Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling - Nightingale's Feather Build Guide

Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling – Nightingale’s Feather Build Guide

Learn how to build Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling with our guide featuring her skills, weapon attributes, best matrices, best team and more.

If you’re having trouble and probably wondering how to build Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling then you’ve just arrived at the right place. Know more about her using our in-depth strategy guide featuring her weapon, skills, best matrices build, and best team composition.

Tower of Fantasy presents a unique world with futuristic facilities, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a sci-fi and fantasy environment. The game itself has plenty of things to offer, including compelling stories and a complete roster of exciting and well-thought-out characters to explore.

Simultaneously, encountering large enemies and terrifying bosses will become a big part of your life in the world of Aida. That said, it is necessary to keep your character strong and become adept at fighting.

Who is Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling?

As the current leader of the HT201 Shelter, Bai Ling is in charge of its daily operation and combat command. She only recently took over the leadership, so she still seems a little overwhelmed and flustered when handling her work.

The sudden passing of the previous leader left Bai Ling in shock, and her over-worrying and anxiety-prone personality was also questioned by some members of the shelter. She considers leadership a heavy burden, and is often worried about how to make sure everything runs smoothly.

But she is also considerate, responsible, meticulous, and good at bookkeeping, so at the moment, HT201 looks like it's in good hands.

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4" (163cm)

Birthday: May 8th (Taurus)

Birthplace: HT201 Shelter

Nightingale's Feather

Bai Ling wields a weapon called as the Nightingale's Feather. It is a DPS weapon that can deploy ranged single and AOE attacks from a safe distance. Her weapon provides stats attributes such as attack, HP and crit implying that she will make a good addition to the team as a main-DPS. She has an A-tier charge rate of 10.00 allowing her to quickly charge other weapons while landing consecutive attacks. Her shatter value on the other hand is absolutely low, which means you are obliged to take another shieldbreaker with you.

Lastly, she deals physical attacks and her fully charged weapon will apply 100.00% ATK on the next attack, applying grievous to the targets. This makes them vulnerable to all damage, not just physical.

Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling Attacks Guide

Skills and discharge are the characters’ bread and butter, and their main source of damage. Skills that when chained together with another can take down any monster in sight. One can plainly use this skill in whatever way they want, but there are several ways how you can optimize her kit.

If you’re not an expert on Bai Ling's kit, fret not as we can guide you along your journey. This section features her normal attacks, dodge attacks, weapon skills, and discharge skill.


While on the ground, draw the bow repeatedly to attack 5 times in a row.
First Attack: Deal damage equal to 33.7% of ATK + 2.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 30.2% of ATK + 2.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 54.3% of ATK + 3.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 83.5% of ATK + 4.
Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 77.7% of ATK + 4 and knock the target back a short distance.

Normal attacks can be blocked by obstacles, terrains and other units including allies and enemies.

Charged Arrow

Tap and hold normal atack to charge. Deal basic damage equal to 60.5% of ATK + 3, and 50% more for each 1 second spent charging, up to 3 seconds. Deal double damage when scoring a headshot or when hitting an enemy's weak point, knocking them down (headshots are ineffective against Wanderers).

Arrow Rain

After any normal attack, hold the normal attack button to unleash Arrow Rain, dealing up to 198.7% of ATK + 10 area damage to targets.

Casting Arrow Rain while airborne is a lot faster than grounded one. It is also important to know that Arrow Rain does not grant weapon charge.

Air Volley

While airborne, tap normal attack to attack 4 times in a row in the air.
First Attack: Deal damage equal to 38.8% of ATK + 2.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 51% of ATK + 3.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 77.7% of ATK + 4.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 117% of ATK + 6.

This deals higher damage compared to grounded normal attacks but consume endurance.

Loaded Arrow

Tap attack after dodging to trigger a Loaded Arrow, which knocking the target back and dealing equal to 85.5% of ATK + 5.

Piercing Shot

Backflips ands fires 1 piercing shot forward, dealing damage equal to 154.8% of ATK + 8 and knocking the target back.
Cooldown: 12 seconds.

Piercing Shot passes through enemies allowing you to inflict damage to more than one target as long as they are standing in a line.

Explosive Barrage

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, remove all debuffs from the wielder, and unleashes Explosive Barrage on the target upon switching to this weapon, dealing damage equal to 486.6% of ATK + 26.

How to use Bai Ling and Nightingale's Feather?

If you are familiar with Tsubasa and her Ice Wind Arrow, you may see some resemblance between these weapons. Both weapon holds the same series of ranged attacks, but only differ in advancements and element. This also states that you cannot put them under a freeze effect after spamming her abilities. Instead, you will apply Grievous effect, making them vulnerable to damage from all sources.

Bai Ling can either be a main DPS or a sub-DPS making the most out of the grievous effect.

Main DPS/Charger

Bai Ling is mainly seen as a main-DPS character that tends to stay on field for most of the time. While dishing out continuous physical damage, her team can take advantage of her high charge value. Aside from her skills, you can pick between her grounded or aerial attacks and charged attacks. These playstyles works differently from each other.

Grounded and Aerial Normal Attack

This playstyle is heavily reliant on landing more normal attacks within a certain period of time. During this, there are several things that you should be wary of.

  • Projectiles are blocked by walls, obstacles, enemies, and even Meryl's discharge skill. Hence, you will have to position yourself in such a way that no one or nothing is standing between you and your target.
  • If you are using Tsubasa or Hilda's matrices, you are obliged to keep yourself at 4 or 6 meters respectively away from your target, otherwise it will lose the effect.
  • In relation to that, you must keep a safe distance from your targets so as to not cancel your skill animations. Bai Ling's animations are pretty long and can be easily interrupted. Another thing you can do to avoid this from happening is by doing aerial attacks against small melee targets.

Charged Attacks

Charged attacks can be deployed by holding the normal attack button. While doing so, she gains one charge per second. At maximum charge, she will deal the highest amount of damage and even better if it hits a headshot or the weak point. Charging your weapon also means you will have to stand still making yourself vulnerable to any attack. That said, it is preferable to stay away from your enemies. This type of attack is more favorable in a party along with other players who can take the aggro for you.

While charging, these rectangular shapes will start to glow one by one until successfully reaching the maximum charge.


Bai Ling and Nightingale's Feather does not provide any atk buff to other weapons or allies. Damage reduction and immunity is not granted as well. But what makes her a good support? Aside from Grievous effect after fully charging her weapon, you can apply it again using the dodge skill for 7 seconds at her fifth advancement.

Grievous: Fully charged weapons will inflict damage equal to 137.00% of ATK with the next attack, and make the target grievous for 7 seconds, taking 20% more damage.

This has no cooldown but doing another dodge skill while the previous one is up does not refresh the duration.

Bai Ling Advancements

Being an SR simulacrum or weapon, getting her advancements is way easier than the SSR's. These advancements further boosts her viability in a team, particularly by enhancing her damage with ATK and crit, and grievous application.

One Star: Restore 1 dodge attempt every fifth normal attack or after using Piercing Shot.

Two Star: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 10%.

Three Star: Increase headshot damage by 30%.

Four Star: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 20%.

Five Star: Dodge skills inflict grievous on targets for 7 seconds.

Six Star: Increase crit rate to grievous targets by 30% and crit damage by 50%.

Bai Ling's first advancement is extremely helpful if you're aiming to spam Piercing Arrow, or in need of another dodge to reposition. If you are fond of charged attacks, aim for the third advancement for the 30% boost. At fifth advancement, she becomes more versatile as everyone in her team and other weapons will benefit from the grievous effect. Lastly, sixth advancement enhances her damage even more with the additional crit rate and crit damage. This only applies to her weapon, and targets affected by grievous.

Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling Pros and Cons

Here are Bai Ling’s Pros and Cons which can be of aid in making your final judgment.

Great ranged character with high dps.Bad shield-breaker due to very low shatter value.
She can apply grievous effect that is useful to all physical and elemental damage.Skills are stationary that can be easily avoided.
Bai Ling can hit opponents from a distance, making her safe from melee attacks.Charged attacks and skills can be interrupted.
Can be a good support at A5Skill animations take too long

Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling Awakening Traits and Rewards

Players are rewarded with recollection rewards after obtaining certain amounts of awakening points. These include the Character Avatar, Story Log and Traits.

Awakening PointsRewards
200Avatar: Bai Ling
600Log: A Title
1200Trait: "Bai Ling: Valor"
2000Log: Bridging hearts
3000Log: Your True Self
4000Trait: "Bai Ling: Resoluteness"

Upon reaching 1200 and 4000 awakening points, players can unlock Traits. Traits provide bonus passive effects and stats unique to one character.

Bai Ling: Valor trait increases her speed by 8% for 12 seconds after putting the glider and jetboard away. It enhances to 15% after obtaining Bai Ling: Resoluteness. This effect has a 60-second cooldown.

Best Traits for Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling

Bai Ling's Traits is inclined more with explorations and does not fully contribute to your impact in skirmishes. Speed increase is also beneficial, but there are other traits that may be preferable.

Shiro: When Shiro uses a weapon skill/discharge skill, increase all kinds of ATK by 10% to 16% and physical ATK by an additional 7% for 8 seconds. This has a 16-second cooldown.

Samir: Grant 1 stack of Concentration for every 4 seconds when Samir receives no damage. Each stack increases damage dealt by 3% to 4%, and can stack up to 4 to 5 times. After being hit, Samir loses 1 stack of Concentration, up to 1 stack per 2 second.

Tsubasa: Each time Tsubasa deals damage, gain 1 stack of Fierce Strike, up to 1 stack per 1 second. Each stack adds 0.5% to 0.6 ATK, up to 15 to 30 stacks.. Refreshes effect duration upon gaining the effect again. The effect lasts for 30 seconds.

Crow: When Crow is not in a team, increase damage dealt by 6% to 10% and reduce damage received by 4% to 6%. When Crow enters combat, increase damage dealt by 12% for 12 seconds.

Best Gift for Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling Awakening

Now that we’ve mentioned awakening, you are probably curious about the source of these awakening points. Well, there is one way to do it.

Our simulacra and characters love receiving gifts. Well, who doesn’t? Can I give them any gift? The answer is yes, but our characters have their own preference. While you can still collect awakening points from giving any gift found in your backpack, it is preferable to present their preferred gift, as it provides higher points.

Here is the list of Pepper’s favorite gifts under Rare Items, Saved and Decorations categories.

  • Snow Globe
  • Silver Cookware
  • 3D Hykros Puzzle
  • Warren Fossil
  • Crown Token
  • Smarty Doll
  • Limited Peanut Figurine
  • Void Angel Figurine

Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling Best Matrices

Matrices Effect
4 pc Tsubasa Set (SSR)2 pc set: Increase damage dealt by 12.5%/15%/17.5%/20% when there are no enemies within 4 meters.

4 pc set: Upon a headshot or using Icewind Arrow: Piercing Shot, increase ATK by 15%/18%/21%/25% for 8 seconds.

2 pc Tsubasa allows you to obtain at least 12.5% damage boost when there are no enemies around within 4 meters. This is more favorable when there is only one target, so you will only have to keep track of one instead of many.

4 pc set on the other hand can only be utilized during charged attacks. Hitting a headshot specifically. Make sure to stand few meters away from the target as charged attacks can be interrupted.
2 pc Claudia Set (SSR)2 pc set: Increase damage by 13%/17%/20%/23% when hitting a target in mid-air or initiating an aerial attack. Reset double-jump upon hitting the target in mid-air.

There are instances where it is better to opt for aerial normal attacks rather than grounded attacks. Aerial attacks proffer higher damage than grounded ones. Second, you are saving yourself from getting interrupted by small melee monsters. Lastly, you can hover above any obstacles and units which can potentially block your attacks.

With this specific attack, you can accompany it with Claudia's matrix set allowing you deal greater amount of damage during aerial attacks.
2 pc Crow Set (SSR)
2 pc Samir Set (SSR)
2 pc Crow Set:
Increase crit damage to targets with less than 60% HP by 33%/42%/50%/58%.
2 pc Samir Set: Deal more damage upon hitting a target, each time by 1.5%, up to 10/13/16/20 stacks. Buff stacking time: 2 seconds.

The combination of these two is necessary in landing continuous attacks that actually deal damage. While Samir's set is more inclined with increasing your attack, Crow's set on the other hand improves your crit damage if the enemies are below 60%. Take note that your crit rate should be high enough to fully utilize Crow's matrices.
2 pc Tsubasa
2 pc Crow/Samir Set (SSR)
2 pc Tsubasa Set: Increase damage dealt by 12.5%/15%/17.5%/20% when there are no enemies within 4 meters.

2 pc Crow Set:
Increase crit damage to targets with less than 60% HP by 33%/42%/50%/58%.

2 pc Samir Set: Deal more damage upon hitting a target, each time by 1.5%, up to 10/13/16/20 stacks. Buff stacking time: 2 seconds.

DPS weapons such as Nighttingale's Feather is heavily reliant on attack and critical strikes in dealing continuous damage over time. 2pc Tsubasa set effect is enabled only if you're standing four meters away from the enemies, otherwise it will be useless. You can pair it with either Crow's or Samir's set depending whether you are in need of atk or crit.

You will notice a buff positioned right above your HP bar once the requirement is met.
3 pc Sobek Set (SR)3 pc Sobek Set: Increase damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy nearby. Up to 3 stacks.

For more accessible matrices, Sobek set seems great as it further ramps up your damage by at most 27%. Take note that this matrix set works better when there's more than one enemy around.
3 pc Bai Ling Set (SR)3 pc Bai Ling Set: Increase damage dealt to grievous targets by 12%/15%/18%.

For Bai Ling and other physical weapons, this is her best-in-slot SR matrix set. Physical units apply Grievous, and while under this effect, your damage against them will increase by 12%-18%. This effect however, only applies to Bai Ling and Nightingale's Feather alone.

If you have Bai Ling at A5, it is a must for you to keep the grievous effect by landing dodge skills for at least every 7 seconds to further maximize this set.
3 pc Hilda Set (SR) 3 pc Hilda Set: Increase ATK by 15%/19%/22.5% when there are no enemies within 6 meters.

This SR matrix set resembles 2 pc Tsubasa Matrix Set but the difference is that, you will have to position yourself at least 6 meters away from the enemies. That said, it is more demanding than Tsubasa's but grants higher ATK boost.
3 pc Plunder Set (R)3 pc Plunder Set: Increase damage dealt by physical weapons by 6%.

For new and low-level players, you may opt for 3-pc Plunder for the additional physical damage.

Tower of Fantasy Best Bai Ling Team

Bai Ling, with the nature of her attacks, favors the following teams. Ideally, you will want to make use of the physical resonance that Claudia offers for the additional physical attack.

Bai Ling - Claudia - Shiro

A DPS-focused team composition consisting of three attack weapons. Bai Ling filling the role of the ranged main-DPS with Shiro as the main shieldbreaker. Claudia on the other hand becomes your sub-DPS and support all at the same time. Aside from buff if you have her at at least first advancement, Claudia can dish out physical damage more frequently due to the short cooldown of her skill. Ultimately, this team composition may seem like it does not provide any form of defense or heal, but it does. Claudia's kit includes damage reduction and immunity to some debuff. That said, you may want to time your skill and discharge during a fatal attack. Lastly, with Claudia's presence, you can utilize physical weapons.

Bai Ling - Claudia - Meryl

Alternatively, you may opt for another shieldbreaker like Meryl. Bai Ling and Claudia's abilities are mostly stationary and enemies can easily move out of it. But, with the help of Meryl's discharge, she can keep them in one place.

However, it is important to note that her normal attacks can be blocked by walls, allies, enemies and even Meryl's discharge. So you will either have to do aerial attacks or stay inside the barrier.

Samir - Huma - Bai Ling

If you have been playing long enough to get Bai Ling at at least the fifth advancement, you can use her as a sub-DPS support for main-DPS weapons such as Samir's, Crow's or Tsubasa. Bai Ling can maintain the grievous effect just by using her dodge skill, before the previous effect ends. Complete the team by adding a shieldbreaker like Huma.

Bai Ling - Shiro - Nemesis

For a balanced comp, pairing Bai Ling with Shiro and Nemesis makes a good option. Nemesis can provide off-field damage and healing, along with some debuff for the targets.

Bai Ling - Echo - Pepper

For SR units, you can capitalize on Echo's high shatter rate to destroy shields and Pepper's healing to make a good team.

Best Relics for Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling

Colossus Arms: Summon a colossus arm to battle for 20 seconds. Gain hitstun immunity for the next 20 seconds. Tap the Relic again to cancel.

Normal attacks deal damage up to 1387.7% of ATK and strongly launch enemies. Skills deal damage equal to 453.5% of ATK and strongly suspend enemies. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

Omnium Shield: Generate an Omnium shield that stops projectiles for 10 seconds, with starting energy equal to 200% of the Wanderer's max HP.

Spacetime Rift: Launch a proton bomb at the target location, creating a collapse in time-space that sucks targets in for 10 seconds. After 1.5 seconds, the center of the collapse deals damage equal to 39.6 of ATK to targets caught in the area every 0.5 seconds.

Couant: Summon a droid and generate a shield for 5 seconds. The shield disappears after 5 seconds or after being struck once. When it disappears, it knocks back nearby enemies, dealing damage equal to 100% of ATK + 50. If broken within 1 second of being created, the shield will stun enemies for 2 seconds.

Missile Barrage: Place a missile launcher behind the user for 8 seconds. Fire multiple missiles at nearby enemies, dealing damage equal to 34.8% of ATK with each strike.

Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling Upgrade Materials

In order to build Bai Ling, players are required to farm materials necessary to level them up. Make sure to take note of these so as to not delay their enhancement and powerspike.

10400 Gold
1x Rockcore
20800 Gold
2x Rockcore
301200 Gold
1x Rockcore
1x Acidproof Glaze 1
401600 Gold
2x Rockcore
2x Acidproof Glaze 1
2x Nanofiber Frame I
502000 Gold
3x Rockcore
3x Acidproof Glaze 1
3x Nanofiber Frame I
602400 Gold
4x Rockcore
4x Acidproof Glaze 1
4x Nanofiber Frame I
702800 Gold
6x Rockcore
6x Acidproof Glaze 1
6x Nanofiber Frame I
803200 Gold
8x Rockcore
8x Acidproof Glaze 1
8x Nanofiber Frame I
903600 Gold
3x Heart of Summit
3x Acidproof Glaze II
3x Nanofiber Frame II
1004000 Gold
4x Heart of Summit
4x Acidproof Glaze II
4x Nanofiber Frame II
1104400 Gold
5x Heart of Summit
5x Acidproof Glaze II
5x Nanofiber Frame II
1204800 Gold
7x Heart of Summit
7x Acidproof Glaze II
7x Nanofiber Frame II
1305200 Gold
10x Heart of Summit
10x Acidproof Glaze II
10x Nanofiber Frame II

How to Obtain Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling?

Getting SSR simulacra and weapons takes luck in order to get them. If unlucky, you might even have to reach the maximum pity in order to get them. Fortunately, there are SR weapons that you can use at your disposal. SSR weapons might be greater than these, but that does not mean they are useless. In fact, since the rates are higher for SR type, getting their dupes and gaining access to their advancements are way easier. 

Tower of Fantasy Bai Ling can be obtained in the Special Orders by spending your Red, Black or Gold Nucleus. Take note that Bai Ling is included in these banners permanently.

What do you think of Bai Ling and how she fares in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments!