items are.

Legacy characters cannot submit new placements to the Leaderboards, or trade or party with Cycle characters.

Full Offline Mode

  • Added the ability to launch Last Epoch in a fully offline mode
  • This can be accessed through the Steam UI by following these instructions:
    • Right clicking on the game in your library
    • Select Properties
    • Under general there will be a section titled Launch Options
    • Under the dropdown menu you can select to launch Last Epoch in Full Offline Mode or have it ask you every time you launch the game
  • You will likely get prompted to choose this preference when you first launch the game after downloading the 1.0 version
  • In order to play the game online after launching in Full Offline Mode, you will need to fully exit and re-launch the game in non-Full Offline mode
  • Using Escape in Offline Mode now pauses the game
  • Feature differences in Full Offline mode:
    • Bug Report and Support Ticket buttons are removed
    • Chat item linking is disabled, though chat window can still be viewed
    • Region Selection dropdown shows as unavailable
    • Online character tab is hidden
    • Cannot return to the Landing Zone page after selecting Play Offline
    • A full restart of application is required to change between Full Offline and Online modes

Visual Upgrades

Scene Variant System

LE_Scene_Variants (1)

The scene variant system is another major system we are introducing for 1.0. It is basically a set of tools and shaders which allow us to improve the visual quality of our scenes and add more variety to the game. It allows us to create dramatically different-looking scenes by using scene variant templates.

With shader changes, we now can change the vegetation, wetness of our surfaces, and add puddles to the scene using just shader functions. In other words, we can now have richer looking scenes, while improving performance in the process.

This system allows us to bring much more variety into the game. For example monolith scene can look very different each time you will enter it.

  • Added a new system that changes the environment and appearance of Monolith zones.

Lighting System


In addition to ambient occlusion improvements, we are also adding a modern screen-space Soft Shadow system. In scenes that previously had no shadows, the player character is now the source of physical light. This increases the dramatic lighting in our scenes where objects around the player properly cast shadow while still keeping performance in check. Since this is a screen space solution, it has a fixed performance cost no matter how many objects or monsters are on the screen.

  • Overhauled shadows in many scenes to enhance their impact and depth
  • Light will follow the player as they progress through the scene and add directionality and dynamic feel to the shadows
    • This system has fixed performance cost which means it won’t scale with additional enemies or objects on screen
    • You can adjust these shadows using the Shadow quality settings
    • Very low shadow quality completely disables this system
  • Improved lighting and postprocessing across the game so scenes will look less washed out, have higher contrast, and a more dramatic look overall.
  • Increased quality of volumetric settings and High and Ultra settings should have increased resolution for volumetric lights
  • New Ambient Occlusion tech which will have an overall more refined and better appearance at higher settings

2.5D Cinematics

  • Added a new intro cinematic to the game that introduces the player to the Divine Era in Chapter 1. This replaces the old class-specific intros.
  • 8 other cinematics added throughout the campaign chapters


  • Updated all character classes with model improvements, better proportions, new rigs, and new animations
  • We’ve continued to improve the performance of our visuals by optimizing textures, drawcalls, model cleanups, shaders, and lighting
  • Terrain shader improvements to make environments more lifelike and visually cleaner

System Changes

Endgame Rebalance

  • You will find more details in the sections for each end game system, but we wanted to give you a quick overview of our changes
  • We have made enemy power come less from endgame modifiers and more from the inherent strength of high level enemies and the base effect of corruption, primarily to achieve a more predictable experience in high corruption Monolith. Specific corruption values should feel like they mean something in terms of difficulty, instead of difficulty varying so wildly based on your current mods.
  • To achieve this enemies have been buffed globally at high levels, corruption scaling has been increased, monolith mods have shorter duration and no longer scale with corruption, and high level dungeon and arena mods have been reduced in power.
  • Overall we have Increased enemy health and damage globally above level 60, by around 5% at level 80 and around 25% at level 100.


  • Disabled bonus xp from Arena for characters below level 50
  • Certain arena mods, especially those specific to T3 and T4 have been adjusted to lessen the impact of the global enemy buffs. However these changes are smaller than the ones to dungeon mods, so T3 and T4 arena will now be noticeably harder than before.
  • Because we have buffed enemies globally overall, we expect that it will be more difficult at a baseline.
  • We have also changed the scaling for enemies in Endless Arena past wave 100 to be much faster. For example, wave 140 is equivalent to the old wave 200, and wave 320 is equivalent to the old wave 500. Consequently achieving high tiers of endless arena is now much harder.


  • Many campaign scenes have been tuned to look and perform better
  • New visual elements have been added to the End of Time
  • Encounters in chapter 4, 5, and 6 have been overhauled
    • Nearly all 4, 5, and 6 scenes contain semi randomized or fully randomized enemy placement.
  • Many enemies with old models have been removed (no more jewel spiders or old chimeras)
  • Many enemies with new models have been added, such as zombie hounds, undead hydras, and bone mimics.
  • Other enemies have been shifted around and rebalanced.
  • The Wraith Dunes no longer has infinitely spawning wraiths.
  • Various bugs with imperial era enemies have been fixed.
  • All scorpion enemies except for the gem scorpion boss and voidstone scorpion now use the new scorpion model.
  • Larger imperial enemies, such as Immortal Eyes and Desecrated Fleshes are now always rare.
  • Quest encounters in 4 and 5 that previously involved a rare enemy now always feature a unique miniboss (e.g. the Imperial Welryn quest has an inquisitor miniboss and the The Sapphire Quarter quest encounters have soul warden and sand lich minibosses).
  • Chapter 4 also has additional minibosses in various zones.
  • Town waypoints now automatically unlock upon entering the zone
  • Time rift portals now say what era it is taking you to in a transition notification


  • Enemies in T1 dungeons deal 35% less damage and they have 25% less health.
  • Removed the entrances from all Dungeons after the player has entered. You can no longer turn around and go back the way you entered.
  • Lightless Arbor changes
    • The Mountain Beneath grants 150% more experience.
    • Stone Titan’s Heart grants 400% more experience.
    • Titanspawns grant 46% more experience.
    • Amber Elementals grans 108% more experience.
    • Rotting Hollows grant 75% less experience.
  • Soulfire Bastion
    • Fire Lich Cremorus grants 350% more experience.
    • Immortal Incinerators grant 50% less experience.
    • Possessed Golems grant 25% less experience.
  • Temporal Sanctum
    • Chronomancer Julra grants 233% more experience
    • Temporal Hunters grant 38% more experience
    • Nightmares grant 27% more experience
  • T3 and T4 dungeon mods have been adjusted so that bosses at those tiers have a similar power to before. However this means that earlier parts of the dungeon will be more difficult, especially for Soulfire Bastion.

Monolith of Fate

Blessing Changes

  • Grand Echo of Solarum grants 55-75% void resist (from 45-75%)
  • Grand Bastion of Divinity grants 55-75% lightning resist (from 45-75%)
  • Grand Persistance of Will grants 55-75% poison resist (from 45-75%)
  • Grand Dream of Eterra grants 55-75% necrotic resist (from 45-75%)
  • Grand Resolve of Grael grants 55-75% physical resist (from 45-75%)
  • Grand Protection of Heorot grants 55-75% cold resist (from 45-75%)
  • Grand Heart of the Caldera grants 55-75% fire resist (from 45-75%)
  • Virtue of Command grants 8-15% minion all resist (from 7-12%)
  • Grand Virtue of Command grants 16-25% minion all resist (from 13-20%)
  • Grand Memory of Light grants 45-70 added health (from 43-60)
  • Greed of Darkness changed to 6-10 Ward on Kill, 60-100 Ward Decay Threshold (from 8-14 health on kill).
  • Grant Greed of Darkness changed to 12-18 Ward on Kill, and 120-200 Ward Decay Threshold.
  • Grace of Water now also adds 80-140 Ward Decay Threshold
  • Grand Grace of Water now also adds 160 - 260 Ward Decay Threshold
  • Grand Light of the Moon grants 60-90 mana (from 51-80)
  • Rhythm of the Tide also grants 6-10 health regen
  • Grand Rhythm of the Tide also grants 12-20 health regen
  • Taste of Venom grants 40-60% poison chance (from 30-50%) - equaling other ailment blessings
  • Grand Taste of Venom grants 65-100% poison chance (from 55-85%)
  • Grand Embers of Immortality grants 18% - 30% endurance (from 15-27%)
  • Bulwark of the Tundra grants 12-24% increased armor (from 15-35%)
  • Grand Bulwark of the Tundra grants 25-55% increased armor (from 40-70%)
  • Patience of Herkir grants 200-350 added armor (from 250-400)
  • Grand Patience of Herkir grants 400-650 added armor (from 500-750)
  • Grand Body of Obsidian grants 150-250 added armor (from 200-320)
  • Hunger of the Void grants 1.2% - 2% spell leech (from 1.5%-3%)
  • Grand Hunger of the Void grants 2.2%-3.5% spell leech (from 3.5-5%)
  • Wrath of Rahyeh grants 1.2% - 2% throwing leech (from 1.5%-3%)
  • Grand Wrath of Rahyeh grants 2.2%-3.5% throwing leech (from 3.5-5%)

Corruption scaling

  • These changes are intended to allow for faster progression through the monolith for characters that are capable of it.
  • Changed the modifier from corruption to scale up more quickly. It is now larger and scales up faster, especially at high corruption. At corruption 100 it is 60% more monster damage and health (from 50%), at 200 corruption it is 170% (from 100%), at 300 corruption it is 281% (from 147%) and at 500 corruption it is 505% (from 289%).
  • Reduced stability requirements of 2nd and 3rd quest echoes of non-empowered timelines (e.g. level 90 timelines’ 3rd quest echoes require 400 stability instead of 650, the reduction in other cases is smaller though).
  • Increased the additional corruption granted by Gaze of Orobyss by around 10%
  • Average legendary potential and weaver’s will now also scale up slightly with corruption. For example, Uniques have around a 5% higher chance for 1+ LP at 100 corruption, 10% at 300 corruption, and 14% at 600 corruption.

Monolith Mob Density

  • Normalized mob density. It is now 4% lower than before in Reign of Dragons, 8% lower than it was before in the level 90 timelines, and 10% higher in all other timelines (previously Reign of Dragons was 15% higher than most other timelines and the level 90 timelines were 20% higher).
  • Regular monolith echoes contain 5% more enemies (this does not change the number of enemy types in the echoes)

Monolith mod rewards

  • The increased item rarity and experience from modifiers have mostly retained their existing base values.
  • Enemies are deadly if not damage recently now grants 40% increased item rarity (from 20%) and 40% increased experience (from 15%)
  • Enemies enrage at half health now grants 40% increased item rarity (from 18%) and 40% increased experience (from 5%)

Monolith mod scaling

  • Monolith mods’ values are now static and no longer scale up with corruption or distance from the center of the echo web. Additionally their duration now scales up to a maximum of 3 echoes (from 6). The baseline values of various monolith mods have been changed.
  • Mods that scaled invisibly, but no longer scale:
    • Enemies enrage at half health (the size of the buff scaled up at the same pace as things like the increased damage mod)
    • Enemies gain Frenzy and Haste when hit (the size of the buff scaled up at the same pace as things like the increased damage mod)
    • Enemies have high speed and crit chance until approached (the size of the buff scaled up at the same pace as things like the increased damage mod)
    • Enemies are deadly if not damaged recently (the damage buff from Deadly scaled up at half the pace as things like the increased damage mod)
    • Enemies are heal if not damaged recently (the rate of healing scaled up at half the pace as things like the increased damage mod)
    • Enemies have a chance to dodge (the amount of dodge rating scaled up at the same pace as things like the increased damage mod, but was capped at twice its base value.)
    • Rare enemies regenerate health (the amount of health regen scaled up at the same pace as things like the increased damage mod)

New Monolith Echo Modifier Values

  • All Resistances: 25%
  • Armor Shred Chance: 35%
  • Chill Chance: 20%
  • Crit Avoidance and Increased Health: 35% and 15% (the stats this mod gave were previously always 25% higher than stated, this has been fixed)
  • Crit Chance (additive): 15%
  • Damage and Crit Chance (increased): 12% and 200%
  • Damage and Movement Speed: 15% and 15%
  • Damage for High Health enemies: 25%
  • Less Damage Taken by High Health enemies: 25%
  • Endurance: 30%
  • Glancing Blow chance: 50%
  • Health and Damage: 18%
  • Damage: 20%
  • Elemental Damage: 25%
  • Health: 30%
  • Physical Damage: 25%
  • Mark for Death chance: 40%
  • Rare enemy Cooldown Recovery: 50%
  • Rare enemy Health and Damage: 35%
  • Slow Chance: 18%
  • Undead Health and Damage: 20%
  • Void enemy Damage: 25%

Other Changes

  • Disabled bonus xp from Monolith for characters below level 50
  • 8 new Monolith Echoes have been added to the game. These include:
    • 2 Ruined themed echoes
    • 3 Divine themed echoes
    • 3 Imperial themed echoes
  • Many monolith scenes have been tuned to look and perform better
  • Completing a timeline that can unlock multiple other timelines now unlocks all of them, regardless of dialogue choices in quest echoes.

Gameplay Experience

Full Controller Support

  • Added full controller support for the entire game
  • Redesigned the Radial menu
  • Added skill swapping to ability bar from the Radial menu
  • Added controller specific item tooltips and contextual actions
  • Added on-screen virtual keyboard
  • Removed auto-targeting from breakables, so they aren’t hit instead of enemies
  • Reduced the aggressiveness of auto-targeting
  • Added ability to rotate when using certain skills:
    • Disintegrate
    • Avalanche
    • Flurry
    • Ghost Flame
  • Removed controller targeting for certain abilities (same behavior as Teleport):
    • Transplant
    • Fury Leap
    • Aerial Assault
  • Reworked the targeting of various movement skills
  • Cycle through loot on ground
  • Movement ability now shows gamepad right stick icon when using controller


  • Implemented wide ranging improvements across out matchmaking services including:
    • Improved matchmaking times, especially in Towns
    • Parties always load into towns together
    • Matchmake into more populated Towns
    • Reduced matchmaking failures and disconnects
  • Reduced occurrence of disconnects from portaling
  • Matchmaking will now always use your Preferred Region setting after every server transition
  • The Max # of online characters per player has been increased to 25 from 20
  • Turned player queues back on

Character Creation

  • Added Solo Character Found challenge mode to Online play (continues to exist in Offline play). This functions the same as the previous Offline Solo challenge, where characters cannot party and their stash is isolated from all other characters on that account.
    • We have temporarily disabled the option to abandon Solo challenges due to a bug that we’re working on fixing. We plan to address this with a hotfix, where abandoning the challenge transitions the character to Solo Account Found and deletes their current stash.
  • Removed Masochist challenge mode and replaced with an item that replicates the functionality. The item can be found in the first area of the game.



  • Added Parry as a new defense type and as a new Affix type
  • Parry is a defensive mechanic that grants a chance to negate all damage taken from hits. However, unlike Dodge, Parrying does still count as being hit and as a result of that ailments can still be applied to you when you parry a hit
  • Parry has no effect against Damage over time effects and is capped at 75%
    • It is not currently possible to reach this cap with available sources

Stun Avoidance Rework

  • Changed how stun avoidance affects chance to be stunned.
  • It now adds to the flat percentage reduction in chance to be stunned that’s applied after the rest of the calculation (i.e. stun threshold), rather than to health
    • 100 Stun Avoidance now adds 1% to your stun threshold
    • By default a hit must deal more than 5% of your health to stun you, if you have 100 stun avoidance, that becomes 6%, and if you have 1000 stun avoidance it becomes 15%.
    • The chance that hits above this threshold will stun you is reduced correspondingly.
    • A hit that deals 20% of your health when you have 1000 stun avoidance has the same stun chance as a hit that deals 10% of your health when you have 0 stun avoidance.
  • This means that stun avoidance is no longer additive with health and is now particularly effective against hits that had a small non-zero stun chance, and raises the percentage of your max health that a hit must deal before it can have a chance to stun you.
  • Subsequent stun avoidance related changes:
    • Players’ inherent stun avoidance has been changed from a static 25 to 250 + 5 per character level. This results in the threshold of damage required to stun a player with no stun avoidance from items going from 5% of health + ward + 25 to 7.5%-12.5% of health + ward.
    • The Stun Avoidance suffix has higher values, especially at lower tiers, and can now only roll on rings (from body armor and catalysts)
    • The Hybrid Stun Avoidance prefix has been replaced by a Health and Stun Avoidance suffix. It rolls amulets and belts (from only amulets) and gives slightly more added stun avoidance than the old hybrid stun avoidance affix did and it gives about 20% less health than a health suffix at higher tiers. It starts dropping from level 46 onward (from 13).

Other Mechanics

  • Improved experience for skills with special requirements such as channeled skills, skills with weapon requirements, or movement skills by adjusting elements like auto targeting
  • The Grace Period after changing zones is now also interrupted by using an instant cast ability or using a potion
  • Bosses are no longer pushable
  • When a player dies, their minions are now unsummoned
  • Added a cooldown to prevent player from opening portals rapidly
  • Portals can now only be interacted with by their creators
  • Optimized skill tree vfx to reduce loading times when the game is launched
  • Polished follow speeds of NPCs to more realistically follow you
  • Increased Summoned Bee speed (from 7 to 12) and acceleration (from 12 to 18)
  • Added the Kickstarter Graveyard zone connected to The Soul Wardens’ Road

Skill & Passive Changes

Acolyte Skill Changes

Assemble Abomination

  • Engorgement now grants 2% more damage per minion consumed (from 3%).

Bone Golem

  • Bone Hail grants 12% more Bone Shatter damage (from 15%).
  • Amalgam of Mages grants 12% more spell damage (from 15%) and 18% increased stun chance (from 15%).
  • Cold Vengeance now also grants +10% cold resistance.

Drain Life

  • Improved the positioning of the start of the beam to better match the Acolyte’s current size
  • Fixed Lay Waste saying that it disabled all leech, when it only disables base leech and leech from the Drain Life tree.
  • Necrotic Feast adds 15% base leech (from increasing base leech by 50%). This is equal in power.
  • Ravenous adds 2% health leech (from increased base leech by 7% - equivalent to adding 2.1% health leech)
  • Insatiable adds 4% health leech (from increased base leech by 12% - equivalent to adding 3.6% health leech)
  • Death’s Barrier grants 18 ward on kill (from 15)

Dread Shade

  • All For One grants 40% more damage to the one minion (from 60%).

Infernal Shade

  • Subjugation now scales up to a maximum damage bonus of 180%.
  • Updated Subjugation’s description to accurately state that it causes the skill to deal more direct damage

Soul Feast

  • Wrest grants 85% more ward against bosses and rares (from 50%)
  • Deals 25% more damage
  • Each Soul fragment grants 3 ward (from 5)
  • Added a new node, Bones of the Accursed, which grants 3% more hit damage and 5% more ward gained per curse on the target. It requires 1 point in Soul Seeker or 1 point in Grim Affliction, and can have up to 5 points allocated.
  • Added a new node, Original Sin, which, if the number of cursed enemies within 20 metres is below a threshold shortly after you cast Soul Feast, causes a number of enemies within that range to be Marked for Death to reach that threshold of cursed enemies. It is attached to the root node.
  • Added a new node, Queen of Flies, which spreads all your stacks of poison from the target hit to other nearby enemies. It requires one point in Diseased Soul.
  • Added a new node, Another Strife, which spreads the curses, Spirit Plague, Decrepify, Marked for Death, and Penance from the target hit to other nearby enemies. It only spreads curses that the target is actually afflicted by. It requires 2 points in Soul Seeker.
  • Replaced Gravetouch (Chill on Hit) with a new node, Withering Maw, which applies 1 stack of Withering per point, and can have up to 3 points allocated. Withering is a stacking ailment which increases curse damage taken by 5% (2% against players and bosses).
  • Removed the Soul Bastion node (increased ward gained, less damage) - this is unrelated to the Soul Bastion unique shield and the Soulfire Bastion dungeon.
  • Engorged now occupies Soul Bastion’s old position, can have 3 points allocated (from 1), and grants -3 mana cost per point, 30% increased ward gained from Greater Soul Fragments per point, and a non-scaling 1% chance for Greater Soul Fragments per 10 current mana (from giving a 10% chance per point for Greater Soul Fragments that always gave 100% more ward).
  • Removed the A New Master node (chance to summon a Soul Wisp on kill) - This will be turned into a unique instead with a more generic trigger
  • Wrest now requires one point in Engorged (from two points in Soul Seeker)
  • The ward granted by Usurp is now affected by modifiers to ward gained from this tree.
  • Soul Seeker now also grants 1 additional ward per 25 intelligence
  • Diseased Soul now grants 15% global poison chance per point (from 10%), but no longer stacks
  • Poisoned Husks now requires 1 point in Hunger (from being attached to the root node)
  • Thought Corrosion now requires 2 points in Diseased Soul (from 3 points in Poisoned Husks). It now grants 40% increased armor shred effect (from 30%) causes Diseased Soul to apply a stack of Armor Shred to you on cast instead of a stack of Poison.
  • Toxic Craving grants 1% more armor per stack (from 6% increased armor) and 6% poison resistance (from 15%) you can now only have up to 60 stacks at a time.
  • Hell Mind requires 1 point in Poisoned Husks (from 3 points in Hunger)
  • Sharpened Influence can now also be accessed by putting 3 points in Bones of the Accursed
  • Renewed Feast requires 1 point in Grim Affliction (from 3)
  • No Rest for the Wicked requires 1 point in Waning Life (from 1 point in Hellmind)
  • Waning Life requires 1 point in Hellmind (from 2)
  • Grim Affliction grants 35% more damage (from 30%), but reduces ward gained by 35% (from 20%) it can now have 1 point allocated (from 4) and requires 2 points in Original Sin or 1 point in Bones of the Accursed
  • Blood Feast requires 1 point in Soul Seeker (from 2)
  • Incision now also grants 1% more physical ailment damage per 100 missing health
  • Replaced Renewed Feast (random recasts and higher mana cost) with Infernal Hunger, which if you go one second without directly casting Soul Feast, grants you a stack of Infernal Hunger, up to a maximum of 1 per point. When you next cast Soul Feast directly, all stacks of Infernal Hunger are consumed to cast Soul Feast an additional time per stack. It can have 3 points allocated.
  • No Rest for the Wicked grants 13% Frenzy Chance (from 8%), but can have 2 points allocated (from 3).
  • Fixed a bug where Rest for the Wicked did not require the enemy to be Damned.
  • Blood Tethers, buffed chance to create a Blood Tether to 7% (from 5%) but reduced max points to 3 (from 4)
  • Blood from Souls, buffed Blood Splatter chance to 12% (from 5%), but reduced max points to 2 (from 4)
  • Poisoned Husks, buffed poison chance to 25% (from 15%)
  • Diseased Soul, buffed global poison chance to 15% (from 10%)
  • Acolytes with Soul Feast specialised will receive a free automatic respec for its tree

Summon Skeletal Mage

  • The nodes that previously allowed Skeletal Mages to cast Sacrifice, now allow them to cast Profane Oblation, a similar skill that deals 75% more damage and deals necrotic damage rather than physical.

Summon Skeleton

  • Marrow Tap now also grants +10% physical resistance.
  • Dread Phalanx now also grants +40% more health.
  • Unbound Necromancy now grants +1% added crit chance (from 20% increased).
  • Multishot now also grants 8% more bow damage per point to Skeletons.
  • Skeleton Rogue’s Shift can be used from 25% further away
  • Skeleton Rogue’s Shift now puts them closer to their target, so they do not need to walk into melee range after using it
  • Skeleton Rogue’s Acid Flask now deals 30 base damage (from 20) and has 150% added damage effectiveness (from 100%)
  • Skeleton Rogue’s Acid Flask cast time reduced by 33%
  • Skeleton Rogue’s Shurikens now deal 30 base damage (from 16) and have 150% added damage effectiveness (from 100%)
  • Skeleton Rogue’s Shurikens now have a 20 degree angle between projectiles (from 15), and pierce all targets
  • Summon Skeleton Rogues melee attack changed to be a double hit, matching their animation. This means they get 2 hits off in the same time they got 1 hit off previously.
  • Summon Skeleton Rogue’s melee hits now have 15 base damage (from 18) and 75% added damage effectiveness (from 100%)
  • Sequel of Avarice grants 30% melee area (from 25%), 60% more damage (from 40%) and now also grants 30% more health.

Summon Volatile Zombie

  • Dreadful Horde and Giant Zombie now only have a 10% chance to trigger their effects on indirect casts (from always triggering), such as via Awakening Presence
  • Giant Zombie gives 120% increased mana cost (from 300%)

Summon Wraith

  • Flame Wraith - The projectile they cast last 1.05 seconds (from 1.25) resulting in it traveling a shorter distance (can no longer off-screen as much).
  • Flame Wraiths now have 20% less cast speed

Other Changes

  • Adjusted mechanics for Curses and new curses
    • Decrepify is a curse that causes enemies to take more damage over time (multiplicative with other modifiers) and deals physical damage over time based on your flat missing health
    • Torment is a curse that deals necrotic damage over time, and reduces movement speed by 12%
    • Acid Skin is a curse that deals poison damage over time and adds a +25% chance to be critically hit
    • Penance is a curse which causes enemies to take fire damage when they hit a target. Additionally, Penance deals more damage per 1% of Damage Reflected (multiplicative with other modifiers)
    • Anguish is a curse that reduces damage over time dealt by enemies. When you kill any enemy, enemies cursed by Anguish take necrotic damage
  • Curses have a new visual indicator on top of enemies to help improve moment to moment gameplay

Mage Skill Changes

Arcane Ascendance

  • Shocking Expanse grants 40% shock chance (from 30%)
  • Slow Breathing grants 12% reduced mana drain (from 10%)
  • Cosmic Insight grants 15% increased cooldown recovery speed (from 10%), but is no longer multiplicative with other sources of increased cooldown recovery speed (this is a buff unless you had more than 50% increased cooldown recovery speed from other sources)
  • Mana Surge grants 6 mana on kill (from 5)

Black Hole

  • Infusion grants 18 ward per second (from 10) and can have 5 points allocated (from 3)
  • Massive grants 15% increased area (from 10%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Deep Space grants 90% freeze rate multiplier (from 75%) but can have 5 points allocated (from 6)
  • Gravity’s Guile grants 35 physical damage per point (from 5)
  • Scorching can have 5 points allocated (from 6)
  • Flaming can have 5 points allocated (from 6)
  • Supermassive can have 4 points allocated (from 3)
  • Heat Wave requires 3 points in Flaming (from 5)
  • Drifting Singularity requires 1 point in Absolute Zero (from 2)


  • Disintegrate has a 15% longer beam

Elemental Nova

  • Previously, the hitbox for all Elemental Nova versions were slightly plus shaped. This has been fixed so they are spherical. This results in a slight buff as the novas will more reliably hit.
  • Adjusted the vfx of the default and lightning novas to more closely match their hitboxes.


  • Fireball is 30% faster and its duration is shorter, resulting in the same distance covered.
  • Fireball’s ignite chance increased to 40% from 25%

Frost Claw

  • Shiver Shell grants 4 ward on cast (from 6)
  • Fen of the Frozen now grants 20% chance to slow and chill (from 15%)
  • Gift of Winter now grants 12% chance to regain 12 mana (from 4% chance)
  • Reowyn’s Veil now grants 1 ward on cast per 40% freeze rate multi (from per 20%)
  • On Through The Snow now adds 6 mana cost (from 8)
  • Ever Onward now adds 6 mana cost (from 8 )

Frost Wall

  • Crystals of Protection now grants 20 ward on passthrough (from 30)
  • Protection of the Apostate now grants 5 ward on enemy passthrough (from 10)
  • Chilled Touch now has up to 2 points (from 1) and it grants 7% more damage to chilled enemies while you have a Frost Wall per point (from 5%)
  • The Prepared Wards node on the Frost Wall tree no longer causes 250% of Flame Ward’s mana to be consumed, but now gives Frost Wall a 12 second cooldown which is shared with Flame Ward.

Glyph of Dominion

  • Charged Reflection now grants 1 ward per second per 5% total uncapped resistances (from per 4%)
  • Arcane Mirror now grants +15% to all resistances (from +25%)


  • Cycle of Fire causes you to gain 10 ward from casting Fireball with Craterborn (from 8)
  • Infernal Column increases mana cost by 15% (from 25%)
  • Aftermath restores 16% of mana (from 15%)
  • Force of Impact grants 50% increased stun chance (from 40%) and 25% increased stun duration (from 20%)
  • Shattering Star grants 50% chance for Shrapnel (from 34%) and can have 2 points allocated (from 3)
  • Rapid Break Up grants 40% increased shrapnel speed and range (from 30%) but can have 3 points allocated (from 4)

Rune Bolt

  • Pyromantic now grants 10% more fire damage (from 6%)
  • Fulminating now grants 10% more lightning damage (from 6%)
  • Cryomantic Bolt now grants 10% more cold damage (from 6%)
  • Runebolt’s Efficient Experiment node now correctly states that it requires Glyph of Chaos and not Rune of Chaos
  • Increased responsiveness of casting Runebolt
  • Runebolt now has 20% more cast speed

Runic Invocations

  • Plasma Orb - The Orb part deals 40% more damage when it hits an enemy
  • Igneous Rain now has +50% ignite chance and ignites it inflicts have 20% increased duration
  • Realms of Mayhem now costs 38 mana (from 44)
  • Rune Gale deals 20% more damage for both parts of the ability
  • Aergon’s Greater Fireball’s explosion deals 40% more damage and Spreading Flames it inflicts deals 100% more damage
  • Aergon’s Mirror Bolt’s deals 25% less damage
  • Ball Lightning deals 25% more damage
  • Reowyn’s Frostguard Invocation Grants 14 ward + 1 ward per 2 intelligence every 0.4 seconds
  • Hydrahedron
    • Deals 25% less damage
    • Increase mana cost to 60 (from 55)
    • Change max targeting range to 13 (from 15)

Snap Freeze

  • Its cooldown is now 18 seconds.
  • Now 20% of its remaining cooldown is recovered whenever you freeze an enemy, including with Snap Freeze itself. This effect can occur a maximum of two times each second.
  • Changed the Flash Freeze node to now have 1 point allocable (from 3 points)

Primalist Skill Changes


  • Fury of the Elements has new functionality: no longer creates a lightning storm. Now expends 5 Storm Stacks per point over 0.5 seconds. Storm Bolts triggered this way deal 15% more damage per point.

Eterra’s Blessing

  • Ancestral Renewal now shows the Summon Healing Totems tooltip.
  • Caustic Renewal now shows the Summon Scorpion tooltip.
  • Soul Bond now shows the Summon Spriggan tooltip.

Fury Leap

  • The Summon Vines from Rise now show more info such as duration and base health of Vines.
  • Violent Upheaval now properly shows ability tooltip for Upheaval when holding alt.
  • Lagon’s Wrath, Storm Bringer, and Rejuvenating Storms now mention and use Storm Bolt instead of a lightning subskill exclusive to Fury Leap
  • Storm Bringer has been clarified to state it modifies the frequency of Storm Bolt, not the projectile speed
  • Rejuvenating Storms no longer gives lightning penetration. Instead, it gives added spell damage per 2 Attunement while leaping.
  • Fury Leap has a slightly lower delay before jumping. Reduced from 0.2 seconds to 0.1 seconds. This should help it feel more responsive in combination with the new animations


  • Grip of Chaos now correctly say that Twisters deal physical damage and not cold damage
  • Grip of Chaos now shows the Twister ability tooltip when holding alt
  • Twisters deal 50% more damage per second
  • Tsunami now shows the Tsunami ability tooltip when holding alt
  • The Power of the Storm, Strong Tides, and Energized nodes now use Storm Bolt

Summon Bear

  • Retaliatory Thorns now has a 1 second cooldown
  • Tearing Thorns now also grants the Thorn Burst 10% more damage
  • Thick Hide grants 40% more health (from 30%)

Summon Raptor

  • Razor Wings grants 5 melee physical damage (from 3)
  • Sharp Claws now grants 20% more damage over time (from 20% increased)

Summon Wolf

  • Howl grants 25% more melee damage (from 50% increased damage)
  • Legendary Bite now has 1 points (from 5) but grants +40% more melee damage, 40% more stun chance, +5% added crit chance but also 10% less attack speed (from +15% more melee damage, +15% more stun chance and 15% more crit chance).
  • On the Hunt grants 8% increased attack speed per point (from 10%) and 12% increased movement speed per point (from 10%)
  • Wolfen Recovery now grants 80% increased health regen and +4 flat health regen
  • Storm Caller’s Reprisal now mentions it triggers your Storm Bolt instead of its own lightning ability
  • Stormborn now mentions it triggers your Storm Bolt instead of its own lightning ability
  • Stormborn also has a chance to trigger when the wolf hits an enemy
  • Wolves and Squirrels deal 10% more damage
  • Removed an unintentional 15% more melee damage modifier on Squirrels
  • Squirrels from Herald of the Scurry now have a 35% less damage dealt modifier (from 45% stated on Herald of the Scurry’s tooltip, 0% in reality)
  • As a result of these three changes, Wolves deal 10% more melee damage than they did in 0.9.2, while Squirrels deal 38% less melee damage than they did in 0.9.2.

Summon Scorpion

  • Its tail attack has 200% chance to poison on hit (from 100%) with 200% increased duration (from 100%)
  • The tail attack now has 40 base damage and 200% added damage effectiveness (from 28 and 100%)

Thorn Totem

  • Oaken Protection also grants +10% physical resistance
  • Pillars of Heorot also grants +25% cold resistance
  • Titan’s Bane now grants 100% increased cast speed (from 150%)
  • Nightshade Briar now has a maximum damage bonus of 80% (from 120%)


  • The Charged Storm, Frequent Lightning, and Overcast Skies nodes now use Storm Bolt


  • Adjusted the ability timing to better match the animation
  • Use duration changed to 0.8 (from 0.75) - this corresponds to around 6% less attack speed
  • Added damage effectiveness changed to 135% (from 120%) - this corresponds to around 12% more hit damage
  • This change is expected to be a slight buff to most upheaval builds.
  • The attack speed change does not apply to Upheaval Totems, so they benefit more from this change.
  • Shockwaves from the Sundering Strike node on the Upheaval tree are also affected by the added damage effectiveness change in order to maintain damage parity with Upheaval


  • Toxic Companions now shows the Summon Wolf tooltip.
  • Whirlpool now shows the Maelstrom tooltip.

Rogue Skill Changes

Acid Flask

  • The hit portion of the skill now has 100% added damage effectiveness (from 60%)
  • Poison Pools from the Poison Pools node are now limited to a maximum of 4 active at once.
  • Acid Flask’s Caustic Concoction grants +25% poison chance (from +15%) and has 4 points (from 3)
  • Acid Flask has a new a node called Alchemist’s Gift that turns it into a trap


  • Deals 50% more damage
  • Has 20% increased attack speed
  • Shared Enhancement, buffed to 25% damage sharing (from 15%)
  • Contaminating Shots, buffed to 25% ailment sharing (from 15%)
  • Its turn speed now scales with increases to minion attack speed, making it feel better in combat
  • Added a new node, Agile Engineering, which grants 1% increased placement speed per Dexterity and 1% increased attack speed per 5 Dexterity. It is attached to the root node, and the Efficient Construction and Rapid Fire nodes now require 1 point in it instead of being attached to the root node themselves.
  • Flaming Shots now requires 1 point in Agile Engineering (from 1 point in Rapid Fire).
  • Rapid Fire can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Shields Up requires 1 point in Shared Enhancements (from 1 point in Heavy Bolts)
  • Sturdy Foundation grants 15% increased duration (from 10%)
  • Quickload requires 2 points in Sturdy Foundation (from 3)
  • Rogues with Ballista specialized will receive an automatic free respec for its skill tree

Cinder Strike

  • The first bow attack is 20% slower.
  • Cinder Strike’s first attack now has 200% added damage effectiveness (from 150%)

Dancing Strikes

  • Windmill Ballet now has 2 points and grants 50% chance to use Shurikens (from 30%).

Shadow Daggers

  • Now has 68 base damage (from 90) and 340% added damage effectiveness (from 450%)


  • Gave Shift a fixed 0.1 second Use Delay. Also edited the animation to make it smoother.

Smoke Bomb

  • Smoke Blades grants +4 Melee and Throwing Damage (from 10% inc Melee and Throwing Damage listed, 20% actual)

Sentinel Skill Changes

Erasing Strike

  • Now has 550% added damage effectiveness (from 450%)
  • Mark of the End has a 100% chance to shred enemy Void Resistance (from 25%)
  • Void Beams cast by Erasing Strike deal 20% more damage per second
  • The Void Beams in the tree now have clearer descriptions

Forge Strike

  • Now has 500% added damage effectiveness (from 400%)
  • Now provides a subskill tooltip for Summon Weapon
  • Clarified Spear Forge to say it deals damage in a smaller area

Hammer Throw

  • Fixed Iron Spiral not showing the added mana cost as a downside


  • Pious Offering grants 3% more damage per 2 mana consumed (from 2% more damage per 1 mana consumed)
  • Sacred Sword grants 50% ignite chance on hit (from 25%)


  • Fixed spelling mistake in Ambuscade.
  • Lead the Charge explains the effect happens at the end
  • Voidbringer shows the correct Time Rot info
  • Rough Cuts clarifies that it only affects the hits along the path, not the final hit


  • Armaments is highlighted in the main description
  • Armament stacks now show more info such as max default stacks and duration
  • Echoed Warfare now clarifies what Echoes are


  • Now has an 8 second cooldown (from 5)
  • Protective Legacy (buffs persist after channeling) is changed to be half the channel duration (from the full channel duration)
  • Burst of Speed grants Haste for half the channel duration (from increased movement speed for the full channel duration)
  • Solemn Vow grants 15% increased duration (from 20%) and have a maximum of 2 points allocable (from 5)
  • Added a new node behind Retaliation called Reclaimed Refuge that recovers some of Rebuke’s remaining cooldown on melee hits with other attacks
  • Added a new node behind Mystic Aegis called Stoic Challenge that adds an additional charge to Rebuke
  • Inner Focus now has 3 points allocable
  • Battle Meditation grants 30% increased mana regen (from 25%)
  • Augmented Plating grants 15% more armor (from 25% increased)
  • Redemption grants 25 healing per second (from 15)
  • Accelerated Healing grants 20% increased healing from Redemption (from 15%)
  • Wildfire Shell has more info about Spreading Flames
  • Spreading Flames Deals 43% more damage over its duration and its tooltip has more clear info about its effect

Ring of Shields

  • Collateral Damage now provides a subskill tooltip for Shrapnel
  • Clarified Displacement wording to say “target location”


  • Removed the Opportunist node (more crit chance against ignited enemies)
  • Added a new node, Scrap Metal: whenever you would summon a Forged Weapon, causes you to gain a stack of a Scrap Metal buff instead. Each stack grants 3% more armor and 3% more Rive Damage, and lasts 10 seconds. The duration can be modified by modifiers to Forged Weapon duration. It requires 1 point Foe Cleaver.
  • Rive hitbox shape optimized. (this is a very slight buff)

Shield Rush

  • Void Beams cast by Shield Rush deal 25% more damage per second
  • The Void Beams in the tree now have clearer descriptions

Shield Throw

  • Forgeborn adds 4 fire damage (from 2)
  • Heavy Shield now adds 5 throwing damage (from 3 throwing physical damage)
  • Armoring Aegis grants 20 armor on ricochet (from 25)

Smelter’s Wrath

  • Your armor is doubled while channeling Smelter’s Wrath


  • Nodes related to Fissure now provide the correct subskill tooltip, and Fissure itself is better explained


  • Iron Blades are now affected by nodes on the tree.
  • Double Riposte mitigates 18% less damage (from 16%)
  • Dark Duellist is now 4% more global damage while preparing (from 20% increased)


  • Juggernaut Stance explains in the alt text that you can block without needing a shield
  • Reckless Spin explains that you can mitigate the elemental resistance reduction with gear and passives
  • Forgemaster’s Stance now provides a subskill tooltip for Forged Weapons

Passives Changes


  • Berserker grants 15% more melee damage (from 20%) and 4% less damage taken (from 5%) at low health.
  • Lagonian Wrath now grants +1 Melee Damage and Spell Damage per point. With 4 points allocated, you have a 25% chance to cast Storm Bolt when hit
  • Lagon’s Answer now grants 8% chance to cast Storm Bolt on Spell Cast and a 20% chance to cast Storm Bolt while channeling per point
  • Thunder Strike now grants 10% chance to cast Storm Bolt on hit. With 4 points allocated, you gain an additional 10% Attack Speed
  • Conflux now grants 3% increased area for area skills and 1% less damage taken from shocked enemies per point. With 5 points allocated, your indirect Storm Bolt casts have a 20% cast again after 0.25 seconds


  • Runemaster
    • Arcane Focus, reduced ward gained on cast to 4 (from 5)
    • Edict of the Scion, reduced ward gained on area skill use to 4 (from 6)
    • Jagged Veil, reduced ward gained on critical strikes to 1 (from 2)
    • Buffed the 3 Runeword buffs (Avalanche, Hurricane and Inferno) to grant +10 spell damage of their respective element (from +6)
    • Runic Fortress, reduced the burst of ward from a portion of your armor to 20% of armor (from 25%)
  • Sorcerer
    • Chronomancy grants 5% ignite, chill, and shock duration (from 4%)
    • Distant Spark grants 8% chance to proc Spark Nova (from 6%)
    • Warder requires grants 15 ward on fire, cold, and lightning hits (from 10)


  • Evasion grants 4% less damage taken while moving (from 5%).


  • Juggernaut grants 4% fire and void resistance per point (from 3%)

Item Changes

New Uniques

  • Added 13 new uniques:
    • Wheel of Torment
    • Unvar’s Rise
    • Unvar’s Hegemony
    • Unvar’s Exile
    • Communion of the Erased
    • Stygian Coal
    • Sigeon’s Reprisal
    • Spine of Malatros
    • Vial of Volatile Ice
    • Blood Roost
    • Falcon Fists
    • Talons of Valor
    • Wraithlord’s Harbour.

Uniques and Set Item Changes

Aaron’s Will

  • Base type remains Revenant Plate, causing it to gain 100 armor and 3-6% of max health gained as endurance threshold, but lose 11-15% endurance.

Aberrant Call

  • The increased minion damage mod is now just affects minion melee damage
  • Now also grants 13-35% increased minion movement speed
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 38 (from 10)


  • Grants 15-30% glancing blow chance (from 30-50%)
  • Grants 3-5 Health gained when you receive a Glancing Blow (from 30-50% increased armor)
  • Grants 50-100 armor (from 30-50)
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 60 (from 40)

Artor’s Legacy

  • Base Type changed from Horned Cowl (54 armor, 10-20% increased health and mana regen) to Icewolf Pelt (84 armor, 32-44% cold res, 104-208% freeze rate multi)
  • Now also grants +1-2 to all minion skills

Battlemage’s Endeavour

  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 20 (from 30)

Bleeding Heart

  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 40 (from 0)

Box of Hydrae

  • Reduce max increased area to 63% (from 81%)
  • Reduce max cast rate to 36% (from 54%)
  • Increased max ward decay threshold to 108 (from 90)


  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 40 (from 0)

Cleaver Solution

  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 50 (from 27)

Death Rattle

  • Now grants 35-65% minion crit multi (from 50-100%)
  • Now grants +1-3 levels to Sacrifice (from 1)

Elecoe’s Abandon

  • Base type changed from Scalebane Coat (114 armor, 31-43% poison res, 31-43% increased damage over time) to Wyrmhide Coat (168 armor, 25-50% increased dodge rating, 25-50% increased damage over time)
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 40 (from 55)


  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 35 (from 40)

Herald of the Scurry

  • Base type changed from Ancestral Helm to Tusked Greathelm, resulting in no change in stats.

Hive Mind

  • Lost 7 armor and 1-6% poison res due to the reduction of stats on its base type, Leather Mask.
  • Grants 40-90 health (from 40-70)

Kermode’s Cage

  • Base type changed from Nomad Garb (102 armor and 4-8 health regen) to Beastmail (156 armor, 5-10% increased movement speed, 5-16 health)

Legacy of the Quiet Forest

  • Legacy of the Quiet Forest is now a Nomad Belt (from Bronze Belt) and grants 90-245 armor (from 30 to 145). The net result is that it gains 1 more potion slot, and 10 minimum armor. It’s maximum armor has not changed, due to the loss of implicit armor.

Mad Alchemist Ladle

  • Grants 6% more spell damage per negative ailment (from 8%) up to 8


  • Grants 54-85 Bow Void Damage at low health (from 54-64)
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 55 (from 68)

Omen of Thunder

  • Omen of Thunder is now a Nomad Belt (from Bronze Belt). This means that it has gained 1 potion slot and lost 50-100 armor. Its effect now grants 24-34 spell damage to existing totems (from 17-24).


  • Base type changed from Dawn Helm (400 armor) to full Helm (95 armor)
  • Now also grants 7-13% less damage taken while moving

Pillager’s Gold

  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 15 (from 35)

Renegade’s Will

  • Grants +3-5 to Vengeance (from 3)
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 10 (from 37)

Sacrificial Embrace

  • Sacrificial Embrace (Unique Gloves) now gains 28% to 58% chance to gain a stack of Abyssal Rite on Crit (from 20% to 28%) and now has +14 void spell damage and +14% void penetration per stack (from 10%).

Sanguine Hoard

  • Grants 25% increased Attack Speed (from 20%)
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 20 (from 30)

Shadow Beacon

  • Grants +1-2 to Void Skills (from 1)
  • Now also grants -10 to -5 Erasing Strike Mana Cost

Shroud of Obscurity

  • Base type changed from Heretic Robes (66 armor, 11-19% increased mana regen) to Witch Robes (53 armor, 7-13% increased cast speed).
  • Grants 3-13 ward on dodge (from 3-9)
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 6 (from 13)

Sunforged Greathelm

  • Base type changed from Dawn Helm (400 armor) to Solarum Greathelm (365 armor, 15-75 endurance threshold, 15-75% increased fire damage)

Sunforged Cuirass

  • Base type changed from Dawn Plate (550 armor) to Solarum Plate (420 armor, 10-15% endurance, 20-80% increased fire damage)
  • Now grants 15-25% increased fire damage per forged weapon (from 15-20%)


  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 21 (from 30)

The Falcon

  • Renamed to The Kestrel (to avoid any confusion with The Falcon minion, we did the same sort of thing when we renamed The Monolith unique shield to The Slab)
  • No longer grants 15% increased movement speed if you have hit an enemy in the last 5 seconds
  • Now grants 5-7% increased movement speed
  • Now grants 30-45% chance to gain Haste on Hit
  • Now also grants 15-30% increased effect of Haste on You
  • Now also grants +1 to Dexterity Skills

Troaka’s Teeth

  • Grants 60-90% Frostbite Chance on Bow Hit (from 20-40%)
  • Grants 90 Freeze Rate with Puncture (from 60)
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 15 (from 20)

Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros

  • Both current health to ward conversion mods are now 5-8% (from 10-13%)

Vilatria’s Storm Crown

  • Base type changed from Gilded Crown (36 armor and 18-42% increased elemental damage) to Weathered Crown (14 armor and 14-34% increased spell damage)
  • Grants 4-8 intelligence (from 4-6)
  • Grants 6-16% lightning penetration (from 6-12%)

Zeurial’s Hunt

  • Triggered effects grant 62-92% lightning penetration (from 42-62%)
  • Has an effective level for legendary potential of 35 (from 52)

Base Items

All Classes

  • Added many new Faction themed items that players can buy from Faction gamblers for Favor.
  • Added four new endgame caches containing rare and exalted versions of all the base types of each Faction.
  • Renamed the non-class specific Forest Garb base type to Forest Cuirass to avoid confusion with the Primalist specific Forest Garb base type
  • Item level requirement from affixes is now capped at 90.
    • This was only possible to exceed with many high tier affixes and a high tier sealed affix.
    • It was theoretically possible for an item to require level 101 by sealing a T7 experimental affix on an item with three other T7 affixes and then crafting on a T5.
    • Uniques and base item types can still have a level requirement above 90.


  • Leather Belt requires level 9 (from 14)
  • Plated Belt grants 35-65 armor (from 50-100)
  • Noble Sash grants 16-32 mana (from 5 to 20) and requires level 14 (from 32)
  • Bronze Belt has been replaced by the Chain Belt which grants 40-74 Ward Decay Threshold and 4 potion slots and requires level 31
  • Ranger’s Belt has been renamed to Nomad Belt and requires level 45 (from 60)
  • Added Spidersilk Sash, which grants 33-47% Poison and Cold Res and 4 potion slots. It requires level 58.
  • Added Praetorian Belt, which grants 125-250 armor and 4 potion slots. It requires level 66.
  • Added Osprean Belt, which grants 6 potion slots and requires level 73.
  • Added Divine Girdle, which grants 4-8% increased movement speed and 4 potion slots. It requires level 80.


  • Updated the icons for Worn Boots, Leather Boots, Iron Greaves, Outcast Boots, Arcane Boots, and Shrine Boots.
  • Hide Boots grant 5%-7% increased movement speed (from 4%-7%)
  • Arcane Boots grant 120-230 Ward Decay Threshold (from 10%-15% ward retention)
  • Added a new boots base type, Vanguard Boots, which grants 72 armor, 15-18% movement speed, and 24-50% increased effect of Haste on You, and requires level 76.
  • Added a new boots base type, Citadel Boots, which grants 185 armor, 15-18% movement speed, and 35-50% reduced bonus damage from crits, and requires level 85.


  • Updated the icons for Outcast Gloves and Solarum Bracers
  • Mail Bracers grant 32 armor (from 30)
  • Solarum Bracers grant 45 armor (from 30)
  • Noble Gloves grant 28 armor (from 32) and 7-14% increased mana regen (from 3-10% increased cast speed)
  • Added a new gloves base type, Arcane Bracers, which grants 36 armor, 20-36 mana, and 12%-24% increased mana regen, and requires level 54.
  • Added a new gloves base type, Ascetic Gloves, which grants 58 armor and 6-12% increased cooldown recovery speed, and requires level 79.
  • Added a new gloves base type, Eternal Gauntlets, which grants 211 armor and 11-24% of armor mitigation applies to damage over time, and requires level 86.


  • Ivory Ring grants 46-130 ward decay threshold (from 13-26% ward retention)


  • Dawn Blade Now has +54 melee damage (from +48)
  • Nagasa Scymitar Now has 35-65 increased damage over time (from 26-56%)
  • Crystal Sword Now has 8-14% increased attack speed (from 10-16%)
  • Katana Now has +30-53% critical strike multiplier (from +38-60%)
  • Serpent Mace Now has +53-75% poison resistance (from 35-43%)
  • Chitin Dagger Now has +40-80% poison chance (from +20-60%)
  • Kris Now has +35-65% critical strike multiplier (from +40-80%)
  • Jade Cleaver Now has +110 melee damage (from +105)
  • Dragonblade Axe Now has +10-14 minion melee damage (from +7-10 minion melee physical damage)
  • Serpent Bow Now has +35-70% poison chance (from +24-60%)
  • Ornate Wand Now has +22-61% poison chance (from +15-51%)
  • Skeletal Sceptre Now has 35-75% increased minion damage (from 25-65%)
  • Bow affix changes
    • Now has 75% affix effect modifier (from 60%), this is a buff to bows
    • The crit chance and bow attack speed now has 75% affix effect modifier (from 60%)

Class Items

Acolyte Body Armor

  • Replaced Coven Garb (armor and mana) with Heretic Garb which grants 23 armor and requires level 1
  • Added a new Acolyte Body Armor, Initiate Robes, which grant 26 armor and 13-26 mana ad requires level 4
  • Ribbed Cuirass grants 79 armor (from 131) and requires level 12 (from 31)
  • Witch Robes grant 53 armor (from 31) and 7-13% increased cast speed (from 3-13%) and require level 29 (from 14)
  • Replaced Heretic Robes (armor and mana regen) with Fiend Robes, which grant 96 armor and 19-36% fire resistance and require level 27
  • Added a new Acolyte Body Armor, Coven Robes, which grant 83 armor, 8-15% increased cast speed, and 15-29% increased mana regen
  • Burial Plate grants 257 armor (from 157), 23-39% cold resistance (from 31-47%), and 57-139 stun avoidance and requires level 53 (from 57)
  • Profane Regalia grants 191 armor (from 116) and 37-61% increased crit chance and minion crit chance (from 1-2% health leech and minion health leech) and requires level 61 (from 63)
  • Revenant Plate grants 279 armor (from 179), 3-6% of max health gained as endurance threshold (from 11-15% endurance), and requires level 66 (from 71)
  • Added a new Acolyte Body Armor, Necropolis Plate, which grants 179 armor, 83-179 ward decay threshold, and 8-19 ward on kill and requires level 71
  • Immortal Regalia grants 213 armor (from 149) and requires level 77 (from 79)
  • Added a new Acolyte Body Armor, Sanguine Regalia, which grants 261 armor, 1-2% health leech, and 1-2% minion health leech and requires level 84

Acolyte Helmets

  • Outcast Cage grants 6 armor (from 7)
  • Bone Mask requires level 3 (from 5)
  • Skull Cage grants 2-3 spell damage (from 13-30% increased spell damage) and requires level 6 (from 17)
  • Death Mask grants 61 armor (from 91) and requires level 13 (from 29)
  • Added a new Acolyte Helmet, Witch Hat, which grants 26 armor and 13-19% increased mana regen and requires level 21
  • Replaced Heretic Cowl (armor, crit chance, and minion crit chance) with Fiend Cowl, which grants 49 armor and 7-41% necrotic resistance and requires level 29
  • Added a new Acolyte Helmet, Coven Hat, which grants 66 armor, 13-33 mana, and 13-33% increased mana regen and requires level 39
  • Burial Mask grants 151 armor (from 113) and 11-15% endurance (from 13-51% ward retention) and requires level 51 (from 57)
  • Profane Helm has been renamed to Profane Crown, grants 129 armor (from 89) and requires level 60 (from 66)
  • Revenant Mask grants 163 armor (from 103), 11-16% endurance (from 10-15 minion spell damage), and 11-16% reduced bonus damage taken from crits and requires level 66 (from 70)
  • Added a new Acolyte Helmet, Necropolis Helm, which grants 143 armor, 66-173 ward decay threshold, and 6-17 ward on kill and requires level 73
  • Immortal Crown grants 137 armor (from 117)

Mage Body Armor

  • Traveling Coat grants 18 armor (from 24)
  • Adept Robes require level 1 (from 5) and grant 22 armor (from 18)
  • Added a new Mage Body Armor, Keeper Raiment, which grants 35 armor and 10-15% increased mana regen and requires level 5
  • Added a new Mage Body Armor, Archive Robes, which grants 41 armor and 11-24% void resistance and requires level 12
  • Temple Garb grants 48 armor (from 42) and 30-60 ward decay threshold (from 6-18% increased mana regen) and requires level 21 (from 18)
  • Lunar Raiments grants 7-35% cold and lightning resistance (from 5-14% elemental resistance) and requires level 30 (from 27)
  • Opulent Robes grant 16-24% increased mana regen (from 6-10% increased cast speed)
  • Mystic Plate grants 324 armor (from 204)
  • Celestial Raiment grants 135 armor (from 145) and requires level 60 (from 73)
  • Vul’Kaur Regalia grants 70-127 ward decay threshold (from 12-27% ward retention)
  • Added a new Mage Body Armor, Tyrant Reglia, which grants 147 armor, 5-14% increased cast speed, and 5-14 spell damage and requires level 77
  • Arcane Regalia grants 21-42% increased mana regen (from 14-35%) and requires level 87 (from 77)

Mage Helmets

  • Adept Helm requires level 3 (from 4)
  • Added a new Mage Helmet, Keeper Helm, which grants 28 armor and 6-28 mana and requires level 6
  • Weathered Crown grants 14-34% increased spell damage (from 14-40 mana)
  • Added a new Mage Helmet, Temple Veil, which grants 35 armor and 3-15 ward per second and requires level 22
  • Lunar Helm requires grants 63 armor (from 48) and 9-18% increased mana regen (from 4-12 ward per second) and requires level 33 (from 29)
  • Removed Gilded Crown (armor and increased elemental damage)
  • Mystic Helm grants 184 armor (from 124) and requires level 50 (from 52)
  • Celestial Helm grants 96 armor (from 106) and requires level 56 (from 72)
  • Runed Visage grants 77 armor (from 70) and 30-77% of mana spent gained as ward (from 27-70%) and 14-30% increased mana (from 12-27%) requires level 63 (from 60)
  • Added a new Mage Helmet, Tyrant Crown, which grants 130 armor, and 1-3% of elemental damage leeched as health
  • Arcane Visage grants 7-15% increased cooldown recovery speed (from 7-14%) and 7-15% increased mana (from 7-14%) requires level 84 (from 77)

Primalist Body Armor

  • Oak Armor requires level 1 (from 4)
  • Added a new Primalist Body Armor, Avian Garb, which grants 38 armor and 1-4 attunement and requires level 6
  • Forest Garb grants 3-7 health regen (from 1-4 attunement) and requires level 14 (from 16)
  • Added a new Primalist Body Armor, Chitin Carapace, which grants 194 armor and 4-9% endurance and requires level 22
  • Icewolf garb now also grants 28-56% increased cold damage
  • Replaced Nomad Garb (armor and health regen) with Shamanic Garb, which grants 136 armor, 2-6 attunement, and 36-60% increased minion damage and requires level 36
  • Replaced Wild Armor (armor and movement speed) with Meruna Carapace, which grants 372 armor and 72-372 stun avoidance and requires level 52
  • Greatwood Coat grants 185 armor (from 164), and 8-15 spell damage and minion spell damage (from 6-14), and requires level 63 (from 67)
  • Added a new Primalist Body Armor, Beastmail, which grants 156 armor, 5-10% increased movement speed, and 5-16 health regen and requires level 70

Primalist Helmets

  • Oak Helm grants 15 armor (from 12)
  • Added a new Primalist Helmet, Avian Helm, which grants 22 armor and 11-33% increased stun chance and requires level 3
  • Wolf Pelt grants 18 armor (from 16) and 1-4 strength (from 1-3), and requires level 7 (from 12)
  • Forest Cowl grants 36 armor (from 32), and 10-16% health regen and mana regen (from 10-22% poison res)
  • Added a new Primalist Helmet, Chitin Helm, which grants 86 armor and 10-40% poison resistance and requires level 21
  • Replaced Horned Cowl (armor, health regen, and mana regen) with Raptor Helm, which grants 65 armor and 2-3% crit chance and minion crit chance and requires level 30
  • Kolheim Cowl grants 21-43% fire res (from 12-30%) and requires level 43 (from 30)
  • Added a new Primalist Helmet, Meruna Helm, which grants 265 armor and 25-45% lightning resistance and requires level 51
  • Ancestral Crown grants 116 armor (from 124), 11-16% endurance (from 6-12% increased health), and 6-10% of max health gained as endurance threshold (from 2-3% of damage leeched as health on hit). It requires level 86 (from 76)
  • Added a new Primalist Helmet, Tusked Greathelm, which has Ancestral Crown’s previous stats and requires level 73

Rogue Body Armor

  • Leather Hauberk grants 33 armor (from 52) and requires level 1 (from 17)
  • Bandit Garb grants 40 armor (from 30) and requires level 6 (from 4)
  • Added a new Rogue Body Armor, Grolehide Coat, which grants 52 armor and 12-20% increased mana regen and requires level 11
  • Outcast Coat grants 64 armor (from 42) and 12-32% necrotic resistance (from 12-20% increased mana regen) and requires level 23 (from 26)
  • Brigandine Armor grants 105 armor (from 204) and 10-35% physical resistance (from 32-44%) and requires level 27 (from 68)
  • Replaced Boiled Leather (armor and endurance) with Umbral Coat which grants 188 armor and 39-90% increased Damage with Skills used by Shadows and requires level 39
  • Exile Coat requires level 44 (from 58)
  • Scalebane Coat grants 154 armor (from 114) and grants 25-44% poison res (from 31-43%) and 25-44% cold res (from 31-44% increased damage over time) and requires level 54 (from 50)
  • Added a new Rogue Body Armor, Elite Regalia, which grants 190 armor, 7-15% endurance, and 15-25% increased mana regen and requires level 61
  • Added a new Rogue Body Armor, Falconry Armor, which grants 202 armor, 4-8 dexterity, and 12-24 melee and throwing damage for your Falcon and requires level 67
  • Added a new Rogue Body Armor, Wyrmhide Coat, which grants 168 armor, 25-50% increased dodge rating, and 25-50% increased damage over time, and requires level 73
  • Added a new Rogue Body Armor, Dragonhide Coat, which grants 180 armor, 25-38% crit avoidance, and 2-3% crit chance and requires level 80
  • Gorgonscale Coat grants 255 armor (from 180), 10-15% glancing blow chance (from 25-38% crit avoidance), and 35-45% lightning res (from 38-45%) and requires level 85 (from 80)

Rogue Helmets

  • Replaced Kelthan Mask (armor and elemental resistance) with Horned Helm, which grants 62 armor, 6-18% physical resistance, and 6-18% increased physical damage and requires level 28
  • Added a new Rogue Helmet, Umbral Hood, which grants 81 armor and 54-81 stun avoidance and requires level 37
  • Exile Hat grants 56 armor (from 65) requires level 45 (from 65)
  • Scalebane Grimace grants 95 armor (from 81) and 15-35% poison and fire resistance (from 1-2% health leech)
  • Replaced Umbral Visage (armor and crit multi) with Pinnacle Helm which grants 142 armor and 1-2% health leech and requires level 60
  • Added a new Rogue Helmet, Falconry Helm, which grants 108 armor, 3-6 dexterity, and 12-24 melee and throwing damage for your Falcon and requires level 68
  • Added a new Rogue Helmet, Blood Visage, which grants 115 armor, 50-95% increased damage over time, 10-25% increased bleed duration and requires level 74
  • Added a new Rogue Helmet, Dragon Visage, which grants 126 armor, 27-45% fire resistance, and 18-36% critical strike multiplier and requires level 81
  • Gorgonscale Coif grants 152 armor (from 112) and 52-86% increased stun chance (from 12-56%) and requires level 86 (from 79)

Sentinel Body Armor

  • Added a new starting Sentinel Body Armor, Ringmail Hauberk, which grants 50 armor and requires level 1
  • Infantry Haurberk requires level 1 (from level 5)
  • Worn Plate now grants 75 armor (from 45) and requires level 4 (from 1)
  • Iron Plate has been renamed to Iron Cuirass and requires level 13 (from 15)
  • Full Plate grants 165 armor (from 145) and requires level 19 (from 28)
  • Added a new Sentinel Body Armor, Forge Plate, which grants 210 armor and 21-35% physical resistance, and requires level 29
  • Noble Plate grants 240 armor (from 210) and 12-36% lightning resistance (from 10-25%)
  • Myrmidon Plate grants 280 armor (from 240) and 25-60% increased crit chance (from 20-60%) and requires level 53 (from 60)
  • Augury Plate grants 475 armor (from 350) and 18-35% increased mana regen (from 10-25%) and requires level 59 (from 70)
  • Solarum Plate grants 420 armor (from 310) and 20-80% increased fire damage (from 15-50%) requires level 68 (from 80)
  • Replaced Dawn Plate (armor) with Apocalypse Plate which grants 513 armor, 113-253 stun avoidance, and 13-130% increased Echo Damage and requires level 79
  • Added a new Sentinel Body Armor, Champion Regalia, which grants 700 armor and 10-17% of armor mitigation applies to damage over time

Sentinel Helmets

  • Battered Helm has been renamed to Leather Helm, and grants 35 armor (from 30)
  • Infantry Helm requires level 3 (from 4)
  • Added a new Sentinel Helmet, Arena Helm, which grants 50 armor and 10-20% fire resistance and requires level 6
  • Iron Visor grants 56 armor (from 45) and 12-26% increased stun chance (from 10-25%) and requires level 12 (from 13)
  • Full Helm requires level 20 (from 28)
  • Added a new Sentinel Helmet, Spiked Helm, which grants 70 armor, 12-27% physical resistance, and 12-27% increased physical damage and requires level 27
  • Winged Helm requires level 40 (from 42)
  • Myrmidon Helm grants 125 armor (from 150) and requires level 51 (from 60)
  • Augury Helm grants 260 armor (from 225), 6-10% increased cooldown recovery speed (from 5-10%) and 16-42% void resistance (from 10-25%) requires level 60 (from 68)
  • Replaced Dawn Helm (armor) with Solarum Greathelm which grants 365 armor, 15-75 endurance threshold, and 15-75% increased fire damage
  • Replaced Solarum Helm (armor, endurance threshold, and fire damage) with Terror Crown, which grants 313 armor, 1-7 Vitality, and 13-130% increased Echo Damage and requires level 80
  • Added a new Sentinel Helmet, Leonine Greathelm, which grants 550 armor and 50-85% reduced bonus damage taken from crits and requires level 85


New Weapon Affixes

  • Hybrid Damage Type Penetration and Minion Damage Type Penetration for Physical, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Void, Necrotic, and Poison Damage (all)
  • +X% Parry Chance (not wands, sceptres, and bows)
  • Hybrid mana and mana regen (not maces or bows)
  • Minion damage suffixes have been changed to grant added damage
    • Hybrid +X Minion Melee Damage and +X Minion Spell Damage (can roll on staves, sceptres, swords, axes, and spears)
    • Hybrid +X Minion Melee Damage and +X Minion Bow Damage (can roll on swords axes, spears, daggers, staves, and bows)
    • Hybrid +X Minion Spell Damage and +X Minion Bow Damage (can roll on wands, axes, sceptres, and staves)

New Acolyte Affixes

  • Level of Chthonic Fissure
  • Level of Chaos Bolts
  • Level of Ghostflame
  • Level of Profane Veil
  • Chance for 3 additional projectiles when you directly cast Chaos Bolts
  • Added spell damage for curses
  • Increased spirit frequency with Chthonic Fissure
  • Added spell damage for curses
  • Ward per second while channeling Ghostflame
  • Mana efficiency with Ghostflame
  • Increased duration with Profane Veil
  • Mana efficiency with Soul Feast and chance to wither on hit with Soul Feast
  • Ward per second during Profane Veil
  • Increased cast speed while cursed
  • Increased damage over time while you have an ailment overload

New Primalist Affixes

  • Level of Gathering Storm
  • Chance to gain a Storm Stack when you use Gathering Storm and hit an enemy
  • Less frequency of expending Storm Stacks and added spell damage for Storm Bolt
  • Increased frequency of expending Storm Stacks

New Rogue Affixes

  • Level of Falconry
  • Level of Dive Bomb
  • Level of Explosive Trap
  • Level of Aerial Assault
  • Level of Net
  • Increased damage and area with Dive Bomb
  • Added throwing damage with Caltrops
  • Chance to apply critical vulnerability on hit with Caltrops
  • Additional max traps with Explosive Trap and increased throwing attack speed
  • Chance to deal double damage with Falcon Strikes
  • Percentage of your bleed chance and poison chance granted to your Falcon
  • Critical strike multiplier and minion critical strike multiplier
  • Increased area for throwing skills
  • Increased area with Caltrops and chance to shred armor on hit with Caltrops

New Sentinel Affixes

  • Level of Healing Hands

Enemy Changes

New or Replaced Enemies

Chapter 3

  • Replaced all void cultists except for a few minibosses
  • Replaced Voidfused Bears with Consumed Groles
  • Updated Weathered Statue model and abilities
  • Replaced Ruin Skuttlers with Cockroaches
  • Replaced Bloated Husks and Decayed Husks with Sprouting Husks

Chapter 4

  • Imperial Hoplites have been rebalanced and moved to Imperial Thetima
  • Removed Flame Remnants
  • Removed Storm Remnants (they still spawn in endgame)
  • Added Zombie Hounds
  • Added Mortal Hunters
  • Added Bone Sculptors
  • Added War Tombs
  • Removed Bone Cairns (they still spawn in endgame and will be re-added elsewhere in the campaign in future)
  • Added Inquisitor Captain Nerva
  • Added Praetor Taranis
  • Added Headhunter Lavian
  • Added Sirenis the Accuser
  • Added the Storm Cage
  • Removed Avian Chimeras
  • Removed Feline Chimeras
  • Removed Avialine Chimeras
  • Removed Occultists
  • Removed Wraithbinders
  • Added Imperial Mariners
  • Added Imperial Navigators
  • Added Swampfiends
  • Added Lightning Wraiths
  • Replaced Necromancer’s Crows with Drowned Ravens

Chapter 5

  • Updated Giant Scorpions
  • Added Crimson Scorpions
  • Added Sand Scorpions
  • Removed Blood Scorpions
  • Removed Jewelled Skuttlers
  • Removed Jewelled Spitters
  • Removed Sapphirals
  • Added Undead Hydras
  • Updated Drowned Husks
  • Updated Dune Wraiths (they no longer spawn endlessly)
  • Added Blood Gorgons
  • Added Mummified Nagasa
  • Added Titan Leeches
  • Added Leech Slayers
  • Added Zerrick’s Hands
  • Added Desiccated Corpses
  • Added Soul Binders
  • Transfusion Caskets
  • Added Immortal Firebrand
  • Added The Bone Furnace
  • Added Venator Ealos
  • Added The Stygian Warden
  • Added Praetor Vul’arta

Chapter 6

  • Added Imperial Deadeyes
  • Added Sewer Dwellers
  • Removed Blood Chimeras
  • Added Bone Scavengers
  • Added Bone Mimics
  • Updated Rustland Stalkers
  • Updated Giant Rats
  • Added Rotting Hounds

Ranged enemy behavior changes

  • Several ranged enemies now move more between attacking to make combat feel more dynamic
  • This also makes these enemies less oppressive and robotic when fighting them
  • Enemies include:
    • Skalnir Mercenary
    • Imperial Scouts
    • Imperial Sentries
    • Imperial Arbalests
    • Wengari Raiders
    • Solar Auxiliaries
    • Osprix Lightmages
    • Ascendant Embermages
    • Sapphire Nagasa

Other Changes

  • All enemies have 2% more health
  • All enemies deal 1% more damage
  • Increased enemy health and damage globally above level 60, by around 5% at level 80 and around 25% at level 100.

Visuals, Sound, & UI

Visual Updates

Enemy Visuals

  • Soul Warden
  • Imperial Deadeye
  • Elder Pannion Husk
  • Frozen Dryad
  • Frost Spriggan
  • Admiral Harton
  • Imperial Siege Captain
  • Necrotic Wisp
  • Armored Phoenix
  • Frost Lich Formosus’ model
  • Adjusted the Void Dart ability on the Dark Seer enemy to have a slightly smaller hitbox and not pierce.
  • Adjusted the Void Dart vfx to be a little smaller and a shorter trail.
  • Updated the rune on the hazard in the Rustlands Arena.
  • Updated the fire on the Volatile Bristlemaw enemy
  • Added vfx to the Osprix Zealot’s dash attack
  • Abomination Boss
  • Teeming Husk
  • Ancient Dragon indicator

Other Visual Updates

  • When the Primalist transforms back into a human after being a Werebear, Spriggan, or Swarmblade, there is now a puff of dust to make the transition a little nicer
  • Added Screen Shake to most Rogue Abilities and fixed a bug with screen shake not working for on hit effects. This should make many skills feel better.
  • Updated Character Select screen
    • Updated background and lighting
    • Added support to spin and zoom in/out on characters
    • Updates all classes in Character Select with the new rig and proportions
  • Improved the the visual orbiting of orbit/spiral skills including:
    • Shuriken
    • Devouring Orb
    • Hammer Throw
    • Static Orb
  • Stash visual update, including a new model, animations, and vfx
  • Updated Void Yiqi Visuals
  • Several ailment VFX are updated
  • New Models for Primalist minion Skills
    • Summon Storm Crow
    • Summon Scorpion
    • Summon Sabertooth
    • Summon Raptor
  • Updated the VFX for a large number of skills
    • Fire explosion vfx that is used on explosion nodes on Smite, Forge Strike, Infernal Shade, Rive, and Enchant Weapon.
    • Infernal shade’s explosion node now visually converts to blood if you take the blood conversion node
    • Hail of Arrows (casting vfx, and channeled node vfx)
    • Dark Quiver (casting vfx)
    • Dive Bomb (area, speed, Shadow Falcons, Feather Rain, general vfx)
    • Summon Skeleton (vfx)
    • Disintegrate (range increased by 20%)
    • Fireball (speed and duration)
    • Rive (hitbox and vfx)
    • Erasing Strike (vfx)
    • Tempest Strike (vfx and some timings)
    • Detonating Arrow (vfx)
    • Acid Flask pools (small bugfix)
    • Hungering Souls (ailment vfx)
    • Profane Veil (vfx fix)
    • Bone Prison
    • Summoned Revenant (full update)
    • Caltrops (vfx and position)
    • Hammer Throw (hammer in hand)
    • Javelin (javelin in hand)
    • Lethal Mirage (lightning vfx)
    • Smoke Bomb (movement nodes speed and animation)
    • Aerial Assault (still a bit wip but speed and anim)
    • Avalanche (non channeled node stutter step)
    • Summon Skeleton Archer (vfx)
    • Runic Invocation (leaping nodes speed)
    • Lightning Blast (casting vfx)
    • Spriggan Form (summon vines summon delay)
    • Forge Strike (timing tweaks)
    • Healing Hands (melee vfx)
    • Marrow Shards (vfx and speed)
    • Wandering Spirits (poison spit vfx)
    • Anomaly (time bubble vfx)
    • Wolf Howl size
    • Bone Curse


  • Added a disclaimer that cosmetics cannot be equipped to offline characters
  • Performance and visual improvements to previous MTX items
  • Added several new pets: “Guppy” the Baby Chronowyrm, Phase Sphinx, Twilight Fox, Frosthorn Owl, Seer’s Orbs, Dire-Guanas, and Bees
  • Added five new armor sets: Argentum Myrmidon, Crescent Sage, Crystalweave Plate, Fallen Ronin, and Temporal Guardian
  • Added five new helmets: Divine Shroud, Necrotic Shroud, Moltenplume Gaze, Crystal Crown, and Dreadforged Helm
  • Added several new Backslots: Voidgaze Mantle, Fire Warden’s Wings, Rime Mantle, Spring’s Bounty, Autumnal Wrap, Midsummer’s Dream, Mantle of the Prophesier, Merchant’s Mantle
  • Added three new Portals: Champions Pass, Celestial Way, Firefly’s Refuge
  • Added 4 new Weapons: Wyrmscale Aegis, Time Guardian Catalyst, and Divine Fist mace bundle.
  • Added some Kickstarter, Alpha, and Beta Supporter Pack Rewards: Kickstarter Backer Portraits, Ancient Portal, and Otom Otom’s Blessing

UI Updates

Nearly all of the user interface in the game has been updated with better visuals, improved legibility, more information where helpful or improved information for clarity. Not all minor changes are listed


  • Added an experience panel that gives detailed information about your characters current level that can be access via hovering over the XP bar on the HUD or the level display on the character information screen
  • Added a level display below the experience bar on the HUD
  • Bottom of screen HUD icons showing you have new passive points, skill points, unlocked specialization slots, etc. have effects for better visibility
  • Reaper Form health material has been slightly adjusted
  • Arena wave HUD visual update
  • In-game Chat help - Improved layout and information


  • Continued improvements to translations for all supported languages
  • Added full translation support across all in-game text. Players may encounter UI display issues as we work to accommodate text that varies widely by language.
  • Please use our in-game Support tool to help us gather feedback. These reports should be tagged as “feedback” for localization.
  • Cinematic subtitles updated
  • Boss voice over text is now shown in chat box


  • Added a loading message to region display upon login
  • Steam Required error panel has been updated with more accurate and helpful information
  • Added Credits which can be found on the landing page
  • Escape menu is now shown on top of many panels that it was beneath allowing access to it in more states
  • Revised the wording to the Support Ticket form and fixed some typos
  • Disabled gameplay zoom while the Support Ticket form is open
  • Removed the support/feedback options from the Report a Bug form now that there is a separate Support form

Map & Quest Log

  • Map has been redesigned to be full screen and only show the currently select quest on click for better map visibility. Graphics have been updated to better show towns, dungeons, campaign skips, and other notable locations
    • Quest tracker has been updated so that you can pin and unpin tracked quests. Main quests will always be tracked. There is now an icon to the left of each quest denoting the campaign chapter where the quest is located
  • Quest markers have been redesigned to feature 3d icons above NPC heads and now better reflect the following states for main and side quests: Quest Available, Quest Accepted, Quest Ready for Turn In
  • Quest Tracker and mini-map on the right side of the HUD have been visually updated
  • Reworked quest UI in campaign, dungeons, arena and monolith


  • Tutorial tooltips have been added to many areas to better explain Corruption, Stability, the Timeline web, Gaze of Orobyss, and more.
  • Center timeline node has been made visually more prominent to aid people finding it more easily when having a timeline with many echoes unveiled


  • Nearly every modal/panel in the game has been updated with new styling and the custom Last Epoch font
  • Many panels have been updated with new effects to highlight actions or potential actions better, like unspent points in the passives panel, investing points in the skills panel, and the availability to transfer items in the inventory panel
  • Stash panel has been updated with smooth scroll for many tabs and visual improvements
  • Character sheet layout has been updated (an even more detailed character sheet is still planned for a future update)
  • Game Guide articles now have buttons to link those articles directly into chat so you can more easily help your fellow travelers learn about Last Epoch!
  • Blessings Panel design has been updated to reflect their tie to the Epoch artifact
  • Choose a Blessing panel from stabilizing a timeline has been redesigned and tells you how to unlock the fourth and fifth blessing options
  • Shader removal for inventory items for performance improvement

Social Panel and Experience

  • The Social Experience has been improved
    • Improved response time for party changes and friend updates
    • Character portraits load faster
    • Party panel not longer show you on an empty party when you invite someone
    • Added do not disturb status to auto reject all party invites
    • Removed unused fields from the social panel
    • Added new chat messages for social actions (add friend, block, invite)
    • You will no longer see party invites from blocked players
  • Refer a Friend
    • You can now send your invite code to a friend and they can claim you as the person who referred you to purchase Last Epoch.
    • You may only claim one person as the person who referred you.
    • Each time a person enters your referral code, you will receive one of three Bee-themed cosmetic pet rewards, up to a maximum of 3.
    • Referral codes can be sent from the Social panel

Sprite Updates

  • All class badges have been updated across the game
  • All Keyboard and Mouse icons
  • All quest related sprites
  • Information icons and buttons
  • Refresh icon
  • Shade of Orobyss echo node
  • Sanctuary of Eterra echo node
  • Buff and debuff icon holders updated for better visual weight and clarity
  • New specialization slot unlocked
  • Basic attack icon
  • Move-to icon
  • New passive point available icon


  • Item tooltips design has been updated and visually redesigned to show larger item art and contain better prompt information and options - especially on gamepad
  • Added “Estimated” in DPS tooltips to signify that calculations displayed don’t account for many interactions and bonuses that may exist in your character’s build or situation
  • Player and minion card have slightly visual updates


  • Reduced the tutorialization in early zones
    • removed move tutorial
    • removed party up tutorial
    • removed using skills tutorial
    • movement tutorial only triggers if sitting still for 6 seconds in the spawn location
  • Updated Game Guide (Accessible by pressing ‘G’)


  • Gamepad Main Menu wheel updated to include access to more panels and options
  • Most confirm buttons can now be used by pressing “Enter”
  • In towns you will now see faction affiliation displayed above characters. You may trade with other characters in-town if aligned with the Merchants Guild faction
  • Disabled timer on death screen to avoid it appearing when not needed
  • Loot Filter added to bottom fly out menu and game pad wheel menu
  • Updated damage number visuals based on gameplay elements
  • Added a short loading screen and transition effect when entering Monolith echoes



  • Increased volume on Immortal Overseer death sound
  • Increased volume on Soul Cage Beam
  • Increased volume of rain in the The Dreadnought’s Deck global ambience
  • Profane Flesh now has Vocal sound effects for it’s main rock throwing ability
  • Flame Gryphon should now play all sounds in online play, and the sounds for when they fly in, dash and sounds for the novas have all been replaced
  • Increased volume on sfx and vocal sfx for skeleton enemies
  • Implemented louder vocals for Stormthrower Zael
  • Fixed issue where various skill sounds on Sapphire Nagasa weren’t playing in online play
  • Ice Elemental Boss has new sounds for its projectile skill, summoning mirrored elemental and the death sound is more clear now
  • Increased frequency of player on-kill and attack/hurt lines
  • Reduced volume on poison explosion sounds that play when Poison Hounds die
  • Reduced volume of hanging cages sound effect that can be heard in The Risen Lake
  • Increased the fail chance on Void Scholar attack vocals
  • Weathered Statues have new sound effects
  • Rat enemies have new sound effects
  • Increased volume on Immortal Overseer death sound
  • Increased volume on Soul Cage Beam
  • Added new sfx to the new Ulatri Scavenger enemy


  • Reduced volume of boss fight music in The Ritual Site
  • Added new Music to 35 zones across most chapters including Monolith Hub, and Echo of a World


  • Bone Curse and its conversions have new sfx
  • Tempest Strike has all new sound effects
  • Add new use sound, projectile sound and hit sound to Arrow Nova
  • Implemented 2D audio parameter control for Transplant.
  • Changed hit sound on Bone Splinters
  • Removed projectile sound from Skeletal Mage’s Hungering Souls
  • Changed Explosion sound on Ballista’s Armed Construction and Explosive Delivery nodes
  • Multistrike base skills now has a new hit sound
  • Replaced fire layer sfx on Volatile Zombie’s puke fire vfx
  • Added hit sound to Devouring Orb for when the impact node is selected
  • Changed the sound of Volcanic Orb’s small explosion
  • Replaced raptor footsteps sfx
  • Changed the return sound effect for Chakram
  • Added 2D sound functionality to the Chakram Use Sound

Voice Acting

  • Acolyte has a new voice
  • Admiral Harton has a new voice
  • Large number of Imperial Enemies now have spoken voice lines
  • Wengari enemies have new voices
  • Void Cultists all have new voices
  • Drowned Husks have new vocal sound effects


  • Replaced old portal sound that was on monolith portal to the new town portal sound
  • Given all player summons hit sound receivers that are set to “Player” so that they emit quieter hit sounds like the player
  • Increased volume of rain in the The Dreadnought’s Deck global ambience
  • Adjusted volume and mix for all MTX portals and pets
  • Adjusted VFX and timings of many skills to align better with combat
  • Audio Device is now selectable in the Sound settings panel

Bug Fixes

General Skill Bugfixes

  • Fixed an overarching problem with how skills are used in online play which should address a number of bugs:
    • Fixed players getting stuck in place after using a skill they didn’t meet requirements for
    • Fixed players casting a skill and doing nothing for a skill they didn’t meet requirements for
    • Fixed some behaviors with channeling skills
  • Fixed several visual bugs with minion vfx and animations
  • Fixed a bug where Marked For Death was applying -50% resistances instead of the listed -25%
  • Ignite now correctly just says “Ignite” rather than “An Ignite”, in line with other ailments
  • Fixed a number of skills VFX not playing correctly because they were not pooled
  • Fixed a bug where some skills which can be turned into Traversal skills allowed you to bypass walls normal Traversal skills won’t:
    • Smite now behaves the same as Lunge, but can bypass obstacles
    • Focus now goes to the furthest accessible point like Teleport
    • Void Cleave now works the same as Shift
  • Fixed a bug where sources of elemental penetration, such as Runic Invocation’s Elemental Lore, provided seven times more penetration than intended
  • Fixed bugs as a result of quickly tapping channeled skills

Acolyte Skill Bugfixes

Bone Curse

  • Sigil of Mortality node in Bone Curse now clarifies that it overwrites Mark for Death’s normal duration

Dread Shade

  • Symbiotic Apparition node now clearly states that you are only affected by beneficial buffs from the tree.


  • Fixed a bug where Harvest’s physical conversion did not change its vfx

Infernal Shade

  • Fixed a bug where Infernal Shade’s Combustion did not convert to physical damage when Blood Shade was also allocated
  • Fixed a bug where Infernal Shade’s Combustion did not benefit from increases to Infernal Shade’s area within its tree (previously it was only affected by Fiery Conclusion)
  • Fixed a bug where Infernal Shade had both the physical and fire tags while Blood Shade and Combustion were allocated. It will now only display the physical tag in that case

Hungering Souls

  • Fixed Vengeful Souls in Hungering Souls not granting the appropriate chance to only have 1 soul of 70% (from 60% actually) and fixed the description saying 60% when the statline correctly said 70% (had to check old patch notes from Discord to get the correct values that said 70%)

Rip Blood

  • The Carrion Hunger no longer incorrectly shows the Blood Splatter tooltip when holding alt
  • Fixed a bug where the when-hit vfx and on-hit vfx were going the wrong direction on Rip Blood

Summon Skeleton

  • Fixed a bug where Skeleton Rogue’s Shurikens would be destroyed when colliding with a target that had already been hit by a Shuriken from this cast. They will now pass through the target and be able to hit other enemies.

Summon Volatile Zombie

  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Zombies’s Grand Sacrifice and Effigy of Combustion could trigger while on negative mana

Mage Skill Bugfixes

Black Hole

  • Fixed a bug where Black Hole with Cascade Fracture and Armageddon could indefinitely attempt to consume mana to cast Meteors after it had ended

Elemental Nova

  • Spark Charges node in Elemental Nova now states the correct duration of 1 second for Spark Charges applied by it

Frost Claw

  • Fixed it so the “Age of Vengeance” node in the Frost Claw tree works again


  • Fixed a bug where Meteor’s indicator would fly up high if you took the area nodes in the tree


  • Fixed a bug where Echomancy could forget your Runebolt combo based on your last Runic Invocation when moving between zones in online play
  • Runebolt’s Efficient Experiment node now correctly states that it requires Glyph of Chaos and not Rune of Chaos
  • Fixed a bug where Enigma couldn’t be allocated even if you had points in Adept Runescribing

Runic Invocation

  • Clarified the Attuned Approach node in Runic Invocation only refunds mana on direct casts

Runic Invocations

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Runic Invocations to not apply ailments on their first hit
  • Fixed a bug where the Unbridled Ruin invocation did not gain bonus damage per rune consumed
  • Fixed a bug where Runic Invocation could fail to cast in some situations when Interlude or Prologue are allocated
  • Fixed a bug where Revik’s Blizzard had a freeze rate 17% lower than intended

Primalist Skill Bugfixes


  • Fixed a bug where the Coldstone Elementals from Elemental Bond did not receive the attribute scaling listed on their ability tooltip

Eterra’s Blessing

  • Ancestral Renewal now shows the Summon Healing Totems tooltip.
  • Caustic Renewal now shows the Summon Scorpion tooltip.
  • Soul Bound now shows the Summon Spriggan tooltip.

Fury Leap

  • The Summon Vines from Rise now show more info such as duration and base health of Vines.
  • Violent Upheaval now properly shows ability tooltip for Upheaval when holding alt.


  • Grip of Chaos now correctly say that Twisters deal physical damage and not cold damage
  • Grip of Chaos now shows the Twister ability tooltip when holding alt

Spriggan Form

  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Thorns visuals would linger longer than intended after hitting an enemy.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Spriggan Form’s Summon Vines resetting it’s cooldown correctly

Summon Thorn Totem

  • Clarified Winterwood to say that Thorn Totem deals additional spell cold damage including its own thorns.
  • Fixed a few spelling errors.
  • Clarified if a node modifier affects the whole skill or just the thorns.


  • Claw Totems have more info such as about health and duration
  • Fixed Primal Resonance saying Companion rather than Companion when holding alt


  • Fixed a spelling mistake on Master of the Totem
  • Stonethorn Pillars now shows the Thorn Totem tooltip when holding alt


  • Toxic Companions now shows the Summon Wolf tooltip.
  • Whirlpool now shows the Maelstrom tooltip.

Rogue Skill Bugfixes

Flurry & Detonating Arrow

  • Fixed a bug where multiple skills such as Flurry or Detonating Arrow would miss a target that it shouldn’t

Acid Flask

  • Acid Flask Description now clearly states its initial explosion deals physical damage.

Dancing Strikes

  • Trickling Cuts now clearly states that it’s a global damage over time modifier, rather than a local one to the tree


  • Fixed a bug where Bleeding Fury would display its name as Firebrand


  • Fixed a bug where Shurikens could fail to cast if you transitioned to a new zone while Blade Shield was active in offline
  • Fixed a bug where shurikens miss nearby targets
  • Alt text now states that added damage applies at 100% effectiveness

Sentinel Skill Bugfixes

Devouring Orb

  • Devouring Orb - Cataclysm now shows the Void Eruption tooltip.

Erasing Strike

  • The Void Beams in the tree now have clearer descriptions.

Forge Strike

  • Now shows the Summon Weapon tooltip.
  • Clarified Spear Forge to say it deals damage in a smaller area.

Holy Aura

  • Base description now more clearly states it grants additional elemental resistance.

Hammer Throw

  • Fixed Iron Spiral not showing the added mana cost as red.


  • Capture the Flag Javelin node effect looks better when moving


  • Skill description now highlights Consecrated Ground
  • Anointed now shows the Consecrated Ground tooltip
  • Holy Eruption now shows the Holy Eruption tooltip
  • Righteous Decree now shows the Smite tooltip


  • Fixed spelling mistake in Ambuscade.
  • Lead the Charge explains the effect happens at the end.
  • Voidbringer shows the correct Time Rot info.
  • Rough Cuts clarifies that it only affects the hits along the path, not the final hit

Manifest Armor

  • Fixed spellings of “Armor”.
  • Blast Forge now shows the Forge Breath tooltip.
  • Whirlwind now shows the Whirlwind attack tooltip.
  • Dash Boots now shows the Charge tooltip.


  • Armaments is highlighted in the main description
  • Armament stacks now show more info such as max default stacks and duration.
  • Echoed Warfare now clarifies what Echoes are.


  • Fixed the increased cooldown recovery speed from Mystic Aegis being multiplicative with other modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where the buffs from Protective Legacy always had a base duration of 2 seconds, instead of being based on channel duration
  • Wildfire Shell has more info about Spreading Flames.

Ring of Shields

  • Collateral Damage now shows the Shrapnel tooltip.
  • Clarified Displacement wording to say “target location”.


  • Massacre now provides the correct subskill tooltip for the detonation
  • Indomitable provides a subskill tooltip for Energy Wave
  • Removed incorrect alt text from Foe Cleaver

Sigils of Hope

  • Enduring Hope and Healing Rites now clearly states duration with “seconds”.
  • Divine Flare now shows the Divine Flare tooltip.

Shield Bash

  • Breadth clarifies that it increases the length of the area.

Shield Rush

  • The Void Beams in the tree now have clearer descriptions.

Shield Throw

  • Eruption now shows the Lava Burst tooltip.
  • Manifest Inspiration now shows the Manifest Armor tooltip.

Smelter’s Wrath

  • Fixed spellings of “Armor”
  • Clarified Blacksmith’s Breadth to say it charges up faster
  • Detonation clarified the nova happens around you
  • Crucible area clarification
  • Axe Volley now shows the Axe Volley tooltip
  • Furnace now shows the Furnace tooltip
  • Fixed a bug where the bright decal would be hiding behind the dark one on smelter’s wrath’s windup


  • All nodes link to the proper Fissure skill tooltip and Fissure itself is better explained.
  • Fixed a bug where Fissure damage wasn’t being increased by Sacrifice node


  • Juggernaut Stance explains in the alt text that you can block without needing a shield.
  • Reckless Spin explains that you can mitigate the elemental resistance reduction with gear and passives.
  • Forgemaster’s Stance link to Forged Weapons, rather than Forge Strike.

System Bugfixes


  • Fixed a bug so minions will now travel with you into arenas correctly
  • Fixed a bug where dummies break in Arena after transitioning scenes
  • Fixed a bug to synchronize necrotic traps in Rustlands Arena
  • Fixed a bug to give the Wengari in the lobby a visible weapon


  • Fixed several issues with misplaced button highlights
  • Fixed a bug that made certain menus disallow Players from moving on controller
  • Fixed occasionally buy/sell prompt can be visible on dropped items
  • Fixed switching Vendor tabs with RB/LB not working
  • Fixed controller d-pad input is not working on party death screen
  • Fixed controller d-pad selection breaking in inventory menu
  • Fixed a bug where too much loot drops so that Controller’s D-Pad scroll cannot reach all of the items
  • Fixed a bug where item tooltip behavior when pressing ALT+CTRL differs depending on which is pressed first
  • Fixed a bug where you can not target soul repositories in Welryn Undercity
  • Fixed a bug where controller pointer velocity setting does not persist between sessions
  • Fixed a bug that made interior doors in The Great College annoying to using controller
  • Fixed a bug where Warpath ends but character stuck in channeling state (no animation or mana regen)


  • Fixed a bug that would cause dungeon boss doors to open in solo play before they pressed ready
  • Fixed a bug that would cause jarring transitions inside Temporal Sanctum
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 3 chests in The Sanctum Archive to not drop any loot in online

Monolith of Fate

  • Fixed damage value on damage and crit chance monolith mod
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t enter an echo if the host leaves it first
  • Fixed a bug where “Portaling” notification would remain on screen after portaling in echoes
  • Fixed a bug where all monoliths waypoints were displaying level 25
  • Fixed a bug where a user could no longer open menus via hotkeys after a different user opened a monolith echo.
  • Fixed a bug where echoes would fail to load and display “already in progress” after finishing a quest echo​
  • Fixed a bug where echoes would appear to load without a floor
  • Fixed a bug where the reward rock and chest in Echo of a World scale their rarity based on the active echo, instead of the echo that was just completed to get those rewards
  • Fixed a bug where using a return Portal From Echo of a World puts you back in your last Echo

Online Gameplay

  • Addressed multiple issues that could cause critical matchmaking failures that result in errors such as infinite loading screens, disconnects, and the inability to login
  • Server latency is now accurately reflected on login by pinging available servers
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused Infinite loading screen for online and offline Monolith
  • Fix for bug that caused crash / login disconnects for stashes with over 4000 items
  • Fixed problems with many different skills so using them should feel more responsive and align better with hit timings
  • Fixed problems with many visuals of player skills or enemy skills being invisible
  • Fixed problems that caused enemies or players to be invisible
  • Fixed enemies in Arena and Monolith not properly animating after spawning
  • Overhauled the Social system in order to improve reliability and speed for creating and playing with parties
  • Addressed a number of problems that were specific to players portaling to each other
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused animations to play at a different time than the attack for a number of skills such as Smelter’s Wrath
  • Fixed some cases where using movement skills would result in rubberbanding effects
  • Fixed bugs that caused players to see themselves or other players with no equipment
  • Fixed a bug that allowed new players being able to connect to a server that’s shutting down
  • Fixed a bug with the chest not being clickable and some of the animations going missing
  • Fixed a bug that caused infinite loading by rapidly clicking during the loading screen of a transition
  • Fixed a bug where rejecting party invites from someone on the same scene, triggers the party rejected notification for everyone on the scene
  • Fixed an issue where quest echo objectives were breaking / not displaying correctly in a party
  • Fixed an issue where quest list objectives would disappear when returning to Echo of a World while your party member were still in the echo
  • Fixed a bug where players become invisible while playing in a party during monoliths
  • Fixed a bug where using player portal back to town doesn’t put you near your portal
  • Fixed online character list regeneration after deleting an offline character
  • Fixed a bug causing top left party frames UI to not update on disband
  • Fixed a bug that caused some minimap quest pings not to function in online mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused a portal to open immediately upon joining a party in End of Time


  • Fixed a bug where the portal to the Council Chambers would appear too early
  • Fixed several world map bugs:
    • Side quests in your current chapter are now correctly prioritized in the quest tracker HUD
    • World map can be opened and used while dead
    • Quest scrolling can break using controller with 40+ completed quests
    • Completed quests tab on world map was not switching correctly using mouse
    • Show/Hide quests action on world map changed to inputs instead of UI buttons
  • EoT “The Immortal Empire” main quest
    • Fixed a bug where after talking to Gaspar for the first time after choosing Mastery, the player would then be portaled to The Outcast Camp instead of The Council Chambers
  • The Crossroads “Harton’s Idol” sidequest
    • Fixed a bug where nothing would happen after placing the idol and the quest can’t progress
  • Maj’Elka Slums ‘Scalebane” / “Desert Treasure” sidequest
    • Fixed a bug where if the player completed the Scalebane quest without also completing the Desert Treasure sidequest the minimap pulse for finding the Scalebane Fence would no longer appear
  • Fixed a bug causing some minimap quest icons to display as white boxes
  • Fixes the issue that you cannot close the The Council Chambers Idol Tutorial quest popup
  • Fixed several soft progression blockers that could occur in online parties:
    • In “The Crumbling Ruins” when you complete the “Inspect the shard of the Epoch” objective
    • In “The Desert Waystation” fixed an issue where the door would sometimes not open
    • In “The End of Ruin” when you complete the “Form the Epoch and enter the Time Rift.” objective
    • Completing the “Use the Artificial Waypoint” objective when traveling from “The Maj’elka Waystation” to “The Desert Waystation”
    • Completing the “Survive the Immortal Emperor!” objective when traveling from “The Immortal Citadel” to “The Gates of Solarum”

Visual Sound, & UI Bugfixes


  • Fixed a lot of bugs with the implementation of localization as well as continued to fix and address mistranslations or typos
  • Fixed a bug that caused text distortions with localized text
  • Many UI areas that would not display some characters in other languages have been fixed


  • Fixed a bug where the volume on the sound sliders in settings seem inconsistent. If you halve the value on sound effects, the perceived loudness was WAY too low, when comparing the same value change to the Music slider.
  • Also fixed a bug wherein if you turned down the SFX, the sound of the sfx could be heard in the scene reverb. It would also duck volume of things in the mix that should only be ducked if the sounds can be heard.
  • Fixed an issue where Potion use sounds had no attenuation and were playing at full volume for all party members regardless of who was using the potion
  • Fixed an issue where the majority of player voice lines were not playing in online
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Warden’s aggro vocals weren’t playing
  • Fixed an issue where The Ancient Forest Stomp Plant enemy was using rogue’s acid flask sounds
  • Fixed an issue where some enemy types played an old hit sound when receiving damage
  • Fixed an issue where The Outcast Camp had no/broken footstep sounds
  • Fixed an issue where Void Horror’s explosions sfx weren’t playing in online
  • Fixed an issue where some of the sfx in The Keeper Vaults roof sequence were playing twice in online
  • Removed firebrand sfx that were playing for fire-converted Earthquake aftershock
  • Fixed an issue where Scalebane Rogue’s and Casters were using player sounds
  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Elementals were using player sounds
  • Solar Ascendant, Embermage and Ascendant Raiders all have the new osprix vocal sets now
  • Removed Abomination vocals that were incorrectly playing for Shade of Orobyss
  • Fixed an issue where enemies in Temporal Sanctum were playing Shade of Orobyss’s teleport sound at super high volumes
  • Fixed an issue where Rogue’s jog animation was throwing an error relating to footstep triggers
  • Fixed an issue where some Osprix Fire Wave was using player sounds
  • Fixed an issue where some swamp fiend enemies were playing the water emerge sfx when they weren’t emerging from water
  • Fixed an issue where the impact sound for Necromancer Crows necrotic cast wasn’t playing in online
  • Fixed an issue where Imperial Era Enemy 03’s emerge sfx weren’t playing for the base version and miniboss version
  • Fixed an issue where Sabertooth’s Flurry Swipes were playing the wrong sound and also wasn’t playing any sound in online
  • Fixed an issue where the Death sound effect could play more than one instance of the sound at once
  • Fixed an issue where the explosion sound for the Last Imperial Death in B33 was missing
  • Fixed an issue where some of Stormthrower Zael’s skills weren’t playing sfx in online
  • Fixed an issue where Sentinel’s footsteps still weren’t working after the recent footstep fix was merged in for all player characters
  • Removed Vine Crawler sounds that were incorrectly implemented on the Corrupted Void Cultist enemies
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn sound effect for Assemble Abomination sometimes wasn’t playing
  • Fixed an issue where Bone Golem’s maul and slam skills were playing the wrong sounds and/or were playing two of the same sound simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where interactable drawbridge sound effects were playing twice
  • Fixed an issue where Mirrored Ice Elemental Boss was constantly playing the Twinned monster mod sfx
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Soul Cage and Fire Soul Cage for Dungeon weren’t playing all of the updates sounds for the new soul cage enemies
  • Fixed an issue where the Chain ability indicator sfx for Immortal Emperor weren’t playing every time
  • Fixed an issue where Decoy’s emerge sound was only playing at 0,0,0 in the scene
  • Fixed an issue where Upheaval Totem was incorrectly playing warcry sound effects
  • Spawn Upheaval totem now uses the same begin use and use sound effects as all other totems skills
  • Fixed issue where Fire Tornado was playing fireball and volcanic orb sounds on top of the intended sound effects
  • Fixed issue where Void Penance’s orb explosions weren’t playing its sound effects properly
  • Fixed an issue where Thrall Rush was using the player version impact sound from Shield Rush
  • Fixed an issue where the zombie vocal sound for the vomiting skill wasn’t playing in MP
  • Removed incorrectly implemented one shot and loop sound from Vol Zombie’s puke necrotic vfx
  • Fixed an issue where the slam sound effect for the Stone Titan Boss wasn’t playing
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn sound effects on Stone Titan Boss’s Root Enemies weren’t playing
  • Fixed an issue where Rime Giant’s avalanche skill was far too loud and was incorrectly routed in the game mix
  • Fixed an issue where Defiled Nova was far too loud, and wasn’t correctly playing in 2D for local player
  • Fixed an issue where the Ring of Shield sound effect wasn’t playing in MP
  • Fixed an issue where Void Cultist Leader was using the player version of the fireball sound effects for the projectile
  • Fixed issue where various skill sounds on Sapphire Nagasa weren’t playing in MP
  • Fixed an issue where Primal Storm Crows, Necromancer Crows and Drowned Ravens weren’t playing the correct vocal sfx
  • Fixed an issue where Skullen Shaman was using player version of Lightning Blast SFX (they were crazy loud)
  • Fixed an issue where Swamp Fiend Undead and Swamp Fiend Void’s vocal and ability sounds weren’t clear enough in the mix
  • Fixed an issue where Spirit Plague was spamming client logs with 2DMix audio errors
  • Fixed an issue where The Maj’Elka Waystation was playing old atmos sfx as well as having missing sfx for the moving gears in the scene
  • Reviewed and repaired various Shade of Orobyss boss fight audio issues
  • Fixed a bug where all players in a party would hear the local player stun SFX
  • Fixed a bug where Monolith Bosses did not trigger their voice lines until dying

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug that caused the visual infill for the ward globe wouldn’t appear in many situations
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to go to the wrong zone when waypointing from the map due to erroneous inputs
  • Removed an erroneous “Test” word that was left on the mastery panel
  • Fixed the ability to doubleclick on a dialogue box on a single click input
  • Fixed Move To and Move To + Actions flyout on action bar not displaying tooltips properly
  • Death screen in arena will no longer show timer in the background
  • Large damage numbers will now display without breaking on skill tooltips
  • Fixed a bug where you could open the inventory while in a loading screen
  • Fixed idol tutorial tooltip not showing online
  • Gambling for an item now delivers that item to your cursor, which addresses problems when players gamble when they have a full inventory
  • Fixed an issue where an item label would get stuck on your screen when entering The Lower Temple
  • Fixed walking away from stashes not closing them automagically
  • Fixed several Game Guide bugs:
    • Fixed collapsing and search to prevent subsection visual errors
    • Added support for external links, links in the community page now bring you to the mentioned website
    • Changing active page no longer causes the article to flicker weirdly


  • Fixed a bug that caused enemy health bars to persist after death
  • Fixed a bug where Shade of Orobyss entrance animation wasn’t playing.
  • Fixed a bug where there was a slight stutter in the rogue walk animation with the bow. Also Adjusted Summon Ballista animation with the bow.
  • Fixed issues with many enemy health bars
  • Fixed a bug that caused cinematic camera angles to persist in between zone transitions
  • Fixed a bug that caused fireballs cast by Skeletal Mage Pyromancers to be offset visually
  • Fixed outlines on non-destructible objects
  • Fixed a bug where the Heorot Boss Fight version of Grael didn’t animate
  • Fixed a bug where shadows would not be set to the correct resolution
  • Fixed issue where Ground Decals/Textures seemed to be in incorrect places and persisting through zones
  • Fixed the Shake Screen On Hit component not working
  • Fixed various skill projectiles jittering including:
    • Shield Throw
    • Javelin
    • Shuriken
    • Hammer Throw
  • Fixed animation timing bugs for skills with delayed extra projectiles including:
    • Acid Flask
    • Dagger Throw
    • Flurry
    • Hungering Souls
    • Multishot
  • Fixed a bug where Acolyte would briefly T pose before transforming to reaper form
  • Fixed Nagasa Boss Cutscene cloth clipping
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the splash screen from displaying on game launch
  • Fixed waypoints visuals not being enabled correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug so that Transplant decal scales with area increases now

Other Bugfixes


  • Fixed a bug where players and minions can push larger enemies/bosses
  • Fixed issues with many enemy and boss skills, attacks, or indicators being invisible
  • Fixed issues which could cause enemies to have missing or broken textures
  • Fixed enemy above head healthbars being inappropriate scales
  • Fixed a bug that caused Majasa’s death animation to play twice
  • Fixed a bug that caused Resurrecting enemies to revive immediately
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bell Brother Bartholomew’s bell swing attack to do no damage​


  • Fixed a bug where the self-inflicted bleeds from Bleeding Heart received penetration from zone level similar to enemy attacks
  • Fixed the affixes from Death Rattle stacking
  • Fixed a bug that would cause bosses who were teleporting to drop double the loot
  • One of the requirements for adding a tier of a crafted experimental affix (must have a T7 prefix) was not working
  • The combined affix tiers used for deciding which experimental gloves affix to add used the internal 0-6 tiers rather than the displayed 1-7 tiers, making it less intuitive and causing t1 affixes to have no affect on it.
  • Fixed the Glyph of Insight drop rate being lower than intended (it depends on combined tiers and was also using 0-6 rather than 1-7)
  • Fixed being able to get shards of experimental affixes, which cannot normally exist and display incorrectly, by using Runes of Removal to remove all regular affixes and then using a Rune of Shattering to get an experimental affix as its one guaranteed affix shard.
  • Fixed a bug where Paranoia Helmet unique won’t allow using Lunge freely in Online
  • Fixed the Death Screen always saying that Calamity killed you if you had it equipped


  • Fixed erroneous reflection probe in The Armoury
  • Fixed an issue with unlocking the waypoint in the Keepers Kamp
  • Fixed a bug that let players skip the wave fight in the Keeper’s Vault
  • Fixed a number of issues with missing or broken textures on different elements of the zones
  • Fixed issues where quests would not correctly advance in Yulia’s Haven
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to transition to the Ice Caverns from the Ice Caverns
  • Fixed a bug where your movement speed rate would reset on transition and not be updated automatically
  • Fixed the minimap in Yulia’s Haven
  • Fixed the incorrect respawn position in the Frozen Roots
  • Fixed the respawn point for the Sturiax fight
  • Fixed a bug in The Lower District that resulted in invisible colliders blocking projectiles
  • Fixed the missing bridge to the chest in The Northern Stream