Tower of Fantasy King - Scythe of the Crow Build Guide

Tower of Fantasy King – Scythe of the Crow Build Guide

If you’re having trouble and probably wondering how to build Tower of Fantasy King, then you’ve just arrived at the right place. Know more about him using our in-depth strategy guide featuring his weapon, skills, best matrices build, and best team composition.

Tower of Fantasy presents a unique world with futuristic facilities, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a sci-fi and fantasy environment. The game itself has plenty of things to offer, including compelling stories and a complete roster of exciting and well-thought-out characters to explore.

Simultaneously, encountering large enemies and terrifying bosses will become a big part of your life in the world of Aida. That said, it is necessary to keep your character strong and become adept at fighting.

Who is Tower of Fantasy King?

Nothing's more important in the world aside from money according to him. Well, maybe violence too. King is a menacing individual with an assertive personality. Be careful around him as he can take almost everything he wants, maybe perhaps even with a swing of his Scythe if needed.

Tower of Fantasy King Skin
  • Height: 190cm
  • Birthplace: Crown
  • Horoscope: Scorpio
  • Birthday: November 3

Scythe of the Crow

King brandishes an SSR Scythe known as the Scythe of the Crow. It is an Attack weapon mainly focusing on chains of swinging attacks that slashes through the bodies of those who dare cross his path. Moreover, King shines at best at dealing area-of-effect (AOE) attacks, and taking down opponents with ease due to being one of the best DPS characters in the game next to Samir.

Tower of Fantasy King Weapon

Scythe of the Crow is a Flame type and a DPS weapon that applies a burning state to his opponents and reduces the incoming healing. King also has a shatter value of 12.5 and is currently the highest one in the game. Shatter value indicates how fast a weapon can destroy shields. Thus, aside from being an excellent source of damage, King is the best option you can get against opponents with thick shields. However, charging his ultimate, Flaming Scythe may take some time as his charge value is low.

Tower of Fantasy King Guide

Skills and discharge are the characters’ bread and butter, and their main source of damage. Skills that when chained together with another can take down any monster in sight. One can plainly use this skill in whatever way they want, but there are several ways how you can optimize his kit.

If you’re not an expert on King's kit, fret not as we can guide you along your journey. This section features his normal attacks, dodge attacks, weapon skills, and discharge skill. This also includes tips and tricks that you may apply when using his attacks.

Normal Attacks

Normal Attack

Press the attack button, while standing on the ground to unleash five consecutive attacks.

First Attack: Deal damage equal to 57.1% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back a short distance.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 49.1% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back a short distance.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 106.8% of ATK + 6 and knock the target back a short distance.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 109.5% of ATK + 6 and knock the target back a short distance.
Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 104.2% of ATK + 5, strongly suspend the target, and cause the Wanderer to go airborne.

Rising Scythe

Jump first before pressing the attack button to unleash five consecutive attacks.

First Attack: Deal damage equal to 63.4% of ATK + 3.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 68.8% of ATK + 4.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 190.5% of ATK + 10.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 213.6% of ATK + 11.
Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 173.9% of ATK + 9 and knock the target down. The higher the altitude when triggering the attack, the greater the damage dealt, up to 600% damage.

This attack may seem similar to the first one, but it deals higher damage. Consequently, endurance is consumed and it must be refilled again first before doing this action again.


There is a condition that must be met before triggering Asunder. The character must be in an airborne state, either from jumping, jumping off a terrain, structure or obstacle or while using jetpack. While under these conditions, press attack to deal damage equal to 12.5% of ATK by plunging into the opponents. Upon landing deal damage equal to 71.9% of ATK + 4 and deliver a knockdown.

Returning Chainblade

Press the normal attack four times before holding it to trigger Returning Chainblade. This will turn into chainblade and deal damage equal to 137.4% of ATK + 7 to nearby targets and pulling them in.

Sneak Attack

This attack requires the crouch button. If it's not enabled in your game, make sure to check your settings and have it activated. As the name implies, players will have to sneak behind the opponents while crouching before tapping the normal attack button to deal damage equal to 570% of ATK + 30.

Apparently, this attack inflicts higher damage compared to the rest of his normal attacks. This move may be difficult especially if used against mobile enemies, but surely it is worth it.


Returning Chargeblade

Tap normal attack during the short perfect dodge window (tap an arrow button before dodging) to trigger Rapid Lunge. This attack deals 126.9% of ATK + 280 damage and pull in nearby enemies.

Domain of the Bat

Upon dodging, King summons a domain of bat that pulls the target into the center. Tap normal attack during the period after dodging to swing the scythe, dealing up to 114.3$ of ATK + 252 damage to the target.


Mortal Coil

Swing the scythe then damage equal to 499.9% of ATK + 26.

Discharge Skill

Flaming Scythe

Charge your weapon or enter Phantasia by dodging at a perfect time to trigger Flaming Scythe. After doing so, it will remove all debuffs from the wielder and create a Flame Scythe upon switching to this weapon, dealing damage equal to 398.3% of ATK + 21 and lasts for 10 seconds.

Additionally, spawn Flaming Scythes Domain every 2 seconds. The scythes summon volcanic eruptions from the ground, which deal damage equal to 66% of ATK + 3 to targets and suspend them.

The best time to use this ultimate is by first gathering the opponents into one place. This way, opponents will receive damage from two or more eruption.

The reason you would want to spam this ability is that, it provides knockup that only affects smaller enemies. This provides enough room for you to land several attacks of your choice while they're suspended in the air. Larger enemies and boss on the other hand cannot be knocked up.

How do you play King?

By norm, King’s role is a shield-breaker. As mentioned, King holds the highest shatter value among all of the shield-breakers out there at A0 and no buff (balanced, fortitude, advancement). 

Additionally, it is an attack weapon with high burst AOE damage that can nuke down multiple opponents that are clumped together simultaneously. 

But how do you exactly play King? 

King’s abilities are fully optimized by proper usage of his skill combos. There are several combos that you can make use of.

The most common and famous one is what they call “N3C” or “A3C”. N and A refer to “Normal” and “Attack” respectively. Basically, N3C or A3C is done by using three consecutive basic attacks without even a short delay before holding the attack button for a charged attack. This will allow you to swing his scythe multiple times, dealing damage to anything in its path. Afterward, his scythe will turn into a chain blade pulling enemies in. In this single combo, a lot of things can happen. While inflicting continuous burning damage to the enemies, he can place small enemies under a quick crowd control by pulling them in, preparing them for another series of combos that you can unleash with his weapon. Lastly, use your skill on top of it. 

After this, you may follow up with his discharge ability or another aerial attack, done by jumping and pressing the normal attack for 5 times. 

Tower of Fantasy King Combos

AA > AA > AA > Charged Attack > Skill > Discharge 

AA > AA > AA > Charged Attack > Discharge > Skill > Jump > AA > AA > AA > AA > AA

Sneak attack + previous combo 

Triggering Phantasia before doing this is also recommended for the time stop.

You may also start with an aerial attack, but it is not advisable if you use a DPS character that heavily relies on stamina like Samir. Aerial attacks do consume and drain stamina. 

Appparently, King's skills and abilities should come hand in hand. King's pulls and knockups should be used to set up for his next combos to prevent getting canceled by attacks. King's discharge ability is also stationary, making it easy for mobile opponents to get out of it before it can knock them up.

When is the best time to do this? 

Scythe of the Crow is an attack weapon, and does crazy damage with his combo. Does that mean he should ALWAYS be on the field? 

If you’re running him only as a shield-breaker with another DPS at your deck, like Samir or Tsubasa, you would only want to use him if your opponent’s shield is up. After all, it is what he does best. 

Can you use him as a main DPS? 

He can, but it is not optimal. In team compositions, using him as a main-dps is not recommended with the presence of other DPS such as Samir, Crow, and Tsubasa. Although it is mentioned that he can deal serious damage from his AOE attacks, some several reasons and problems may arise should he take the role of a main DPS.

First apparent reason is that his damage is optimized by doing several combos, which are easy to interrupt. The second reason is that it is preferable for a DPS character with a higher charge rate to fill that slot to make way for the discharge skill of other weapons. 

For instance, if you are using King both as a shield-breaker and main-dps, he’ll stay on field for most of the time but it will take more time for his weapon to charge the rest of your weapon. 

On the other hand, let’s say you are using a Tsubasa-King-Cocoritter combo. King will benefit from Tsubasa’s high charge value. While Tsubasa’s weapon is in use, it will only take less time for King’s discharge to go online. In fact, you can even spam it and use his discharge ability along with the others, as it doesn’t disappear after switching to another weapon. 

King as a Shield-Breaker

If you have been in this community for quite some time, you have probably encountered several discussions and players arguing about who's the best shield breaker in the game, why King isn't the best despite having the highest shatter value by default, that Huma or Meryl is a better shieldbreaker. 

But, let's talk about Shatter first. 

A weapon's shield-shattering ability isn't solely reliant on its Shatter value. If it is, then Huma vs. King, Meryl vs. King discussion would be pointless, as apparently, King has the highest. There are other factors as well that contribute to it. 

Some Scythe of the Crow weapon users had complained in the past, saying that King does not break shields well compared to the rest of the shield-breakers. But, the thing is that, one should know which skills to use to fully optimize his shield-shattering ability. 

Upon checking the attack description for each weapon, you will notice these attack magnifiers/multipliers + additional attack that scales with level (N% of ATK + N).

Red: fixed, Green: Scales with weapon level

It is worth taking note that %ATK given in these descriptions affects the shield-breaking. The higher the percentage, the more efficient it is at breaking shields. This concept also shows you why you're probably breaking shields slower with King. 

  • Normal Attack: 57.1%, 49.1%, 106.8%, 109.5%, 104.2%
  • Rising Scythe: 63.4%, 68.8%, 190.5%, 213.6%, 173.9%
  • Asunder: 12.5%, 71.9%
  • Returning Chargeblade (Normal): 137.4%
  • Sneak Attack: 570%
  • Returning Chargeblade (Dodge): 126.9%
  • Domain of the Bat: 114.3%
  • Mortal Coil: 499.9%
  • Discharge: 398.3% + 66% every 2 seconds. 

Using this fact, we can say that King's best attacks for shredding shields are his Discharge, Mortal Coil, Sneak Attack, and Rising Scythe. Use these as much as you can to easily take down the boss' shield before it can release its discharge ability. 

That said, if you're only using King's normal attack (except for N3C) while on the ground, it may not be as effective. 

In a vacuum, without advancements and weapon resonance effects; Balance (5% shatter) and Fortitude (25% shatter), you will have to compare the %ATK of attacks used x shatter value, but we will refuse to go through the math for now. Perhaps, the reason why Huma is destroying shields faster than King is because dodge, skill and discharge skill consistently inflict 200-400%ATK + shatter buffs. 

All of these are good in their own niche. While all of them excel at shield-breaking, another factor why you should pick King over the rest is that Attack/DPS resonance. Aside from a chunk of damage he can offer, your overall damage output is also increased with this weapon resonance (10%, 40% in team play).

Also, another thing that you should remember about it is that %ATK and shatter value does not scale with level. Thus, you can leave a weapon at level 1 and it will destroy shields at the same rate as the one at level 100. But of course, you would want to build him and offer resources for additional damage. 


Tower of Fantasy King's advancement mainly revolves around increasing his shield-shattering ability, damage and base HP. If these advancements look enticing to you, wish that the RNG God would be in your favor and give you another King or spend your black gold on the weapon store to get another piece of his scythe.

One Star: King's name is not just an accessory or just a random one for him to use. After all, he is the King of breaking shields. He currently has the best weapon in terms of taking down the opponents' shield, which also makes him a must-have simulacrum.

After getting King's first advancement, he can now outdo himself by further increasing his shatter by 15%. After removing the shield off of his opponent, he will then deal burning damage equal to 120% of his ATK every second for up to 15 seconds.

Two Star: Increase the current weapon's base HP growth by 16%.

Three Star: King's third advancement on the other hand favors him a lot as a melee character. For each enemy within 6 meters, his damage dealt increases by 10% that can stack up to a maximum of 30%

Four Star: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.

Five Star: Increase damage dealt against HP shields or shielded enemies by 100%.

Six Star: Increase damage dealt by 10% for each enemy slain for 30 seconds (stack up to 3 times).

Is it worth it to get King's Advancement?

This is a question that actually matters especially if you are an F2P player. Getting advancements can be pretty expensive as it will require you to get another piece of his weapon from the Special Order. Alternatively, you can spend your black crystal.

Without any doubt, King's A1 is absolutely worth it. Upon getting his first advancement, you will notice a sudden change in his stats. King's shatter value will change from 12.5 to 14.30. Second advancement is for sustain, which is only necessary if your support cannot ensure your survivability as a melee. Third up to the last advancement on the other hand focuses on increasing his damage against shielded and multiple enemies. That said, A3, A5, A6 only works at certain situations but 10% increases (that stacks for up to 3 times) is still a massive boost.

To answer the question, getting King's first advancement is an absolutely great decision as it will be easier for him to destroy shields.

Tower of Fantasy King Pros and Cons

All players are given the opportunity to take one SSR character from the SSR Weapon box. It is then imperative to make a careful decision before picking one as it is not reversible.

In line with this, here are King’s Pros and Cons which can be of aid in making your final judgment.

Great shield-breaking ability (with 12.50 shatter value) with first advancement making it 14.30. Low charge rate, making it inefficient to always have him on field as charging other weapons with Scythe of the Crow takes more time
Indeed, one of the best DPS character in the game with his burst and AOE attacksScythe of the Crow is a melee weapon and will require close combat. By doing so, the wielder of this weapon becomes more vulnerable to attacks.
Excellent attack range and can take down multiple opponents simultaneouslySkill animations and combos can be easily interrupted by crowd controls and heavy attacks.
King's skillset includes gap-closer which he does by pulling himself towards the enemy if it's far enough
Shatter rate can increase from advancements

Tower of Fantasy King Awakening Traits and Rewards

Players are rewarded with recollection rewards after obtaining certain amounts of awakening points. These include the Character Avatar, Story Log and Traits.

Awakening PointsRewards
200Avatar: King
600Log: Eventful Deal
1200Trait: "King: Coldblooded Swipe"
2000Log: Equal Contract
3000Log: A bet
4000Trait: "King: Fear Reaper

Upon reaching 1200 and 4000 awakening points, players can unlock Traits. Traits provide bonus passive effects and stats unique to one character.

King: Coldblooded Swipe restores King's HP equal to 8% of his maximum HP after defeating 7 enemies. While obtaining more points to 4000 will restore 10% instead after killing 5 enemies. Aside from his 4pc matrix set, this can be useful for melee weapons so they can stay longer in the fight.

Should you activate King's Trait?

King's Trait, Coldblooded Swipe does not increase his shieldbreaking ability, nor his damage. Instead, King's Trait restores his HP by 8% after defeating 7 or 5 enemies. Similar to the rest of the traits, it is conditional. There has to be at least 5 enemies available for him to slaughter in order to gain health. Nevertheless, it is useful if you lack sustain. But if you're seeking traits that has the ability to increase your damage as a DPS, this is not the trait you are looking for.

Best Gift for King Awakening

Now that we’ve mentioned awakening, you are probably curious about the source of these awakening points. Well, there is one way to do it.

Tower of Fantasy King Gift

Our simulacra and characters love receiving gifts. Well, who doesn’t? Can I give them any gift? The answer is yes, but our characters have their own preference. While you can still collect awakening points from giving any gift found in your backpack, it is preferable to present their preferred gift, as it provides higher points.

Here is the list of King’s favorite gifts under the  Saved, Rare Items, Limited Store Items

  • Crown Token
  • Warren Fossil
  • 3D Hykros Puzzle
  • Aida Comic
  • Limited Peanut Figurine
  • Limited Tata Figurine
  • New Game Console
  • Silver Cookware
  • Smarty Dolls
  • Snow Globe
  • Void Angel Figurine
  • Gem Necklace
  • Meteorite in a Bottle
  • Postcard of Aida
  • Retro Harmonica
  • Snack Box

How to get gifts in Tower of Fantasy? Well, there are several ways that you can do in order to obtain one.

You can spend gold and buy gifts from Claude in Banges, take Hopkin's Mystery Box in Black Market, get from an arcade claw machine on Cetus Island, Crystal Dust Store and Points Store.

Tower of Fantasy King Best Matrices

4 pc KingKing's 2pc Set favors weapons with a high shatter rate. Applying 10% of shatter increases your damage dealt by 4%/5%/6%/7% for 25 seconds, up to 3 stacks. This is especially good if you have King's first advancement.

Meanwhile, King's 4 PC set allows him to restore HP equal to 10%/12%/13%/14% of damage dealt. However, the maximum HP restored per 0.5 seconds cannot exceed 30%/33%/33.4%/36% of ATK. This may not fully increase his damage output but it helps King's survivability in skirmishes. Scythe of the crow is a melee weapon, hence he's more vulnerable to attacks.
2 pc King
2 pc Shiro
Pairing King's 2 pc with Shiro seems better if you are aiming to increase both his damage and shatter effect.

With Shiro's 2 pc set, your damage and shatter to targets will increase if they have more than 50% HP by 15%/19/22.5%/26%.

Currently, this is King's best set damage-wise. 4 pc King does not offer an increase in shatter or damage, but it is still beneficial as you lack enough sustain. However, if you are using King's trait, you may also want to opt for this set.

4 pc Claudia
The newest SSR matrix and its 2 and 4 piece effects may also work for King under certain conditions.

2 pc Claudia: Increase damage by 13% when hitting a target in mid-air or initiating an aerial attack. Reset double jump upon hitting the target in mid-air.

Aside from N3C, it is King's aerial attacks that do the job. Even King's Mortal Coil (Skill) can be used mid-air. That said, King has plenty of ways to obtain this damage increase from Claudia's 2 PC matrix set.

4 pc Claudia:
Hitting an enemy with a skill reduces the cooldowns of all weapon skills by 1.5 seconds and increases the damage of discharge skills by 58% for 15 seconds.

Giving all your matrices slots for her set is pretty interesting as well. From its description, you can further decrease the cooldown of your weapons' abilities by 1.5. This is rather helpful as most weapon skill takes around a minute to go online.

In our Tower of Fantasy King build guide as well, it is recommended to spam King's discharge with the help of your charge DPS. Again, he's not just a mere shield-breaker, but he can also shred HP bars with his discharge skill. Hence, it can be said that King can benefit from this set.

The only dilemma that you may encounter is that, aerial attacks consume endurance. Potentially, it may pose issues if you are running a Samir-King-support or any other DPS that is endurance-hungry.
2 pc Crow
2 pc Crow: Increase crit damage to targets with less than 60% HP by 24%.

Crow's 2 pc is basically applicable for every DPS character due to the additional crit damage.
3 pc Sobek3 pc: Increase damage dealt by 6% for each enemy nearby. Up to 3 stacks.

3 pc Sobek matrix set's effect generally works for every melee character and especially helpful during skirmishes with more than 3 enemies around.
Robarg3 pc Robarg: When a target is shattered, poison the target and deal damage equal to 45% of ATK every second for 10 seconds.

With this, King will deal additional damage per second through its poison only after shredding an enemy shield.
Self-explosiveFor new players, the only option you may take is to equip Self-explosive Matrix set on him as Scythe of the Crow is a flame weapon.

3 PC set: Increase damage dealt by flame weapons by 6%.

Tower of Fantasy Best King Team

King is one of the best starter SSR characters you can get in the game due to his high dps and high-rated shatter. He may sound like the jack of all trades or the perfect one but he's not. Each simulacrum has their own weakness and cons. Good thing, players are given three weapon slots that can make up for each other's shortcomings.

These team compositions revolve around using King as the shield-breaker/sub-DPS. Additionally, it is best for King to be in an attack-attack-flex composition for the attack resonance.

King - Shiro - Nemesis

King favors team compositions with two attack weapons for the DPS resonance. After all, he cannot simply take the DPS role alone because he is a melee character. There are several situations that may require ranged weapons especially if you're up against enemies that stay mid-air. Using a ranged one against melee opponents also puts you at an advantage as long as you possess great kiting skills, allowing you to simply deal damage from a safe distance.

Samir can fill this role as the ranged main DPS. Actually, she is the perfect example due to her high damage output that effortlessly shreds the enemies. Apart from it, Samir has a high charge rate that can easily charge other weapons' discharge skill. Talk about spamming King's discharge ability.

Samir and King's abilities alone can go hand in hand with each other. Samir's Electro Field can set up for King's discharge ability as it stock-still, knocking enemies up. With King's knock up, you can switch again to Samir and do her infamous spin-to-win mechanic without worrying about getting interrupted. Nemesis on the other hand makes a good contribution by proving buffs, heals and volt resonance.

For a sample rotation, Samir attacks > King discharge (when the shield is up) > King skill > Switch to Samir and active discharge if it's up (once the shield is shattered) > place Nemesis turrets > Samir.

This team composition also benefits from the volt resonance.

Tsubasa - King - Zero

This team composition is quite similar to the first recommended one. For the main DPS, Tsubasa can be deployed. Tsubasa plays a vital role in this composition. Aside from the main source of DPS, she also has the ability to charge weapons quickly with a rate of 11.50. Additionally, as a wielder of an Ice Shell type weapon, suppressing enemy movements with freeze effect is one of her specialties. That said, Tsubasa and King's AOE attacks make a great combination. The third slot can be filled by any support like Zero who can provide shields.

Bai ling - King - Pepper

If you are a relatively new player with only King as your SSR character, you may replace Tsubasa with another DPS character like Bai-Ling. Bai ling is a ranged character that is useful for enemies that King cannot reach. With similar role as Tsubasa, you can spam her attacks and abilities, simultaneously charging other weapons to make way for King's discharge. For the last slot, Pepper especially at her maximum advancement is one of the best supports you can easily get.

Tower of Fantasy King Upgrade Materials

In order to build King, players are required to farm materials necessary to level them up. Make sure to take note of these so as to not delay their enhancement and powerspike.

10400 Gold
2x Firecore
20800 Gold
2x Firecore
301200 Gold
3x Firecore
3x Acidproof Glaze I
401600 Gold
3x Firecore
3x Acidproof Glaze I
3x Nanofiber Frame I
502000 Gold
4x Firecore
4x Acidproof Glaze I
4x Nanofiber Frame I
6x Firecore
6x Acidproof Glaze I
6x Nanofiber Frame I
8x Firecore
8x Acidproof Glaze I
8x Nanofiber Frame I
11x Firecore
11x Acidproof Glaze I
11x Nanofiber Frame I
5x Heart of Lava
5x Acidproof Glaze II
5x Nanofiber Frame II
6x Heart of Lava
6x Acidproof Glaze II
6x Nanofiber Frame II
8x Heart of Lava
8x Acidproof Glaze II
8x Nanofiber Frame II
11x Heart of Lava
11x Acidproof Glaze II
11x Nanofiber Frame II
15x Heart of Lava
15x Acidproof Glaze II
15x Nanofiber Frame II

How to Obtain Tower of Fantasy King

There are plenty of methods on how you can get the SSR Simulacra King and his weapon Scythe of the Crow, and the good thing is you may even get him for free!

Getting SSR characters and weapons is absolutely rewarding as they can quickly improve your damage and gameplay in general. Aside from better character and weapon design, and fantastic skill animation, these characters provide better stats, higher damage multiplier, and even buffs. However, getting one in a gacha game takes luck.

Angel's Guidance banner

Furthermore, Tower of Fantasy King can be obtained using your Gold, Red, and Black Nuclei on Special Orders. Take all the nuclei and luck you need because you can acquire him on the permanent and limited banners.

In addition to that, players will have the chance to pick one among the starter SSR characters in the SSR Weapon Box, which is a reward after reaching 700 Points from the Newcomer Event.

In conclusion, what do you think of King being a badass shieldbreaker and how he fares in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments!