Blue Archive Hina (Swimsuit) Overview

Character Overview

Hina (Swimsuit) is a Limited 3* Explosive Striker student who will be having a rerun during the upcoming event recap “~Prefect Team Administrator Emergency Special Order~ Head Prefect Hina's Summer Break!” alongside another Limited banner Iori (Swimsuit).

On release, she has proven to be a decent AoE damage dealer who was mainly catered towards Kaiten P1. In the past, raids had much less HP when the highest difficulty was Extreme, it was enough to keep her relevant option. However, with the release of Insane and as scores became more competitive, she was benched for other damage dealers who could output more damage for a better score.


  • Wide EX Skill range
  • Low EX Skill Cost
  • Can CC and has CC PWR 


  • Low damage when compared to alternatives (Bond Item somewhat fixes this issue)
  • EX Skill limited to 5 targets

Skill Review

EX Skill

To start things off, we have S.Hina EX Skill, which deals damage to 5 enemies in a cone-shaped AoE. The main draw of this skill is with its AoE which can cover most of the map in general content. However, due to its low multiplier, it may fail to pick off tanky enemies.

Basic Skill

Hina’s Basic Skill deals damage to one enemy every 20 seconds. This starts becoming relevant with Bond Item 2 unlocked boosting the damage multiplier from 226% to 472% at LV10. On a side note, this skill has a 2-second stun, which can be helpful in niche raids like HOD.

Enchanced Skill

Moving on to S.Hina’s Enhanced Skill, it provides a Crit and CC PWR boost to herself. While the CC PWR boost can be helpful for HOD Insane and Crit can help with consistency, it does not address the main issue of her damage being on the low end when compared to other Explosive students. 

Sub Skill

S.Hina’s Sub Skill is the main source of self buffs via ATK buffs. On paper, this skill does provide a hefty 82.5% ATK increase at full stacks. However, this usually takes too long to stack, affecting your overall score when trying to speedrun for a better score in raids. If your goal is only to clear, then this drawback is no longer a major issue.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: In the early game, S.Hina suffers from one major problem, the multipliers on her EX Skill. Due to the low multipliers, this makes it difficult for her to finish off enemies, if you are trying to speedrun content. However, she is still a decent option in the early game due to the low cost and ability to target multiple enemies.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): With S.Hina’s Bond Item available in Global, she has received a much needed ATK boost, allowing her to once again find usage in Kaiten P1. This is mainly relevant in Torment if you are unable to clear the raid with 2-3 teams. Outside of this, she has found niche usage in HOD Torment as a CC option at UE40 with CC PWR on Enhanced Skill and good armor matchup.

  • Minimum Required Investment: UE30 or UE50
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub > Enhanced > Basic


Overall, S.Hina was a student who in the past, started to see less and less usage, as she was unable to keep up with the rest of the competition. However, she has once again found a resurgence in usage with the release of her Bond Item, providing her a much needed ATK boost to keep up with the other Explosive damage dealers.

How Much Should I Invest?:  If you are running low on Elephs, UE30 is usually a good stopping point as her Enhanced+ does not provide any additional damage. However, if you plan to bring S.Hina as a backup CC unit in HOD, then you can consider going for UE40.


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