Blue Archive Joint Firing Drill 17 Guide

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General Stratagy

Once again, for this round of JFD, we have another simple but tricky gimmick to deal with. This stage will have you bring your strongest AoE Explosive/Mystic damage dealers to burst down enemies. However, the main issue comes with this stage's effects, which increases the enemy's Max HP and heals 10% of their HP whenever they are hit.

The main way to deal with this is to bring low hit-count students with high burst AoE damage like Aru.  Note that this doesn't mean that high hit-count students are off the table since the enemies to get an EVA buff at stage 4 and there are some team compositions with Hina that can work.

Team Building

To clear this round of JFD, you will want to have strong burst AoE damage dealers to quickly clear out the enemy wave. Students like Aru perform well here as her EX Skill and Basic Skill can dish out lots of damage without having multiple instances of damage. 

For the rest of your team slots, fill them up with Cost supports like Ui and Fuuka (New Year) to reduce your damage dealer's skill cost or Cost Recovery supports like Cherino and Himari. 

Outside of this, we recommend bringing a tank that has some self-sustain in their kit, such as Tsubaki or Hoshino. This will allow you to have an additional damage dealer or buffer instead of a healer. 

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options

AoE Damage Dealers:

General Supports:



General Stage Information

Constant Effects

Drill Terrain (Urban Warfare)
This drill will take place in street terrain.
Enemy Defense Type (Light Armor)
Enemies' defense type will be Light Armor.

Stage Details

Stage 3 and 4
Enemies Level: 65 (Stage 3) & 78 (Stage 4) 
Additional Stage Mechanics:
Increased Enemy Max HP and Heal When Hit
All enemies' Max HP is increased by 20% and gain Heal When Hit, restoring HP equal to 10% of their Max HP each time they are attacked.

Evasion Increase
All enemies' Evasion is increased by 430.


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