Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa - Ice Wind Arrow Build Guide

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa – Ice Wind Arrow Build Guide

Learn how to build Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa with our guide featuring her skills, weapon attributes, best matrices, best team and more.

If you're having trouble and probably wondering how to build Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa, then you've just arrived at the right place. Know more about her using our in-depth strategy guide featuring her weapon, skills, best matrices build, and best team composition.

Tower of Fantasy presents a unique world with futuristic facilities, giving you a glimpse of what it's like to live in a sci-fi and fantasy environment. The game itself has plenty of things to offer, including compelling stories and a complete roster of exciting and well-thought-out characters to explore.

Simultaneously, encountering large enemies and terrifying bosses will become a big part of your life in the world of Aida. That said, it is necessary to keep your character strong and become adept at fighting.

Who is Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa?

A former Hykros and Hyena Member and now a part of Heir of Aida. Hopping from one organization to another is what she does best, leaving without a single attachment. Nevertheless, she's a prodigy with an outgoing personality but we can assume she only has two friends — gravity and the wind. After all, the best way to polish up your aim and skill is to befriend them, according to her.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Skin
  • Height: 169cm
  • Birthplace: Astra
  • Horoscope: Aries
  • Birthday: March 24

Ice Wind Arrow

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa wields an SSR bow she would often refer to as "Ice Wind Weapon." It is an Attack weapon that unleashes single and AOE attacks. As a bow user, Tsubasa heavily relies on ranged shots, making it easier for her to attack and kill opponents from a safe distance.

Ice Wind Arrow in an Ice Shell type that freezes small monsters into their place upon reaching the maximum charge. After a while, they will be inflicted with frostbite for 6 seconds. Frostbitten targets' weapon charge rate is reduced by 50%.

Shattering the ice shells inflicts additional damage equal to 151% of ATK.

Tower of Fantasy Icewind Arrow

Fueled by an additional crit attribute from her weapon, Tsubasa deals massive damage over time. Activating her discharge skill is also a piece of cake with an S-tier Charge of 11.50. The higher the charge, the faster it will be to charge the weapon. This allows Tsubasa to unleash her discharge, Explosive Barrage, more often.

Despite being a good DPS for your team, Tsubasa struggles with shield-breaking due to the extremely low shatter value of 4.00. As for her case, it will take more shots to take down the shield, and it might be late for her and her team by that time.

Ice Wind Arrow provides the following attributes.

  • Attack
  • HP
  • Crit

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Skills

Skills and discharge are the characters’ bread and butter, and their main source of damage. Skills that when chained together with another can take down any monster in sight. One can plainly use this skill in whatever way they want, but there are several ways how you can optimize her kit.

If you’re not an expert on Tsubasa's kit, fret not as we can guide you along your journey. This section features her normal attacks, dodge attacks, weapon skills, and discharge skill.

Normal Attacks


While on the ground, draw the bow repeatedly to attack 5 times in a row.
First Attack: Deal damage equal to 48.8% of ATK + 3.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 43.7% of ATK + 2.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 78.6% of ATK + 4.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 121.2% of ATK + 6.
Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 112.5% of ATK + 6 and knock the target back a short distance.

Normal attacks and projectiles can be blocked by obstacles, terrains, allies or enemy.

Charged Arrow

Normal and charged attacks are quite different in terms damage and arrow frequency. Charged attacks require holding the attack button while aiming at your target. Unlike normal attacks, charged ones deal more damage but require excellent aim and proper positioning. Make sure that you are in a safe spot before attempting to land a charged shot, as it can be interrupted by attacks and crowd controls.

Charged arrow deals damage equal to 87.7% of ATK + 5, and increases to 50% more for each 1 second spent sharing for up to 3 seconds. It is indicated by the three rectangles on her bow, which glows one by one while charging your weapon. With that being said, charging it to maximum deals more significant damage.

As a Tsubasa main or user, it is also crucial for you to hit your headshots and know the enemies' weakpoints to ensure landing critical strikes or double damage, or to simply knock them down.

Arrow Rain

The name itself already just gave us a clue to this attack. After at least two normal attacks, and holding the attack button, Ice Wind Arrow will shoot upward and mark a spot on the ground where loads of arrows will fall. It applies Ice Shell, which will then freeze enemies after a few seconds. It is an AOE attack that inflicts up to 287.2% of ATK + 15 to the enemies within the area.

Arrow Rain can be cast while on the ground and while in mid-air.

Air Volley

Tap the jump button before pressing the attack button in order to trigger Air Volley. Air Volley allows her to be suspended in the air while shooting her targets.
First Attack: Deal damage equal to 56.3% of ATK + 3.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 74% of ATK + 4.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 112.7% of ATK + 6.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 169.8% of ATK + 9.

Air Volley deals higher damage than her grounded normal attacks, but consumes endurance.


Loaded Arrow

Trigger Loaded Arrow by dodging and immediately pressing the attack button. This will unleash an arrow that knocks back the target hit and inflict 124% and ATK +7 damage.

If Ice Wind Arrow is at the first and sixth advancement, doing so will allow you to obtain a stack of Sharp Arrow.


Piercing Shot

Tsubasa does a backflip before casting three piercing shots forward with the main shot dealing damage equal to 258% of ATK +14 while the two adjacent shots inflict 60% damage.

Simultaneously, targets hit are knocked back and stunned for 5 seconds upon collision with an obstacle.

Piercing Shot has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Discharge Skill

Explosive Barrage

Charge your weapon or enter Phantasia by dodging at the right time to trigger Explosive Barrage. It creates a hailstorm at the target location that deals damage equal to 570% of ATK +30. Enemies caught inside the Explosive Barrage has a 10% chance of getting frozen. Aside from its damage, it also removes all debuffs from the user, receives cold front and an increase in speed by 45% for 7 seconds.

Different roles and Playstyle for Tsubasa

1. Main DPS / Charge DPS

The first type makes use of a combination of her attacks; normal, aerial, dodge attacks, skills and discharge as the main source of damage to your team. That said, Tsubasa has to stay on the field most of the time. Not only can she deal an insane amount of damage over time, but with the highest charge value that she possesses, charging other weapons only takes her a bit of time. 

Using Tsubasa as your main dps makes you reliant on her normal attacks. One could simply place herself at a distance, landing several normal attacks on the enemy. In doing so, there are some problems that may arise. Unbeknownst to some, her arrows from normal attacks can be blocked by terrain and enemies. What made it worse is that even players’ body and their abilities can block her attacks. It can be easily noticed during Meryl’s ultimate, which allows no other projectiles to pass through it. This becomes such a nuisance for Tsubasa mains especially during World Bosses and coop, with plenty of players scattered around the area.  

Fortunately, her whole kit can adjust to these situations. 

Instead of grounded normal attacks, you may opt for aerial attacks or air volley. After all, air volley deals more serious damage than the former. On top of it, not all melee attacks can hit you. The only downside is that you will be draining all of your endurance for this one. 

The second one, probably one of the best things in her kit is the Arrow Rain. Arrow Rain is her second highest damage-dealing ability next to her ultimate. It is also noticeable that arrow rain kind of resembles Explosive Barrage, like its own mini-version. 

Here are the reasons why it is good to spam Arrow Rain.

  • Yes, it is spammable. Doing another round of attack-attack-charged attack after the previous arrow rain allows you to replace the former right once it expires. 
  • Aerial arrow rain (jump-attack-attack-charged attack) on the other hand is preferable. This time, this aerial attack will deal just as much damage as the normal arrow rain, but its cast time is shorter. But then again, it consumes endurance.
  • Aside from damage, you will be applying slow to the enemies with a chance of freezing them into their place.
  • Second highest damage-dealing attack next to her discharge skill, explosive barrage (570%)
  • You can spam arrow rain all you want as it has no cooldown and casting arrow rain does not consume endurance.
  • At her fifth advancement, the duration of Arrow Rain is doubled meaning you’ll get twice as much damage than at A0. Spamming it will allow the next Arrow Rain to overlap with the previous one, but fret not as it will not cancel the damage inflicted by the former.

The only thing you will have to be wary of is that its cast duration is a bit long which opens up opportunities for several enemies to attack you while doing so. That said, spamming arrow rain is more optimal and doable in team play where you are given a safe space without worrying about taking the aggro and getting interrupted. 

2. Charged attack

Charged arrow is fully optimized by reaching its maximum charge and hitting the weakspot or a headshot. This can be hard solo as all of your enemies attention is on you, which means you can be potentially interrupted by any attack under their sleeves. To make this work, you can land an arrow rain or your discharge with high hopes that it'll freeze them to give you enough time to charge your bow.

By opting for this playstyle that focuses on charged attack rather than normal ones, charging other weapons may become slower.

3. Buffer / Sub-DPS / Support

Tsubasa fits into plenty of team comps, especially in the future releases as a buffer. This role however, is pretty expensive to the extent that you'll have to get another piece of her weapon.

Her role as a buffer starts at her first advancement. It comes from her dash-attack, which grants 5% of damage per stack which can go up to three times. Overall, you can get a 15% damage increase. If you are fortunate enough to have her sixth advancement, it can go up to 25% from 5 stacks which is a lot.

From here, you can start your rotation by spamming dash - attack until you get the maximum stacks. Do remember that you need not do the dash + attack three or five times always unless you're up against a single enemy. Unlike her normal attack, Piercing Arrow passes through enemies giving you another stack of it. Much easier if you have A3 for two additional arrows.


One Star: Tsubasa's first advancement is definitely a must-have. After successfully hitting a dodge attack or Loaded Arrow, she will gain a stack of Sharp Arrow. Sharp Arrow is a passive effect that grants a boost in damage by 5% for 15 seconds and can stack up to three times.

This further increases Tsubasa's viability and versatility. Aside from using her as your main dps, she can simultaneously fill the role as as sub-dps or a buffer. Sharp Arrow amplifies its wielder's damage, even after switching to another weapon. Hence, she's best paired with your favorite main dps.

Two Star: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.

Three Star: Launching a dodge attack or Loaded Arrow shoots three charged arrows instead of one.

Four Star: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.

Five Star: Increases and doubles the duration of Arrow Rain and slow targets by 25%

Six Star: Tsubasa's six star is an upgraded version of her first star. Instead of three, it can now stack up to 5. At the same time, stacking it to five can be done quickly by either hitting a charged arrow for three stacks, or a headshot for 5 stacks. Also, from an initial 15% damage boost from her first advancement, Tsubasa and her team's damage will further increase by 25%.

Is it worth getting Tsubasa's Advancement?

Whether you’re using her as a main dps, a sub dps or a buffer, Tsubasa’s advancements are absolutely useful especially at A1, A3, A5 and A6. All of her advancements are inclined to increase your damage.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Pros and Cons

All players are given the opportunity to take one SSR character from the SSR Weapon box. It is then imperative to make a careful decision before picking one as it is not reversible.

In line with this, here are Tsubasa’s Pros and Cons which can be of aid in making your final judgment.

Great ranged character with high dps.Bad shield-breaker due to very low shatter value.
She can apply crowd controls including stuns and slows from freeze and knockback from obstacle collision effect.Skills are stationary that can be easily avoided.
Can provide damage boosts with her first and sixth advancement.Charged attacks and skills can be interrupted.
Tsubasa can hit opponents from a distance, making her safe from melee attacks. Skill animations take too long

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Awakening Traits and Rewards

Players are rewarded with recollection rewards after obtaining certain amounts of awakening points. These include the Character Avatar, Story Log and Traits.

Awakening PointsRewards
200Avatar: Tsubasa
600Log: A Natural Warmth
1200Trait: "Tsubasa: Rainstorm"
2000Log: Freeze Warning
3000Log: You Know Best
4000Trait: "Tsubasa: Raging Waves)

Upon reaching 1200 and 4000 awakening points, players can unlock Traits. Traits provide bonus passive effects and stats unique to one character.

Tsubasa: Rainstorm allows her to gain 1 stack of Fierce Strike upon dealing damage. This can stack up to one per second. One stack of Fierce Strike adds 0.5% ATK, up to 15 stacks. The effect duration will be refreshed again upon gaining the effect. This will last for up to 30 seconds. Meanwhile, Tsubasa: Raging Waves makes it 0.6% ATK instead, for up to 30 stacks for the same duration.

Should you activate Tsubasa's Trait?

Her trait is exactly what you needed damage-wise. For each attack that you do, you increase your damage by up to 7.5% max within 30 seconds. This is especially useful alongside Tsubasa’s A1 and A6 buff. All of her advancements are inclined to increase your damage.

Best Gift for Tsubasa Awakening

Now that we’ve mentioned awakening, you are probably curious about the source of these awakening points. Well, there is one way to do it.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Gift

Our simulacra and characters love receiving gifts. Well, who doesn’t? Can I give them any gift? The answer is yes, but our characters have their own preference. While you can still collect awakening points from giving any gift found in your backpack, it is preferable to present their preferred gift, as it provides higher points.

Here is the list of Tsubasa’s favorite gifts under the Figurines, Limited Store Items, and Rare Items category.

  • Plush Toy
  • Void Angel Figurine
  • 3D Hykros Puzzle
  • Aida Comic
  • Crown Token
  • Limited Peanut Figurine
  • Metal Alf Figurine
  • New Game Console
  • Snow Globe
  • Warren Fossil
  • Crazy Dumont Figurine
  • Meteorite in a Bottle
  • Spirit Princess Figurine
  • Postcard of Aida
  • Retro Harmonica
  • Snack Box

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Best Matrices

2 pc Crow Set (SSR)
2 pc Samir Set (SSR)
2 pc Crow: Increase crit damage to targets with less than 60% HP by 33%/42%/50%/58%.

2 pc Samir: 
Deal more damage upon hitting a target, each time by 1.5%, up to 10/13/16/20 stacks. Buff stacking time: 2 seconds.

This set so far is the best you can equip for your main DPS. Tsubasa can land countless damage over time with a mix of her discharge, arrow rain, and continuous normal attacks, making it easier for her to stack 2 pc Samir's effect up in no time. Meanwhile, 2 pc Crow provides a great boost in her damage with the crit damage increase, especially if you can upgrade it to 4*. 
4 pc Tsubasa Set (SSR)2 pc set only works when its wielder stands at least four meters from the enemies. That being said, her 2pc does not quite work well with melee ones. Upon meeting the condition, this will increase her damage output by 12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%. 

But how would you know if the 2 pc set is in effect? As mentioned, 2 pc set only functions if the wielder is at least four meters away from her opponents. Once the condition is met, a buff will appear right above your HP bar, which will then be removed immediately as you get closer to any enemy.

Equipping 4 pc, on the other hand, grants an increase in ATK by 15%/18%/21%/25% for 8 seconds upon hitting a headshot or using Piercing Shot. In order to actually utilize this passive effect, it is preferable to go for charged attacks for easy headshots. Her 4 pc is only applicable to ranged weapons, which can inflict headshots. 
2pc Claudia Set (SSR)
Increase damage by 13%/17%/20%/23% when hitting a target in mid-air or initiating an aerial attack. Reset double jump upon hitting the target in mid-air.

Ice Wind Arrow can also benefit from Claudia's 2pc set only if you can meet the requirement. The damage boost can only be obtained if you are targeting the enemy while in mid-air. It can be triggered by aerial basic attacks, aerial arrow rain, or basically any attacks that you can deploy while airborne.

On top of it, double jump reset is useful for her.
2 pc Tsubasa Set (SSR)
2 pc Samir/Crow Set (SSR)
2 pc Tsubasa is great for ranged DPS, like her. On top of it, you can also increase the damage of her attacks with either Samir's 2 pc or Crow's 2 pc, which was discussed on the first recommended matrix set.
3 pc Sobek Set (SR)Increase damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy nearby. Up to 3 stacks.

Tsubasa also excels at running down multiple opponents simultaneously, thanks to Arrow rain and Discharge. Hence, she will have no problem dealing with them especially with this matrix set.
3 pc Hilda Set (SR)3pc Hilda: Increase ATK by 15%/19%/22.5% when there are no enemies within 6 meters.

3 pc Hilda is a lot easier to get than 2 pc Tsubasa. Ultimately, it provides higher atk boost than the latter (12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%). However, it requires you to stand 6 meters away from the target to utilize it.
3 pc Functional Dash Set (R)Increase damage dealt by frost weapons by 6%.

All matrix set complements Tsubasa's skill set, but if you're curious about which one to pick. Well, it will have to depend on your game style and her role in your team.

Tsubasa matrix can be obtained in Joint Operation (Difficulty – 05 to 08) every Monday, and Saturday. Similarly, you can take it on banners, world boss chests, void rifts and suppressors.

Samir's can be acquired the same way, but only every Friday, Sunday by entering Joint Operation (Difficulty – 05 to 08).

Tower of Fantasy Best Tsubasa Team

With Tsubasa's kit, she can turn herself into a main-DPS by spamming a good combination of normal and charged attacks, along with her abilities. Likewise, other DPS characters can benefit from her buffs, freeze, and slow effects.

Tsubasa - King - Nemesis

Tsubasa may not be able to one-shot her opponents, but she can land continuous and consecutive attacks that will bring them their own demise. However, Tsubasa experiences a hard time dealing with enemies protected with thick and heavy shields. Good thing that there are characters out there with tremendous shield-breaking ability, such as King, Shiro, and Meryl. Ensuring your characters' survivability is also essential by adding supports such as Nemesis, Cocoritter and Zero.

Frigg - Tsubasa - Meryl

Tsubasa perfectly fits the ice team, especially with the presence of Frigg. Using another frost weapon aside from Frigg's Balmung will allow you to activate the Frost Resonance. Frost resonance increases frost ATK by 15% and frost resistance by 25% if you have two or more frost weapons equipped. On top of it, this team comp provides attack resonance by having two attack weapons; Balmung and Ice of the Wind Arrow. This blends well with Tsubasa's buff, allowing all of your weapons' damage to be further enhanced.

With Balmung, you'll only worry less about getting your animations interrupted with the damage immunity. Frigg also has a high charge value, enabling her to charge other weapons simultaneously while decimating her enemies caught inside her domain and slashes.

Building a viable team composition also requires a shield-breaker for faster clear and to avoid receiving bosses' special attacks that can otherwise lead you to your own demise. In this team composition specifically, Meryl is your best choice, especially at A1 and A5. Aside from her excellent shield-shattering ability, Meryl's discharge does a great job at keeping the enemies in one place altogether to make way for Frigg and Tsubasa's attacks.


This is an aggressive team composition with no form of sustain. You’ll get no heals or shields from this team composition, so best believe you are going to need some serious dodging skills. It is risky indeed, but you can capitalize on each weapons’ capabilities to deal higher damage and the attack resonance from having three attack weapons. Samir will act as your main source of damage, while King is assigned as the shield-breaker. Tsubasa, on the other hand can make use of her arrow rain and discharge, Explosive Barrage for the continuous slow and stuns. Basically, King and Tsubasa’s weapons can bring off-field damage with King’s discharge, Flaming Scythe, Tsubasa’s Arrow Rain, and Explosive Barrage for instance while Samir’s at play.

But, it is important to note that this becomes a better team composition if you have Tsubasa at least A1 for the damage buff. Do note that the damage buff is not only applicable to her weapon and frost attacks. This makes Tsubasa a good option for several team compositions that rely on DPS. After all, Tsubasa’s damage buff does enhance all kinds of attack, not just frost.

Tsubasa - Echo - Pepper

For F2P, new players and those who haven’t received other SSR Simulacrum other than Tsubasa, do not worry, as pairing her with other SR weapons is still viable. These SR simulacra are easier to get and upgrade to maximum advancement into the bargain.

This team composition makes a standard attack team with the combination of DPS-DPS-Support weapon. Tsubasa becomes your main DPS, with Echo as your shield-breaker. Echo has an interestingly high shatter value of 12.00, which can further be increased at her first advancement (+15% Shatter). Pepper, on the other hand does the healing you may need to survive after a fatal attack.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Upgrade Materials

In order to build Tsubasa, players are required to farm materials necessary to level them up. Make sure to take note of these so as to not delay their enhancement and powerspike.

10400 Gold
1x Icecore
20800 Gold
2x Icecore
301200 Gold
3x Icecore
3x Nano Coating I
401600 Gold
3x Icecore
3x Nano Coating I
3x Nanofiber Frame I
502000 Gold
4x Icecore
4x Nano Coating I
4x Nanofiber Frame I
602400 Gold
6x Icecore
6x Nano Coating I
6x Nanofiber Frame I
702800 Gold
8x Icecore
8x Nano Coating I
8x Nanofiber Frame I
803200 Gold
11x Icecore
11x Nano Coating I
11x Nanofiber Frame I
903600 Gold
5x Heart of Winter
5x Nano Coating II
5 Nanofiber Frame II
1004000 Gold
6x Heart of Winter
6x Icecore
6x Nanofiber Frame II
1104400 Gold
8x Heart of Winter
8x Nano Coating II
8 Nanofiber Frame II
1204800 Gold
11x Heart of Winter
11x Nano Coating II
11 Nanofiber Frame II
1305200 Gold
15x Heart of Winter
15x Nano Coating II
15x Nanofiber Frame II

How to Obtain Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa

There are plenty of methods on how you can get the SSR Simulacra Tsubasa and her weapon Icewind Arrow, and the good thing is you may even get her for free!

Tower of Fantasy Weapons Galore

Getting SSR characters and weapons is absolutely rewarding as they can quickly improve your damage and gameplay in general. Aside from better character and weapon design, and fantastic skill animation, these characters provide better stats, higher damage multiplier, and even buffs. However, getting one in a gacha game takes luck.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa can be obtained using your Gold, Red, and Black Nuclei on Special Orders. Take all the nuclei and luck you need, as you can acquire her on the permanent and limited banners.

Players will also have the chance to pick one among the starter SSR characters in the SSR Weapon Box, which is a reward after reaching 700 Points from the Newcomer Event.

What do you think of Tsubasa as a versatile bow-wielding darling and how she fares in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments!