Blue Archive – In Search of Hidden Ruins Overview

Following the swimsuit rerun banners, we are introduced to a new event “In Search of Hidden Ruins ~”. This event features 2 new Limited characters Ui (Swimsuit) and Hinata (Swimsuit), and a new welfare Koharu (Swimsuit).

This event will have a full runtime of 2 weeks. This gives everyone ample time to farm the event currency to clear out the shop. The event also features a unique minigame, which provides you with several goodies that are worth farming. Lastly, there will be artifacts that can be farmed by completing stages.

Currency Drops per Stage
Bolded text is the best stage to farm the currency

  • Parchment Piece: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Lemon: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Old Key: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Event Points: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Artifact Drops per stage
Note that higher difficulty stages have better drops.

  • Mandrake: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Voynich Manuscript: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Haniwa: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Ancient Battery: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Shops, Gacha Box, and Omikuji

Parchment Piece

Starting off, we have the first event currency Parchment Piece. The main items to look out for here are the Trinity Tech Notes. Prioritize taking the Superior and Advanced rarities, as they can be hard to come by. Then consider taking Gifts such as Buried Treasure maps as they are needed to unlock Aru’s Bond Item. After those items, feel free to take Activity Reports as you see fit.

Characters with Events bonuses:


Similar to the previous shop, you will want to prioritize school-specific mats such as Blue-Rays, clear out Superior and Advanced first. Other items you can consider going for are Gifts and Enhancement Stones if you want to stock up or are lacking.

Characters with Events bonuses:

Old Key

Lastly, for the final event currency with a shop, we have the Old Key. This shop does not feature any school-specific mats but instead has several Artifacts that are required to raise students' skills. There are also gifts available in the shop feel free to take them if you have spare currency.

Characters with Events bonuses

Event Points

Next, we have Event Points. While this currency will not have its shop, it will have important items such as Eligmas, Secret Tech Notes, and other goodies that are worth keeping an eye out for. The best stage to farm for this currency is stage 12, which you can prioritize if your main goal is to farm the mini-game. Alternatively, you can focus on other currencies first, as they also provide Event Points. After you have obtained enough of the other currencies to buy out items from the shop, you can farm for Event Points to reach milestones you are lacking or for the mini-game. 



During this event, there will be a minigame that players can explore using Event Points. There are a total of 4 areas and 2 additional hidden areas players can access. Hidden Area 1 can be accessed from Round 1 and Hidden Island 2 from Round. If you have already cleared the Hidden Area, it is usually not worth going through it again. 

There are generally 2 ways to go about farming this event. You can try to speedrun areas by only grabbing the required chest and moving on to the next area or grab all the chests in the area. We generally do not recommend skipping the chest, as the Credits they provide are valuable.

Each area features 3 Treasure Chests, one of which is a Special Treasure Chest, which will provide you with the full rewards and allow you to move on to the next area. Lastly, once you have moved on to a new area, you will no longer be able to return to the previous area. 

When exploring you will encounter stages that will grant you items, here are their effects and recommendations on when to use them. 

Item Priority: Marker > Lemon Juice = Lemon Jar > Treasure Detector

  • Lemon Drink: Increases maximum HP. when used, this should be used immediately after it is obtained, as it is a flat boost in HP. 
  • Instant Lemon Juice: Restores HP around 2 or 3 HP when used. This should be used when your low on health to keep your team alive. 
  • 8-Sided Dice: Can be used to roll from 1-8.
  • 10-Sided Dice: Can be used to roll from 1-10.
  • Peroro Doll: Blocks an incoming attack, can be used to block an enemy attack with a fixed round. Note that interacting with a question mark tile will reduce its durability.
  • Treasure Detector: Locates the position of the Special Treasure Chest.
  • Freedom Marker: Rolls a number that will be added to your previous rolls (e.g if the marker rolls a 5 that number will then be added to your next dice roll). Note that this item has a fixed durability/duration. 
  • Freedom Dice: When used it will make your dice rolls fixed, this can be a good thing as you will always know what to expect while the effect is up. However, this also means you will do less damage or no damage at all against some mobs as the number is fixed.