Blue Archive Miyako (Swimsuit) Overview

Character Overview

Miyako (Swimsuit) is a Permanent 3* Explosive Striker student who will have a rate-up banner alongside her other clubmate Saki (Swimsuit). She is a generalist Evasion tank that has found usage in both general content and raids. This is mainly attributed to her low-cost EX Skill and universally useful debuff Crit DMG RES.


  • Low cost EX Skill
  • Strong debuff (Crit DMG RES)


  • Evasion tank with no self sustain

Skill Review

EX Skill

To start things off, we have Miyako’s EX Skill, which applies a Crit DMG RES debuff on the target and then deals damage to them. The main thing to take note of is the debuff has a long duration of 50s, allowing you to have permanent uptime if you rotate through your skills properly. This is not difficult to do as her EX Skill has a low cost (2 cost), allowing you to quickly cycle through your other skills.

Basic Skill

Moving on to Miyako’s Basic Skill, every 30s it increases evasion for 25s. While self-healing would be preferred over an EVA buff, it is still a decent effect that can help with survivability. We recommend raising this skill after Enhanced Skill, as it does not have a 100% uptime.

Enchanced Skill

Once again another straightforward skill that boosts her Max HP and Evasion (UE40). If you plan on bringing Miyako to hard content like high-difficulty raids. You can consider unlocking Unique Equipment 40 to help with survivability.

Sub Skill

Lastly, Miyako’s Sub Skill increases Cost Recovery for 10 seconds after evading 50 attacks. On paper, Cost Recovery is always a strong effect that can help the team generate more Skill Points, but the trigger condition makes this skill too infrequent in raids outside of Gregorius to be relied on. We recommend raising this skill last as her other skills aim to help her survivability.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: For the early game, Miyako (Swimsuit) plays like any other EVA tank but with the added benefit of having a low-cost EX Skill, which makes it easy to rotate through. While the debuff applied by this skill isn’t the most useful in the early game, it can still help out during boss fights. Keep in mind that Miyako (Swimsuit) does not have a form of self-sustain, which may require you to bring a healer.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): During the late game, Miyako (Swimsuit) can find usage in all Extreme raids as a tank and debuffer. This is mainly due to Crit DMG RES debuffs work on almost any team since most students can Crit. For Insane+, She has one main use case, Gregorius. There she can act as a strong option to apply debuffs to the boss to fulfill the debuff requirements of the raid while also being the main tank for the team.

  • Minimum Required Investment: 3*
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Enhanced > Basic > Sub


All in all, Miyako (Swimsuit) is a solid all-rounder evasion tank that has found a unique niche in being a Crit DMG RES debuffer. This allows her to find usage in all Extreme and below raids, as those difficulties do not have damage types. However, in the same light, Miyako (Swimsuit) can be overshadowed by more specialized tanks that cater to the raid's niche.

How Much Should I Invest?: 3* is usually enough if you are only bringing her to general content. However, if you plan to do higher-difficulty raids (Torment), the additional evasion from Unique Equipment 40 might be worth considering.