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Character Overview

Miyako is a Permanent 3* Piercing Striker student, who is currently having a rerun rate-up banner alongside her other clubmate Saki, and a new student Minori. Recently, On her release, Miyako found usage in HOD to apply CC and with the addition of her Bond Item she has once again found usage in Torment HOD.


  • Strong Crowd Control
  • High HP and EVA


  • No self-sustain

Skill Review

EX Skill

To start things off, we have Miyako's EX Skill, which deals damage and applies a Stun effect for 5.5s. Other than having a relatively long stun time, there isn't much to write home about this skill.

Basic Skill

Next, we have Miyako's Basic Skill, which deals damage to enemies in a fan-shaped AoE and splits into 5 fragments. This skill does have a high total damage multiplier of 800% (870% with Bond Item) if all fragments hit, but Miyako does not have enough ATK to take advantage of this skill.

Note that having her Bond Item adds a debuff, which decreases the enemy's CC RES. This effect can be very strong in HOD Insane+, where you will need high CC durations to groggy the boss.

Enchanced Skill

Similar to most Enhanced Skills, this skill provides a decent boost to Miyako's stats. This skill truly shines at Enhanced+ with the additional boost to DEF. As an evasion tank, Miyako will not have a Bag slot, making this skill a great way to give her some DEF.

Sub Skill

Lastly, for Miyako's Sub Skill, reduces Incoming Damage for 16 seconds after using an EX Skill. Generally, this is a welcome addition to content that has Miyako spamming her EX Skill such as HOD. For general content, this is usually a dead skill since you will want to prioritize dealing damage instead of stunning enemies.

Prioritize raising this skill, if you plan on bringing Miyako in HOD or CC oriented content.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: During the early game, Miyako can find a spot in teams due to being an evasion tank. Since evasion does not scale with level, allowing her to tank through most early game content. However, when the t4 bag becomes available, other tanks like Hoshino become much more desirable for her self-sustain. In addition to this, Tsubaki is a low-rarity alternative and, in most cases is a better choice.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): In the late game Miyako has one main use case in raids HOD. Miyako's EX Skill allows her to apply CC effects on the pillar to get through phase 1. However, the main drawback is survivability with no self-sustain in her skillset, Miyako generally requires some healing to keep her alive through the stage. This usually causes your team to lose points in Insane difficulty. If your goal is to clear Torment, then she can be a great addition to your team.

  • Minimum Required Investment: 3*
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub > Enhanced > Basic


Overall, Miyako has once again seen a resurgence in usage with the introduction of Torment raids. As a tank, Miyako may struggle to keep herself alive due to the lack of self-sustain in her skillset. However, if you are willing to keep her alive, Miyako can be a potent source of CC alongside her CC RES debuff.

How Much Should I Invest?: 3*, this is usually a good stopping point as Eligmas are better spent on core damage dealers.
Should you pull on her banner?: No, even if you are looking for a tank with CC effects there are F2P alternatives available like Tsubaki and Hoshino.


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