Blue Archive Iori (Swimsuit) Overview

Character Overview

Iori (Swimsuit) is a Limited 3* Explosive Striker student who will be having a rerun during the upcoming event recap “~Prefect Team Administrator Emergency Special Order~ Head Prefect Hina's Summer Break!” alongside another Limited banner Hina (Swimsuit).

On release, S.Iori was a strong contender for a Single Target Explosive damage dealer that could be slotted into most teams. This is mainly due to her damage not being tied to an EX Skill making her a low-maintenance student that can be brought alongside another DPS. Nowadays, the focus has shifted away from running multi-dps teams into hyper-carry teams, but with the release of a new raid difficulty, she may once again see usage in Torment raids for extra teams.


  • Strong Auto Attacker 
  • Has 2 DoTs


  • Better alternatives for a Single Target damage dealer
  • EX Skill is lackluster

Skill Review

EX Skill

S.Iori’s EX Skill, unlike most other students, isn't anything to write home about. It deals damage to enemies in a circular area without any additional effects while it does have a low cost of 4, its multiplier is only slightly better than Akari, who is a 2* student that can be farmed to UE50 for free. If you are looking for an AoE Explosive student, Aru is available via hard stages and completely overshadows the damage this EX Skill outputs.

Basic Skill

Next for the Basic Skill, it applies a Chill DoT every 25 seconds lasting 20 seconds. This skill is similar to her Sub Skill, the core difference is this skill does not require rng to trigger its effects and cannot have a 100% uptime.

Enchanced Skill

S.Iori’s Enhanced Skill provides a self ATK buff, this buff is highly preferred over Crit buff as Chill is unable to Crit.

Sub Skill

Lastly, S.Iori’s Sub Skill is another core component to her Auto Attack centric kit. Similar to the Basic Skill it applies a Chill debuff, it is treated as a different instance of DoT, allowing you to have 2 Chill debuffs applied to the enemy. Due to having a 20s duration and a 10s cooldown, it is possible to have a 100% uptime of this debuff.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: Initially, S.Iori may not seem like a decent choice for general content as she is unable to focus target the boss with her Sub and Basic Skill. Her EX Skill allows her to find usage as an alternative AoE damage dealer.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment):  During the late game, S.Iori mainly finds usage in 2 namely Kaiten and Hieronymus. Unfortunately, even in both of these raids, there are usually better damage dealers available if you are looking to clear Insane. However, if your goal is only to get a clear or do Torment then S.Iori can be a decent filler pick.

  • Minimum Required Investment: UE40
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Basic = Sub > Enhanced


Overall, S,Iori is a decent Single Target damage dealer whose main selling point is her strong DoT effects not requiring any Skill Points. This allows her to find a spot in almost any Explosive team that is struggling to find a suitable student. In addition to this, she has found some niche usage in PvP to deal with Light armored tanks such as Haruka.

How Much Should I Invest?: If you are planning to have S.Iori as a main/sub damage dealer for the team then UE40 is usually a good stopping point.