Tower of Fantasy Shiro and Chakram of the Seas Build Guide

Tower of Fantasy Shiro – Chakram of the Seas Build Guide

Learn how to build Tower of Fantasy Shiro with our guide featuring her skills, weapon attributes, best matrices, best team and more.

If you're having trouble and probably wondering how to build Tower of Fantasy Shiro, then you've just arrived at the right place. Know more about her using our in-depth strategy guide featuring her weapon, skills, best matrices build, and best team composition.

Tower of Fantasy presents a unique world with futuristic facilities, giving you a glimpse of what it's like to live in a sci-fi and fantasy environment. The game itself has plenty of things to offer, including compelling stories and a complete roster of exciting and well-thought-out characters to explore.

Simultaneously, encountering large enemies and terrifying bosses will become a big part of your life in the world of Aida. That said, it is necessary to keep your character strong and become adept at fighting.

Who is Tower of Fantasy Shiro?

Spending her whole childhood near the coast typically explains her unceasing love for the sea. Forget about mentioning another topic as your conversation with her would most likely revolve around the ocean. After all, she turned her passion into a profession by becoming a planetary oceanographer for Hykros, which then gave birth to her weapon.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Skin
  • Height: 163cm
  • Birthplace: Warren
  • Horoscope: Virgo
  • Birthday: September 22

Chakram of the Seas

Tower of Fantasy Shiro possesses an SSR wheel blade in a circular shape called “Chakram of Seas”. It is an Attack weapon that deals physical damage and applies Grievous on her foes. Once it is fully charged, opponents will take damage equal to 137% of her ATK and make them grievous for 7 seconds. Grievous opponents become vulnerable, taking 20% more damage.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Chakram of the Seas

Not only is she a great DPS, but she also has the ability to break shields faster with a shatter amount of 10.00. The high amount of shatter is necessary for fighting enemies and bosses to easily take them down and prevent them from unleashing their ultimate skill. Compared to other characters, Shiro has a lower charge of 6, which means it will probably take more time and effort to activate her discharge ability.

Chakram of the Seas provides the following base stats:

  • Attack
  • HP
  • Crit

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Skills

Skills and discharge are the characters' bread and butter, and their only source of damage. Skills that when chained together with another can take down any monster in sight. One can plainly use this skill in whatever way they want, but there are several ways on how you can optimize her kit.

If you're not an expert on Shiro's kit, fret not as we can guide you along your journey. This section features her normal attacks, dodge attacks, weapon skills and discharge skill.

Normal Attacks

Rapid Throw

While Shiro is on the ground, chakram unleashes 5 spinning attacks. Spinning chakrams pass through and deal damage to opponents along its way, eventually returning to its wielder after a short period of inflicting damage again.

 First Attack: Deal damage equal to 30.7% of ATK + 2.
 Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 23.8% of ATK + 1.
 Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 34% of ATK + 2.
 Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 30.7% of ATK + 2.
 Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 53.8% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back a short distance.

Aerial Discharge

Press the normal attack while airborne or after jumping one to unleash 3 spinning attacks in a row.

  First Attack: Deal damage equal to 26.2% of ATK + 1.
  Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 29.2% of ATK + 2.
  Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 37.2% of ATK + 2.


Holding the attack button after at least two consecutive normal attacks activates Shatter. Instead of one, five chakrams will be fired forward, slashing  through opponents on its way. Each chakram deals 43.5% of ATK + 2 damage, with minor knockback.

Air Spin

Tapping and holding attack while Shiro is in mid-air or airborne triggers Air Spin. Air spin unleashes powerful strikes, dealing damage equal to 191.5% of ATK + 10 to the target and nearby enemies, and suspending them.

Sneak Attack

Sneak attack is only possible while crouching, so make sure to enable it on your settings and learn how to do it. While crouching, approach the enemy from behind then press normal attack to deal damage equal to 427% of ATK +23.

Dodge Attacks

Waning Moon

Waning Moon can be triggered by tapping the normal attack immediately after dodging in any direction.

During Waning Moon, Shiro tosses a spinning chakram forward, deals 132.9% of ATK + 7 and stuns the target enemy for 0.5 seconds. If it hits an enemy, the chakram will split into three and continue to fly forward passing through everything along its path. This will deal 24.2% of ATK + 1. 

Fully maximize Waning Moon’s damage by pairing it with Full Bloom. These three chakrams will bounce off Full Bloom’s wall for up to 5 times. Another thing that you should take note of when using Waning Moon is your distance from the enemy. If you were to fight a single opponent, make sure to stand exactly in front of it to ensure that all three chakrams will hit them.

If you are far away from the enemy, these chakrams will have to travel more distance, hence increasing the gap between them. Instead of three, only one chakram will hit your opponent.

Weapon Skill

Full Bloom

Shiro will create a circular chakram domain around her for 8 seconds. During Full Bloom, enemies are pulled towards the center, reducing their moving speed by 30% for 8 seconds. Five chakrams will also simultaneously be unleashed, bouncing against the wall and between opponents. Each chakram deals 24.2% of atk + 1 to targets hit and bounces for at most 5 times.

Full Bloom can be interrupted by moving and casting attacks during the animation of Full Bloom. Wait until the Full Bloom animation finishes.

Split chakrams from Waning Moon will also bounce up to 5 times. This skill has a 45-second cooldown.

Discharge Skill

Spirit of the Air

Charge Chakram of the Seas or enter Phantasia to trigger Spirit of the Air. Spirit of the Air removes all the debuffs from its wielder and unleashes Chakram of the Seas at the target opponent. This will strike targets causing AOE stun for 1 second and an additional 1 attack each against up to 3 units every second, dealing 41.4% of atk + 2 damage for 10 seconds. Each attack has a 10% chance of stunning the target for 1.5 seconds.


  • One Star: Increase damage dealt to and all elemental shattering effects on targets within Full Bloom's range by 30%. This further increases the wielder’s ability to break down shields faster.
  • Two Star: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.
  • Three Star: Taking Shiro’s third advancement is such a great investment for her. Not only will it increase her shatter by 15%, but it will also reset all of the wielder’s weapon skill cooldown after destroying a shield. This is helpful in skirmishes as some weapon skill cooldowns take too long to go online.
  • Four Star: Increase the current weapon's base HP growth by 32%.
  • Five Star: Attacking a grievous target extends the duration of grievous by an additional 7 seconds (only takes effect once for the same effect). Shiro may not be the strongest DPS right now, but the additional duration given for the grievous effect enables her to deal more damage than she usually can. 
  • Six Star: With Chakram of the Seas’ sixth advancement, players will be given the luxury to land as many critical hits they want. This enables its wielder to ramp up their critical rate to 100% for 8 seconds after using Full Bloom. 8 seconds may seem to be short, but hitting critical strikes for 8 seconds without fail is something that cannot be underestimated. This is helpful especially for players who possess relatively low crit rate. 

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Pros and Cons

All players are given the opportunity to take one SSR character from the SSR box. It is then imperative to make a careful decision before picking one as it is not reversible. In line with this, here are Shiro's Pros and Cons which can be of aid in making your final judgment.

Pros Cons
Shiro has an A-tier shatter of 10 making her a good shield breaker.Shiro has a low charge value of 6 (B-Tier). Charge dictates how fast your weapon gains charge. Compared to other characters, she has lower charge, thus it will take more time for her to use her discharge skill.
Chakram of the Seas applies Grievous effect making them vulnerable and take more damage.Shiro's skill and discharged skill are both stationary. It can only be placed on one spot. Her abilities will be rendered useless against opponents with high mobility. Furthermore, her soft CC are not that enough to keep them inside.
Shiro's weapon grants ATK, HP and Crit necessary in increasing your overall damage output.Compared to other DPS, her damage output is not as great and high as theirs.
Full Bloom provides CC by pulling in enemies and reducing their movement speed. This makes landing your skills and abilities easier.
Ranged character, allowing her to reach mid-air enemies and even kite from a safe distance.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Awakening Traits and Rewards

Players are rewarded with recollection rewards after obtaining certain amounts of awakening points. These include the Character Avatar, Story Log and Traits.

Awakening PointsReward
200Avatar: Tsubasa
600Log: A Natural Warmth
1200Trait: "Tsubasa: Rainstorm"
2000Log: Freeze Warning
3000Log: You Know Best
4000Trait: "Tsubasa: Raging Waves"

Upon reaching 1200 and 4000 awakening points, players can unlock Traits. Traits provide bonus passive effects and stats unique to one character.

Shiro: Security alert allows her to increase all kinds of ATK by 10% and physical attack by an additional 7% for 8 seconds after using a weapon skill or discharge skill. It has a 16-second cooldown. Obtaining 4000 on the other hand unlocks Shiro: Red Alarm which increases her ATK and physical attack by 16% and 10%, respectively for 16 seconds.

Best Gift for Shiro Awakening

Now that we've mentioned awakening, you are probably curious about the source of these awakening points. Well, there is one way to do it.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Gifts

Our simulacra and characters love receiving gifts. Well, who doesn't? Can I give them any gift? The answer is yes, but our characters have their own preference. While you can still collect awakening points from giving any gift found in your backpack, it is preferable to present their preferred gift, as it provides higher points.

Here is the list of Shiro's favorite gifts under the Metal Items, Saved and Rare Items category.

  • Silver Cookware
  • Warren Fossil
  • 3D Hykros Puzzle
  • Banges Specialty
  • Crown Token
  • Metal Alf Figurine
  • Music Box
  • Smarty Doll
  • Snow Globe
  • Void Angel Figurine
  • Gem Necklace
  • Meteorite in a Bottle
  • Tool Set
  • Dumb Bells
  • Postcard of Aida
  • Retro Harmonica

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Best Matrices

To fully maximize Shiro's potential and damage output, it is best to equip matrices that will further increase her damage and shatter effect.

4 PC Shiro MatrixShiro's own matrix set fits her as the 2pc set amplifies her damage output and viability by increasing both of her damage and shatter effect to targets with more than 50% HP. Her 4pc set on the other hand grants her a damage boost of 20%/25%/30%/35% 20%/25%/30%/35% for 35 seconds upon entering combat. 
2 PC King Matrix
2 PC Shiro Matrix
Shiro's 2 pc set matrix can be paired with King's 2 pc set. King's 2pc set is only viable for characters and weapons with shield breaking weapon or high shatter. Hence, this applies to Shiro. For every 10% shatter applied to the target, her damage will be increased 4%/5%/6%/7% within 20 seconds for up to 3 stacks.

Shiro matrix can be obtained in Joint Operation (Difficulty - 05) every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Similarly, you can take it on banners, world boss chests, void rifts and suppressors.

King's can be acquired the same way, but only every Tuesday and Saturday by entering Joint Operation (Difficulty - 05).

Tower of Fantasy Best Shiro Team

Regarding team composition, Shiro can fill the role of a DPS, especially if she's the only SSR DPS in your team. However, Shiro gets overshadowed by other DPS characters such as Samir and King, making her receive less appreciation from its players.

Does that make her useless? Definitely not. In fact, you can pair her with other strong DPS characters in the game who can benefit from her shatter and crowd controls.

Shiro fits the role of a sub-dps in this kind of team comp. Aside from her kit, the team benefits from the Attack Weapon Resonance Effect by having two DPS-type weapons. King can take the role of the main DPS. Shiro, on the other hand, utilizes her kit to slow down opponents, make them vulnerable from the grievous effect, and inflict damage. The final slot can be filled with a support like Cocoritter. Cocoritter's abilities can freeze opponents, making it easier to lock down opponents, and hit all her skills and attacks.

Similar to the first team composition, Shiro can be paired with one of the strongest DPS in the game in the current patch, Samir. Shiro can increase the team's overall damage output with the shatter and grievous effect, while Nemesis place her crowd controls, remove debuffs and heal allies. This makes it easier for Samir to land all of her attacks.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Upgrade Materials

In order to build Shiro, players are required to farm materials necessary to level them up. Make sure to take note of these so as to not delay their enhancement.

110400 Gold
2x Rockcore
220800 Gold
2x Rockcore
3301200 Gold
3x Rockcore
3x Acid Proof Glaze I
4401600 Gold
3x Rockcore
3x Acid Proof Glaze I
3x Booster Frame I
5502000 Gold
4x Rockcore
4x Acid Proof Glaze I
4x Booster Frame I
6602400 Gold
6x Rockcore
6x Acid Proof Glaze I
6x Booster Frame I
7702800 Gold
8x Rockcore
8x Acid Proof Glaze I
8x Booster Frame I
8803200 Gold
11x Rockcore
11x Acid Proof Glaze I
11x Booster Frame I
8803600 Gold
5x heart of Summit
5x Acidproof Glaze II
5x booster Frame II

How to Obtain Tower of Fantasy Shiro

There are plenty of methods on how you can get the SSR Simulacra Shiro and her weapon Chakram of Seas, and the good thing is you may even get her for free!

Tower of Fantasy Shiro Weapons Galore

Getting SSR characters and weapons is absolutely rewarding as they can quickly improve your damage and gameplay in general. Aside from better character and weapon design, and fantastic skill animation, these characters provide better stats, higher damage multiplier and even buffs. However, getting one in a gacha game takes luck.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro can be obtained using your Gold, Red and Black Nuclei on Special Orders. Take all the nuclei and luck you need as you can acquire her on the permanent banner.

What do you think of Shiro as a Sub-DPS and a shield-shattering genius and how she fares in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments!