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Character Overview

Miyu is a Permanent Piercing Striker student who has quite a mish-mash for her entire skillset. She has generally been used as a damage dealer or a Sub-DPS to help the team deal a bit more damage. Unlike most other conventional damage dealers, she needs the assistance of another student who can put out a lot of attacks quickly, such as a strong Auto Attacker like Kazusa or Maki.

Now, you may be wondering if you can run a Miyu hypercarry team or be tempted to do so, and while this is a viable option. Miyu is generally not the best option for that role as she is unable to take advantage of some core buffers such as Ako and Himari as she isn’t able to Crit with her EX Skill.

In addition to this, her overall skill set is unfortunately mismatched and does not synergize well with each other. The main issue stems from her having Crit DMG buffs when she cannot Crit with EX Skill. This leads to her being overshadowed by her alternatives, such as Mika, Iori, and Kazusa.


  • Good synergy with Auto Attackers


  • Niche
  • Team dependant
  • Overshadowed by other alternatives

Skill Review

EX Skill

The main highlight of Miyu’s Kit and her main source of damage. It applies a debuff on an enemy, which deals an additional instance of damage when an ally attacks. This leads to Miyu being reliant on the team to deal the bulk of her damage while also heavily incentivizing you to run Auto Attackers. Another thing to note is the damage dealt from this skill is mainly done over time instead of being front-loaded on use.

The multi-hit effect of this skill can come into play in the new JP raid Wakamo (Hovercraft), which heavily incentivizes running students who can deal multiple instances of damage.

Basic Skill

A straightforward skill that allows Miyu to deal a decent amount of damage regularly. Normally, this skill would not be the highest priority to raise if this skill was on any other student. Unfortunately, Miyu’s Enhanced and Sub Skill aim to increase a stat that she cannot take advantage of.

Enchanced Skill

Normally, this skill would be a high priority to raise another student. However, Miyu is unable to crit with her EX Skill making this skill extremely unappealing to raise.

Sub Skill

Similar to her Enhanced Skill, this skill would have been a high priority to raise another student. However, Miyu is unable to crit with her EX Skill, making this skill extremely unappealing to raise. If you do insist on raising either Enhanced or Sub Skill, we recommend prioritizing raising this skill as it has a higher Crit DMG value.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: In the early game, Miyu is still quite an oddball as her niche is unfortunately not a great effect when wanting to clear stages quickly. Due to how her EX Skill works the bulk of her damage is done overtime and is not frontloaded. In addition to this, Miyu will want her team to attack the target of her EX Skill, which can be difficult if there are trash mobs in the way.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): On release, Miyu found some usage in Urban HOD as a damage dealer or hypercarry. However, with the release of better damage dealers such as Kazusa and MIka, she is no longer a relevant choice there. Recently, in JP she has found usage in Wakamo (Hovercraft) as her niche fits phase 2. But once again, she is overshadowed by a new student catered towards that niche Meru.

  • Minimum Required Investment: 3*
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Basic > Sub > Enhanced


Overall, Miyu has been quite a weird one on her release, as to this date, her skill set has not received any type of changes to allow her to stand toe to toe with the rest of her competition. While she did have a slight niche during the earlier stages of the game, she was a decent option for Urban HOD. Unfortunately, she can no longer keep up with the other alternatives currently available. However, with the introduction of Wakamo (Hovercraft), Miyu has once again found usage in Torment for her ability to deal multiple instances of damage.

How Much Should I Invest?:  UE 40, Miyu benefits from having her Unique Equipment raised to 40 as her Enhanced Skill gains an additional ATK SPD buff, which synergizes well with her EX Skill.

Should you pull on her banner?: Unfortunately, with the release of better alternatives such as Mika, Kazusa, and Iori being farmable, we recommend not to pull for her. Due to how heavily outclassed, she is against the other alternatives and wanting a high amount of investment to do damage. If you are looking for a student for phase 2 Wakamo (Hovercraft), then Meru is the better pick-up.


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